51 Gifts For Chicken Owners

1. Bamboo Charcuterie Board

“Toast the joys of friendship with this gorgeous bamboo cheese board set. The perfect housewarming gift for a couple who love hosting or just like to have a delicious array of cheeses at their disposal! This beautifully designed and crafted charcuterie board can be used as a serving platter for snacks, appetizers, antipasti, and even desserts.

2. Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Chicken soup is a great remedy for cold and flu, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure gross chicken bouillon. This homemade chicken noodle soup recipe uses boneless, skinless thighs which are faster cooking than a whole bird (and therefore more flavorful). The broth is made from scratch with aromatics like garlic, onions, carrots, and celery cooked in unsalted chicken stock. Other aromatic vegetables can be added depending on the flavor profile of the soup (such as peas or broccoli).

3. Puppy Teething Toys

The best way to soothe a puppy during teething is to give him the type of toy he enjoys most. Whether it’s a plush toy, rope toy, or ball with squeakers inside, giving your puppy a fun new plaything will help distract him from chewing on your furniture.

4. Chicken Cufflinks

This chicken-shaped cufflink will be the hit of your dad’s appearance. The item is steel, nickel and lead free which makes it hypoallergenic.

5. Egg Poacher

This apron will help her look after the home farm. There are 18 large pockets to hold everything from eggs to veggies to tools. The Eggspoacher apron makes for easy clean up and storage because everything is in its proper place, right where you can easily get it.

6. Chicken Wine Tumbler

Chicken wine taster is great for those who want to get tipsy but don’t want to drink out of a ‘ Chick-fil-A Cow’. This chicken wine glass holds 12 ounces and is dishwasher safe.

7. Chicken Coop Cleaner  | Etsy Shop

Chicken Coop Cleaner Chicken coops and runways can get messy and possums, mites, fungus, bacteria and who knows what all else seems to breed there. This natural chicken deodorizer eliminates the smell and creates a healthier environment for both you and your chickens.

8. Chicken V-Neck T-Shirt

Chicken might be the next President, but those who work with poultry know it’s the bird that keeps on giving. This cute t-shirt is available in a half dozen colors so no matter which one fits you best, you can’t go wrong!

9. Cute Glasses Chick

Even though this is a funny t-shirt for women it can actually be worn by anyone who has ever been chicken about getting their prescription sunglasses fixed. It’s 100% cotton and 50% polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon.

10. Women’s Chicken Cow Pig Dog Socks

Chicken, cow, goat and pig socks? That might seem like an odd combination but the funny novelty animal socks are surprisingly comfortable.

11. Cute Chicken Socks

Pop some champagne, slip on your favorite jeans, and tie a pretty little bow. These socks are as comfortable as they are cute! 80% cotton 20% poly blend.

12. Cute Chicken Sushi Cat Bee Dachshund llama Sloth Alien Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a practical gift, these socks are the perfect choice. They come in seven different kinds of animals, including a Dachshund Llama Sloth Alien crew sock! Each pair comes in several sizes and colors so that even if they don’t love them they can at least wear them without being mortified.

13. Chicken Goat Sloth Dog Socks

Help them celebrate Earth Day by gifting these cute and funny chicken goat sloth socks. Made from 80% cotton, these socks are comfortable and come in a pack of 2 pairs.

14. Chicken Egg Apron

A cute and durable chicken and duck egg collecting basket alternative. Keep two hands free while in your backyard and chicken coop! A great gift for any poultry fan or aspiring young farmer.

15. Camping Towel

This funny joke kitchen towel is made of high-quality cotton and measures 27 x 27 inches. The hemmed edges give it a clean, simple look and ensure quality is delivered. It makes the perfect gift for your favorite griller!

16. Waffle Maker

This waffle maker has a large non-stick cooking surface, can make four individual servings of waffles, and also makes panini and hash browns.

