35 Food Gifts For Men

1. Hickory Farms Gift Basket

Makes a great gift for the cheese and sausage lover! This farmhouse style cheese and meat gift basket will be appreciated by everyone in your life. Two 7 oz Farmhouse Summer Sausages, four ounces of mild cheddar blend, and two 4.5 ounce slices of pepper jack all in one convenient to-go box.

2. Sausage, Cheese, and Hot Sauce Gift Basket for Men

The Yukon Gourmet gift basket features artisan Wisconsin cheese, spicy Dan the Sausageman’s Original Red hots mustard, maplewood smoked bacon, and all-natural 100% USDA beef hot Italian sausage.

3. Sausage, Cheese, and Hot Mustard Platter

Nothing says “lets celebrate” like a full-to-bursting snacking plate! This gift is sure to make anyone’s special day especially delightful. It includes three sausages (a bratwurst, summer sausage, and Polish pork{?}) plus Wisconsin cheese, crackerbread – perfect for a party of one or 24!

4. Hot Mustard Gift Set

Dan the Sausageman created this hot mustard so he wouldn’t have to wait an extra minute to eat his sausage and cheese. Dan developed our unique, award-winning recipe for our Premium Hot Mustard based on family recipes passed down through 10 generations of Saucier’s! The gift set includes a wooden box withORK keychain bottle opener and two reusable grocery bags.

5. Nut Cracking Kit

This is a fun gift for the health-conscious person in your life who loves to eat! This wooden nut cracking kit comes with everything you need, including a knife, to have an amazing time trying all of these nuts out. In addition to the nuts themselves, this gift set also includes soy sauce, honey, and butter so they can have their own DIY blend instead of purchasing it separately.

6. Gold Digger Gift Set

This gift box features the finest artisan sausages from Garlic Smoked, along with a host of other delicious meats and cheeses. What more could a meat-eating man want? Just LOOK at this list of delights! You truly are a gold digger’s dream come true.

7. Nut and Dried Fruit Basket

A basket of delicious gourmet nuts and dried fruits is the best gift to give out at Christmas. This vegan option is yummy! Include some raw chocolate almond bars for a decadent treat.

8. Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies

The chocolate-covered sandwich cookies sold in a gift box are delicious and very popular with our customers. They make a great gift for that special someone – just enter their email address in the box provided and we will send them a message with your customisation details!

9. Ultimate Snacks Care Package

This is a great gift for that family who loves to snack! You might have noticed that some of your loved ones have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate. This care package will help them through the dark times by gifting them delicious snacks in every category – from nuts to chips, crackers, cookies and more.

10. Beef Jerky Variety Pack

Delicious, savory, and satisfyingly spicy beef jerky – just the thing to send you over the edge! This beef jerky variety pack comes with Teriyaki, Peppered, and Original flavors. The perfect gift for any fan of beef jerky who likes having different flavors at their disposal.

11. Nuts Gift Basket

Forget flowers and chocolates, give a gift that’s delicious and healthy! In this bundle pack of Healthy Snacks, you get over one pound of tasty gourmet nuts meticulously packaged in a boutique-style gift box. This is the perfect gift for those who love unique snacks as much as they love their family.

12. Game Jerky Gift Set

This gift set comes with 15 individually wrapped meat sticks. Each of the game meats are minimally processed and hand-packed in an airtight container to keep them fresh. All you have to do is add a tarp (or two) and some hot rocks, and you’ve got yourself a fire.

13. Cheese and Sausage Board

A cheese and sausage board is a great gift for those who love to have a good snack. It’s an elegant bamboo cutting board, 3 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of smoked sausage, crackers, and more. Everything is neatly arranged in this meat-loving gift box.

14. Nut Basket

A nut basket is a great gift for a chef because it allows them to sample various nuts and create their own mix. This one comes with 12 of the best nuts, including almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, etc. If they are into cooking or just like gifts that help them cook better this is the perfect nut basket!

15. Perfect For The Palate Gift Basket

This gift basket is the perfect combination of flavors sure to go with anything. A great host/hostess gift or just a unique treat for yourself!

16. Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

This gift basket for the cheese lover is sure to please. The assortment of cheeses includes four different blues, creamy swiss, pepper jack, and jalapeño cheddar. There are also two kinds of sausage – summer sausage and garlic parmesan – as well as toasted golden cornbread made with creamery butter.

17. Hot Mustard Gift Set

Mount Rainier is a very large active volcano located in the heart of Washington state. In honor of this mountain, we made sure that our Mt. Rainier gift box erupts with flavor. We just know that you’ll lava it, so crack it open and tear into the delicious taste of the Pacific Northwest!

18. Spices Set

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, then this is the gift set for you! Included in this 5-piece spice gift set are five different types of spices – chili powder, cumin, coriander, pink sea salt and black pepper.

