51 Copper Gifts For Him

1. Custom Compass

This compass with a special engraving on the front will make a touching gift for your loved one to celebrate engagement, anniversary, wedding, and many other occasions. Complimentary gift packaging is included.

2. Copper Windproof Lighter

These copper windproof lighters are a great way to help your loved one stay safe while offering them a more secure lighter option. The design features a sliding cover that can be pulled up and locked into place to prevent unwanted openings.

3. Portable Massage Gun

Designed to provide targeted and controlled deep tissue massage, the portable massage gun offers a handheld solution for those looking to ease aches and pains. The mini massage tool uses a gentle touch that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as promote better sleep.

4. Moscow Mule Set

A set of four handmade copper mugs, hand-painted in an Old World tinted Kremlin Red and trimmed with gold. They are so dang pretty they might make you drunk just looking at them (a good Moscow Mule mix is required).

5. Copper Moscow Mule Cups

A set of four copper mugs that are an authentic replica of the original 1941 Moscow Mule cups. These will look great on your bar cart or mantle piece and can be used for parties or even as wedding favors!

6. Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

The Moscow Mule is one of the most popular drinks among Russian and Eastern Europeans. This copper mug set reproduces the iconic 1941 mugs that were served in Moscow’s hottest nightspot, The Crossroads of the World – The Old Spasskaya Clock Tower. These authentic looking copper cups are a great conversation piece whether you use them for entertaining or just to add an elegant touch to your home barware collection.

7. LED Clock

A stylish copper clock that doubles as a modern sculpture and tells the time? Yes, please. This unique clock has clusters of letters that spell out “time” when turned on at night. The perfect home decor addition to any room in the house!

8. Keychain

This keychain is the perfect gift to celebrate your 7th year anniversary. It’s handmade by a local artist and stamped with a meaningful message. The end piece is a ring that unscrews, so you can pop in a replacement key if his heart happens to get lost on the way home from wherever you are.

9. Drink Mixing Set

As a home bartender, you know how important it is to have the right tools for mixing drinks. This drink-making kit has all the tools you need, and they’re high-quality stainless steel so they won’t break if you accidentally drop them into your cocktail.

10. LEDTea Light Candle

A delicate white rose accented with tiny red LEDs, dripping with water is the most beautiful and romantic gift you can give. The light up rose will be loved by both men and women alike!

11. Whiskey Stones and Chillers  | Kitchen Gizmo

Whiskey Stones and Chillers A set of two stainless steel whiskey balls that can chill a glass of whiskey to the ideal serving temperature without altering its flavor. The largest ball measures 2-inches in diameter, and the smaller is just over 1-inch.

12. Popoman 20V Jigsaw

Popoman presents the latest innovation in jigsaw puzzles. This pop-up man is made of plastic and folds up for easy storage when not being used. It also has a place to store the included blade when you’re done using it. A great gift for the DIY type!

13. Decanter Set

A decanter set that’s this pretty is sure to become the most coveted bottle of booze in the house. Made of lead-free crystal, the set includes two globe map glasses, a wooden stand, a pair of tongs for heating the drink and a funnel for pouring.

14. Sun Dial

A sundial is a device that tells the time of day by showing the position of the sun. This modern take uses a compass to do that same thing but in relation to your current location instead of based on location. The end result is an analog clock that tells the time wherever you are, which makes it perfect for travelers.

15. Copper Paper Weight

A copper paperweight is a great way to add some flair to your office without a lot of cost. Also, this copper paper weight has an interesting story behind it. The copper bar was obtained from The Perth Mint of Australia and then hand-shaped by the master engraver there before being struck and packaged by the United States Mint.

16. Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Opener and Chiller

The ultimate in convenience, this beer chiller bottle opener keeps beer cold or hot for up to two hours while you enjoy your drink. The built-in bottle opener doubles as a screwdriver when the time comes to crack open another bottle of brew.

17. Magnetic Compass & Lighter

This is a really nifty magnetic compass that doubles as a bottle opener. The idea came from the husband of one of our favorite customers, who requested that we incorporate his wife’s love of nautical gifts into this design. This beautiful antique brass compass is engraved with heartfelt directions for husbands.

