50 Garage Gifts For Dad

1. Garage Art

A garage is a manly place. It’s where they put the “jeeps” in “sports cars.” And it’s also an important workshop where your husband repairs anything that goes wrong with it, including you! This gorgeous wall decor will make him feel extremely manly every time he sees it. He can build up his own little corner of the universe and pretend he’s got all the time in the world to do what he wants.

2. Multi-Tool

I am a multifunctional hammer. Because of my practicality, I can be a unique gift you choose for men, such as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or Father’s Day gifts.

3. Whiskey Glass Set

This gift set contains 8 granite whiskey stones, 2 slate coasters, 10oz whiskey glasses (STYLE #8), a wood gift box, and velvet storage bag. These are the must-have accessories for every home bar!

4. World’s Coolest Dad Keychain

Whether Father’s Day, Christmas holiday, dad’s birthday or anniversary, the mini multitool is a cool unique gift idea for him. It helps him to get work done more easily, faster and more comfortably. This 8-in-1 multi-tool features a built-in knife sharpener, can opener, screwdriver bit holder bottle opener key chain and even a ruler!

5. Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband is an excellent way to help him get his DIY on! With just a few tricks up his sleeve, he’ll be able to turn old clothes into new again. No one will ever know that he was wearing the same outfit for weeks at a time.

6. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This magnetic pickup tool is a cool gadget that will help change the way you do. In addition, it has 3 super bright LED bulbs providing 360-degree illumination and virtually no line of sight! The perfect gift for DIY guys who love to fix things around the house.

7. LED Flashlight Gloves

Hand-held flashlights are great for illuminating dark places, but they don’t provide your hands with much protection from the elements. These LED gloves solve that problem while still allowing you to operate a flashlight with just one hand! The battery pack is worn on your waist and has two brightness levels as well as four modes.

8. Warm and Cozy Throw

There are few things a father loves more than being able to cuddle up in a warm, cozy blanket with his family. This throw makes the perfect Christmas gift for any dad that enjoys spending time wrapped up on the couch. It’s also an ideal birthday present if he’s into snuggling!

9. My Life Blanket

This ultra-soft micro fleece blanket has a beautiful saying on it that your father is sure to love. Make this Dad Thanksgiving or Father’s Day and he’ll be thrilled to receive it.

10. Large Father’s Day Banner

This large banner is perfect for decorating your home, garden, yard, outdoor patio, balcony or anywhere else you can think of. This Father’s Day banner makes the perfect gift and will be enjoyed by everyone in your life.

11. Magnetic Wristband

These handy wristbands have strong magnets embedded in them, so they can be used for holding screws, nails, bolts and other metal items while you work. They make great Christmas gifts for DIY people who love to hate that annoying magnetic strip on the back of your hand tool belt!

12. Metal Sign

Dad might be the head of the house, but that doesn’t mean he won’t let his wife or daughter call the shots sometimes! This metal sign makes a great gift for any dad who wants to remind everyone just how important it is to have your own space.

13. I’ll Be in the Garage T-Shirt

This witty t-shirt makes a great gift for that DIY dad who loves to work on cars. But he’s not afraid to take his toolbox shirt off after he gets home either!

14. Ten-In-One Multi-Tool

This multitool has everything you need to get the job done! This includes a large variety of screwdrivers, saw blades for cutting through metal and wood, a knife blade for finer work, bottle openers, can openers, a ruler and more. The tool is lightweight at only 2.2 ounces so it’s easy to carry even on long treks into the wilderness.

15. Ashtray with Wrench and Motorcycle Decoration

Any biker or mechanic would be impressed with this decorative ashtray! Trimmed with a wrench and enclosed by a motorcycle chain, this mini sculpture is a must have for any biker bar or mechanic’s smoking room. Makes a great Father’s Day gift for men who are fond of the open road, avid Harley enthusiasts, and of course, smokers.

16. Honey Dew Gifts, Thanks for Being an Awesome Dad, Keep That Shit Up  |  Daddy Gift Ideas

Honey Dew Gifts, Thanks for Being an Awesome Dad, Keep That Shit Up This simple yet funny 5 by 10 foot sign will add a touch of humor to his man cave. Since this is made from MDF wood it’s going to be very durable and not easily damaged.

17. Cool Dad Mug

This leak-proof tumbler is a sure hit for fun-loving and cool fathers. It makes a fantastic choice for Father’s Day, birthday gifts for dad, best dad gift, husband birthday gift ideas or just those special parents or siblings in your life.

