49 Gifts For Bankers

1. Golf Ball Pen

If he’s a fan of the golf ball, then this is the gift for him. This pen features a stainless steel body and an 18K gold tour-quality biodegradable shaft that comes in your choice of three different colorings – white, black, or yellow. The grip section is made from certified organic bamboo, while the head contains an ink cartridge refill and comes with a premium Zippo windproof lighter.

2. Leather Wrapped Teddy Bear

A good loan officer is hard to find, and your friend or family member should be treated as the diamond in the rough that he is. This engraved leather wrap bracelet is a subtle yet sweet way to let him know you think he’s great.

3. Tiffany Lamp

This bedside lamp brings a bit of glamour to your nightstand. The shade is made of navy-blue glass and has an intricate, colorful design. The base is made of polyresin with bronze accents that are reminiscent of antiques. The lamp measures about 21 inches tall and weighs about 1 pound.

4. Banker’s Lamp

This green glass lamp is both beautiful and functional. It has two USB charging ports for your phone, a dimmer switch, and an old-fashioned light bulb that needs to be replaced with a usb cord. This will make the perfect gift for that older man who loves having everything exactly how he wants it!

5. Cute Dog Lamp

This cute, swing-arm lamp is made of real solid wood and has a touch sensor that turns on when touched. It’s perfect as a bedside table lamp or nightstand lamp, or even as a desk lamp for homework. The base is size-adjustable to any angle you want!

6. Wooden Chinese Gemstone Rice Bowl

Blessed with good fortune, wealth, health, and love in a crystal home. This beautiful chakra gemstone tree is handmade by traditional stone carvers in India. It’s made of golden wire which can be bended to bring happiness into one’s life. The size is approximately 10-12 inches high when the leaves are open.

7. CPA Keychain

If you’re looking for an accountant-themed gift, this stainless steel keychain is a fun and functional way to show your appreciation! Featuring the saying “It’s Accrual World,” this cute little trinket will make any girl smile.

8. Leather Zippered Key Case

Don’t be fooled by the name – this bag is not just a key holder. It’s a total organization system for your keys, documents, pens, phones, credit cards, cash notes and other items you want to keep organized. The interior is lined with durable nylon material to protect your belongings. And it comes with 12 hooks so you can easily hang it on the wall or in a closet out of sight when not in use.

9. Piano Banker Table Lamp

This antique bronze, dark brown wooden base bank lamp is a best seller! Perfect as a nightstand table lamp or bedside reading lamp. It has an Edison bulb that provides bright illumination and lasts 25 times longer than typical bulbs. The shade is made from glass with an alabaster finish and measures 8 inches tall.

10. Watercolor Stationery

ANZON MORIES Vintage butterfly stationary set contains 48 sheets of lined writing letter paper and 24 self-sticking envelopes with a butterfly design. The weight is 32 lbs uncoated recycled paper. This watercolor stationery collection will make anyone feel like they are queen for a day!

11. Cufflinks

What’s the difference between a man and a boy? Some say it’s the size of their vocabulary. Others claim it has to do with the size of their pants. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, if you gift this set to a man, he’ll know right away that you think he’s quite the catch!

12. Natural canvas money bag

This is a super cute natural canvas money bag that has a dollar sign design on it. You could put candy or other party favors in here for a cowboy/pirate themed birthday. Also, this thing is huge! It’s about the size of a small dufflebag so it can fit all your loot.

13. Archive Box

Archive boxes are great for storage, and the lid acts as a folder for organizing your contents. This set includes four boxes, each is 23.5X31X4 cm in size and can store up to 16 file folders. The elastic bands hold the lid closed until you need them; then they “stick” nicely into place so items cannot fall out. Made of plastic with a blue finish.

14. Boss Lady Coffee Mug

How romantic is it with your lover drinking a cup of warm coffee in the cold winter! It is also a Christmas gift for your family. This coffee mug makes a great gift because not only is it cute, but it’s also practical.

15. Spreadsheet Mug  | Cute Gift Idea for Accountant Dad

“What is it with guys and their spreadsheets?” This coffee mug will make him smile every time he pulls a cup out to enjoy a morning brew. “You’re a freak!” says the ceramic mug, holding 16 ounces of his favorite beverage.

