49 Bronze Gifts For Him

1. Hair Clippers

OVLUX men’s hair clippers are made of stainless steel, making it durable and scratch-resistant. The ergonomic design with a built-in LED display indicates when the cordless hair clippers need to be oiled or charged.

2. Cheese Board

Cutting board quality at a cheese-tasting price. This bamboo cutlery set includes two ceramic bowls, two plates, three slate labels, markers, and a wine opener.

3. Hand Casting Kit

A cute gift for a couple would be hand cast plaster statue of the two of them holding hands as a wedding anniversary gift. This DIY kit has everything you need to make your own plaster statue of the two of you holding hands. It makes a great desk sculpture or accessory for in the living room that will always be there for everyone to see!

4. Anniversary Coffee Mug

For a happy couple who loves coffee or tea, this mug makes a sweet gift. The design is printed on both front and back sides of the mug, making it suitable for left-handed people too.

5. Eight Years Anniversary Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for a cute gift to give your husband, then this mug is one of the best anniversary gifts available. The mug says “To my beautiful liar; 8 years strong! Wishing you nothing but happiness and joy as we embark on this next chapter of our lives together. I love you.”

6. Crystal Whiskey Decanter and Rocks Glasses

If you’re going to have a whiskey collection, you might as well get all the necessities! This set has everything a proper whiskey decanter and glasses deserve. Made of thick, solid crystal, the decanter holds 1.75 liters (49 ounces) and comes with 8 stainless steel whiskey stones that can chill your drink as quickly as fifteen minutes after pouring.

7. Wooden Ring Holder

If his style is minimal, this wooden ring holder is the perfect gift to give him. Made of wood and resin with a matte finish, it holds up to 5 rings and makes a great addition to his work or man cave space.

8. Manly Candle Set

If your manly man is into candles, then this 6-piece candle set is perfect for him! The candles are hand-poured in the USA and come in tins that are decorated with inspirational quotes.

9. I Love You Sign

This cute little sign makes it clear that you’ll always love them no matter what! It makes a great gift for anyone who has been married for any amount of time as the third year anniversary gift ideas are endless.

10. The Cufflinks

A great gift for your 8 year anniversary that follows the traditional gift materials but also provides a great memento and keepsake for your 8-year wedding anniversary. Hand cast from solid bronze, these rustic finish cufflinks features a hammered finish providing a very rustic feel, perfect for your 8th anniversary they also feature small darkened 8 in the bottom right hand corner of each cufflink. Matching ladies necklace available.

11. Sport Band

These bands are made of silicone, which is hypoallergenic, nonporous and waterproof. They can be sterilized in a dishwasher.

12. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

These puzzles are fun and frustrations free. The secret padlock symbolizes the secrecy between two hearts. Solving the puzzle reveals a romantic message for your loved one. This is solved by rotating the bottom piece which reveals an upside down image of the locking mechanism, revealing a heart icon on each side of the lock. Once you solve it, you’ll see that it actually shows a wedding proposal!

13. Tea Set

A tea set like this would be a real treat for any tea lover. It has everything you need to make all your favorite teas, including cups, saucers, spoons and an infuser. The set is made of ceramic and will look lovely on your coffee table or kitchen countertop.

14. Bronze Statue

The 8th year is also a significant anniversary, so the couple decided to cast their bronze sculptures as roses growing out of a metal stone. The size and scale are perfect for display.

15. Mona Lisa Smile Puzzle

This locked box of secrets is another fun way to pass the time while unlocking its mysteries. The Da Vinci Code cryptex comes from the encrypted secret codes in Dan Brown’s bestselling novel. There are hundreds of possible combinations for the five-digit code, and only God knows it (or you can Google it). This gift may also be known as a money maze or jigsaw puzzle box.

16. One Awesome Husband Coffee Mug

Every girl needs a funny coffee mug for her best friend who’s wife! This 11oz matte black mug with an arrow pointing up to the person holding the mug makes a great gift for that husband of hers. It can be customized with their last name and wedding date, or you can choose to have it send directly to them.

