49 Gifts For Bowhunters

1. License Locker

Easily attaches to rifles, shotguns, crossbows, and bows. Made of durable material that folds in half for easy storage and carrying. Attachs securely with the included elastic straps.

2. Hunting Rangefinder

With a maximum range of 700 yards and instant reads to the yard, this hunting range finder from TideWe is an excellent addition to any gear list. It is waterproof, shockproof, and has a rechargeable battery that will last for up to 500 readings.

3. Costa Del Mar Men’s 5×4.5-Inch Iridized Polarized Sunnies

For flatwater anglers, the saying “The only thing better than having a boat is not getting wet” might be slightly exaggerated, but it’s still true that being on the water gives you a unique perspective and fresh air. Whether you prefer to tour or stay close to the house, these polarized sunglasses are ready for whatever comes your way.

4. Costa Rectangular Sunglasses

Even though these are a sunglasses for men, they are the perfect gift for those special women in your life who love to fish as much as you do. With this gift, they can protect their eyes from the glare of the sun and wind while still being able to see clearly enough to catch more fish!

5. Hunting Map

Precision Bowhunting is the essential guide for any serious bowhunter who wants to get better results from their time in the woods. The program lays out a year-round approach to taking mature whitetails, using traditional scouting techniques combined with modern scent control methods and strategies.

6. Buck Antler Hat Clip

These are 100% natural shed antlers, cleaned and deburred. They have a great look, feel and weight to them. Great for hunting or just adding an extra something to your favorite hat!

7. Charger

The Dead Down Wind Recharge Pack is a must-have for your scent elimination system. The pack provides you with a convenient and additional 4 to 8 hours of battery life, making it perfect for situations where access to a power source is limited or not available at all.

8. Bushnell Bone Collector Bi-Flex Rangefinder

Bushnell’s patented bi-focal lens instantly acquires multiple targets and automatically selects the best spot to get a clear view of the distance in between. The unique bone collector bracket attachment system securely mounts your rangefinder to your belt or pack with just one hand.

9. The Complete Book of Bowhunting

This book is subtitled “The Modern Bowhunting Guide.” It has chapters on everything from shooting and tuning to buck fever, range estimation, shot placement, the compound bow at work, the bow and string, arrows, broadheads—and much more. There are also detailed appendices with information about where to find the best places in North America to go hunting.

10. Bow Headband

A stylish and comfortable bow headband that will last through all your little girls seasons. Available in a range of on-trend prints, our buttery-soft fabric is made with the same material as our sleep sacks, so it’s super soft and cozy for your baby girl.

11. Sticker Pack

These are not the typical vinyl wall stickers you see everywhere. These are high-quality waterproof stickers that will never fade or crack, even in direct sunlight. They are easily removable and reusable. This is a pack of 100 outdoor adventure stickers and they’re great for laptops, water bottles, cars, skateboards, Yeti tumblers… pretty much anywhere you want to label your gear!

12. Scent Killer Gold

When you’re hunting in an area where a lot of other people hunt, you develop a “sixth sense” about how an animal might be acting. You learn to read subtle signs like the behavior of birds in flight, the sound of leaves blowing in the wind, or changes in the condition of grass. Developing that sixth sense takes time and experience but it doesn’t have tobe lost because of bad body odor! This scent killer will help preserve that ability until needed. A good combination product for all-day wear when bowhunting as it eliminates distracting natural scents while keeping you visible to game.

13. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

This is one of the best gifts you can get a man that loves to travel. By simply plugging it in at his hotel he will have warm hands and feet throughout the night. It has dual temperature settings so he can set it according to his needs.

14. 3/4 Oz Fletch Tite Adhesive

Designed for vanes & feather fletches, this high-performance adhesive will securely attach your arrow to your bowstring for years to come. This glue is safe to use on wood, fiberglass and carbon arrows. One of the best upgrades you can make to your archery equipment!

15. Costa Del Mar Men’s Brine Sunglasses

For those who bleed saltwater, Costa’s Brine sunglasses are one of the most useful fishing tools in any tackle box. Hydrolite™ temples, co-injected, co-molding technology and our storied 580 lens technology deliver comfort and durability to anglers whose greatest love is bending a rod.

16. Big Game Hunting DVD Set

If you enjoy up-close bowhunting action and hunts for big whitetails or dangerous game, these DVD’s are for you. No matter the species, Tom dives into the tactics and strategies. Learn the who, what, when, where, why, and how of bowhunting big game.

17. Balaclava

Executing a triumphant return to the slopes is all about having the best gear! This balaclava will keep your face warm and toasty, while remaining completely hidden. The high-quality material provides superior breathability, blocking out moisture while you ski hard!

