47 Gifts For Chess Players

1. Touch Board

This unique chess board is much more than just a game. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and strategy skills. The touch screen features stylus pen play and an LED backlight for playing in the dark.

2. Leapfrog Table Top Clock

This tabletop chess clock is an excellent addition to any child’s toy collection. It helps with concentration while playing a favorite game, and it keeps track of the time! This digital chess clock also features big numbers in bright colors and countdown timers for games like Go or Backgammon.

3. Giant Fidget Spinner

A giant fidget spinner, also known as a stress relief toy. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress and improves focus when you’re alone at home. It can be used for fidgeting or playing a game.

4. Stainless Steel Chess Set

A stainless steel chess set makes a great gift for the dedicated chess player. It is different from the traditional wood and glass sets because it is made of metal, which means that it will not deteriorate over time.

5. Board Shorts

Is he a chess lover? Does he play chess? Do you both love jokes? If so, these hilarious chess gift socks are the perfect gift! Choose between two different pairs of “armies” and figure out how to best defend your family honor. These fun gag gifts will make anyone laugh while they’re wearing them.

6. Large-Scale Marble Weighted Chess Set

RADICAL 15 Inches Large Handmade Black and Fossil Coral Weighted Marble Full Chess Game Set Staunton and Ambassador Gift Style Marble Tournament Chess Sets – non wooden, non magnetic, not backgammon. This is a great gift for any level of chess player or even as a keepsake!

7. Chess Player Keychain  | Checkmate key chain

Chess Player Keychain Whether you’re a grandmaster or just learning the game, this little guy will prove he’s got your back! This metal keychain has three pieces of classic chess board art—a castle, knight, and bishop—and the words “Chess Backing Up My Friends.”

8. Eat. Sleep. Chess. Repeat. Socks

Chess players – or people who play a game with strategy and pieces that go everywhere but must always be followed by an equalizer – are familiar with the phrase “Eat. Sleep. Chess.” Now, you can wear it on your feet! These incredibly comfortable and hilarious socks make a great gift for any chess player or POFUL fan in your life!

9. Stainless Steel Chessmen Keychain

This stainless steel keychain is the perfect gift for that chess lover in your life! It comes with a beautiful saying on it, “When you see a good move, look for a better one.” This is an inspirational gift and a great reminder to checkmate their opponents with brilliance rather than brute force.

10. Stainless Steel Chess Keychain

When you’re a chess grandmaster, travel is reserved for tournaments. But even the best players need to take a vacation from time to time! This stainless steel keychain is the perfect gift for that chess-loving friend who needs to go on a long weekend getaway but can’t bear to be without his or her beloved king and queen.

11. Digital Chess Set

This is a digital chess set that can be played on your phone! It has 20 levels of play and lets you see the moves as they’re being made, which will no doubt improve your game. The app works on both iPhone and Android phones.

12. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

When you’re a true fan of the Harry Potter series, you don’t just watch the movies—you read the books too! This beautifully crafted 14-piece ceramic chess set features characters and scenes from throughout the seven Harry Potter films. It makes an excellent gift for any wizard or muggle who values their nerdery.

13. Throw the Perfect Chess Board Sock

Set up your own little game of chess with these officially licensed novelty crew socks. Play as black or white, and challenge a friend to a simultaneous exhibition match using our online chess clock! These 4-inch diameter cotton blend chess pieces are sure to be the talk of any casual get together you host in your home!

14. Classic Arcade Game

A holiday classic gets the retro treatment in this handheld version of the 1980s arcade game Tetris, right down to the original sound effects. It makes a great stocking stuffer for any gamer old enough to remember when playing video games was generally done with actual buttons instead of a controller that looks like it came out of a science-fiction movie!

15. Chess T-Shirt

Are you a chess fan? Do you have a funnybone to tickle? Buy him this hilarious t-shirt. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face!

16. Shut the Box

This wooden shut-the-box game is a classic traditional dice game, an open board game for lasting fun for you and your family, friends. It can be completed from 1 to 10 number combination, 8+4 dice, perfect for 2, 3 or 4 players to play together. It is one of the most popular math games today.

17. Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

This magnetic wooden chess set makes a great gift for the chess lover in your life! It comes with 16 high quality maple and walnut magnet pieces and an instruction booklet that will have you playing within minutes.

18. Silver Anniversary Gift

Ages 12 and up. A fun game that will help with logic, planning, and spatial reasoning skills. This is one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one who enjoys a challenge. It’s great for your future self when you have kids of your own!

19. USB Flash Drive

Being a gamer, you probably have tons of games saved on your computer. This gift could be its own little world – a place to keep your saves safe. The file can be anything – a game, movie, document – and it can be restored on any PC or Mac running Windows or OS X operating systems.

20. Build An Empire Wall Art

This money-motivational art piece is an absolutely stunning display of wealth and power. Show off your vast fortune with this classic Monopoly art print!

21. Magnetic Travel Chess Set

A fun gift for the chess lovers. This magnetic travel chess set is a perfect game to take along on trips. It’s lightweight and durable, so it won’t take up much room if you need to bring your suitcase! The perfect gift for that chess lover in your life!

22. Pop The Dice Game

This super fun game is great for helping with anxiety and ADHD. It helps pass the time and keeps things interesting. Be the first to pop by using all your skills, or try to steal by reading your opponents’ minds!

23. Magnetic Checkers and Chess Set

This beautiful set includes a magnetic chess board plus checkers pieces. The two games are combined into one unique experience that challenges your mind as well as your skills! It makes for an excellent gift for any child who loves playing both chess and checkers. No more fighting over whose turn it is to play—both of you can enjoy this unique game together.