17. Spiralizer

This egg dispenser is a brilliant way of storing and displaying your fresh eggs in date order. It allows you to take the oldest eggs first, which can make it easier to remember when you’re buying more. This compact design holds up to 22 eggs, its spiral design is perfect for decorative and indoor use. The spiraling metal slide that wraps around this metal rack is designed to hold your collection of eggs and keep them easily accessible when cooking or baking.

18. Chicken Nugget Tin Sign

Athelis makes so many adorable signs. This one is 8 x 12 inches and made of tin with pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting. It’s the perfect gift for that chicken nugget lovin’ friend in your life!

19. Chicken Apron

Help her keep those hands (and arms) free while she’s collecting eggs! This hen apron makes an easy and funny gift for anyone who has ever broken an egg on their clothes or had an accident with a dozen in hand.

20. Chicken Is The New Egg

Chicken is the new egg, of course. That’s why this chicken wine tumbler makes a perfect gift- it’s funny, it works well (the cup keeps your wine cold), and it’s stainless steel so it lasts a lifetime.

21. Chicken Mug

Chicken mug is a cute chicken coffee cup. It’s not just a mug for your chickens; it’s a conversation piece for your kitchen and dining room table!

22. Chicken and Waffle Dog Treats

How do you make the perfect chicken and waffles dog treat? When you use real, whole-food ingredients to create a delicious savory recipe with crunchy texture and tender meat. These treats are as delicious for your four-legged friend as they are good for you!

23. Vintage Chicken Wire Basket

This little vintage farmhouse chicken wire basket is a charming addition to the tag harvest collection. The vintage farm-style makes this basket unique and the perfect home decor or gift for friends and family.

24. Wine Tumbler

This wine tumbler not only keeps your drink perfectly cold, but it also keeps the sun out of your wine. It comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect gift for anyone that loves their chickens & wine!

25. Chicken Coffee Mug

If you’re going to judge a chicken, at least be stylish about it. This cute little coffee mug will show everyone your opinion while you sip from your very own custom designed chicken mug.

26. Wooden Chicken Sign

Life is better with chickens, so why not decorate your home to reflect that? This wooden sign makes the perfect addition to any farmhouse style home. Let everyone know that you love animals and nature, while adding a touch of country charm to your space.

27. Chicken Whisperer T-Shirt

This funny shirt is great for those who want to put the “chicken” in chickenshit. The shirt comes in several colors and makes a fun anniversary gift for your wife!

28. Egg Apron

Does a little egg hunting make you nervous? You’re going to need this apron. This cute canvas work apron has eight pockets for your fresh finds and comes in several colors.

29. Chicken Rooster Sign

Chicken lovers will love this cute little chicken sign. Perfect for a front garden or as a gate-latch plaque to decorate your chicken coop.

30. I Only Want Chickens Sign

Does your dad love his chickens but has always wanted to say "I only want chickens" without you or anyone else finding out? This chicken sign is the perfect solution! Your garage, bedroom, or coops will definitely appreciate a little poultry-themed humor.

31. Chicken Crossing Sign

Chicken farmers have to cross their chickens across the road to protect their flock from predators, and this chicken crossing sign mimics that beautiful movement. This sign is made of rust-free aluminum and measures 10 x 14 inches.

32. Happy Hen Egg Carton

These egg cartons make a cute gift for that egg-loving friend or family member! They can be recycled after the event. This could be an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, etc.

33. Portable Pet Playpen

This playpen gives your pets a safe place to run around while you’re busy doing chores or inside resting. It has a large exercise area and three different entrances so they can easily choose which way to go. This is the perfect addition to any pet owner’s home as it provides them with everything they need in one convenient location.

34. Chicken Mom Coffee Mug

Chicken farmer coffee mugs are the best gifts for farmers or chicken lovers. It makes a funny gift for Christmas, graduation, mother’s day, anniversary, Valentine’s day or Easter.

35. Chickens Barn Rain boots

These adorable rain boots are Made in the USA and feature an All-Day-Comfort Insole, a signature rubber sole, and a cute screen printed design of some happy hens out enjoying the day. They come in several colors so you can be sure to find ones that will match your gardening wardrobe!