17. I'll Always Pick You Bass or Guitar Pick

These custom bass or guitar picks are a great way to let your significant other know that you will always pick them. This is a super cute gift idea for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary gift, or even as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

18. Father’s Day Gifts

A 6 in 1 multi-tool pen is perfect for the man who can do many things. It includes a ballpoint pen, spirit level, ruler, slot and cross screwdriver, stylus (touch screen), and a pocket clip. The best gift for the handyman in your life!

19. Love U Long Time Keychain

The most interesting gift for a friend. It opens with password you set, and you can change the password at any time. Store your notes, poems, jewelry, keys or other valuables. The uses of this Cryptex are limited only by your imagination, perfect for sending someone the most special gift. I’m sure your friend will love it as much as you do!

20. Crocs Clog

With so many great features, including a leather lining and cushioned footbed, these sandals are comfortable from day one. Also, the fact that they slip on is another bonus – no more struggling to put them on!

21. Vintage Camera

This Da Vinci Code lock is a very interesting gift idea especially if you’re a fan of the Dan Brown novel. It opens with a password that you can set easily and can change at any time. Enough room to hold jewelry, keys, secret notes, or any valuable small item. Can be used for anything from weddings to anniversaries to birthdays as long as it remains hidden!

22. Soulmates Sculpture

This sculpture is a beautiful and unique way to commemorate the special bond between two people as they embark on their life together. The artist incorporated tiny imperfections found in real love letters into this work of art, which represents the beauty of true love.

23. Foot Massager

Deeply relaxes and detoxifies the body; strengthens the nerves as per Ayurveda. The natural wooden handle is warm to the touch which alleviates feelings of anxiety and stress. Ideal gift for your loved one.

24. Hand Casting Kit

Maybe the two of you have been secretly wishing for an excuse to get out from behind that screen and make some new memories together. Maybe your hands haven’t touched in years; maybe they never will again. This hand casting kit will let you keep them alive, in spirit at least, by turning them into a lifelike sculpture! The kit includes gloves, paints, sealant, a knife, detailing tools, sandpaper, and alginate molding powder.

25. To My Husband Whiskey Glass Set

This gift is suitable for multiple occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. The hand-crafted design on this box is a perfect way to express how much your husband means to you.

26. Beard Grooming Kit

This beard kit has everything you need to grow a great beard. The best 5 in 1 gift for men that take care of their beards. Included is shampoo, balm, beard oil, comb and scissors.

27. Family of 4 Ring of Love Metal Art

This handcrafted sculpture representing a family of four is art in motion. The ring represents the bond between spouses, and the parents represent grandparents. This artistic piece reminds us of the closeness and joy of family. Made using the sand-casing method this makes it light enough to be moved but will not damage flooring underneath it.

28. Land, Home, and Sea Key Holder

Octopus are not just cephalopods from the ocean – they’re also an incredibly common motif in nautical decor. This key holder will fit right into a nautical theme apartment or home. The octopus itself is made of polyresin and hand-painted with a bronze finish. It holds keys neatly without sacrificing much space.

29. Hand Holding Sculpture

This sculpture is so sweet and stylish it’s going to be hard to give it away as a gift. The piece was created by casting real handprints in bronze, then adding floral details. It’s the perfect wedding anniversary gift for that artsy couple who love unique gift ideas!

30. Whiskey Glass Set

This set of whiskey glasses and granite stones will impress any bourbon or scotch lover. The glasses hold 11 ounces, and the stones are large enough to leave an imprint on the glass. Each stone is hand-selected by a bartender for quality and flavor consistency, ensuring an exceptional drinking experience.

31. Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

The set includes a Boston shaker, bar spoon, strainer basket, jigger and 2 stainless steel cocktail stones. The BOSTON COCKTAIL SHAKER SET is the ideal gift set for any home bartender. Use it at parties or in your man cave; this set adds that special touch to any beverage you mix!

32. Resin Sculpture of Soulmates

This beautiful sculpture is hand painted and cast in durable resin. It measures about 11 inches. The figure is sitting beside a heart shaped piece of driftwood, symbolizing that true love can grow anywhere.