16. Bankers Lamp

This banked lamp is a great addition to a minimalist’s workspace. The base is made of brass and the shade is green glass, which would fit right in at an old-time bank! Use it as a small table light or place it on a end table next to your reading nook for some extra lighting when reading before bed.

17. Bankers Lamp Bank

This Banksy lamp bank is a great conversation piece and makes an excellent gift for that vintage/retro fan. It’s made of glass, has plastic arms (to hold the shade), and comes with bulbs already installed!

18. Copper Banker’s Lamp

A simply designed banker’s lamp will add a touch of class to your workspace or home. Just the right touch of copper for a rose-gold finish, with a white glass shade, will boost your décor with a sophisticated and professional feel. This desk lamp will be the perfect item for your lighting needs.

19. Wine Bottle Bag

This fun wine bag makes a perfect gift for that wine-loving friend or family member in your life. What can be better than bringing a little something to share with friends and family when you’re out to dinner? This festive, practical bottle bag will make any hostess incredibly happy.

20. Piggy Bank

Although most banks require you to put your money away before bed, this piggy bank lets your little one keep it out. Your child will love seeing their savings grow and want to spend more time playing with the bank instead of spending their cash. This cute piggy bank is made of a non-toxic thickened vinyl material, very strong and durable, perfect for any toddler who loves to explore their world!

21. USB Charging Station

This desk lamp has a USB charging port, which means you can charge your phone and other devices while they’re within reach. The five brightness levels and multiple lighting colors allow for flexibility in use. It makes a great gift for anyone who likes to have options!

22. LED Desk Lamp

Relaxed reading, studying, or hobby lighting without the eye fatigue. This desk lamp is a place of work and home, so it should look good but also be comfortable to use for hours at a time. It has five different brightness levels so you can adjust the light to your needs and four different color modes that provide mood-enhancing lighting– great for doing homework while listening to relaxing music.

23. Bankers Lamp

If you’re looking for a unique item to give your favorite retiree this vintage-inspired banker’s lamp makes a great addition to theircollection. The shade is made of top quality green glass, and every single banker lampshade is selected strictly by human.

24. Photo Frame

A beautiful picture frame that celebrates all your loved ones. It holds 6 photos and is made from a high-quality metal with a gorgeous bronze finish.

25. Retirement Card for Husband

This hilarious card is perfect for that husband who likes to live life on the wild side. The retirement message inside jokes about how his wife will get half of his income while he gets twice the fun in retirement.

26. Banker Lamp Shade

Available in several finishes, sizes, and shapes, these replacement lampshades will fit just about any lamp! Choose from a matte or glossy finish with an adhesive backing to ensure a secure and beautiful installation.

27. Storage Cube

These storage cubes are a great way to declutter your home office, bedroom, guest room, playroom, kids’ rooms or closet. They can be used as bedside storage , under the bed storage , floor storage and more. These boxes are made from recycled material and can be easily folded for easy space-saving storage and portability.

28. Stainless Steel Maple Syrup Flask

There is something about a good maple syrup that brings out the Canadian in all of us. Whether you are planning an epic pancake breakfast, or a simple brunch with your family, this stainless steel flask makes a great gift! The 8oz capacity holds roughly two cups of syrup.

29. Funny Adult Note Pad

These funny note pads make the perfect anniversary gift for your husband! Put his mind at ease by gifting him with one of these hilarious novelty notepads that will surely bring a smile to his face. There are four note pads in this pack, each measuring 4.25 x 5.5 inches and has 50 sheets.

30. Archaic Vase Lamp

The lamp is a minimalist style base with an antique vase that’s been painted white. The lamp has multiple color changes and can sync with your music to create the perfect ambiance for your home or workspace.

31. Retired Makeup Bag

This leather bag is the perfect size to carry all of your makeup essentials! On one side there is a zippered pocket for odds and ends, and on the other side there are two open pockets. The front flap has an elastic closure where you can store small items like lip gloss or brushes.

32. Retro Cassette Tape T-shirt

A funny t-shirt to wear when you’ve been stuck in a time loop since 1981. This shirt gets its retro design from the old cassette tapes that people used to record music on before they had CDs or MP3s.

33. Money Clip Wallet

These minimalist money clips are extremely durable and can be used as a wallet or a cash clip. Made of stainless steel, the bill fold out becomes the main pocket for your money. The card slots are on the other side of the wallet, safely protected by RFID blocking material.

