46 Gifts For Astronomy Lovers

1. Desk Planets

Did you know that in 2006 scientists defined the eight planets of our Solar System? No? Well, it’s true! And here they are – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This gorgeous model is made from gemstones and black walnut wood. It makes for a lovely desk accessory!

2. Knife Set

A few years back, my husband bought me a science-themed knife set for Christmas. I’ve been so impressed with the quality and performance of those knives, that he finally agreed to let me buy him one too! This knife set is beautiful, functional, and above all - useful! The knives are made from high-quality steel and the handles are durable yet comfortable in your hand. The knife block comes with 15 pieces: four 5″ chef’s knives, six 3.5″ utility knives, two paring knives, an 8″ peeler/fry pan/baster tool (my personal favorite), a wooden storage tray that doubles as a base for your kitchen counter or table top when not in use. It also has cutlery sheaths for easy cleanup when you're done using them!

3. DIY Planets Necklace

Artist Maria Lagerqvist designs these incredibly intricate and beautiful handcrafted stud earrings. The planets are cast in high quality resin with clear glass protecting the design. You can choose from different planets or have them all personalized to match your school year, name day, or anniversary!

4. Neemor Hanging Lantern

This hanging solar lantern is made from a hollowed-out piece of wood that was first painted white. Then the artist added patterns and designs using acrylic paint. The end result is something unique and beautiful that will accent any outdoor space.

5. Monocular Telescope

A monocular telescope is a great Christmas gift idea for 9-year-old boys that love to explore and be outside. This telescope will be especially beneficial in low light conditions, which is perfect for nighttime adventures.

6. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

This is no ordinary moon lamp! 3D printing technology creates a realistic full-moon shape that’s very close to the lunar real thing. What’s more, 16 colors can be flashed, faded, or strobed, which adds up to an amazing amount of variation and makes it perfect for decorating your room or giving as a gift.

7. Cat Night Light

A night light for kids that’s also cute? Yes, please! This little kitty will be sure to bring a smile each time he shines on your baby or child. The night light has seven different colors and brightness levels so it can be just the right amount of illumination for your little one.

8. Space Ship Pendant

A stainless steel and alloy space ship is the perfect gift to give a fan of astronomy. The 3D printed design is laser cut from 1/8” heavy-duty stainless steel, then nickel plated for a beautiful shine.

9. Moon and Star Ceiling Light

The moon is a beautiful source of light and inspiration, but it’s also a lighting fixture. This tasteful light fixture casts just enough glow to make the room you’re in, yet doesn’t overtake the show.

10. Astronomy Coffee Table Book

This beautiful ceramic bookend is the perfect way to start a space-themed coffee table. Featuring an adorable astronaut tumbling through space with a starry background, it makes a great addition to your office or living room and will be loved by all!

11. Decorative Tiles

These wall art stickers are actually real ceramic tiles with an elegant vintage style that will bring charm to any space. You can put them on the floor or ceiling, it’s up to you. The set includes 8 hand-painted tiles that depict the stars and constellations as they were at various points in history.

12. Golf Ball Whiskey Glass Set

If he’s a fan of whiskey, and loves golf, this set has it all! It comes with two oversized whiskey glasses, eight cubes of ice, and a large 750ml decanter that holds the entire thing together. An excellent gift for the golf lover and drinker in your life!

13. Water Bottle

Everyone should have a water bottle and this one is great! It’s made of BPA-free material, doesn’t sweat when it’s hot, has an easy-grab handle for pulling off the gym floor or trail, holds 32 ounces, and comes with a leakproof cap.

14. Moon Phase Ring

This moon phase ring is a beautiful representation of the lunar cycle. The model shows the moon at its fullest or ‘wet’ phase and at its last or ‘new’ phase. Pair it with these coordinates to show your love for astronomy!

15. Ship Globe Decanter

What’s better than one globe whiskey decanter? How about a set of six! Each hand-blown masterpiece is made by a master artisan and features a custom-designed ship on the inside. Take a trip around the world as you rotate this wiskey/wine decanter on its axis. It makes for great drinking conversation and adds that touch of class to your living or bar décor.

