50 Gifts For Artists Who Draw

1. Colored Pencils Set

This 72-piece set of colored pencils is a great gift for any artist. The rich, velvety leads are highly pigmented, and lay down lots of vibrant color with minimal effort making these easy-to-use pencils an absolute must have! A wonderful addition to their art supplies.

2. Charcoal Drawing Set

This is a great gift for that artist in your life. This set includes 30 pieces of charcoal pencils, a canvas bag to keep them organized, and a bonus sharpener. It’s perfect for the artist who loves the outdoors!

3. Drawing Cards Game

Does your four-year-old love to draw, but you’re always running late and he wants to do his art in the car rather than at school? This is the perfect activity for them! My 4-year old drew cards from the pack all day. There are 150+ cards with different prompts such as “draw a mythological creature” or “draw something that starts with B.”

4. Wooden Shadow Box

This wooden shadow box is a fun and meaningful gift for that artist in your life. This unique wall art piece makes an ideal gift for that teenage boy who loves to draw or paint. It’s also a great way to store his framed masterpiece!

5. 41 Piece Art Set

This is a great gift for the artist in your life. This comprehensive set contains everything they need to be an artist, even a tortillion (that’s Latin for “stump”) and vinyl eraser! The set comprises of graphite sketching pencils (in several hardness levels), pastel pencils, charcoal pencils, soft-lead drawing pencils, willow sticks, charcoal sticks, sandpaper sharpeners, kneaded erasers and more.

6. Vintage Leather Journal

A journal can be as personal of a gift as you want to give. This journal is beautifully handcrafted from top-grain leather and will last forever while maintaining its beauty as it ages. The perfect size at 7 x 5 inches, this journal has 70 pages to fill with whatever you wish—a book of shadows, a diary, or just general scribblings.

7. Paint Brush Earrings

These paint brush earrings are a great way to show off your artistry. Your 14-year-old daughter will feel like a super hero as she steps out wearing these earrings.

8. Pencils, Paper, and Eraser Set

This is a great gift for budding artists of any age. This art set has everything a kid needs to be creative! The kit includes 18 premium graphite pencils ranging from 2H to 8B, plus 12 pieces of smooth 100% cotton paper in the same sizes as the pencils. It also contains an eraser and the carrying case perfect for drawing or painting on location.

9. Artist’s Palette

A great gift for the budding artist. This set contains everything they need to create their masterpiece–a wooden stand, 12 high-quality colored pencils (8B – 4H), 2 sets of watercolor pencils (2B – 2H each), 9 graphite sticks (4H – 3B), 5 charcoal sticks (3H – 1B and 2C), 1 kneaded eraser, 1 vinyl eraser, a sharpener, stump blenders, willow charcoal vines and a carrying case for all of their supplies.

10. World of Flowers Coloring Book

A fantastic floral adventure and the latest sensational coloring book from bestselling artist Johanna Basford. This book invites you to travel the world and beyond into fantastical realms, discovering exotic blooms and extraordinary plants along the way. From floating gardens of water poppies in South Africa to delicate cosmos in Japan, and from fanciful toadstools to enchanted fairytale gardens, an abundance of fascinating florals awaits, ready for you to bring to life in color.

11. 143-Piece Art Set

This is one of the best gifts you can give to a child who loves to draw and color. The kit contains everything a child needs to draw, paint, and create whatever they want. It’s great for adults as well; anyone who likes to be creative will enjoy this set!

12. Watercolor Paper Pad

A watercolor sketchbook is a must-have for every artist. The paper is of high quality, the book itself is durable and it comes with 30 sheets which means you can paint for as long as you like without running out of parchment.

13. Bracelet

This bracelet is a great way to show someone special just how much they mean to you. The words “she believed she could so she did” are engraved on the brass-colored charm.

14. Keychain

A super cute and practical keychain. Comes with a mini art set including two brushes, a palette, and two paint pots of different colors.

15. Alaskan Bush Company Wall Art

This T-shaped, reinforced aluminum extra sturdy 66″ tall adjustable height easel stand is made for outdoor uses. It’s perfect to use as a floor stand or tabletop display, and it folds up small enough to tuck away when not in use. The easel can hold large paper pads, art canvases, posters, whiteboards and chalkboards.

16. Art 101 Deluxe Wood Art Set

This art set is great for kids who love to draw and create. The wooden case holds everything securely, including three types of drawing materials, pastels, crayons, and watercolor paints. Beginners will love the included instructions for drawing with pencils or using the included markers. This is a great gift to encourage your child to become more artsy.

