45 Gag Gifts For 50th Birthday

1. Flashback to 1971: A Time Traveler’s Guide

Flash back to 1971 – a very special year. Was this the year you were born? Was this the year you got married? Let’s travel back in time to celebrate your wedding anniversary with this slim 70+ page book packed with fun-filled fabulous facts.

2. Vintage 1971 Coffee Mug

This is the perfect milestone coffee mug for any 50-year-old man. There’s no better way to celebrate half a century than with a hilarious coffee mug that makes everyone laugh and brings back great memories of what life was like when you were twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty!

3. Vintage 1971 Aged To Perfection Wine Glass

This wine glass has a unique design that makes it an interesting 50th birthday gift. The glass holds 15 ounces and is made of mouth-blown glass.

4. Toilet Paper

Fathers and daughters, husbands and wives—whenever a bond is formed between two people, there’s tissue paper involved. So whether it’s your dad, brother, husband, or fiance who happens to be turning 50 years old, he’ll want this hilarious toilet paper gift from El Nido Design. Made in the USA with premium printing materials in an elegant box for maximum gifting impact.

5. Toilet Paper

This is a fun gag gift for anyone who enjoys putting themselves above others, or even someone who needs to be amused while they go #2. This roll of toilet paper contains two distinct designs showing the correct and incorrect ways to deodorize your backside. It comes in a plastic tube with a screw-on lid so it’s perfect for gifting.

6. 1971 Bourbon Glass

1971 is a great year for anyone. Whether you’re a birthday boy or girl, getting older always brings with it some form of accomplishment award—a gold watch, an extra sticker on your license, a bowl of M&M’s for your 40th. So we thought, “What if we took these decades and turned them into a glass?” We did! Give him or her this beautiful 2-piece bourbon whiskey set in this classic ‘71 style glass.

7. Personalized Wood Coasters

These sashes are great to decorate a retirement celebration with. Add some personality to the party with these sash that can be personalized for the big day! Great for work parties, birthdays, holidays or just as a thank you gift for all your hard work.

8. Dream Big Keychain

Excuse the pun, but this little guy is sure to inspire his 20-year-old self! Made of stainless steel, it’s a fun way to celebrate his birthday while encouraging him to live life fully.

9. 49 + 1 Middle Finger Pint Glass

When it comes to a 50th birthday party, nobody does it better than beer! Make sure the glasses are top-notch with this beautiful set of two pint glasses. Each glass holds 16 ounces and is made from sturdy glass that can take a beating.

10. Funny 50th Birthday Coffee Mug

This funny mug makes a great gift for that 50-year-old best friend who loves coffee or tea! Your best friend will get a kick out of seeing this design whenever she drinks from her mug.

11. Lawrence Welk Greatest Hits

This 1959 release by the great Lawrence Welk contains 22 of his most well-known songs, such as “Take Me Back to Tulsa (Where I Belong),” and “Banana Boat Serenade.” It also includes two rarities, a German waltz and a Yiddish lullaby. This compilation is an excellent introduction to the career of one of America’s greatest music treasures.

12. Survival Chain

The adventure continues to grow older. To accompany the next generation of life, this symbolic chain is offered as a gift to celebrate a special occasion or as a constant reminder that our time has passed and our place in the world changes. The chain is designed so that each link represents an event in the life cycle – being born, growing up, getting married, having children and feeling old – and it symbolizes how we’re always connected through these stages of life.

13. Safety Vest

The senior citizens in your life will cherish this gift. These vests are available in three different colors and several sizes for men and women aged 60 and up. No one will ever think to ask if they’re wearing a safety vest!

14. Why Are My Nuts in the Toilet Water? and Other Questions Older Men Need Answered

If you’re looking for a book that will make your dad laugh, then this is the perfect gift. Allen Mahon takes a break from his serious writing to delve into some of the changes men deal with as they enter and navigate through their elder years. His wit and humor are as sharp as some of the subjects he attempts to explain. Mr. Mahon’s take on the changes he is going through, as he moves through his sixties, is unique and a bit off beat. The title of this book should tip you off as to his approach to life – “We just need to deal with all that aging throws at us with dignity, grace, and a good sense of humor!”

