49 Funny Gifts For Chefs

1. Jurassic Knife Set

If your dad is a dinosaur lover, then this is the gift for him. It’s a set of six colorful chef’s knives that depict various types of dinosaurs. If your guy isn’t into kitchen gadgets, then consider also getting him one of these awesome jurassic print aprons.

2. Spice Grinder

This fume extractor is a top-selling product on Amazon, and for good reason. It’s an innovative design that grinds whole spices quickly and easily while preventing them from scattering throughout the kitchen. The grinder has three interchangeable spice plates to allow users to customize their grind for different dishes, such as cinnamon for coffee or pepper for salsa.

3. Grilling Apron

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a dad who loves his grill. This 100% cotton apron makes it easy to keep track of what he’s doing while protecting him from any potential burns.

4. Kitchen For Pros Apron

This high-quality apron is made from genuine leather, making it durable and beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that will look best on your man. It has an adjustable neck strap, two back pockets and front zipper pocket to keep your things organized and secure.

5. Leather Apron

Whether you’re grilling indoors or outdoors, this high-quality apron makes it feel like the fourth-year anniversary gift that it is!

6. Funny Apron

Funny aprons are always a good gift for men. This one has a touch of color with some funny sayings on it, such as “Mom is God’s Gift to Gifting” and “Sugar Daddy retirement plan.” The design is so attractive that nobody will ever want to take it off.

7. Baseball Cap with Skulls

If you’re going to spend all day in the yard, why not look good while doing it? This baseball cap is great for keeping your head warm while you work and playing hard. The front of this hat features a beautiful flower design and the back has a cute saying that anyone would be jealous of.

8. Food Network Magazine Subscription

A foodie sign will make your kitchen and home decor. This is a great gift for the chef in your life who loves to cook and entertain! A funny accent piece that will provide some much-needed humor in your kitchen!

9. Cool Vent Toque

Give the gift of warmth this holiday season with the Chef Works toque. Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, it makes a great winter hat!

10. Rainbow Sushi Socks

Who doesn’t love sushi? These socks are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and make them wonder what you had for dinner. Two pairs of black socks depicting an edamame (green soy beans), cucumber, salmon, and tuna sushi roll.

11. Pho Sho T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of pho and your partner is a fan of silly shirts, then this “Pho Sho” t-shirt may be the best gift you give them. Show off your love for delicious beef noodle soup with this funny shirt.

12. Funny baking Spatula

A cheap gift for a mom that’s also funny. She’ll appreciate how useful it is and love that it’s from you. Also, the silicone head is soft which means there are no chances of it breaking off and causing injury.

13. Pocket benga

A good pair of oven gloves will make any housewife happy but these ones are hilarious. The fabric is a cotton/poly blend and the fingers are long so they cover more of your hand. The message on the apron is both bold and cute at the same time which makes it an ideal gift for Father’s Day!

14. I’ll Feed All You…Apron

If there’s one thing that dads love, it’s being told they look good. If there are two things that dads love, it’s a free gift and a free gift that says “I’ll feed all you.” This Father’s Day, give him the ultimate Father-Son gift of feeling handsome and having the freedom to eat whatever he likes.

15. Funny Aprons

These funny aprons will protect your clothes while you BBQ and clean up the kitchen after dinner. Your husband will get a kick out of these, giving him the freedom to be himself while wearing a fun apron that he can use for years to come.

16. Funny Cooking Apron

Looking for gag gifts for adults, especially for your dad’s special day? This funny apron make awesome personalized gifts for men. The customized apron features a funny print that will put a smile on the face of the special man you love. Include our cooking apron for men in your list of cooking gifts for the upcoming holidays. Our chef grill apron for men represents the personality and humor of your recipient.

17. Awesome Gift Ideas for Him

These oven mitts are super-insulated and natural-fitting which makes them perfect for any chef out there. The inside is extra-quilted, so your hands will stay warm while the cool outside keeps them from burning. These make a great gift idea for that husband of yours who loves to bake!

