51 Gifts For Calligraphers

1. Calligraphy Pen Ink

This 12-color fountain pen ink set comes in a beautiful gold glass bottle with gold powder at the bottom of the bottle, which makes it easy to mix different colors when you are creating a calligraphy piece. This is absolutely perfect for gift ideas and DIY projects.

2. Personalized 5-Minute Makeup Set

♬This music box is a beautiful keepsake gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or as a thank you. It plays 5-minute medley of your favorite songs. The mechanism is hand-cranked and the tune can be programmed via an SD card (not included).

3. Quill Calligraphy Set

A set of pens ideal for calligraphic lettering and art. This artisan pen and ink combination will help you experience the joys of writing with an old-fashioned quill pen! Use the included bottled ink (color may vary) to practice your Calligraphy, sign your name, or sketch a picture before committing it to paper. Comes in a beautiful burgundy gift box that is ready for gifting.

4. Calligraphy Set

This is a perfect gift for calligraphy fans! The set includes 11 nibs, three bottle inks, and several writing tools. The best gifts include new experiences – so give your favorite calligrapher the tools to express their newfound love for hand-lettering.

5. Silver Anniversary Card

These metallic double-line markers make creating beautiful artwork easy and fun! They come in 12 colors, so you can always have the right pen for the job. There’s no need to limit yourself to just anniversary gifts; these pens are great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special event.

6. Metallic Calligraphy Marker

These metallic calligraphy markers are just what they sound like; a set of paint pens that produce beautiful artwork when applied to various surfaces. They come in colors gold, silver, red, green, blue, grey and brown.

7. Toilet Tag

A hilarious new game that takes two people on an unpredictable, revealing, and life-changing journey against their potty partner, without ever leaving the bathroom. It’s fun for couples to play when they need to step away from electronics and spend some time together. A great conversation starter and a fun wedding/engagement or gag gift. WARNING: Adults only 17+.

8. How To Calligraphy Book

A perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn the “write” way to craft calligraphy. Calligraphy is about creating something uniquely beautiful, whether to celebrate a special occasion like marriage or to use every day in the form of stationery. Author Molly Suber Thorpe, an award-winning wedding invitation designer and calligrapher based in Los Angeles, works closely with her international clients to give them the distinctive products they’re looking for. In Modern Calligraphy, you can learn from this experienced expert how to master this fresh modern lettering style. The first book to teach this bold new style breaks the calligraphy process down into simple steps so anyone can learn to create their own stunning wedding invitations, thank you cards, gift tags, and more.

9. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Large 2oz clear glass jars perfect for storing creams, balms, lotions or oils. These airtight jars with screw-on lids are great for traveling and making your home smell wonderful!

10. The Ultimate Calligraphy Set

If you’ve been dying to try your hand at calligraphy, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for classes and supplies, then this AIVN set is for you. It has everything beginners need to get started. This is the same AIVN pen used in our gift guide for weddings last year.

11. Gift Card

A great place to start is with a gift card. These can be for anything from a coffee shop to a clothing store or even an art supply store. This gives the family the freedom to choose what they would like to buy without your involvement.

12. Andrographis Kanji 衛藤 万有壽忌

Andrographis is a herb that’s been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to support the immune system. The main component of this supplement, and the one that makes it unique, is andrographolide. This compound shows great promise in both human and animal studies as a way to increase immunity. Double-wood’s patented form of andrographolide is standardized to 30% and has shown positive results in several clinical trials.

13. The Calligrapher’s Bible

This is a great book for any beginner looking to up their game or an experienced calligrapher that wants to learn new letter styles. This book has more than 350 illustrations and will prove to be very beneficial in your practice.

14. Glass Pen Set

An elegant and modern gift that can be used for any occasion. The set includes two glass dip pens, 14 different color inks, a pen holder, and a cleaning cup.

15. Eco-friendly Lunch Bag

Made from 95% post-consumer recycled material, this lunch bag is soft to the touch and has a vintage hand painted look. The bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.

16. Bottle of Ink

With beautiful writing, calligraphy has been used in different forms since ancient times. From ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages, it was considered both a skilled art and the main source of written communication and expression until the invention of printing. Today, calligraphy is increasingly popular and is enjoyed by professional and amateur artists from all over the world. This Winsor & Newton ink comes in 30ml bottles with an array of colors that are brilliant yet lightfast allowing today’s calligraphers to continue creating this important art form.

17. Copper Feather Pen

Writing a thank you note after getting a gift is always such a chore. With this beautiful pen and ink set, the recipient can celebrate their special day with grace and elegance! This writing utensil comes in several colors to suit any personality or event.