15. Baseball Cap

This baseball cap is a fun 50th birthday gift that dad will love. You can print this logo on the front of the hat or write your own message. Everyone will know how long he’s been with his new funny hat!

16. Old Lives Matter Scotch Glass

In an effort to bring a little fun to the work world, we’ve created the Retirement Whiskey Glass! This Novelty Whiskey glass is designed in celebration of milestones and accomplishments all while having a good laugh.

17. 1971 Vintage Beer Can Glass

These 1971 vintage beer glasses are a hit with everyone – the 50-year-old birthday boy, his friends and family, and anyone else who loves drinking out of a nice glass. These beer glasses come in a set of two, are dishwasher safe, and hold 16oz of your favorite beverage.

18. Crotchety Old Man Book

If you have a crotchety old man in your life, then this book is the perfect gift. Whether he’s your dad, grandpa, brother, husband, or even you—everyone has a crotchety old man in their lives! Mary McHugh’s hilarious truths are a lighthearted razz of the grumpy old man in our lives.

19. Novelty Men’s Cane

Nothing says, “I love you” like giving your man a hilarious cane that makes him look old-fashioned and sweet. This over the hill novelty cane is just the thing to help him stand out from the crowd. Your loved one will be so proud to show off his new toy!

20. Toilet Paper Rolls

These rolls of toilet paper make the perfect gift for that 50-year-old man who has everything. He will not only appreciate the humor but also how useful these are being at an age where everyone is having problems with their toilets. Includes 250 sheets of high-quality, 100% recycled paper and measures 10 x 10 inches.

21. Orca Ceramic Mug

These gorgeous mugs are handmade by the Guarani people of Paraguay. They use an ancient technique passed down through generations, and each piece is unique. These cups hold 11oz of your favorite hot beverage, and they come in a beautiful box perfect for gift-giving.

22. Vintage 1971 Coffee Mug

This white coffee mug with a striking red coloring represents the year 1971, the birth year of many seniors. This mug is made of white orca ceramic, is dishwasher and microwave safe, and comes in a beautiful gift box.

23. Over The Hill Senior Driver Magnet

If you’re looking for a fun way to remind your parents or grandparents to drive carefully, then this senior driver magnet is the gift! Each package features a yellow caution sign magnet with two elderly people and the message “Caution Senior Driver.” It makes a cute addition to their car or truck.

24. You’re Only Old Once Button

The Golden Years Clinic is very busy these days. The elderly are staying healthy longer, and the clinic is seeing an increase in cases of “old age”—spleen problems, arthritis, etc. The solution? A visit to the doctor for a complete overhaul!

25. Vintage 1971 T-Shirt

Whether he’s a coach, an avid hunter, or the owner of a sports bar, this t-shirt makes a great gift to celebrate his special day! This shirt is available in a classic unisex fit tee or a tapered ladies fit, with several color options and sizes from Sm-5X.

26. Tumbler

What could be better than a delicious, ice-cold beverage on a hot day? How about a hilarious t-shirt to go with it? This funny shirt proclaims that “Hitting 50 is indeed a special, momentous occasion. We’ve paid utmost attention to detail to give you a tumbler worthy of being the vessel for your celebratory drink.”

27. Customized Journal

This journal covers 110 white ruled quality smooth pages available for you to fill them with your thoughts, delights and experiences. Before purchasing, it’s advised to use the “look inside” feature to see if this plain college-ruled journal (no prompts or internal content) is what you’re looking for.

28. Shit I Can’t Remember: Organizer, Log Book & Notebook for Passwords and Shit

A small notebook to keep a list of passwords, notes about important dates or numbers, reminders, shopping lists or anything really. This organizer has sections for Notes ( subsections like ‘Baby Stuff’ or ‘Household Items’), Phone Numbers (sectioned by category like work/mobile), Important Dates & Times (including birthdays), Passwords to Critical Internet Information such as Bank Accounts or Email etc., and even an emergency section in case of fire/natural disaster! If they are losing their memory this will help them organize it.

29. 1971 Birthday Makeup Bag

This is a fun and unique gift for a woman who loves to be prepared. This waterproof makeup bag will hold all of her beauty products, so she can go on stage or off and know that she looks great. The size is the perfect size to hold all of her products with ease.