18. Mr. Good Looking Is Cooking Apron

Is he really the good looking BBQ grill master in your life? If so, this hilarious apron is the perfect gift! He’ll be able to work the grill with ease and show off his signature style while doing it.

19. Chef Apron

If you’re looking for a present that combines his love of cooking and punny apparel, then this “King of BBQ” apron is the gift to give! Made from high-quality material, this unique design makes it look like he’s wearing spooky clothes as he cooks away.

20. Denim Apron

Part of our new Urban Collection, which combines street-inspired trends with durable functionality. The denim material of the bib apron is made from durable but soft 100% cotton fabric. With its pockets reinforced with riveted ends, an adjustable metal neck buckle, reverse fabric ties with belt loops, a chest pocket and double front pockets with selvage edge pocket detail. This bib apron does not fall short on style and performance.

21. Wine Tumbler

Does your mom love to host parties? This wine tumbler is a fun and functional gift that she’ll use every day. The tumbler holds 12 oz of her favorite beverage and comes with a card that says “To my beautiful Grandma, I know you are here watching over me. Love always, your granddaughter.”

22. You Fucking Donkey Coloring Book

This coloring book features unique coloring patterns and over 45 iconic quotes from the undisputed master of swearing and insults – Gordon Ramsay. Whether you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay and his way with words, a fellow chef or just a fucking Panini Head, these 101 pages will release your inner artist, relax you and serve as a motivator to get shit done.

23. Funny Apron

A great gift for the chef in your life. This apron will have everyone laughing as they watch you try to cover up that delicious meal you’re cooking. You get a meat thermometer so it makes an extra useful gift!

24. Batman Apron

If he’s a fan of punny aprons, then this Batman-themed one is sure to be a hit. Made of 100% cotton with a drawstring closure, it can fit most sizes and comes in multiple colors.

25. Funny Black Apron

These black waterproof aprons with pockets are hysterical! They will make a great gift for the husband who likes to dress funny or just needs an extra layer of protection while working in the kitchen. Choose from Ronald McDonald, Batman, or Mr. Good Looking himself – your dad!

26. Cooking Apron

This funny apron makes the perfect gift for your favorite grilling guy. It has 2 large pockets to hold small objects while cooking and of course, it comes in multiple colors so he can be the talk of the BBQ circuit!

27. Funny Apron

If you’re tired of wearing the same old, boring apron every day then this funny one is the gift for you! Bakers Gonna Bake says it all and much more with its vibrant colors and cute design. This practical and funny apron makes a great gift for any occasion including birthdays, holidays or just because you want to give them one of the best gifts they will ever have!

28. Oven Mittens

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what gift could be more fitting for a grill master like your dad? These funny mittens will have him laughing while he keeps warm and cooks his next masterpiece.

29. Banana King BBQ Apron

If your dad is a man of action, then this banana-inspired bib will fit the bill. Made from 100% cotton canvas, with three pockets to carry all his worldly possessions – plus a shock cord at the waist for that extra touch of class.

30. Mr. Good Looking is Cooking Cooking Hat

This funny black chef hat makes a great gift for that husband of yours who loves to cook! This cap is warm enough to wear while cooking and stylish enough to wear out on the town. If he’s anything like us, he’ll spend hours pretending this isn’t the best hat ever and instead is some sort of socially awkward robot trying desperately not to appear too good at cooking (looking at you, grill-master BF).

31. Mr. Good Looking Is Cooking Apron

Does your dad love cooking or hate wearing a kitchen apron? If so, this Mr. Good Looking is Cooking e-book gift card is the perfect gift for him! Preparing delicious food is hard work, after all. This funny gift will make him laugh while he works his magic in the kitchen and turns out mouthwatering meals.

32. Wrap Yourself in a Cleaning Apron

It’s time to raise your game when it comes to housecleaning. This ingenious tool makes the job easier, faster, and more fun! It eliminates squirt bottles, erases wasted time searching for things you’ve dropped behind the couch or under the bed, and is much gentler on your back than using a brush or scrubber. Not only will this gift save time but also money as you won’t need to buy cleaning products!

