44 Gifts For Avocado Lovers

1. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy You’re Not an Avocado Keychain

This cute little keychain is the perfect gift to remind your favorite avocado that you love them. The keychain comes in a beautiful box making it a great anniversary gift or just an everyday keepsake.

2. Just A Girl Who Loves Avocado Bracelet

Meaningsful design “Just a girl who loves avocado” is very popular with young women. This funny, unique gift will show your love and affection for avocados. Also, it’s a great conversation starter!

3. Avocado Bracelet

This is an inspirational and elegant design. This funny avocado bracelet is a special gift for the girl who loves Avocado, which would make her feel special and appreciated.

4. LCD Writing Tablet  | WeeProp LCD writing board can release a child’s imagination, provide a better preschool learning experience

LCD Writing Tablet Since my kids LOVE playing on the iPad, I thought this would be a great gift idea! It is an electronic drawing tablet that also has educational games and activities included. There are several color options to choose from and the screen is 10.5 inches which should be big enough for almost any kid age 3-8.

5. Vegan Leather Bag

Made from 100% cruelty-free leather, this bag is super durable and a great size. The avocado design is both stylish and functional, making it an excellent choice for women who need a work or weekend bag. It comes equipped with two front pockets for quick access to necessary items like phones, keys, credit cards, etc., as well as several inside pockets for your laptop or other essentials.

6. Avocado Keychain

Avocados are one of the fruits that go well with pretty much everything. They’re delicious, healthy, and convenient when you need a snack on-the-go. This keychain is the perfect gift for an avocado lover in your life.

7. Avocado Slider Bracelet

This sliver metal bracelet is a cute way to show off your avocado plant devotion. The bangle has three different charms—an avocado, an olive branch, and a tumbled stone—and the reversible clasp allows you to choose how to wear it.

8. Funny Avocado Bracelet

Is your best friend an avocado lover or have you always wanted to be one? This funny and unique gift is the perfect way to let her know how you feel about her. She’ll get a kick out of this bracelet every time she sees it!

9. Avocado Keychain

Is your sister a avocado lover? Then this avocado keychain is the gift she’s been waiting for! This little avo key chain makes the perfect minimalist accessory that can take her from gym to dinner.

10. Funny Avocado Mug

This coffee mug will surely put a smile on their face in the morning when they pour their coffee and see that hilarious avocado. It’s perfect for your coworker or boss who loves avocados, or just needs a pick-me-up in general.

11. Avocado Band

This avocado bangle is so unique and beautiful. The bracelet has the inspirational saying “Just a girl who loves avocados” in 18 languages. This unique gift will show your dear one how much they mean to you!

12. Avocado Shadow Box

This unique shadow box makes a great gift for avocado lovers. They’ll be grateful to have this fun and meaningful gift to decorate their room or favorite place. Ideal for displaying and preserving photos, pictures, memorabilia, awards, medals, concert tickets, plane tickets, movie stubs, collectibles, certificates, invitations—and more! The back cover is reversible; you can choose which side better suits your taste! A unique coffee table book that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

13. Avocado Shadowbox

This unique shadow box makes a great gift for avocado lovers. They’ll be grateful for having this fun and meaningful gift to decorate their bedroom or favorite place. Ideal for displaying and preserving precious photos, pictures, memorabilia, awards, medals, concert tickets, plane tickets, movie stubs, collectibles, certificates, invitations– even baby items! The back cover is reversible; you can choose which side better suits your taste. This wooden memorabilia box measures exactly 6x6x2 inches and is made with high-quality MDF wood. It comes with a clear semi-reinforced glass to protect all the precious memorabilia it is holding inside. It comes fixed with a hook and easel in the back; makes it ready to be hanged as wall décor or to be used as a table top display.

14. Funny Avocado Keychain

This key chain is the perfect gift for that avocado-loving best friend in your life! Featuring an artist’s rendering of an avocado with a sassy green graffiti saying “I am an average avocado, I like by people.” The best gifts are those which provide a good chuckle and a reminder of why you love them.