34. Move Boxes

These durable, recyclable move boxes are made from renewable sources of paper and have a luxurious texture to them. The kraft-colored corrugated cardboard is designed to stand up to the rigors of shipping, crushing, folding, etc., while maintaining its integrity as a moving box for crating or wrapping fragile items.

35. Stack and Store File Box

These FastFold storage boxes from Bankers Box are lightweight, durable, and efficient. They have a solid core that provides strength and stability while the expandable sides reduce weight. These feature fast, easy assembly with no tools required. The locking lift-off lid stays in place for secure file storage even after you’ve stacked several on top of one another.

36. Luggage Tag

AmazonBasics 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Copy Paper, 3 Sheets, White is a great gift for anyone looking to save money on copying costs! Perfect for home or the office, this multipurpose paper can be used for anything from completing school assignments to creating projects at school art fairs.

37. Vento 50-Piece Compact Storage Organizer

These are the most durable, flexible, and expandable storage bags you’ll ever use. Thanks to their heavyweight material they can hold up to 50 pounds! They feature top handles for easy portability, a full length zippered closure for complete privacy, and an extra large capacity that makes them perfect for storing all your clothing.

38. Bathroom Storage Box

These pretty little storage boxes are perfect for containing your loose change, rings, earrings, jewelry, cufflinks, pens and so much more. The sets are available in several different colors and the size is easily customizable.

39. Smart Piggy Bank

This is a great gift for kids who love toys that teach. This set has three different types of bank accounts so your child can learn about saving, spending, and sharing in an engaging way with a magnetic closure to keep the money secure.

40. Salesman’s Coffee Mug

If you know a realtor, this coffee mug is perfect for them. It holds 15oz of your favorite beverage and comes with a funny message on the side. The design fits right in with casual office decor or an open floor plan home.

41. Storage Boxes

These storage cubes are a great way to keep track of small items like screws, nails, jewelry, or anything else you might have around the house. You can also use them in the garage or workshop.

42. Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

This floor lamp will add a great look to your home décor. The shade is an off-white color with dark brown, almost black stripes. It has a medium size base that is curved for a more modern style and only weighs 26 pounds.

43. Stainless Steel and Gold Police Detective Pen

These are the highest quality construction with stainless steel and gold highlights. These pens will look great on any detective’s/ investigator’s desk, or gift box with an authentic silver plated Saint Michael Challenge Coin. The retractable ballpoint black ink cartridges are replaceable and available in all major office supply stores.

44. Realtor T-Shirt

Are you ready to make the move? This t-shirt makes a great gift for an upcoming real estate agent. It’s 100% cotton and 100% adorable, says “I’ll be there for you” in white block letters at the bottom of the shirt.

45. Tiffany Lamp

This lamp is the perfect blend of old-fashioned and modern. The design is very classic and the color matches any interior décor. The base is made of iron and has an antique look which gives it a more valuable character. This lamp is different from other lamps, as it will give your space a warm illumination that complements any environment style and decors of a home or office desk, bathroom vanity, kitchen countertop or entry table.

46. Tiffany Lamp

Lamps are a classic gift. This beautiful lamp is made of bronze and hand-cut stained glass. The Banker number one choice for bedside lamps, desk lamps, living room lights and more. This lamp will be a favorite in your home as well as the rooms of others.

47. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket may not seem like a typical gift idea for a teenager, but they’ve probably never had one! This weighted blanket helps the user to sleep better by applying pressure to the user and helping them to fall asleep. It can also help with anxiety by providing body-weight support.

48. Microfiber Necktie

This tie is made from 100% microfiber, a fabric that’s durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The slim design goes with any outfit!

49. Novelty Benji Themed Socks

Benjamin Watson, or Benji as he’s known to his friends and family, is an American football tight end who plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. He grew up in Slidell, Louisiana which is close to New Orleans. Along with football and basketball, he was a devoted fan of baseball, watching and playing both when he was young. He played quarterback until his coach decided that a 6-foot-5 athlete would be better suited at another position; the switch worked out perfectly for him! Nowadays you can probably find him wearing socks depicting his favorite teams—the Ravens & Orioles—or maybe even his passion baseball players!