24. Knight Keychain

This keychain is both cute and cleverly designed. Made of stainless steel, it comes with a premium bail and ring clasp for safety. The perfect gift for the minimalist who loves all things chess.

25. Magnetic Travel Chess Set

This wooden magnetic travel chess set makes for a great Christmas gift or birthday gift. This is an upgrade from the typical wooden board they offer since this one has magnets to hold it together! Also, each piece is uniquely magnetized which allows them to adhere to the board no matter what the wind may do!

26. 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar

From the masterminds at Chess.com and American Chess Magazine comes a fun new way to challenge yourself with chess puzzles. The ideal gift for chess players of every level, this calendar features addicting yearlong chess puzzles that are answered on the following page.

27. Flash Dash Handheld Game

Flashdash offers 4 quick-fingered games in a unique light-up cube design. Great for home and travel, these fun handheld games help improve brain skills and hand-eye coordination. Volume is adjustable and can be muted entirely. Requires 3xAAA batteries (not included).

28. Wooden Treasure Box

A wooden treasure box is a great way to store and display small items like marbles, buttons, beads, nails or stones. The unique design makes it easy to find things in the dark and the brass clasp keeps them safe.

29. Dog Socks

Made in Korea, these cute animal socks are 75% cotton, 15% nylon and 5% elastic. They come in five colors to match any outfit.

30. Keychain

A stainless steel chess piece keychain makes the perfect gift for any chess lover. The King measures approximately 2.5cm and has a beautiful shine to it!

31. Laser Chess Set

This is a super cool gift for a teen or young adult that loves games, and particularly loves laser light shows. This is one of the best toys on our list because it’s educational without being boring, and it challenges teens to use their brain power to win. The game also helps with abstract reasoning skills and improving memory.

32. Sock

Did you know that a pair of socks has the power to change your life? That’s right. When you put on a good pair of socks, it can give you an extra push to complete that project or assignment sitting on your desk. No joke! It can really energize and inspire you in ways you never imagined. What are those socks made of? Inspiration itself, duh! Now buy these musical socks already and be inspired today!

33. Socks

If you’re a gamer, then these socks are for you! Five pairs of different video game characters sitting side by side on an orange couch playing the old board game RISK. One character is killed each turn until only one remains and wins the game.

34. Three-Man Chess Set

A three-man chess set allows for a game of chess with two people, or it can be played with three people at the same time. The board is 18 inches in diameter and made of durable plastic.

35. Thinkfun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess

This game is a fun twist on the traditional board game of chess. The rules are similar but there are some differences, such as you only have one turn and you can’t move your opponent’s pieces.

36. No Stress Chess

Learn how to play chess while getting your mind off of the clock! This system is fun and engaging, perfect for kids. It’s not just a game – it teaches strategy, tactics, and even math concepts like spatial reasoning.

37. Shut the Box Wooden Game

This set of math games comes with 12 wooden puzzles, each one depicting a different geometric figure. Put the puzzles together to reveal a hidden image that represents an equation, and then try to solve it!

38. Watch Me Steal Your Girl Keychain

The other day I received a message on Instagram from a girl named @chess_love who said that her boyfriend loved chess and she got him this keychain as a birthday present. They both love it! I designed it myself using the slogan “watch me steal your girl” because, well, that’s what they do at the chess club; we steal each others girls!

39. Socks

Stuck between a rook and a hard place with what socks to wear? These chess socks will make you a chess master, or at the very least, a sock master! Wear these socks to your next game night and your outfit will definitely be a winner. Good Luck Sock offers a huge variety of popular, fun, and modern designs. Reinforced heel & toe for better durability and just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort.

40. Smart Games

Welcome to the world’s first cat-themed logic game! Take on 60 brain-twisting challenges and try to complete the crime. Cat Crimes is a smart, hilarious party game based on Logic 101. It makes for great fun at family get-togethers and will stimulate your child’s mind while having fun.

41. Farm Animals Wooden Toy

A great educational board game for kids 3 and up. OMOTIYA is a professorponal manufacturer for wooden toys. Our philosophy is making children have a happy childhood life, we guarantee the quality and safety of all our products, adopts the “Natural, High-tech, Educational” product development for children 0-6 years old around the whole world.

42. 4-Player Chess Set

A twist on a classic, this four-player chess set has everything you need to take your game to the next level. It includes an extra large 24″ by 24″ board with 1.5″ squares and unique rules that require players to capture the king in order to win!

43. Keychain

This keychain is an adorable gift for a chess player. It shows a female knight in full armor on horseback charging across the board to capture the opponent’s king. The words “I like the way she moves” are engraved beneath her.

44. Real Sasquatch Sock

These socks are easier to find than the real Bigfoot! Perfect for the Bigfoot Hunters, these socks are sure to help you feel more in-tune with our favorite Sasquatch. Wear them on your next hike and maybe you’ll get a rare sighting! Good Luck Sock offers a huge variety of popular, fun, and modern designs. Reinforced heel & toe for better durability and just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort.

45. Staunton Lightweight Checkers Set

This four-piece set is perfect for players of all ages looking to step up from traditional checkers to a more sophisticated game. The pieces are lightweight, which allows players to move them around the board easily, but they still have enough heft that they won’t randomize themselves across the room and off the table!

46. Clue Game

A gorgeous, premium edition of this much-loved board game is the perfect gift for any fan of murder mysteries and cozy nights with friends. This luxurious bookshelf edition was inspired by the vintage graphics of the 1949 game. Elegant storage combined with premium game components create a classic to be enjoyed by crime solvers for years to come.

47. Oversized Chess Set

An oversized chess set is a great gift idea for those who love to play, or perhaps use this as a teaching tool for new players. The large pieces and extra-wide board allow for plenty of room to move about the pieces on the board, and make it easier to see all your options.