41 Gifts For Civil War Buffs

1. Viking Ship Coffee Mugs

The Vikings were among the most important historical peoples of Scandinavia, and their influence is still felt in modern-day Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and America. Although they lived more than 1,000 years ago on the European continent and had a significant impact on other regions such as Russia and England during that time period, little has been written about them until now. As one of the few native civilizations never to have become politically or culturally dominant in Europe at any point in history—a fascinating phenomenon known as Nordic superiority—the Vikings are an ideal source for a groundbreaking new narrative exploration of Scandinavian culture’s outsized role in Western civilization. In The Viking Heart , award-winning author Arthur Herman reveals how this unique blend of military prowess, religious tolerance (Sweden was the first country to legalize both Catholicism and Protestantism), technological innovation (among many others things including advanced optics for shipboard use), artistic creativity (from illuminated manuscripts to complex bronze sculpture that anticipated modernist styles), organizational innovation (notably through highly effective longship naval tactics that allowed raiding into distant shores without support ships or bases or even adequate navigation tools) became key ingredients not just for its own success but also for shaping world history itself.

2. 2011 Gettysburg Commemorative Quarters

These are a fun addition to any collection. The set includes the stamp, coin, and bullet. To add even more to this great gift idea, why not also include an envelope so they can mail the items to you!

3. UV Protection Headband

Dance, Workout, and Exercise to their hearts content and stay cool and dry! This UV protection headband will keep them protected from the sun. Comes with 6 pcs in assorted colors so they can mix & match. The material is breathable, sweat-wicking polyester which is very comfortable on the skin and dries quickly after washing.

4. Chef Neckerchief

This neckerchief makes a great chef’s hat to protect your head from the heat and grease while you work. Made of 65% polyester / 35% cotton, this chef scarf has a 4″x 60″ size and is machine washable.

5. Neck Gaiter

When the sun is beating down, a good pair of lightweight hiking socks can make all the difference. These UPF 50+ neck gators are designed to keep the rays off your sensitive skin while you’re in the great outdoors. The ultra-soft fabric offers an extra layer of protection and makes for a much more pleasant ride up your legs than traditional cotton or nylon gaiters.

6. Civil War Cannon Die Cast Miniature Replica Pencil Sharpener

This incredibly detailed and fully die-cast miniature replica features amazing attention to detail, including working wheels and a rotating belt hook. This mini cannon also serves as a pencil sharpener– though we think you’ll want to leave the ammunition in your desk drawer. A great gift for gun nuts or anyone with a love of history!

7. War Ain’t No Picnic

An entertaining and easy-to-read collection of Civil War stories, with footnoted primary sources for the more serious reader who enjoys historical research. Award-winning storyteller and Methodist pastor, Tom Letchworth, brings to life some of the most fascinating stories from the American Civil War. Each chapter includes historical photos and spiritual applications.

8. Gettysburg Battle Field Guide

At the start of the Civil War, America had barely three percent of the world’s population but twenty-three percent of its incarcerated men. Now here we were at the tip of an incredibly powerful military force that could change history. If there was a way to fight this war from afar, would they take it? In this book, you’ll follow in the footsteps of those real people–the soldiers and civilians who waged a two-year medical battle on American soil. You’ll read how doctors like Elizabeth Blackwell treated their wounded in ambulances while others took matters into their own hands and created field hospitals out of barns and homes. It makes for one incredible story!

9. Eyewitness to the Civil War

This book is an excellent overview of the war. From John Brown’s raid to Reconstruction, it presents a clear, comprehensive discussion that addresses every military, political, and social aspect of this crucial period.

10. The Civil War

This highly acclaimed mini-series traces the course of the U.S. Civil War from the abolitionist movement through all the major battles to the death of President Lincoln and the beginnings of Reconstruction. The story is mostly told in the words of the participants themselves, through their diaries and letters. Visuals are usually still photographs and illustrations of the time, and the soundtrack is likewise made up of war-era tunes played on period instruments.

11. Man in Charleston: Britain's Secret Agent in the Civil War South

Consul Bunch was a key figure in the struggle between those who wished to reopen the floodgates of bondage and misery, and those who wished to dam them forever. This gripping story describes how this standoff was resolved—and one man’s part in it. Robert Archibald Bunch (1827-1914) arrived as British consul general at Charleston, South Carolina, just as that city became ground zero for America’s growing sectional crisis over slavery. As war loomed, secessionists from the cotton states turned to Great Britain for recognition of their new nationhood. But Bunch thwarted their efforts; he sent back ironclad reports that had a decisive impact on British policy toward Southern secessionism. Our Man in Charleston describes how diplomacy played an outsized role during this crucial period and lays bare the incredible lengths to which some would go (and others were forced by circumstance) to achieve their goals without bloodshed—a lesson we have yet to learn.