18. Realtree Pop-Top Fleece

Pop-up camo mittens with a faux shearling lining are great for those early fall mornings when the temp hovers just below freezing. The color blocking makes these EXTREMELY warm, but they’re still light enough to wear all day!

19. Gym Running Shorts

These gym running shorts are extremely useful and practical. They have a zipper pocket on the right side of the waistband, enabling you to carry small items like keys or your phone. These shorts are breathable, quick-drying and made from a high-quality material, which makes them ideal for everyday use.

20. Steel Horse Head Hat Rack

This steel horse head hat rack can be easily customized to fit any interior design. It’s a beautiful and functional piece that your husband will love! The rack is constructed with 3/4 inch thick, rust-resistant steel tubing and features five hooks for up to 5 hats.

21. Sunnies And Wine Glasses Bundle

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that’s super soft, Hypoallergenic, and comfortable for many different skin types. The sunnies are made of the same material as the floaties in your swimming pool. Neoprene is used in first-aid treatment products because it has such amazing properties!

22. Mudder Harness

If you’re looking for the best gift to get your favorite muddy mary person, then this mudder harness is the perfect gift! Keep them safe and secure while they navigate their way through any mud pit. This baby stroller harness will keep them secure yet allow full movement so they can enjoy themselves!

23. American Flag T-Shirt

Show your pride for the red, white, and blue with this cute t-shirt. 100% Cotton with a pre-shrunk fit. Available in sizes small-5XL.

24. C-Line Retainer

Made of high quality plastic, the C-Line retainer insert is designed to provide a comfortable experience during intimate activity. The device holds both standard and wide diameter condoms in place, allowing for greater comfort and ease when using sex toys or having penetrative intercourse.

25. Fishing Sunglasses

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, these Costa Del Mar sunglasses make an awesome gift. They’re unisex so any guy would be happy to get them as a gift. Also, being made from nylon means they’ll be able to withstand whatever life throws their way!

26. Couple Hoodie

These hilarious novelty hoodies are sure to get the whole party laughing! Make your friends think you’ve actually been dating for years with this 3D printed polyester/spandex blend hoodie. Comes in men and women’s cuts, a range of sizes, and colors so you can be sure to get one that will fit both of you.

27. Cat Cay Sunglasses

These Costa Del Mar Men’s Cat Cay sunglasses are stylish and functional, making them a great gift for the outdoorsy man in your life. They feature an interchangeable clip-on style lens to suit his current activity and activity needs, hydrophobic lenses that protect his eyes from rain while he fishes even when wearing the clip-on lenses, titanium frames for strength and durability and polarized lenses that reduce glare allowing greater visibility in sunny conditions.

28. Sticker Pack

They’re awesome on a water bottle, but these vinyl stickers will stick to just about anything! This sticker pack has 66 pieces and comes in both the color yellow and black.

29. Dachshund Hot Cocoa

What’s better than one dachshund? How about four! This adorable family of dachshunds are wrapped up for the cold weather. Bring a little fun to your coffee table with this sweet family portrait.

30. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

Quality optics with stunning HD clarity. 100% quality materials used and tested extensively. This model is waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof to 0 degrees F.

31. Truglo Folding Bow Stand

This folding bow stand is a simple and cost-friendly way to protect your investment. Constructed of lightweight, durable, weatherproof ABS plastic. The non-marring plastic tip will not scratch your bow or leave marks on the wall when tipping it up against it for storage. A hole has been pre-drilled in the back for easy wall mounting with two screws included (no gunna’t).

32. Scent Killer

Human scent-repelling technology has now been applied to clothing, footwear, and gear. The result is the HuntDry line of products – odor-fighting clothing that you can wear on your next big hunt. Because it’s scientifically proven to be up to 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University - 10 days after drying.

33. Hunting Scent Eliminator

These Hunters Specialties Fresh Earth Scent Wafers use patented scent wafer technology that makes concentrated, pure scents part of the wafer itself. Simply apply to clothing and stalks of grass for maximum effectiveness. Keep in a dispenser at your bed or camping site and walk through the area to deposit your scent for a more believable impression.

34. Japanese Cookbook

Mobuta cookware is made from food-grade stainless steel, is free of PFOA/PTFE, and meets international standards for lead and cadmium. The cookware has a lovely mirror finish that looks amazing on the stovetop.

35. Carbon Fiber Bag

Cannaline makes a really unique gift, especially for the minimalist. These smellproof bags are made of high-quality materials and come in an amazing array of colors.