16. Star Blanket

A glowing blanket? Yes, a glow-in-the dark fleece blanket that spells out a starscape for bedtime relaxation. The star pattern is made by exposing the fabric to sunlight and then running it under room light for about 10 minutes. The effect is subtle but adorable—like something you’d see on Pinterest but weren’t prepared to pay real money for.

17. The Night Sky Tumbler

A beautiful night sky map is etched onto each of these sturdy 10 oz whiskey glasses. The design was created by a professional astronomer and includes the constellations, their abbreviated names, and the declination lines that locate them in the night sky. A perfect gift for astronomy lovers!

18. 3D Crystal Ball

This 3D crystal ball is actually quite beautiful and has intricate details that are sure to impress anyone who sees it. The clear material makes it possible to view the images inside without any distortion, ensuring a wonderful display piece.

19. Heat Changing Mug

What a fun gift for the stargazer in your life. This mug changes its appearance every time you pour hot liquid into it – just like celestial bodies do in the night sky! It makes for a great conversation starter and is an entertaining way to spend an evening.

20. 3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light Base

This is a great way to help a child sleep. The light can be changed from red, green, and blue to help with insomnia. Also, the 3D crystal ball has an image that changes when the lights are turned on! Add this to your child’s room for a special touch!

21. Photo Playing Cards

This unique playing card line from Space Exploration is perfect for space fans of all ages. The backs of each card feature a photo from the NASA archives and the indices display images of planets, stars, nebulas, and more!

22. Solar System 3D Crystal Ball

Made with K9 crystal, and planets of the solar system carved with the advanced 3D laser cutting technology are clear and stereoscopic. This is a great gift for space lovers of all ages!

23. Monopoly for Astronauts

Help them relive their childhood with this classic game of buying, selling, and property acquisition. This astronaut-themed spin on the game includes playing pieces representing earth, moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars (that’s you!), Jupiter and Pluto in a neat little tin can that doubles as its storage case.

24. Dr. Dog Coffee Mug

If you’ve got a coffee-loving veterinary doctor, then this is the gift for them! This ceramic mug makes a funny gift that they can use every day in the office and at home (or even while traveling!). The text is multi-lingual so it’s sure to fit any occasion.

25. Solar System Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug will keep your beverage warm for a long time without sweating or damaging the cup. The mug has pictures of all nine planets plus some fun space facts.

26. Unpictured Space Wall Art

This print is guaranteed to be a great addition to any room. It’s not an image from space, but it’s as close as you can get without going into orbit. The earth looks tiny from up there. This print will make for an exciting home decor piece that is sure to impress!

27. Star Constellation Blanket

A really special gift for the astronomy fan in your life! This microfiber blanket has a stunning constellation design that will make them feel like they’re in the middle of the universe, and it is also luminous with a glow-in-the-dark pattern that will light up their night sky. The perfect starry sky to cuddle up under and gaze at while all alone with your thoughts.

28. Levitation Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is levitating in mid-air without any support or contact, making it easy to spin and more likely to be attention-grabbing. You can turn off the LED light on the moon to create a soft glow.

29. Galaxy necklace

A beautiful galaxy necklace to share the beauty of space with your loved one. Unique Beauty, Natural Glass pendant necklace is single and unique! This is not only a necklace, but a beautiful work of art. 360-degree glittering beauty, terrific and perfect, which is double-side round bead necklace for unisex fashion jewelry gift.

30. 3D Crystal Ball Model

This cool crystal ball model of the solar system will be a favorite gift of anyone interested in science and astronomy. The entire thing is about 8 inches in size, and each planet is laser engraved with the correct name. Also, the shiny glass makes for an attractive display piece even when it’s not lighted up!

31. Space Exploration Earrings

Inspiring the next generation of space explorers, this set of dainty rocket ship earring are listed among the top 5 gifts for astronomy lovers. Elegantly displaying a bright red, white and blue colors with a beautiful starry backdrop, it’s easy to see why these unique earrings are such an attention grabber!