17. Fashion Angels Makeup and Hairstyling Sketchbook

If you’re going away to a high school that doesn’t have fashion design classes, then this is the gift for your daughter! This spiral bound sketchbook includes 40 blank make-up style or hairstyling sketch pages and comes with 7 removable plastic stencil sheets with more than 100 shapes. The best part? It fits in her purse so she can take it with her to college!

18. Manga Colored Pencils

Draw stunning Manga, comics and cartoons with the Prismacolor Premier Manga colored pencil set. Featuring colors specifically selected to make your Manga come to life, the set comes complete with 18 Soft Core pencils and 5 Verithin pencils. Soft Core pencils have rich, silky cores that are ideal for blending and shading while Verithin pencils have thin, strong cores that help you draw intricate details. All Prismacolor pencils have premium pigments and leads designed to resist breakage.

19. 52-Piece Drawing Set

A true artist needs the right tools for the job. This drawing set is made up of 52 pieces, includes a carrying case, and has everything a budding artist could ask for – woodless graphite pencils, charcoal sticks, colored pastel sticks, craft knife, sandpaper pointer, eraser cap lifter (kneaded), kneaded eraser and more.

20. Drawing Set

A good set of art supplies makes all the difference between a kid getting bored and frustrated and a kid who is happy to spend hours crafting. This drawing set includes 26 pieces, which should be more than enough for any budding artist.

21. Wall Art

Connoisseurs of fine art and design are going to go crazy for this! This unique piece is forged from high-quality stainless steel, features a beautiful black matte paint finish, and measures 8x16 inches. The back features laser engraving of one of 500 paintings available.

22. Bob Ross Paint-by-Numbers Bingo Game

Bob Ross taught us that “happy little accidents” are essential to the creative process, and bingo is no exception! This Bob Ross–themed bingo game makes a great gift for any art appreciator in your life. The set comes with cards representing most of Bob’s famous paintings, as well as some fun play money so everyone can get started playing right away.

23. Leather Journal

These handmade notebooks are constructed from the highest-quality buffalo leather and recycled paper. The books themselves are journal-sized, so they’re unruled but have plenty of space to sketch or doodle away. There are several designs to choose from, all available for men and women.

24. Watercolor Set

These are high-quality paints, suitable for an artist of any skill level. The set contains 12 ml/0.4 US fl oz of each of the following colors: alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow Hue, cobalt blue, phthalo green, pyrrole red, sap green, thalo blue shade (Artists' Pigment Blue), ultramarine blue and vermilion. It also includes a storage container and a lid stand so you can mix your own colors if desired.

25. Scratch Paper Notepad

A notepad filled with scratch paper makes a fun, on-the-go gift for kids. Your favorite child will have so much fun scratching off the black top layer to reveal the rainbow underlayer while you’re driving or riding in the car. It makes a great road trip activity when you have lots of spare time and nothing to do!

26. Drawing Set

This is an art gift they’ll use every day and for years to come. A great way to spend some time with the family drawing or just doingodles. No looking at a book or internet required, just sketching fun! Add a good pencil, paper, and wine (or coffee) and you’re all set to create.

27. Drawing Glove Set

OTraki 4-PACK Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablet is the best drawing glove set out there. It comes with four gloves, which allow you to use all four fingers on your device and provide a better grip than using just one finger.

28. Drawing Set

Learning how to draw can be frustrating, but with this set it’s easy and fun! Your child will be able to create realistic portraits using the step-by-step process in the manual. At the end of each chapter a test is given so your child can check their progress.

29. Drawing Set

Sketching is a great hobby, and an even better way to relax. This set is perfect for beginners, or pros looking to up their game. It has everything you need right in the box— no internet searching required. Start sketching as soon as you open the drawing kit!

30. Samadhi Board

This is a great gift for someone who is trying to achieve mindfulness and meditation. The samadhi board is made of sustainable wood, contains nothing artificial, and can be used by both children and adults.

31. LED Drawing Light

This is a great gift for beginners, kids love lights and drawing. It comes with everything you need to get started including tracing paper, a clamp, and an USB cable. The best gift for creative children age 5-10.

32. LED Tracing Pad

This tracer pad is a great tool for artists of all levels to practice their craft and will be used every day. It’s easy to carry, the illumination is perfectly even, super bright, and flicker-free.