36. Down Wind Unscented Hunting Field Spray

This 3-pack of downwind unscented hunting field spray is the #1 selling scent control product for hunters who need to get in close. It’s great for after a long day of hunting when you just want to get home and take off your gear. The best part, it doesn’t have any nasty odors!

37. Hunting Scent Eliminator

DEAD DOWNWIND EVOLVE FIELD SPRAY – NATURAL, BROAD-SPECTRUM, -ELIMINATING HUNTING SPRAY Made with advanced enzyme technology to help eliminate a broad spectrum of scents that can attach to your skin, clothing and hunting gear. It attracts and attacks bad at the molecular level while leaving the good your skin needs.

38. Scent Killer Clothes Washing

For years, FLOZ has been the industry-standard in neutralizing human odor—the #1 choice of colognes and deodorants. Now you can use it to clean your hunting clothes! 32 fl oz of supercharged scent killer clothing wash is concentrated enough to clean a full load of laundry with just a few squirts. No matter how many times your hunting or fishing buddy wears that same pair of shorts, now there’s finally something to be confident about!

39. Neoprene Sling

The best gift for any archer! This compact neoprene sling from Allen is a heavy-duty design that will last over time with swivels tested to 300 pounds. Shoot confidently knowing your arrow won’t fall out mid-flight.

40. Oatmeal and Honey Soap

This soap is great for those long hikes into the backcountry. It will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized, but not dry. The natural scents mask any odors you might be leaving behind as well.

41. Mask

The mask is made of 100% polyester, and the printing process allows for high color brightness. The mask has a wide range of uses – from outdoor sports to everyday life! Just remember that you need to wash it by hand (to avoid polluting the machine) in case of washing.The mask helps protect against dust, sunlight, rain, snow, wind and other environmental factors. It’s fun to use when playing basketball or just sitting around at home!

42. GoGoGolfer Golf Rangefinder

The Vpro golf rangefinder delivers the goods for experienced golfers. It has high-precision laser technology and exclusive slope mode that measures distance accurately regardless of angle or incline. The rugged design can withstand rain, sleet, and snow.

43. Quick-Detach Antler Holders

The perfect deer drag makes it easier to move, lift and drag deer. Are you a DIY hunter? There’s a value in anything that makes the hunting experience easier. To be clear, awkward and heavy lifting on a deer after the harvest can be a real strain on the joints and lower back. The dragger most importantly allows you to lift smarter with better pulling power and control above all making work easier & reduce costly injuries Why should you consider my product an essential piece of deer hunting gear? Most importantly, the quick-detach antler holder helps you reduce joint and back injuries when used correctly. For example, the comfortable grip handle is easy to use and has already made work needed to move stands, carry corn bags & dragging faster for 1000’s of hunters. The most important benefit is allowing you to be in the best upright position when lifting or dragging. In addition this allows improved pulling power & control when using a Dragging Strap! Moreover this patented closed looped handle allows an even pull on your hands in any direction which other strapping methods do not provide (only belt buckles). In addition we added reflective straps as high visibility markers so if dropped into thick brush they will help get them out easily!!

44. Hunting With The Bow And Arrow

Archery was and still is a proven method for hunting, both with arrow and bow. This book teaches you how to make your own bows and arrows as well as discuss the history of the art of archery as it relates to Native American tribes.

45. 100-Grain Broadhead with SHOCK Collar

The RAGE Hypodermic Trypan is the scariest broadhead that RAGE has ever created. The razor-sharp blades create a channel that’s 3.5 inches in diameter, and they exit at 2 miles per hour. This badass piece of hunting gear will make heads turn wherever you go!

46. Rechargeable Battery Operated Mosquito Repellent

Everyone needs to do their part in preventing the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases. This year, help prevent Zika by hanging a “Don’t Hurt Me” sign on your mozzie-proof self! Help stop bites from turning into dangerous infections with this super effective repellent. If used as directed, these fuel cartridges will provide coverage for up to 12 hours per charge.

47. Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

This is a great gift for the outdoorsman. Use it to find your target in the woods, on the golf course, or even in your own backyard! It’s useful for locating lost articles, such as keys and phones. You can also use it to find things more precisely than you can with your naked eye such as down to 2 inches.

48. Fishing Hat

Reefton, with its deep blue waters, is world-renowned for freshwater fishing. The rivers in this area are less than an hour from town and the water is safe to drink right out of the river! This makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift because he can go anywhere and do anything.

49. Nockturnal Arrow Tool

This gadget is a must-have for any archer who uses nocks (those little plastic pieces that go on the end of an arrow to grip the riser). Instantly tune and realign your nocks with just a twist! It also works with old-style nocks, accommodates uneven turning, and will never slip off when you need it most.