12. Toob from Safari Ltd

Discover the history of one of the most violent and crippling wars America has ever been involved in with our Civil War Union Soldiers Designer Toob. Raise a toasted marshmallow to our American ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy for burning up during your next campfire enjoyment!

13. Battlegrounds: The History of Fortified Places Before and During the Wars

From Thermopylae to Agincourt, from Stalingrad to Waterloo, and from Dunkirk to Desert Storm—Battlegrounds brings three millennia of world-changing conflicts to life in a visually stunning way. From the ancient world through World War II, this military history book is packed with key battles that changed history.

14. Collectible Box Set

This is a boxed set of the three books that make up Michael C. Foote’s Civil War history masterpiece, The Battle Is Ours to Win . The boxed set includes Fort Sumter to Perryville, Fredericksburg to Meridian, and Red River to Appomattox. Years from now, Foote’s monumental narrative most likely will continue to be read and remembered as a classic of its kind.

15. The American Civil War Trivia Book

If you went to school in the United States, you probably learned about the Civil War – but this book won’t be like what you learned in history class. Maybe your teacher took the controversial stand that the Civil War was all about states’ rights… or maybe you learned all about the horrors of slavery, but never quite figured out why things didn’t get better after the war ended.

16. Indian Head Cent (1916-1940)

This is a great gift for the coin or stamp collector in your life! Imagine walking around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and spotting an Indian Head cent half-buried in the ground where the Union and Confederate soldiers battled during the American Civil War. This would be a thrill for any history buff!

17. World History Map

A stunning overview of all human history, side by side with 140 custom maps. Learn how something like the printing press can define a time, or how the Allies in Europe could defeat the Nazis. There is so much to read about in this remarkable history book, and just as much to look at.

18. Trilogy Box Set

This is a box set that includes three of Michael and Jeff Shaara’s Civil War novels —Gods and Generals, The Killer Angels, and The Last Full Measure.

19. EZPZ Bowl There are a few things you need in life, and one of them is definitely a bandana. This 100% cotton version comes in four colors so it’s super easy to gift shop for someone who needs the five-second rule applied everywhere they go. SIZE CHART – These run large; see the sizing chart on Amazon.

There are a few things you need in life, and one of them is definitely a bandana. This 100% cotton version comes in four colors so it’s super easy to gift shop for someone who needs the five-second rule applied everywhere they go. SIZE CHART – These run large; see the sizing chart on Amazon.

20. The War That Forged a Nation

One of the most important and powerful books on war, society, politics and history. Unflinching in its look at the divide between North and South that led to the Civil War and how those differences were forged into today’s national identity.

21. War Book

In this groundbreaking study, one of the world’s leading historians takes us inside military history and its impact on politics, diplomacy, economics, science and culture. Wars have played a crucial part in shaping our society and institutions since we emerged as a species living in settled communities. Since 1945 there has been no exception – whether we are talking about the Cold War or conflicts over resources such as oil or land. In a series of brilliant analyses Professor Margaret MacMillan explores how war has shaped our world throughout history and reveals just how much it still does today.

22. National Geographic Traveler’s Guide

Packed with photographs, more than 600 historic battlefield and additional Civil War-related sites, walking tours, 50 detailed maps, and the collective expertise of Civil War historians and dozens of park service experts. This handy, practical guide offers comprehensive information on the more than 384 sites recognized by the National Park Service as official battlefield locations, including Manassas to Appomattox Court House.

23. Abraham Lincoln Hoodie

Theater, nope, not a fan. This hilarious history hoodie makes a great gift for that history buff in your life who loves jokes and sarcasm (and soft fleece). A colorful play on words sums it up– Abe doesn’t like the theater!

24. T-Shirt

If he’s offended by something you say, then this t-shirt will prove it. True story! This tee comes in 6 different colors and makes a great gift for the man who has everything.

25. Tolerate Me On A Daily Basis Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in three colors, black, grey and “striped” which means it has a (comic)stripey effect on the shirt. The shirt states “I tolerate you on a daily basis”. This makes a great gift for that friend or family member who could use some serious tolerance!