30. Toilet Paper

This roll of toilet paper will make your birthday party a hilarious one! Fifty is the new 30, so celebrate with this funny roll of toilet paper that says so. Your guests will love this as it’s both entertaining and cleverly thought out.

31. Silver Pink Tiara

A tiara for the queen of all birthdays! This 3D-printed pink plastic crown is embellished with shiny silver sequins and dazzling rhinestones. The perfect accessory to complete your princess look on her special day.

32. Vintage Candy Co. 50th Birthday Retro Candy

If you’re looking for a fun, nostalgic gift for the 50-year-old woman in your life, then this retro candy box is just the thing! It contains nearly 3 lbs of classic old-timey nostalgia candies, including Wax Lips, Pop Rocks, Sugar Daddy, Fireballs, And Pixy Stix (and more!).

33. Memory Mints

These delicious candies come in a cute tin that makes for an ideal gift when wrapped up as a gag. Inside, you’ll find tiny chocolate pieces covered with flavored coating—which is hard to bite through because it’s also the treat!

34. Beer Mug Set

A set of luxury 50th birthday gifts for men includes a coaster, champagne flute, and beer mug. The beer mug holds 16 oz of your favorite beverage while the champagne flute holds 5 ounces. Both are etched with the words “To life, to love” in 24k gold.

35. Emergency Underpants

This tin contains one pair of disposable unisex underpants, and it’s a great gag gift to give someone. It would be a fun addition to a Valentine’s Day stocking stuffer.

36. 50th Birthday T-Shirt

If they love to golf, they’ll love this hilarious t-shirt. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, this is one of the best! This tee comes in 11 colors and several sizes.

37. Toilet Paper

If there’s one thing mom loves, it’s being prepared for any occasion. From food to gift ideas, we have you covered! This super soft toilet paper is 50th birthday gag gifts to please even the pickiest of moms. Featuring 3 thick cushioned layers and a whisper-soft finish that makes wiping unnecessary.

38. Over The Hill Exerciser

Does your grandpa love to work out? If so, he'll love this funny over the hill exerciser from Forum Novelties. Give him a good laugh with this unique novelty device. It will keep his muscles warm and help him to tone while he keeps active in his free time.

39. The Fifty-Year-old Game

This is a game for 2–5 players that plays quickly and is lots of fun. You don’t need to be 50 years old to play! The cards ask questions about life as a 50-year-old, such as “What fruit do you prefer?” or “How many pairs of underwear do you own?” This card game is sure to get the whole birthday party laughing.

40. Necklace

Help her celebrate the Big Half Century with this elegant and fun gift. When she wears this beautiful necklace of five lovely silver circles, one for each decade, she’ll have a reminder that your admiration is infinite. Commemorate fifty fabulous years in the life of an awesome lady, be it Mom, sister, daughter or best friend. Also amazing for colleague or coworker – her best years are yet to come! Perfect milestone birthday present.

41. Unicorn Coffee Mug

This unicorn mug is a fun way to start your day, or end it, with a little happiness and joy. This 11oz ceramic mug is white on the inside and stunningly colorful on the outside. Made of premium quality material that is safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

42. Lunch Money

Do you know a senior who could use some good jokes? This book is filled with funny quips on a variety of subjects that will crack them up and keep them laughing.

43. Vintage 1971-Aged To Perfection T-Shirt

This is not just another last minute, random birthday gift idea designed for single use. ShirtInvaders branded t-shirts are created to be worn. A 50th birthday gift idea that will be loved, appreciated and actually used! A great option for a unique birthday gift, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift or just an unexpected surprise… and with every year offered, this shirt would make a great gift for anyone. Our t-shirts work for any and all occasions. We have a large selection of dated or year specific designs and gifts to choose from with a variety of color options and sizes to fit everyone.

44. Password Journal

Co-authored by Dave Beardsley, founder and CEO of ZenMom.com, this book is a must-have for every family on your list. It’s filled with great parenting advice, information on child development, fun & practical tips about growing up from the whole family’s perspective—and recipes that all members of the family will love!

45. How To Be Parisian

Two best friends, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas, are back to help you navigate your twenties. This time around the two women have modified their bad girl lifestyles and iconoclastic bohemian natures to fit more comfortably into the role of “Madame” rather than “Mlle”. The book is filled with witty advice on love, seduction, fashion, dating, family work living alone as well as accepting imperfections.