19. These days, it’s all about the nuts – especially for those loved ones who have special dietary needs. This gift basket contains a variety of delicious and nutritious nuts in a pretty red box.

DIY Nut Basket  These days, it’s all about the nuts – especially for those loved ones who have special dietary needs. This gift basket contains a variety of delicious and nutritious nuts in a pretty red box.

20. Gourmet Biscotti

Biscotti is traditional Italian food. It’s very crunchy and more biscuits means it’s a heartier snack. This gift basket contains 24 gourmet biscotti bedecked with six decadent flavors. Also included are some fine chocolate treats for the lucky recipient to enjoy with their coffee or wine!

21. Nut Basket

Does your dad love nuts, or nuts that are sent in nut baskets? Then this Wooden Nut Tray is for him! It includes a handful of 12 of our signature nuts: Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, Cashews, Honey-Glazed Pecans, Hazelnuts, Walnuts. Pretzels? Yeah… those too.

22. This gift basket of nuts is a great combination of sweet and salty. Your loved one will be able to enjoy the variety of nuts without feeling like they are missing out on something!

DIY Nut Gift Basket This gift basket of nuts is a great combination of sweet and salty. Your loved one will be able to enjoy the variety of nuts without feeling like they are missing out on something!

23. Roasted Nut Sectional Tray

This roasted nut sectional tray is a great healthy gift for anyone on your list who loves nuts. It has a nice variety of flavors and comes in a lidded container for freshness, which is perfect for gifting.

24. Healthy Snacks Care Package

A healthy snacks care package is a great gift for the health-conscious person in your life. The care package includes a reusable snack box, individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, nuts, trail mix, etc.), and mixes (grapefruit seed mix, raspberry macadamia nut crunch).

25. Snow Globe

This gift may look simple but it’s so thoughtful. A snow globe that brings a smile to the face of any coffee drinker would make for a great addition to their collection.

26. Puroast Coffee

For centuries, people have loved the taste of coffee, but they’ve had to deal with the effects of its acidity. Acidity in coffee can cause irritation of the mouth and stomach, and it can even affect our ability to sleep. And yet many people like the flavor of coffee made with this gastrointestinal distress. That’s because low-acid coffees are less bitter tasting than traditional coffees. The problem is that most commercial coffees are over-roasted and developed too much acid during roasting due to industrial agricultural practices . There is a solution though! Through sensory chemistry breakthroughs we were able to recreate an authentic old world farming style by which farmers naturally produce more stable full-flavor beans with lower levels of acetic acid for improved taste without sacrificing caffeine content or quality. Drink Puroast coffee today for a better tomorrow… Guaranteed!

27. Food Gift Basket

This food gift basket is great for men and women of all ages. It includes a variety of nuts including almonds, cashews, peanuts, and more.

28. Healthy Snack Mix Gift Box

This healthy snack mix gift box is a fun and delicious alternative to traditional party favor assortments. Packed in a wooden crate, this gourmet assortment of dark chocolate covered almonds, roasted cashews, and other tasty nuts will be a big hit with the kids and teens as well as the adults!

29. Candy and Cookie Box

A delicious assortment of chocolate chip cookies, caramel corn, nuts, pretzels, and other snacks are beautifully displayed in this gift box. This is the perfect gift for that friend who loves to have a snack ready at hand. The care package can be delivered anywhere in the US and Canada.

30. Care Package

The joy of college life is now available for your graduate to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for a gift, snack boxes for adults, care packages for college students, a snack variety pack for kids, or simply a crave box to treat yourself, our Snack Box Variety Pack will do the trick. Ours is fun food that anyone would enjoy.

31. Chocolate Chip Cookies Gift Basket

Buttery, melt-your-heart chocolate chip cookies are the world’s favorite old-fashioned delicacy. Presented in an original tin, these yummy straight from the oven specialty desserts will have the entire family licking their lips and thanking their lucky stars for a friend with such fine taste and sweet affection.

32. Fancy Whole Cashews

Go nuts for smart snacking with Planters Fancy Whole Cashews. These rich, jumbo cashews have a crunchy texture and are a great nutrient dense snack. The Franks & Beans flavor combination is one of the best in the market right now!

33. Tower of Yummies

A yummy tower of kosher-certified chocolates, caramels, toffees, gourmet popcorn, nuts, and more. Your favorite 15-year-old boy will be thrilled to get this birthday gift filled with all his favorite snacks.

34. Chicken Fried Steaks

A restaurant-quality deep fried chicken breast dish. These are great as a weekend night special when you have friends over or just a family dinner at home where everyone can enjoy these juicy, tender and delicious steak strips. Also available in 3-pound box.

35. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cookies

These chocolate-covered strawberries are covered in super chock rich chocolate! Since they’re made with fresh, high quality ingredients (no artificial flavors or colors), and have only 120 calories per cookie, you can treat yourself or give them as a gift to your favorite teacher without worrying about rainbows ensuing digestive issues.