18. Japanese-Style Handmade Cloth Cover Watercolor Journal

If you’re looking for a watercolor journal, then this is one of the best ones out there. It’s handmade in Japan, has an exquisite cover, and holds plenty of watercolor paper—all things watercolor artists need!

19. Wooden Art Set

This is a great gift for that creative child in your life. It has everything they need to create their next masterpiece. All of the colors are high-quality Core Colored Pencils, so they will lay down smooth and pigmented on your paper. The set also includes oil pastels, crayons, watercolor paints, brushes and a convenient storage case.

20. Feather Writing Quill Pen and Ink Set

This beautiful vintage feather writing quill pen set is a great gift idea for calligraphy lovers and anyone that loves unique gifts. The included ink bottle contains black ink and the pens come in five different colors. Also, there are two types of nibs including extra-fine or fine depending on your desired result.

21. Yodelling Pickle

If you’ve got a yodeling potato in your life, then this is one of the best gift ideas on our list. This “yodeler” pickle is just what it sounds like; a pickle that yodels when you squeeze it. The perfect way to entertain the kiddos while you wait for the bus!

22. Sandstone Writing Instrument

A beautifully balanced and artfully crafted rollerball pen is the crowning touch for an executive or gentlemanly desk. It makes an amazing gift for any calligrapher or journalist. Pulled directly from our Erudite Collection, we’ve combined the weight of superior metals and masterful craftsmanship to create a writing tool that is not only worth having, but is built to last.

23. National Geographic Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal gifts for kids (and adults) open the mind and spark the imagination. These kits include everything needed to grow crystals in just a few days, including detailed instructions and two display stands.

24. Glass Pen

A beautiful pen set made of wood and glass that includes four different colors of ink, a wooden holder, and twelve different calligraphy pen nibs. The holder can be filled with any type of liquid to use as an inkwell for the pens.

25. Ultimate Brush Lettering Book

Peggy Dean is a self-taught artist who left her day job to pursue a creative life. She’s the founder of Pigeon Letters, a website that teaches people how to do brush lettering, and now she’s created an interactive calligraphy workbook filled with lessons on all kinds of artistic techniques. The perfect gift for artists of any skill level looking to up their game!

26. Coogam Wooden Hexagon Puzzle

This wooden hexagon puzzle was designed to stimulate the mind and increase one’s spatial awareness. It is made of maple wood, comes fully assembled and measures 18 x 18 inches.

27. Crystal Ball Pen Set

This trio of writing instruments is elegant and practical. The 3 pens are a basic glass dip pen with black ink, a calligraphy pen with gold-colored ink, and a crystal ballpoint pen with red ink. This gift set comes neatly packed in a bamboo gift box that’s perfect for giving along with lots of space to write your own special message.

28. Hand-Poured Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

This hand-blown, elegant whiskey globe decanter set makes a great gift and is an exceptional way to present your best liquor. The etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience while making a bold impression.

29. Natural Writing Stick

A gift of a natural writing stick will help the penitent learn self-discipline and give them something to strive toward. A great addition to a room filled with inspirational items or as an educational toy for a child who can use it to learn their letters and numbers.

30. Calligraphy Workbook

Practice your penmanship to perfection with this helpful handbook to mastering beautiful handwriting. Brenna Jordan of Calligraphy by Brenna and author of The Lost Art of Handwriting presents you with pages of wonderfully crafted letters, sayings, and quotes that you can use to practice your handwriting. The Zen-like repetition of cursive and printed letters will calm you and provide a sense of well-being as you make your way towards more legible, pleasing, and impressive handwriting that you can apply to correspondence, cards, artwork, and more.

31. Learn Calligraphy: The Complete Book of Lettering and Design

In an age of myriad computer fonts and instant communication, your handwriting style is increasingly a very personal creation. In this book, Margaret Shepherd, America’s premier calligrapher, shows you that calligraphy is not simply a craft you can learn but an elegant art form that you can make your own. Calligraphy remains perennially popular, often adorning wedding invitations, diplomas, and commercial signs. Whether it is Roman hand lettering or Gothic script lettering for stationary–this book has something to offer everyone!

32. Beginners Calligraphy Journal

This journal is different from most calligraphy journals in that it has specially designed lined paper with the proper angles for calligraphy. The lines of text are easier to read and write on, which will help with your lettering skills. It makes a great gift for those who are just getting started writing or doodling in their journal.