26. Coffee Table Book

This book is a dream come true for history and art lovers. It’s an unprecedented look at the American Civil War from the perspective of those who fought in it, along with hundreds of rarely seen artifacts. Styled as if you’re sitting around a living room showing your friends what you got, this is the type of book that could end up being far more valuable than its purchase price. Give him that gift he can enjoy for years to come!

27. Robert E. Lee Monument Fund

This fun book explains why there is no statue of Dan Sickles on top of the pedestal that commemorates the legendary man, Brigadier General Philip Kearny. The monument fund’s chairman had embezzled money from the fund and used it to pay for his mistress’s nursing school tuition.

28. The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide

This book is an essential travel guide for anyone planning a journey along America’s historic battle routes. Learn about the battles and places that were pivotal in the war, as well as local restaurants, hotels, and attractions. With detailed historical background information on every site and hundreds of photos to help you plan your trip, this comprehensive resource will quickly become your companion on all of your future Civil War road trips!

29. Buff Merino Wool Hat

This 4-season hat can be worn in 10 different ways, making it incredibly versatile. Made of merino wool, the fabric is natural and self-cleansing, wicks moisture away from the face keeping you dry and warm, and acts as an odor eater so no stinky fibers make their way to your face.

30. Japanese American Confinement  |  eBay Listing

Japanese American Confinement This is a unique gift for any history buff–or someone who wants to learn more about our country’s past. Included are two silver coins minted in 1943 and 1944 when the United States was in the middle of World War II, a nickel (dated 1941) and a quarter (1944). Also included is a $1 Japanese Invasion Note that the Japanese planned to use in the U.S. in place of U.S. currency following a successful invasion – but fortunately it was never needed!

31. Wool Lined Union Army Cap

Perhaps it was the cold that drove them from Congress. Or, more likely, it was all of the fuss over a simple wool cap. Whatever the reason, these days you’re much more likely to see a beanie-hatted member of the two old parties than you are to see him or her sporting an authentic wool union army kepi!

32. The Civil War: A Visual History

This book is a visual overview of the American Civil War. It was written by two military historians and contains clear, concise information about military leaders, battles, weapons, and more.

33. Leather Kepi

Accented with brass buttons, this wool kibitzer hat is an excellent companion to any Civil War wardrobe. Whether you’re re-enacting or just want to look the part, this classic wool kepi will have all of your friends asking where you got it!

34. Wool Kepi

A wool beret is a great gift for the manly men in your life, or just the man in your life. This particular beret is made of wool and has an inside lining so it’s not just a hat. It comes in several sizes and colors so you can get just the right one for the person getting it as well as a few extra to pass out to his friends and fellow veterans.

35. World War II Visual Encyclopedia

This stunning visual history of WWII brings to life the brutality, courage, and tragedy of the greatest conflict humankind has ever known. With hundreds of photographs and illustrations, this definitive encyclopedia covers all aspects of this pivotal time in world history as it unfolded both at home and abroad. From Pearl Harbor to D-Day, the Battle of Stalingard to Iwo Jima—this comprehensive reference traces every significant event during World War II.

36. Century-Old Toy

A great gift for the history of guns lovers. Firearms: An Illustrated History is an essential purchase for everyone interested in guns and military history. It’s a visual education on firearms from their invention to the modern day. This makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift!

37. Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet

This is a Deadpool inspired helmet from the Marvel Legends series. The helmet is made of PVC and has lights inside! If your kid is a fan of Ant-Man, this will be the coolest gift they’ve ever received!

38. CSA Belt Buckle

This is a beautiful and historically accurate belt buckle for any fan of the American Civil War. Made of brass, it’s both beautiful and sturdy. This would look great paired with a custom leather strap as well!

39. Fun Walk in the Park Tote

This 16-piece puzzle measures 15 x 10 inches when completed. It takes about 45 minutes to solve and was designed so no knowledge of military history is required.

40. Spies, Code Breakers, and Secret Agents: A World War II Book for Kids

Learn about history in a fun and accessible way that anyone can enjoy. Get an up-close look at actual spies, as well as some seriously amazing spy gear. This book is the perfect gift to give your child a better understanding of how our government works today and the role famous spies played in World War II.

41. Bootprints in the Snow

A beautifully written tour of thirty Civil War battlefields, from Antietam to Chancellorsville. The book includes extensive photos of the key sites and monuments, as well as beautiful landscapes and historic archival photography.