18. Coffee Whiskey Box Set

This coffee and whiskey box set is a fun gag gift for that caffeine-driven friend in your life. The four coffees are from single origin sources roasted by the company, then infused with their favorite spirits before being packaged up together in this neat little barrel-aged coffee box.

19. Garage Mahogany Sign

Calling all dads! We’ve got a sign for you that perfectly expresses your love for building and fixing things. This sign is specially designed to be hung up in your workshop. It reads, “Dad’s Fix-It Shop.” Underneath that, it says “Open 24 Hours.” It offers humor and wit while expressing your love for working with your hands. On one side of the sign, it says “Full Service” and on the other side, it reads “Last Stop.” Your kids will get a kick out of it. Plus, it reminds them that they can always turn to you for help.

20. Travel Wallet

A truly sentimental gift for any “pa” out there. This piece is so meaningful and unique that it will be cherished forever! Make this Father’s Day, Christmas, or Birthday one to remember. Quality craftsmanship The 16oz hammer has an industrial quality brushed stainless steel head. Additionally, stainless steel wedges are hydraulically inserted to ensure no separation of the head from the handle. Each hammer is individually laser engraved providing a high-quality personalized appearance.

21. EZPZ Bowl

This high-quality, portable skateboard booster seat is designed to make getting around easier and more comfortable for people with disabilities. No assembly required; simply place the creeper on its wheels and lift off the deck. The durable fabric can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making it easy to keep clean while in use or removed for washing when necessary.

22. Papa’s Workshop Tin Sign

Papa loves to tinker, and this tin sign is a fun reminder of that! It reads “PAPA WON’T YOU TEACH ME TO TINKER?” and has an image of Papa riding his tricycle over unfinished project objects. A perfect gift for any dad who likes to work on cars or build things in general!

23. Tool Caddy

Convert that garage or basement into a fully functional workshop with this Torin rolling pneumatic creeper seat. It allows you to work in your garage or basement in comfort and makes an ideal gift for the DIY type who loves projects and creating things.

24. Garage Door Tumbler Glass

If you’re looking to get your husband something sentimental, this whiskey glass from Nenon is a great gift! We created the design using an old-fashioned typewriter and 1980s font. The typeface used is called ‘Tourniquet’ and was designed by Matt Black of M Modern Creative Co., which specializes in branding, identity, packaging, web & print communications. This tumbler features a unique typography that reads: “If You Need Me I’ll Be In The Garage Drinking Whiskey Like A Boss. – Yours Truly, Mrs. Pockets Please Bring The Titties".

25. Whiskey Stones and Glass Set

Everything a whiskey lover wants! This burnt-wood gift box contains 2 stylish glasses + 8 granite whiskey stones + velvet storage bag + a set of stainless steel tongs. Give a legendary whisky gift to your favorite man: father, brother, son, boyfriend, husband, boss or grandpa.

26. Slippers

Soft, chenille-like moccasins are warm and comfy for the winter months. These slippers have a durable grip bottom so they won’t slip on ice or tile floors. The in-house Odor Protection Layer (OPAQUE) technology blocks odor molecules from escaping so your feet stay fresh, no matter how long you wear them.

27. Personalized Steel Art

This is a very special Father’s Day gift. It’s not a watch or a wallet but something much more meaningful – it’s his legacy. This gorgeous personalized steel art piece commemorates the special bond between father and son.

28. Man Cave Signs

These manly wall plaques are a great gift for that manly man in your life who adores his garage! Hang it up so they’ll always be reminded of the awesome things they have stored inside their man cave. This garage door sign features various signs from “Do Not Enter” to “Anniversary Week – 3 Nights Free”.

29. World You are A Dad Family Sign

A decor metal sign with the words “World You are A Dad”. It’s a great way to express your love and appreciation for him as a father while he’s busy trying to be a hero! This is one of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas because it will last forever, and even though the family dynamic changes every few years, this plaque will always remind them of just how special their dad is!

30. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This super handy magnetic pickup tool will save the day when your hands are full and you’ve dropped something important. The best gifts for husbands need this! Perfect for automotive repairs, HVAC, boating, camping, fishing, and for anyone’s toolbox!

31. Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Pickup Tool

What man doesn’t want a magnetic pickup tool? Whether you’re having trouble with your car battery or just trying to pick up those screws you dropped, this aluminum alloy magnetic pickup tool will come in handy.

32. Vacuum Tumbler and Multitool

Dad loves his coffee, and so do DIY enthusiasts. This vacuum-insulated tumbler holds 20 ounces of hot or cold beverages, has a built-in metal hammer, can opener, bottle opener, keychain blade, saw blade and a pair of tweezers. The multitool includes a wrench for bikes, phones, computers and guns (yes really!), two screwdrivers with both Phillips and flathead tips in different sizes as well as a ruler.

