55 Baking Gifts For Kids

1. Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

“A fun way to get kids interested in Harry Potter also interested in food.” —New York magazine Conjure up feasts that rival the Great Hall’s, sweets fit for the Minister of Magic, snacks you’d find on the Hogwarts Express, and more with this bestselling unofficial Harry Potter cookbook—no wands required! With more than 150 easy-to-make recipes drawn straight from the pages of your favorite Harry Potter stories, this is the perfect gift for die-hard fans of wizard cuisine looking to recreate their favorite meals from Hogwarts.

2. Bamboo Spoon Set

Every house should have a set of bamboo spoons. These are cute, unique, and comfortable to use. You will never go back to wooden utensils again! Each spoon is hand-cut from sustainable bamboo and polished to perfection. The perfect gift for the environmentally conscious home chef.

3. Kids Cookware Set

This kitchen set for kids includes 40 pieces of cooking and baking utensils, a rolling pin, silicone mat, cupcake molds, wooden spoon and much more. They’ll be excited to bake all kinds of treats with their parents!

4. Baking Set

A baking set for kids that includes 37 pieces and can be used with both kids and adults. The non-stick silicone mat is easy to clean, rolls up when not in use, and stores away compactly. Also included are 7 cookie cutters in different shapes plus a mini-tart pan.

5. Kids Cook Set

My 4-year-old loves playing pretend and this chef set will help him learn how to cook while still having fun! This is a great birthday gift or Christmas present.

6. Kids Cooking Set

A birthday is an ideal time to give a children’s cooking gift. This 26-piece kids cooking and baking set includes chef’s hat, kids apron, oven mitt, hot pad, cake cup, cookie cutter, rolling pin, spatula, brush, spoon and egg whisk.

7. Kids Baking Set

Dress up your little princess and have her pretend to be a chef for the day with this kids cooking set! The chef hat,pron,and accessories are all included so she can get to baking right away. Also, it comes with an adorable storage box so the play set is always kept neat and organized.

8. Kids Baking Set

A kid-size baking set that includes everything a budding pastry chef needs, including an apron, chef’s hat, oven mitts, baking mats, hand sleeves and more. The perfect gift for kids who love to bake and would like to learn how to make the best cookies in the world!

9. Soccer Ball With Air Pump

A soccer ball with an air pump that sends the ball soaring through the air makes for one of the best toys on our gift guide. The perfect birthday gift for a four-year-old who is learning how to play soccer and wants to practice their skills outside.

10. Knife Set

Knives are a tool that everyone should have in their kitchen. If your child is afraid of the knife, then this set is for them! This set comes with 3 knives: a small paring knife, a large hunting or utility knife, and a 5 inch chef’s knife.

11. Kids Chef Set

A cute set of chef clothes makes a great birthday present for a little girl that loves playing pretend at the dinner table. Included are apron, hat, oven mitts, rolling pin, wooden spoon and hand mixer.

12. Toddlers Can Cook

This is a great set for teaching toddlers about sharing. It has all of the necessary cooking tools for a 3-year-old to learn how to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the family.

13. Parchment Paper Rolls

Maybe you’ve heard of these, maybe not. They are super-handy to have when baking cookies or anything that needs to be transferred from the pan to a cooling rack and they just make things so much easier. These parchment paper rolls will not curl, stick, or burn leaving you with just one thing to do – let your delicious recipes come to life! Perfect for baking bread, pastries, cookies, croissants, cakes, cupcakes, rolls and more.

14. Apron

Calling all bbq grill masters! These waterproof, oil-proof aprons are both stylish and practical. They make a great gift for that BBQ enthusiast in your life who has a sense of humor.

15. Kids Baking Set

With this baking and cooking set, children can help prepare a birthday meal or make unique snacks in the comfort of their own home. The chef’s knife is ideal for cutting and chopping while the fun phillips screwdriver makes changing batteries easy!

16. Banneton Proofing Baskets

A banneton is a special type of linen or cotton towel used in French bread baking to expand, cool, and harden the dough as it rises during the first 30 minutes after being mixed. This set of two bannetons come with a recipe book full of recipes for French-style breads and more.

17. DIY Candy Kit

If you’ve got the master chef in your house this is the gift to give! This cake pop maker will have them popping out of their seats and into your social life. It only takes 3 ingredients (that you probably already have!) to make delicious gourmet cake pops.