33. Novelty Socks  |  Color:Multiple Colors  |  Pattern:Prints, Stripes, Graphic/Dot

These funny novelty socks make a great gift for men. They come in several designs and colors to suit any personality. Great for dressy events or just an everyday cool sock you’ll want to wear all day long!

34. Fear the Beard BBQ Apron

A funny apron that makes a great Father’s Day gift for that husband of yours who loves going to the barbecue. This high-quality 100% cotton apron is both comfortable and durable, making it suitable for all sorts of messy activities at the grill.

35. Skull Apron

If he loves to BBQ, then this “Skull” apron is the perfect gift. This high-quality apron is made of a cotton/polyester blend material and has three front pockets for holding utensils, your phone, or an iPad with a recipe while you are cooking.

36. Good Luck Socks

These are not the socks you’re looking for. These are the good luck socks. If you’re going to a job interview, wearing these bad boys will surely boost your confidence and get you far in life.

37. Funny Apron

Does your father or husband love to cook? Do they hate wearing a boring old apron? Well, I have the perfect Father’s Day gift for them! This funny Mr. Good Looking is Cooking apron is available in several colors and makes a great gift for any dad that loves cooking and making others laugh.

38. Funny Apron

If your dad is a manly man who loves to BBQ, he needs to have a funny apron. This Saukore “Keep on Smokin’” BBQ Apron will make him feel like the king of the grill all day long! It has 2 front pockets and ties at the waist for easy on/off.

39. Landisun Apron

Superhero apron with funny sayings is a fun gift for anyone who loves to eat. Each Funny aprons comes with multiple personality patterns to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that best fits your personality and the occasion.

40. Cooking Apron

Everyone needs a good apron. This one is cute and funny. Made from 64% polyester, 23% cotton, and 13% rayon with a weight of 5oz/142g. Available in black only.

41. Chef Apron

Set the scene, it’s a beautiful summer day and you’re hosting a family and friends BBQ. Your man already got seasonings and sauces lined up on the counter as he fires up the grill. Oh boy, he’s wearing this funny aprons that say “It”ll be RIBS – Dinner will be bark! – in red letters. You bought it as a funny gift but there he is wearing it as you await the arrival of your guests including in-laws and coworkers. They all see it but no one dares make a comment until the other guys come along. You know, the guys… now he collects fist bumps and laughs with gestures to his hipster Chef hat!

42. Funny Chef Hat

This funny chef beanie hat makes a great gift for that food-loving man in your life. Whether he’s into cooking, sports, or both, this chef hat will help him take his style from the kitchen to the field to the bar and everywhere in between.

43. Chef Works Beanie

The perfect gift for the guy that has everything. Sure, he can outfit his entire house with high-end gadgets and gizmos. But can he make himself a cup of coffee? If you’re planning on taking him to task for not being able to do so – then this is the one thing you need to get him!

44. Care Package Apron

This funny apron is the perfect gift for that husband of yours who loves to BBQ. If your manly man loves meat, then he’ll love this badass looking apron.

45. I Found it in My Spareribs Casserole

This ceramic casserole dish will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. The hilarious message is perfect for Thanksgiving or family gatherings. The product is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Click ‘add to cart' to order.

46. Chef Hat

Whether you’re going to a fancy restaurant or just having dinner at home with the family, this classic white kitchen cap will fit in with any dining room decor. It has an adjustable Velcro closure in the back so that it will fit almost anyone.

47. Funny Apron

How can you go wrong with a gift that says, “hot stuff coming through…and I don’t mean the food.” This funny apron makes a great punny gift for anyone who loves cooking or is just trying to get their message across in a funny way. It comes in red or blue so the options are endless!

48. High Five With a Chair Mug

Does your dad love coffee or tea? If so, he’ll love this hilarious mug from Yates and Franco. This 11oz ceramic mug is printed on both sides and makes a great gift for any dad who loves fun gifts that are also useful!

49. Queen of the Kitchen Chef Hat

Does your dad love cooking? Then this is the gift for him! Give him a sense of humor while he’s heating up that cast iron skillet with his enemies. This funny chef hat is covered in delicious-looking food puns and insults.