33. Vintage Mechanic Signs

Made out of .032-inch thick aluminum with a high-gloss finish, these signs are 28% thicker than our standard tin signs. They’re also designed to look like mechanic tools, not just big letters on a stick – so they have real depth and detail!

34. Oakley X Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes

Just because you’re riding a bike doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. These cycling shoes from Oakley have a waterproof outer shell, so if any mud gets flung your way, no sweat! The boots are also equipped with over-the-toe protection and sensors that work with the handlebars of your bike to provide assistance when needed.

35. Metal Garage Sign

Dad’s garage is where the magic happens. Oil changes are free and fatherly advice is priceless! This full-color, retro-inspired wall art is a must-have addition to your garage decor.

36. LED Desk Light

What could be better than having a flashlight attached to your hand? Having a flashlight attached to your fingertips, of course! These waterproof LED gloves offer bright illumination in the form of five super-bright LEDs. Each finger features its own light for up to 30 hours and 5 brightness settings.

37. Cool Mat

Sporty Car Mats that accommodate LARGE and SMALL drinkware. Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe.

38. Magnetic Screw Wristbands

These cute little magnetic screw bands will hold on to small or large screws for you while you work. Make your life easier and avoid those nasty twists and turns that always seem to happen when you’re working with screws.

39. Baseball Cap

A big part of any dad’s wardrobe is his baseball cap. Make sure he’s represented well with this Rick and Morty printed adjustable baseball cap. It comes in a few colors and will fit all head sizes.

40. Multi-Purpose Organizer

This trunk organizer is made of durable, high-quality material and comes with straps to make it easy to load into your car. It can be folded up small when it’s not being used, so the storage space inside the organizer is maximized. The subdividers allow you to customize the size and placement of the compartments in order to best suit your needs.

41. LED Flashlight Gloves

These LED gloves give you and your loved ones a way to safely light their night without having to worry about an exposed bulb giving someone an eye injury. The gloves have four different modes of lighting the light can be set to constant on, slow blink, fast blink, or off.

42. Rolling Workshop Desk

The Torin TR6300 rolling creeper seat allows you to work in your garage or workshop in comfort. This shop stool features a soft, fully padded seat and a large segmented tool tray which keeps your tools and equipment within quick reach. It’s constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel for added durability, supporting up-to 250 lbs.

43. Personalized Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

This personalized engraved wood handle steel hammer is a great gift for that DIY father in your life! Give him the tools he needs to put you firmly in your place. This hilarious Father’s Day gift is sure to get every single one of those dads laughing and get their motor runs.

44. AcuRite Weather Station

This self-teaching wireless weather station with an AC power adapter is a great Birthday gift! The device learns everyone’s temperature, humidity, and daily high and low conditions, so each day is unique and accurate. It also has an alarm clock, which can be set to alert you if the home’s exterior temperature deviates from the indoor temperature by more than 2°F (1.1°C).

45. Man Cave Decor

Is this the best gift to give a man who loves his tools? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s one of the coolest gifts available, so we’re going to recommend it with all sincerity. This 5×10 inch hanging wall decor makes a great addition to any workman-type guy’s office or man cave–a perfect place to display some of his favorite tools and equipment in an organized, easily accessible way.

46. My Neighbors Are Listening to Great Music Metal Tin Sign

If your dad likes a good joke, then this sarcastic metal sign is one of the best gifts you can give him. It will fill his office or man cave with laughter and great tunes. Whether they like it or not, his neighbors are going to see this sign and they’re probably going to get offended. That’s alright though, because it’s going to be hilarious!

47. Star Wars T-Shirt

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then this Vintage Victory graphic t-shirt is sure to be a bestseller. Show off your love for the Force with this classic and iconic design.

48. Glass Tumbler with Rocks

For the whiskey-loving dad in your life, give them this glass tumbler with rocks for their favorite spirit. The tumbler holds 20 oz of water or soda and ice to create a chilled environment around the rocks that help release more flavor in the whiskey.

49. Universal Socket Wrench

A socket wrench that fits the power tool and a pair of pliers that fit in your pocket. This multi-tool is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. You never know when you might need a screwdriver, wrench, or Allen key!

50. Beer Chiller Sticks

Keeping beer cold is important to many people. These stainless steel beer chiller sticks will keep beer colder than ice and at a far more convenient location. Simply place the beer chiller in an ice-filled glass, pop the top on your bottle of brew, and slide the metal chillern into the base of your bottle – Presto! You’re now chilling like a Let It Be!