18. Cooking Set for Kids

A gift card to a fast food restaurant doesn’t make the best gift but a cooking set that can be used at home does. This 25 piece chef play set includes an apron, chef hat, hot pad, cooking mitts, wooden spoon, rolling pin, and more. There are also bowls for mixing and storing ingredients as well as cleaning utensils like spoons and brushes for after-cooking cleanup.

19. DIY Baking Set

Mix, bake, decorate and cut cookies with the kids’ baking set. They’ll have fun while learning essential skills for future cooking adventures.

20. Kids Unicorn Baking Set

Made from 100% cotton, this kids apron makes the perfect gift for that little princess who loves playing pretend. Also, it comes equipped with a pocket to hold your little one’s cooking utensils so they’re always right at hand!

21. Kids Baking Set

Little girls love to play pretend with their sisters in the kitchen. Give them a fun baking set and show them how to put their pretend food on the table as they learn all about healthy eating.

22. Kids Baking Set

This is a great gift for kids that love to bake. It includes everything you need to get started, including 12 silicone baking cups, 1 spatula, 1 pastry brush, 5 measuring spoons, 1 rolling pin, 1 whisk, 6 heart-shape cookie cutters and an oven mitt.

23. Hot Pretzels Kit

Pretzel baking kits are a fun activity for kids to learn about cooking. They’ll love the surprise of finding out what ingredients are included in the kit and that they get to make their own hot pretzels.

24. Babycakes Pop Maker

Pop, lock and bake. This baking kit makes 9 cake pops in just minutes with non-stick baking plates. The batter is made in a bowl that locks safely into the base of the machine until you’re ready to bake.

25. Monogram Coffee Mug

Cute little sayings on both sides of this monogram coffee mug make it a great gift for your husband or wife! It holds 11oz of your favorite beverage and is made of white ceramic with a black interior.

26. Smartphone Holders

This is a great gift for beginners because it has everything newbie cake decorators need in one neat little box. It includes a rotating plate, leveler, measuring cup, icing bag holder, and even an instructions booklet with detailed illustrations showing each step.

27. Cute Kitty Cupcake Mold

These cupcake molds are so much fun! They make the cutest little cat cakes you’ll ever see. It’s like having your own pastry chef, just punch out the cute kitty faces and bake.

28. My First Kitchen Kitchen Set

My First Kitchen Children love to help in the kitchen, and this set will get them started with key cooking tools for kids. Also included is a chef’s hat,pron, oven mitts, measuring cup and utensils to dress up as a chef.

29. Kids Measuring Set

A 16-piece set measuring cups and spoons made of durable, BPA-free material in various shapes and colors. These are perfect for young chefs who are curious to start cooking and baking. An ideal gift for kids interested in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related gift as it teaches them math skills while they cook! Great for teaching kids unit measurements.

30. Kids Pretend Cooking Set

A pretend play cooking set that includes an apron, chef’s hat, hot pad, oven mitts, wooden spoon, rolling pin, measuring spoons and cookie cutters. Everything you need to get started as a professional chef!

31. Jewelry Dish

This craft kit has everything teenage girls need to create three trendy jewelry dishes that can be displayed anywhere in the home. The best gifts for creative teens who love to hang out with their friends or family.

32. Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal kits come with everything you need to grow giant crystals. This is a great science kit for kids that love crafts and playing in the dirt. It’s fun for the whole family!

33. Klutz Air-Dry Clay Cookbook

A little baking kit for kids that includes all the ingredients and instructions to make faux cakes, cookies, and pies. The possibilities are endless with this easy to use set and it makes a great gift boys or girls will love.

34. Chocolate Pen

The perfect gift for a child who loves to bake. The popular chocolate pen draws in melted chocolate and can be used to create baking masterpieces or to add creative flair to other activities.

35. Kids Baking Set

This is a great baking set for kids that will teach them important life skills. modeling utensils for children encourages the child to become more self-sufficient and develop crucial cooking and food preparation skills.

36. Positively Spicy Cookies

Baketivity Kids Baking Activity Kit packs all the dry ingredients needed to make eight (8) luscious Candy Flower Cookies. It also includes additional activity books that let your junior chefs explore exciting, colorful lessons and play educational games while the treats bake.

37. Tovla Kids’ Baking & Cooking Set

A Christmas morning tradition for my son when he was little. 17 pieces and a storage case. All children need in the kitchen.