15. Avocado Seedling

AvoSeedo is the perfect gift for those who love avocado trees and organic gardening. It includes a planting pot, two nesting stones, a digital timer with remote control, all-purpose fertilizer pellets (vegetable or fruit based), soil dibber tool, and detailed growing guide.

16. Avocado Lover Keychain

A cute key chain makes a great gift for the avocado lover in your life! This metal key chain is available in gold, silver, and rose gold.

17. Keychain

This adorable keychain is a great way to remind your BFF that you love her and want her to be happy. You don’t need eyes in the back of your head to know when someone loves you, they let you keep things like this on their keys!

18. Taco Socks  | Color:Taco

These are actually really funny socks. There’s a taco for every finger and they say “I eat my vegetables” in text across the foot. Yes, these are actual taco socks that everyone needs to get immediately.

19. Novelty Socks

Pizza, avocado, and pineapples. Doesn’t get much stranger than that! These novelty socks make a great gift for the funny sock lover in your life. Available in white or black, one size fits most.

20. Pineapple Teeth Socks

This practical gift is sure to please any pineapple lover! This cotton socks are printed with fun pineapple designs, including a cute pineapple drawn in the shape of a smile. These cute and funny novelty socks make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas or an excellent birthday gift for that friend who has everything!

21. Novelty Bandages

Help your loved one feel extra prepared for any situation with these novelty bandages. These bandages will make them laugh and cover up their embarrassment when they’re forced to present a cut or wound in public! Whether it’s for a fancy dinner at the opera or just an afternoon shopping around town, these bandage stickers are sure to come in handy.

22. Avocado Phone Wallet

This coin purse keeps your money, credit cards, and id safe while you’re getting coffee or groceries. It’s made from silicone, so it’s soft to the touch but can keep a lot in its pockets (credit cards, cash). And it looks like an avocado!

23. The Avocado Bag

This avocado makeup bag is a cute feminine touch to any gift. It’s made of cotton canvas and has an alligator edging, which means it will last for years to come and still look great! Makeup lovers will appreciate the space this bag provides while keeping things organized.

24. Avocado Makeup Bag

A cute little bag to keep your makeup organized. Great for trips or vacations when you don’t want to take your normal makeup bags and boxes. There is even a zippered pocket in the front of the bag so you can store small items like nail polish, earrings, jewelry, hair ties, brushes etc..

25. Sunflower Throw Blanket

A desired blanket would perfect your whole day once you cuddle yourself in softness and warmth at the end of a day. It also can provide light warmth for any member of the family. A sunflower pattern is featured on one side while an adorable piggybank character is on the other side. Since it’s made of super-soft, lightweight fleece, it’s easy to keep warm even when spending hours outside playing sports or just enjoying fall weather.

26. Pig Blanket

This super-soft, lightweight fleece blanket is 50x40 inches and makes a great gift for the couch potato in your life! It’s also perfect for those cool fall nights when you want to cuddle up on the couch with your loved one but don’t want to turn the heat all the way up.

27. Avocado Seed Growing Kit

It takes 3 to 6 weeks for an avocado pit to crack open and starts to germinate, depending on breed and temperature. Just be patient; about 90% of all avocado pits start to grow at some point. You will soon have your own little avocado tree with this avocado growing kit.

28. LED Air Hopper

What’s that old saying? Bounces are the best! Of course, this is completely subjective so if you don’t agree then this toy probably isn’t for you. That being said, we bet your kids would agree that this pogo stick is pretty great! Made by Geospace, it has air pump technology allowing for hours of bouncing fun and comes with 50+ feet of durable nylon rope to help little ones learn how to control their jumps.

29. Funny Avocado T-Shirt

The avocado tree is one of the foods that helped me overcome my lifelong food allergies. I could eat an entire medium-sized avocado right out of the skin if I had to. When I was a kid, people would make fun of me for eating avocados “like a girl” but they were secretly jealous because I didn’t have to put up with their bullshit. If you’re going to mock someone, at least let them wear a funny t-shirt about it.