33. Feather Writing Quill Pen

This is not a real quill, but it looks like one and acts like one. This pen was made to be used with calligraphy classes, where students practice writing with traditional tools. The point comes to a sharp end so it can be easily inserted into an ink bottle. It measures about 9 inches long and weighs a little over an ounce.

34. Calligraphy Book

A calligraphy book is a beautiful and practical gift for the artist in your life. Learn and master the beautiful and varied art of Western calligraphy. This lavishly illustrated guide includes all the information you need to get started in calligraphy, as well as techniques for the more advanced artist, including using color, carving lettering in wood and stone, and creating abstract and ornamental calligraphic designs. The 40 alphabets included are drawn from throughout the rich history of Western calligraphy, from elaborate Gothic lettering to the clean lines of modern alphabets.

35. Calligraphy Set

A set of calligraphy pens and inks presented in a lovely wooden gift box, perfect for that calligrapher in your life. The twelve-piece set includes an extra-fine steel nib, five ink colors, a bottle of pen cleanser and instructions for use.

36. Multi-Tool

This 2-piece multi tool pen is made of stainless steel, and it has a built in LED light, can level your screen, open your bottle, snap on the flathead screwdriver head to fix something. The set also includes two different types of pens – standard and metric rulers, a bubble leveler, a bottle opener(best gift for men), and a ballpoint pen.

37. Wine Tumbler

These insulated tumblers keep drinks cold for 6 hours or hot for 24, and come with a steel straw for an effortless sipping experience. Made of stainless steel, they are rustproof and easy to keep clean.

38. Mom Stainless Steel Tumbler

Does your mom love her hot tea or wine on a cold day? Then she needs this stainless steel tumbler. The cup holds 12oz of her favorite beverage and comes with a straw, lid, and cleaning brush.

39. Peacock Feather Writing Quill

This is another great gift for an artist. A practical use for a peacock feather other than decorating the special room or house where it will be enjoyed by all who see it. The quills are 14-inches long, and the set includes five separate pieces of plucks for a variety product.

40. Keychain

This inspirational keychain lets them know they are always in your thoughts. The perfect gift for a daughter to give to her daughter on graduation, college or moving away from home. Also makes a great Mothers Day gift!

41. Glass Paint Markers

These paint markers are just what they sound like – glass writing pens that you can write on any glass surface with a wide range of colors.

42. Engraving Set

This tool set is perfect for the Cricut Maker. This engraving tip and housing are not for Explorers.

43. Calligraphy Practice Pad

A notepad for calligraphy beginners, children, or anyone wanting to learn how to write beautiful letters with a fountain pen. The pad includes 50 pages of high-quality paper, and additional hand lettering guidance is included in an easy-to-follow preprinted guide.

44. Amazon Gift Card

Give a present that gets used every day with the Amazon gift card. Ideal for the everyday minimalist, this paper and pen set from Amazon Basics includes four pads of ruled quad paper in letter size, each with a different color border to help keep things organized. This pack contains two 8.5 x 11-inch pads (one red, one blue) and two 9 x 6-inch pads (one red, one blue).

45. Calligraphy Pen

Whether you’re a beginner artist or an experienced calligrapher, these brush pens are a great addition to your artistic toolbox. The set contains two pens which have different tips; one with a soft tip for flowing lines and the other with a hard tip for detailed lettering.

46. Stamping Wax

These cute little bees make the perfect decorative accent for a summer party. They are also useful for addressing envelopes and mailing packages!

47. Gravity Maze Marble Run

Think fun is the company that makes the gravity maze marble run which is a STEM toy of the year award winner. This gravity powered maze game comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and makes a great birthday or holiday gift for kids who like puzzles, smart games and challenging activities.

48. Car Wash Kit

This super-affordable kit has it all! It’s great for beginners looking to up their car wash game or as a gift for the DIY husband to help his wife tackle the car care closet. The kit includes everything you need EXCEPT A CAR TO WASH!

49. Self-Outlining Markers

Ink the self-outlining markers automatically draws straight lines on paper for you to create beautiful designs. These metallic silver pens are great for highlighting and decorating – just clip one to your journal, looseleaf notebook, or art journal page, then start coloring!

50. Glass Calligraphy Set

This gorgeous, crystal clear glass pen makes for an exceptional gift. It’s a beautiful addition to any writer’s collection or an excellent gift for that calligrapher in your life! These pens come with twelve different colors of ink so you can instantly create beautiful artwork no matter your skill level.

51. Cricut Adapter

If you’re a crafter who uses the Cricut cutting machine, but also loves to use other types of art supplies like markers and pens, this adapter will be one of your best investments. This adapter allows you to use those non-Cricut items in your cutting machine!