18. Copper Soap

A copper soap bar with natural antimicrobial properties makes for a great gift for anyone with dry skin. This unscented soap is perfect for those who are sensitive to scents. Simply rub the bar between your hands, across your nails, and under your fingernails as you would a regular bar of soap.

19. Mixology Set

Mixology sets help the home bartender make a wide variety of cocktails. This set has 24 pieces and comes with recipes for popular drinks such as Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Sours, Daiquiris, and more. Also included is a book with many different recipes to try out.

20. Copper Rose

A 7-year wedding anniversary gift should be special. One that will last forever and one that she’ll keep forever. This copper rose is made with pure copper and has a clear topcoat to protect the delicate sculpture from oxidation.

21. Leather Couple Keychain

A cute keychain to go with the copper-colored leather belt and matching envelope holder. This set includes a key and lock, so it can be used as a traditional keychain or as a safe password keeper.

22. Copper Heart

Express your eternal love with a forever heart. Each copper heart is hand-crafted by artisans and weighs two pounds, making it one of the heaviest pure metals items in the world. It comes already packaged in a display box, ready for gifting.

23. Copper Mug Set

A copper mug will keep your drink cold longer than a stainless steel one. Also, copper is an active metal that helps the body to rid itself of toxins. These are just a few of the many reasons people love drinking from copper cups.

24. Copper Socks

These socks are made with copper fibers woven into wool-like fabric. Wool is a naturally occurring material that has high wicking properties – meaning it can absorb blood flow and keep your feet dry and comfortable during activity. No other sports brand offers these natural odour regulating features in their line of socks!

25. Copper 7th Anniversary Horseshoe

A copper horseshoe, engraved with the words “7 Years — Forever to Go” will make a lovely addition to a gift box containing some romantic chocolate, wine and cheese. The perfect gift for that special couple celebrating an anniversary.

26. Copper Love Card

Copper is the traditional gift for 7th wedding anniversaries, so this copper-wire love card was designed specially to mark that special day! The handmade blank card is then given a beautiful copper-foil stamping, which includes the words ‘7 years’ and a wishing well for romantic wishes.

27. Da Vinci Code Puzzle Box

This box holds a secret. When you solve the puzzle that locks it, your love will soar to new heights! There are six ciphers and each one must be solved in order to unlock the next one. A fun anniversary gift for when she gets locked inside a museum after hours.

28. Kiss Sculpture

Soulmates Lovers Kissing Sculpture – Decorative and intimate, this sculpture depicts the love and unity shared between soulmates. It’s a reminder of what is important and to always cherish one another. Makes a great anniversary gift.

29. Copper Bracelet

A copper bracelet is a great birthday present for any man. It represents wealth, spirituality, and power – the things men want.

30. Ring

How is this comfort fit silicone ring different? ENHANCED WITH TRUE COMFORT FIT – Classic bevel design curved on the inside to promote air circulation, giving you the most comfortable wear. It is very flexible and durable for long-lasting use. The exterior of the ring is smooth and rounded, while the interior features a knurled pattern for a secure fit that won’t slip off.

31. Love Language Card Game

The Love Language card game is a fun and engaging way to strengthen your bond with your partner. This couples game was designed to get you out of your comfort zone and really listen to one another. By asking questions that actually require a response, The Love Language will help you discover things about each other that you never knew!

32. Moscow Mule Set

If there’s one thing that summer brings, it’s a lot of outdoor events and parties. And if there are cocktail shakers in every room of the house, then you know that cocktails are going to be made. This copper-plated set is perfect for making the best Moscow mules ever while saving your favorite glassware from getting dirty.

33. Copper Wine Glass Set

Mosscoff exquisite reinforcement ring makes the copper glass strong with a smooth rim that lets you drink in comfort, unlike the sharp edges found on other glasses. The flat ring is polished to perfection and gives additional charm and elegance to the copper cups.

34. Moscow Mule Cups

If you’re looking for a fun 40th birthday gift idea that will also serve as an everyday drinkware, then these hammered copper mugs are perfect! They come in a set of four and hold 19.5 ounces, which is way above the standard cup size.

35. Levitation Globe

This levitation globe is another way to impress your friends and family with magic! The LED lights show different colors, making it a cool gift that he’ll have on display. Also, the magnet in the base allows the device to levitate.