33. Engraved Compass

This keychain compass is a really nice accessory for a man that loves to be prepared. If the owner of this compass was lost in the woods, someone would hopefully find him and be able to guide rescuers to him. Also, it comes with a free brass keychain so he can finally figure out where north is!

34. Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

A set of four copper mugs with an authentic lacquered finish, wooden coasters, and a recipe book – it’s perfect for a couple who loves adult beverages or for gift-giving.

35. You are My Life Blanket

This ultra-soft micro fleece blanket turns any bed into a cozy sleeping spot. Create a feeling of intimacy with your beloved by wrapping them in this super-soft throw. Available in three sizes and colors to best suit their mood or their situation! With thousands of 5-star reviews, this fleece blanket is the perfect gift for that husband of yours who loves to be cocooned at night.

36. Star of David Bracelet

This bracelet is made with a beautiful, vintage-inspired charm—a six-pointed bronze starburst that represents the State of Israel. The words “#1 Dad” are inscribed on the back in Hebrew.

37. You Are My Rock 8th Anniversary Bronze Rock

This gorgeous rock features a beautiful saying perfect for your eight-year anniversary. The heavy metal rock is stamped with the words “You are my rock 8 years” and stands on its own as a stunning piece of art, but we have also added a solid bronze heart in the corner to make this an absolutely breathtaking gift.

38. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Chandelier

This chandelier is sure to upgrade the look of your kitchen or dining room and will be a welcome addition to the holidays. It features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and measures 21x18 inches. The bulbs are not included; however, 60 watts each is equivalent to about 100W worth of natural light!

39. Moscow Mule Set

These beautiful mugs are made of galvanized iron, which means they’re rust-resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher. The design is printed directly onto the metal with a special process that makes it permanent and indelible.

40. Da Vinci Code Metal Puzzle

Help him discover a new hobby: solving puzzles. This metal puzzle box is based on the 2003 film, The Da Vinci Code. It’s not just a toy; it’s an intellectual challenge that requires concentration and skill. Once he solves it, he’ll have unlocked a secret message from his true love!

41. Kiss Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture of a couple’s kiss evokes love and companionship between a man and a woman. Elegant, artistic, contemporary in feel, and designed to last forever. It makes an inspiring gift for your loved one or yourself!

42. Nautical Compass

This nautical compass is engraved with a famous passage from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which is also on the side of our ship in the film trilogy! This compass would make a great birthday gift for any fan of LOTR or nautical gifts for a marine-themed friend or family member!

43. Trophy Golf Balls

Real golf balls with a brilliant metallic over-coat that make them look like shiny copper or bronze trophies. The perfect golf ball gift for that discerning golfer in your life!

44. Toenail File/Clippers

These are the best toenail clippers we’ve ever used. They have an ultra-wide opening, which means they can grab onto even the thickest nails. The product is high-quality and worth every penny!

45. LED Flashlight Gloves

These awesome waterproof tactical gloves offer bright LED lights for illumination in complete darkness. The flexible design easily accommodates any activity, allowing you to reach into tight spaces or drivety out of sight items. Perfect as gifts for men and women – especially the outdoorsy type.

46. Bottle Opener

Open that bottle with the push of a button. This Bronze vintage motorcycle bottle opener is both unique and useful. Give him a refillable gift— one beer can after another—that won’t break your budget.

47. Twin Pin Sandals

The original and best-selling sandal from Reef. Featuring our signature soft microfiber lining, padded footbed and contoured molded EVA sole that offers superior support and protection for your feet. The sandals come in a variety of colors so you can roll with the punches or match them to your outfit!

48. World Compass

This solid brass compass is standard compass size but still fits easily in your pocket. It has a small lever on the side of the compass that operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. The compass is the diameter of a standard pocket-sized compass, 50mm X 18mm.

49. Date Night Dice

Roll the date night dice and let fate decide what you will be doing tonight! Add some fun to your night with these stunning metal date night dice. Roll to get great ideas, and with 2 dice you can get a mix of 36 different variations for your date night. A fun anniversary gift for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend to add some spice.