37. Waterproof Rain Boots

These adorable and practical chick boots are made with a soft, flexible upper material and have a waterproof outer shell. The inside is fully lined with a cozy microfleece material to keep your feet warm and dry no matter what the weather! Perfect for an adventurous little girl who loves running around outside playing in the mud or rain!

38. Chicken Egg Collection Apron

This apron is perfect for protecting your clothing while gathering eggs from the chickens. It has plenty of pockets to store all of your items, and it comes in several colors to match any style or theme.

39. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Get the spa treatment at home with this gift set which includes 5 trial size products of Burt’s Bees favorites. Nourish your skin and pamper yourself from head to toe with this clean, natural, vegan bee-themed gift set including Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Body Lotion, Coconut Foot Cream and Lip Balm. A great birthday or holiday present for mom—or yourself!

40. Ornament

The hen on the nest ornament is a beautiful symbol of the warmth and safety of home, farm, and family. This adorable chicken Christmas tree ornament was carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold; then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, it was hand-painted with brightly colored lacquers and glitters for you to enjoy!

41. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Forget the fast food drive-through. With the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker, you can enjoy a hot, homemade breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes. Simply place the ingredients inside, build the base of your sandwich in the bottom layer, place the egg on the cooking plate and close the lid. Slide the cooking plate out and your sandwich assembles itself. Open  the lid and your hot breakfast sandwich is ready to eat. The included recipe book provides a variety of breakfast sandwich options, from the traditional egg, ham and cheese to unique cheddar-apple-bacon variations.

42. Solar-Powered Animal Scarer

A solar-powered animal scarer is a great addition to your garden! It makes an effective device for keeping unwanted animals away.

43. Honey Dew Gifts Chicken Decor

This funny chicken sign is perfect for your house, yard, farm, farmhouse and a great gift for family and friends. This sign is made of the highest quality aluminum for a weather-resistant finish. It’s lightweight and durable!

44. Backyard Homestead Planner

This practical and inspiring resource will help family and friends who live alone to be more comfortable in their own home. There are plans for a studio apartment, a one-bedroom apartment, a two-bedroom apartment, an efficiency, a four-bedroom house with an office space and full basement. The plans include furniture you can build yourself or order from various sources (including Amazon) if you prefer to shop for it instead of building it yourself.

45. Cackle Hat

This is a true country classic, made for storing eggs but ideally can be used to store just about anything from fruits to craft supplies. The farmhouse style will fit in any kitchen décor.

46. Artful Chicken Wall Calendar

A 12-month, 12″ x 12″ wall calendar based on the artist’s watercolor paintings of backyard chickens. Brushing and inking the paper to create a richly layered effect brings out intricate details that you can’t see with the naked eye. A beautiful yet practical gift to bring home all your feathered friends!

47. Chicken T-Shirt

Cute graphic letter print design, soft and cozy material, stylish and casual style. Easy wear with jeans, shorts, leggings. This  Love Your Flock t-shirt  is made of 50% polyester/50% cotton.

48. Funny Mug

This mug makes a great gift for that boss who has everything! It’s 11oz, dishwasher and microwave safe, and it comes in both white with black printing or pink with aqua printing.

49. Funny Mug

“I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.” – William Shakespeare So ends the above quote, and so begins your next adventure with your co-worker’s favorite mug. 12 oz in size, it will keep up with him as he runs his busy life captured by Yates & Franco Designs.

50. High Five Mug

Cool Birthday gift for coworkers, Men & Women, Him or Her, Sister – Idea for a Boyfriend. A fun and cheap gift that’s sure to get some use. This 11oz mug has printing on both sides so it’s great for anyone who needs a high five with a chair!

51. Chicken Plaque

This chicken warning sign is a great and funny gift for anyone with chickens. It measures 9 x 12 inches and is printed on 1/8 inch thick PVC material for durability in the outdoors and indoor use.