30. Keychain

This cute avocado keychain is the perfect gift for that boyfriend or girlfriend who loves avocados! Two halves of an avocado, one with the pit and one without. Attach this to their keys or hang it from their car mirror for an extremely cute addition to their keychain!

31. Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Grow your own avocado tree! This is such a fun gift for an avocado lover. It takes about 3-6 weeks for an avocado pit to crack open and starts to germinate, depending on breed and temperature. Just be patient – it’s worth the wait!

32. I Love Avocado Clock

If you’ve got a loved one that loves avocado they will love this I Love Avocado clock. The clock shows the time, day of the week, and whether or not it’s currently avocados season in California.

33. I Love Avocado Spoon

“I LOVE AVOCADO” engraved spoon is the best love and enjoyable gift for your special one. A spoon might seem like a small gift but it says a lot about what you feel. It is also very functional in everyday use. Thus your loved one gets to see your message every day and feel good! This cute avocado-shaped silverware piece can be used as an everyday utensil or a romantic keepsake, whatever the occasion calls for.

34. Vegan Jewelry

This vegan jewelry will make a great addition to any avocado lover’s accessory collection. This stainless steel keychain is engraved with the saying “Avocado Tree of Life” and an avocado leaf. A fun gift for vegans or just someone who has an avocado tree on their desk at work.

35. Stainless Steel Avocado Pendant

This pendant is perfect for avocado lovers. The chunk of fruit has been laser-etched into stainless steel, then polished to a shine. Whether you’re buying this as a present for an avocado lover or just want to treat yourself, this high-quality piece of jewelry will quickly become your new favorite accessory.

36. Funny Avocado Keychain

This stainless steel keychain makes a great birthday gift for the avocado lover. It is hypo allergenic and made from non-tarnishing, nickel free stainless steel.

37. Avocado Socks

The avocado is the official fruit of summer, and now you can represent with these funny novelty socks that come packaged in an actual avocado container. These socks are unisex (women’s size 5-12) and cotton/polyester/spandex blend.

38. Avocado Tree

For avocado lovers, this gift can’t be missed! Also great for gardeners who love unique gifts. This beginner kit has everything beginners need to successfully grow an avocado tree from a purchased pit in just three to eleven weeks depending on the variety. The best part – it comes with a cute little booklet that will help them learn how to take care of their new plant!

39. Warm Sheep Blanket

This high-quality microfiber blanket is incredibly soft, smooth, and comfortable. The fleece fabric has a herringbone twill pattern that makes the blanket extra warm and cozy. This practical blanket measures 60″x80″ and can be used as a throw blanket or as a bed cover.

40. Avocado Keeper

If you can’t make it to your local farmers’ market every week, or just don’t want to bother prepping your avocados each day this avocado keeper is for you. The best part – it prevents the fruit from turning brown and keeps it fresh longer.

41. Avocado Coin purse

The avocado coin purse is the perfect gift for an avocado lover. It truly is everything you’ve wanted in a guac coin purse, but please be careful, this incredibly realistic coin purse will fool even the most savvy avocado connoisseur. Please do not leave in the kitchen unattended and be prepared for a ton of questions and puzzled looks from those around you.

42. Stainless Steel Avocado Keychain

A fun avocado keychain to add as a cute and subtle detail to your keys so you’ll always have an appetite for love! This stainless steel key chain is the perfect gift for anyone who loves avocados, which, let’s be honest, most people do.

43. Cute Journal

The cool avocado cover and fun pages make this a unique journal whether he’s 10 or 30. He can record his thoughts, notes, ideas, dreams – whatever comes to mind! The possibilities are endless with this little book your dad will cherish forever.

44. Just a Girl Who Loves Avocado Bracelet

I can only imagine how frustrating it is to receive an avocado as a birthday gift when you’re not into avocados. This bracelet is the perfect compromise—it looks great on any girl and might even change her mind about avocados!