32. Audio Astronautron  |  Space Gifts for Kids

Audio Astronautron Help them get their whiskey on and tell the world they’re into space with this blue-blooded decanter set from earthenware clay. The set includes a wooden base, 4 stainless steel cups that hold 10 oz of your favorite spirit, and stands over 6 inches tall without the included rocks glasses.

33. I Need My Space T-Shirt

Science and puns go together like peas and carrots. Celebrate the astronomy lover in your life with this cheesy tee! All of our shirts are high quality, 100% cotton except Sport Gray / Athletic Heather, which is 10% polyester. Made in USA and imported.

34. Personalized Rock Glass

Personalized gifts are a great way to help a couple remember the special moments of their lives. This custom rock glass celebrates those memories with an etched silhouette photo of the bride and groom on their wedding day! Choose from different locations or include multiple photos to be included in the design.

35. Glass Teapot

A beautiful glass teapot that can also be used as a serving vessel, with an innovative removable infuser. The spout is designed for easy pouring while the secure grip handle makes it comfortable to hold when filled to capacity.

36. Constellation Blanket

These are not your typical blankies. These are super soft, extra-large blankets that represent the constellations! They glow in the dark and make for a really unique gift idea.

37. Solar System 3D Crystal Ball

This high-quality crystal ball makes for a great conversation piece and is an excellent addition to any astronomer’s collection. Add a stand so he can enjoy it from anywhere in the room, and maybe even some glow-in the dark stars if he’s into that sort of thing.

38. 3D Crystal Ball

What do you think of when you imagine an “elegant lifestyle”? This crystal ball will help answer that question. Each side of this clear globe measures just over 3 inches, and it has a diameter of almost 8 inches.

39. Nine Planets Solar System

This poster displays the positions of the planets relative to the sun, in order from Mercury to Pluto. You can also display it in solar system mode, so you get to see how far each planet is from Earth compared to the distance between them in solar system mode.

40. Solar System Stress Balls

A set of nine planets, plus a bonus moon and stars. Made of polyresin (a kind of plastic), the balls are soft but not squishy, making them safe to play with even if you have an anxiety disorder. They make great stress relief toys for adults and kids alike, whether you want to reduce your stress or bring some fun into your life!

41. Galileo Thermometer

This attractive set features a Galileo thermometer, which reads 64-80 degrees F. When the temperature rises, the liquid inside the glass tube becomes less dense and the liquid-filled bulbs sink. When the temperature cools, the process is reversed and the bulbs rise from the bottom. These Baro/Thermometers make a great conversation piece in your home or office and are an excellent educational tool for children.

42. Solar System Model

A model of the solar system is a great hands-on way to teach kids about astronomy. This kit includes everything you need to make 12 models of Earth, the sun, moon, and nine planets in orbit around our star. The best part – it only takes an hour for kits for both school science projects or after-school fun!

43. Wide-Angle Monocular

This isn’t just a regular monocular; it’s a wide-angle one! The lens is six times as wide as the standard monocle, so you can get a full view of your surroundings without having to pan your vision. This makes it great for hunting or camping where you might not have access to Wi-Fi or cell service.

44. 2021 Calendar

This calendar is great for anyone interested in astronomy, or just wants to keep track of the days and months. It includes images of the universe that are sure to impress and inspire. The calendar can be used as a wall hanging or hung up on a cubicle wall (we’re jealous).

45. Tumbler With Zodiac Symbol

What’s their sign? What star signs are they? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more on these scientifically proven stemless wine glasses. Each astrology tumbler prominently features the Aries constellation, and includes the names of all the associated stars. Rotate the glass and you’ll notice each of the original 11 zodiac signs. Absolutely ideal for horoscope lovers! (Hence, “Horoscope Hocking Glasses.)

46. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

If you’re looking for a unique gift, then this 3D printed moon lamp is just the thing! It will delight and surprise everyone in your life, from your spouse to your teenager. This touching yet humorous birthday gift will certainly become a family heirloom that they will enjoy for years to come.