33. DIY Acrylic Paint Set

This set of paint markers includes 12 colors, which is more than sufficient for any budding artist. They are available in both a brush pen and an extra fine tip, making them suitable for use on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

34. Hardcover Sketch Book

This is a great artist gift for kids who love to draw. It’s got plenty of space for them to practice their art and it comes in a cool hard-cover sketchbook, so they will be excited to use it.

35. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon has changed the game for gift cards again! Prime members receive free shipping, and a year-round catalog of deals is always on sale. That’s why this year give them an Amazon gift card – so they can order everything they need without ever leaving home!

36. Face Painting Kit

Make up is fun, and with this face painting kit kids can do it themselves! The paint comes in four different colors and has 30 stencils so everyone can be a star.

37. Art Alternatives Sketches in the Making Sketchbook

An over-sized blank sketch book awaits your artwork. It contains 300 sheets (600 pages!) of 75 lb. (110 gsm) acid-free, bright white paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each sheet measures 12.5″ x 10.75″ and makes a great gift for anyone interested in art or creative writing!

38. Earth without Art Coffee Mug

“The earth is a beautiful and awesome place. We are here to appreciate it, not to despoil it. Please drink responsibly.” — Margaret Downie, artist This mug offers a subtle critique of consumer culture while commemorating one of the most stunning natural wonders on our planet: Earth itself!

39. Coffee Mug with Drawing

What’s your superpower? Can you draw a picture of it? This “art” mug makes for a fun coffee break gift or addition to your own art supplies. It comes in white or black and holds 11 ounces.

40. Oil Pastels

If your 11-year-old doesn’t already have a favorite pastel set, then this 50-piece option from Pentel will be his new favorite. High quality oil pastels offer fade resistant color and are acid free for longer lasting drawings. The set comes in a durable storage tin that can be carried around or used at school for artistic renderings of the latest fashions!

41. Drawing Set

This set really has it all, ensuring that your artistic journey is one of enhanced techniques and inspiring results you will be excited to share. Highlights include; an excellent range of top-quality graphite pencils (from 5H Hard to 8B Soft); wood encased pastel pencils in a choice of 4 shades plus Willow Charcoal, Blending Stumps and Dual Tipped Rubber Blender to mention just a few.

42. Water Color Zen Board

This is a fun gift for someone who loves to be creative but also needs some time to relax. Have you ever spent hours and hours coloring, only to have that feeling of accomplishment fade away as soon as you see what you created? That’s why we don’t put restrictions on the medium—you can give free rein to your imagination.

43. Portable Water Art Kit

This water-based art kit is great for adults or kids that love to create. This is a great gift idea for a teenage girl that loves to experiment with makeup and spending time dolling themselves up. The drawing and writing board uses water from the sink to draw on, uncovering your inner artist!

44. Water Color Set

This is the original Buddha Board—a unique gift for a creative friend or family member. It’s inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, and this water-color kit uses only water! This is a great way to de-stress and get your mind off things. The end product is beautiful, but as with all art, it disappears after 24 hours.

45. Paper Town

There are so many things a kid wants to show you. Where were you when …? What would you do if …? With 8 pads of premium blank drawing paper, this is one of the best gifts for kids and adults looking to unleash their creativity. Once finished they can flip through the pages with their thumb to watch the magic happen!

46. Art Set

A fun and budget-friendly gift for kids that are into arts and crafts. This set has it all - oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, oils and more! It’s perfect to encourage a child’s creativity while strengthening their fine motor skills.

47. Acrylic Paint Set

Your favorite artist is sure to love this set of acrylic painting brushes. It includes every size brush you’ll need and comes in a gorgeous gift box, making it an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for the Artist in your Life!

48. Artist’s Sketching Set

A great gift for budding artists, this set includes everything they need to sketch and paint. The carrying case holds all the necessary art supplies in one place, ensuring your child’s studio is always ready to go.

49. Artist Drawing Set

This artist drawing kit is perfect for coloring, sketching, drawing, shading, scrapbooking, bullet journals, mandalas and adult coloring books. A great gift idea for anyone interested in arts and crafts. This 71-piece set comes with a book full of illustrations to inspire you along the way!

50. Watercolor Brush Pens

The set of 20 watercolor brush pens from GenCrafts are a fun alternative to traditional colored pencils, markers, or crayons. They contain no lead and are completely nontoxic. The washable markers come in a case that can be easily carried in a purse or diaper bag so you’re always prepared for your next creative opportunity.