38. Princess Chef Set

Do you have a 4-year-old picky eater who loves cooking? This set is the perfect gift. It includes an apron, chef’s hat, storybook, and cookbook. The book has recipes for princess cupcakes, magic wand pretzels, and fairy tale fudge! Adorably packaged in a velcro close gift box with satin organza ribbon.

39. Marbling Paint Art Kit

This is a fun and easy water color marbling paint art kit that anyone can do. The kit includes all of the supplies you need to create your masterpiece, including two 8″ x 10″ watercolor paper plates, eight acrylic colors in bottles with caps, two plastic rods, and detailed instructions.

40. Kids Baking Kit

This baking kit from Baketivity is a wonderful way to introduce kids to cooking in an easy, fun, and mess-free way. Your child will use the included measuring cups and spoons to make their own Whoopie pies.

41. Floor Pillow Lounger

This floor pillow lounger creates a nice, soft recliner for you to rest your feet while you watch TV or play games. You could take it with you on the go as a portable cushion if needed.

42. Toddler Cook Book

Do you know a budding chef? This set has all of the cooking and baking accessories a kid could ask for, including an oven mitt that is also a mask so they can pretend to be Batman while baking in the kitchen.

43. Pretend Play Food Set

ABS plastic, the best food for kids’ pretend play. Comes with a sturdy tray, donuts, cupcakes, chocolate, chocolate sauce and various cookies. This set is BPA-free and non-toxic; it uses organic labeling.

44. Klutz Make Glitter Clay Charms Craft Kit

It’s a craft kit for geeks and gamers of all ages. You get 35+ pieces of clay, two pots with stands, mixing sticks, an instruction booklet in English and Spanish. It will be fun!

45. Baking Set

A 31-piece set that provides the ultimate baking experience for kids. It includes real accessories such as a whisk, offset and silicone spatulas, cookie scoop, rolling pin, mixing spoon, pastry brush, knife, baking mat and measuring cups and spoons. A great birthday gift to learn how to bake with!

46. Kids’ Knife Set

A good pair of kid’s knives will be a god-send for the child that loves to help in the kitchen. After all, there is something special about being able to cut your own meat! This 3-piece knife set includes two chefs’ knives and one small paring knife.

47. Candy Tester Kit

Ages 8+ learn through play how to make their own chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candy, chocolates, lollipops, and more through science-based experiments. Also comes with 40+ delicious recipes for homemade goodies!

48. Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes

Paper planes aren’t just for kids. They are a great way to spend time with your family, and this book has amazing step-by-step instructions on how to fold them. The kit also comes with 40 sheets of paper printed on both sides with twenty different patterns, including leopard print, wood grain, hot rod flames, and lose-it-on-the lawn grass.

49. Baking Set

A kids cooking and baking set that will help your child develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, pattern recognition, balance, and so much more. This 11 piece set includes an apron for the girl or toddler chef as well as all the tools she’ll need to complete her masterpiece.

50. Unicorn Cookies Kit

The Hapinest Make and Bake Set comes with 5 unicorn-themed cookie cutters, a unicorn children’s apron, 1 Hapinest Roller, a recipe book, 2 stainless steel frosting tips, 2 plastic frosting couplers, and 2 reusable frosting bags. Give the gift of hands-on learning and creativity to 4-year-old girls.

51. Birthday Cakes Decorating Set

Is he (or she) a kid at heart? If so, this birthday cakes decorating set will make for one memorable celebration. This activity includes all the ingredients for an authentic-tasting, professional-looking cake.

52. Kids Measuring Set

Being a foodie isn’t just for adults. If your kid has a love for amazing food and whipping up meals, this kids cooking set with the mixing bowls, measuring tools, and the timer is exactly what you need to get them started in the kitchen.

53. Kids Unicorn Baking Set

Help your toddler unleash their culinary skills with this high-quality cooking set for kids. This set includes some value for money, durable and toddler-safe baking tools to create their favorite delicacies.

54. Kids Baking Set

A super cute set for budding chef, little precious pieces with cute ideas, goes along perfectly with kid’s play kitchen. Sparks the imagination for kids, as a parent and child thing together baking with them using their own equipment. This real cooking kit contains REAL kids’ cooking supplies. It is NOT a pretended play toy. An ideal gift to 10-year-old girls who love to bake and have fun in the kitchen!

55. Kids Knife Set

A 4-pack of kids safe knives that are lightweight and easy to use. The blades are stainless steel, which ensures they will hold up well against any cooking you put them through.