36. Copper Painted 7

Copper is a traditional anniversary gift metal, and this one’s no exception. The number “7″ is beautifully copper-painted to represent the “copper year” of your seven years together. Each tribute gift set is handmade by a master blacksmith, giving you a unique gift with individual nuances and variations!

37. NeoVive Directional Compass

A directional compass is a great tool for outdoor activities when you can’t easily see what direction you’re traveling in. This modern take features an antique brass finish with a laser engraved message that sums up the whole thing – “The best is yet to be.” The gift recipient will simply need to learn how to use this awesome little gadget and go on many exciting adventures!

38. Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

A set of four copper mugs that can be used for Moscow mules or any other cocktail. The set includes a recipe book with recipes for Moscow mule cocktails and more.

39. Personalized Cut-Out Coasters

These cut-out coasters are available in four designs and can be personalized with a picture of your choosing. The set includes four coasters, each 4 x 4 inches, and is a great gift for weddings or other special occasions.

40. Country Rustic Wood Sign

This red and brown palette makes for a beautiful country rustic wall art that will fit right into your farmhouse decor. The canvas is finished with acid-free tissue paper over a 1/4 inch wooden frame. Perfect as a gift or for yourself!

41. Copper Paper Weight

One full pound of .999 pure refined copper molded in a bar shape. The copper element (CU) design is molded into the front with the words “ONE POUND .999 FINE COPPER USA”. This bar is perfect for collecting, business gifts, graduation gifts, and much more.

42. Copper Print of New York City Map

It’s never too early or late to explore the city! This vibrant map print makes a great addition to any home or apartment, providing a sense ofplace even before you move in. Frameless and easy to hang with its durable coating, it will be sure to wow your friends and family when they visit.

43. Vintage Palm Tree Canvas Print

An Amazon brand - Hang this print on your wall and imagine you’re in a tropical paradise, with the wind blowing your hair along with the palm tree fronds. Its vintage sepia tones give it the appearance of a print taken long ago and rediscovered.

44. Wool Tray

This wool tray is a wonderful addition to a home or office for countertop or dresser organizer. Perfect for all of your keys, accessories, jewelry, watches, etc. It is a great gift for someone who just wants better organization in their life. This thoughtful and unique anniversary gift would be especially perfect for a couple celebrating their 7 years anniversary.

45. Copper Moon Coffee

Guatemala is known for its quality coffee and this is no exception. This high-altitude farm boasts bright, fruity notes with a chocolaty undertone. The perfect cup to start your day. Makes a great gift for that coffee connoisseur in your life!

46. 50 Caliber Ink Refill

This pen is not only badass looking, it writes pretty well as well! This bad boy can fire out a whopping 50 caliber rounds! It’s an ink refillable pen that you can use to write your will, leave your wife, or settle the score with that jerk from high school. The perfect gift for a gun enthusiast or someone who just likes to have a cool pen on hand.

47. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

The copper Moscow mule mugs are a great gift for anyone that loves margaritas! These beautiful, drink-ware, copper mugs will surely impress your guests and show up well on camera! They make a unique and affordable wedding registry gift.

48. Golf Ball Trophy

This set of three shiny metallic golf balls is perfect for a golfer who loves to display their achievements. Instead of a plaque, show off your accomplishments with this set of 3 tennis ball-looking trophies.

49. Copper Mugs

Maybe it’s for that friend who loves copper and cocktails, or maybe you just need a new mug. Either way, these copper mugs are perfect!

50. Aluminum Cleaning Kit

Designed for compact work spaces as well as convenient traveling accessibility, our practical gun-cleaning kit offers everything a responsible gun owner needs to perform thorough cleanings anywhere life takes you. Patented Deluxe Gun-Cleaning Kit is a high-quality set of affordable gun cleaning tools that maintains handguns, shotguns and rifles in fine operating form no matter where the gunning action is!

51. Solid Brass Compass

This solid brass compass will be a welcome addition to the toolbox of any outdoorsman. The size and design are similar to a conventional pocket-sized compass, but the needle is lifted automatically each time you turn the dial. This preserves its accuracy in the field, so your bearings are always true.