48 Gifts For Crossfitters

1. Solar Wind Chime

Inexpensive wind chimes that change color with the sun? Check. Distinctive design that makes it obvious they’re having fun with the solar power thing? Check. This is one of my favorite gifts for a nature-loving mom who has an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

2. Stainless Steel Tumbler

This tumbler is ideal for a road warrior. The double-wall construction keeps your drink cold or hot for hours, and the BPA-free lid stays put while you're driving.

3. Jojo Siwa Watch

Another birthday gift for a 4-year-old girl is an app that acts as a watch and connects to an app on your phone. So, when you point your phone at the app, it shows the time in different cities around the world!

4. Gym Shadow Box

A motivating gym gift can be a great help to someone who is beginning to exercise. An impressive award, ticket or piece of paper can motivate an older adult that might no longer be as motivated as they once were. A picture frame with holes in the back for easy hanging is included and includes wall mounting hardware.

5. Sweat Activated T-Shirt

A motivating message is revealed as your shirt sweats during a tough workout. This funny gift will get them through their next work out! Made of high quality polyester, this shirt won’t leave you feeling sticky.

6. Sweat Activated Tank

Is your gym clothes making you lazy? Gym tank tops are the new fitness fashion! These t-shirts reveal a funny message as they react to your sweat! From now on, you don’t have to choose between wearing cutesy workout clothing and not getting motivated at the gym.

7. Cute Workout Tank

This cute Rosie The Lifter tank makes a great gift for that gym rat sister or friend in your life! 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon. Comes in several colors and is machine washable.

8. Workout Tank

When you’re a working mama, time is always an issue. She deserves to be pampered so this Mother’s Day why not give her the gift of relaxation with a spa day for mom? This tank is comfortable, breathable and has the added benefit of muscle girl graphic that will make her feel good about herself!

9. CrossFit Sweatshirt

The best gift for a fitness lover. This funny sweatshirt makes an excellent Christmas gift, birthday present or just an “official” thank you gift when you sign up for classes at the box and buy a shirt in return. Made from 100% cotton, featuring the Worlds Okayest Crossfitter design on the front and back. Available in Mens and Womens cuts as well as infant sizes!

10. Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Play four-square, a variation of volleyball that goes back to Roman times, with your friends and family in the fresh air. It’s easy to learn but takes lots of skill. With this set you get a volleyball net, poles, carrying backpack, and ball all in one! The adjustable height makes it suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

11. Custom Workout Dice

These workout dice promise to spice up your routine, allowing you to create your own circuit classes, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, or boot camps. The set includes 36 unique exercises and instructions for performing them.

12. No Show Socks

These socks are designed to make sure you don’t get any blisters during your run. They wick away moisture, preventing you from getting those annoying foot cramps.

13. Game of Cards

Dear Evolved Parents, Kids Against Maturity is the perfect parental tool to approach playtime and family time. Are you sick of the same old dated games every game night? This instant classic was made and played by parents like you. With age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for the adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Best results when played with 4 players or more.

14. Workout Flamingos

These flamingo workout clothes will have him looking and feeling great! Made of polo shirt, these are a classic fit and comfortable to wear. A cute saying on the back makes this a great gift for anyone who loves to work out.

15. RipFix callus remover and cream

This is a complete handcare system in one easy-to-carry tin that helps prevent and treat rough, dry hands. The salve protects sensitive skin on the palm while the lotion hydrates cracked, dry hands. Can be used along with the pumice stone to smooth calluses.

16. Pizza Plate  | Bumper Plates  | Donut Bumper Plates

Pizza Plate  | Bumper Plates There is no better feeling after a long workout than finally getting to eat that pizza hot off the grill. Now you can do so guilt-free with these donut and pizza bumper plates! Made from durable eco-friendly silicone resin, these weight plates look just like your favorite Domino’s pizzas.

17. Pop Push Tie Dye Fidget Spinner

Pop pop, spin spin a Pop push tie dye fidget spinner. Great for calming and soothing nerves, keeping kids busy, or as a fun desk accessory. It’s also great for sensory issues such as Autism, ADHD, anxiety and PTSD.

18. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This is a fun toy that can help with stress, anxiety, and focus. It’s great for people who have autism and other special needs. The cubes can be arranged in endless configurations and are small enough to carry almost anywhere.

19. Yodeler Pickle

Not exactly a toy, but more of a gadget, isn’t it? This is something in between a toy and a gadget. A yodeling pickle that comes with an instruction booklet (in several languages) telling you how to have fun with your new friend.

20. Balance Ball

This is a great tool to have if you’re looking for ways to keep fit and be more active. The ball can be used to improve your balance, mobility, coordination, strength, flexibility and agility. It can also be used as a rehab device for injuries or muscle tension and can even help with stress relief.

21. Jump Rope

This jump rope is not only fast but also creates a very stable rope swing so you can easily recover from inaccurate swings. This makes it great for beginners or experienced jumpers. Since the handle is weighted, swinging quickly becomes natural and effortless. A fun way to get into shape!

22. WODDice

Athletes of all types, especially CrossFitters, use our online workout dice to plan their workouts and test themselves. The 12-sided dice provides endless amounts of new challenges in the form of both time/movement restrictions and numbers of reps/movements.

23. WOD Dice

If you’re looking for an exciting new toy to add to your workout gear, then the WOD dice are just what you need! These 12-sided dice were created by a former Olympian and fitness trainer and are meant to be used in exercise programming. They can be mixed and matched so you always have a different routine every time you work out.

24. But Did You Die Tank

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. This “but did you die” muscle tank says it all in a cool and stylish way. Made of lightweight cotton, the graphic T-shirt comes in women’s sizes as well as men’s size small through 3XL.

25. Guess in 10 Game

This card game is from the makers of the “Ask a Question” series, and it’s all about figuring out what animal you are looking at. Is it a cat? A dog? A cow? An elphant? Your guess is as good as any kid’s when it comes to answering these questions!

26. Kids Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game is a fun and easy way to spend some time with your family while exercising at the same time. You can play this game inside or outside, and even on wet days it will not get soggy thanks to the material it is made of. Since there are multiple games in one, you can entertain everyone from young kids to adults with this one toy!

27. Weight Plate Coaster

If your fitness- obsessed loved one is always spilling their protein shake on the floor or slipping a weight plate out from under the bar, then they need these weight plate coasters! Made of silicone, the set of four non-slip coasters hold 16 oz. cups or mugs and protect furniture and floors from messy mishaps.

28. Beard Grooming Kit

A healthy beard is crucial to looking good, and most men don’t take the time to groom it properly. This beard grooming kit has all the tools you need to get a great shave every time. The kit comes with everything you need except for some hot water and a suitable container (be sure to read the included guide!).

29. Beard Grooming Kit

A good beard grooming kit should include shampoo, conditioner, oil, brush and scissors. Not included in most kits is a loofah or detangling comb. This beard growth kit is an excellent addition to any man’s home barbering supplies collection.

30. Workout Gloves

Nothing says “I love you” like a box of badass workout gloves. Say it with a punch to the gut, with these fashionable, soft, durable gloves made for women who train! Squeeze your hands into these sweet red gloves and say, “I got this”.

31. Anti-Aging Hand Care Kit

This hand salve balm is a great addition to any fitness enthusiast’s kit. This product was created with athletes in mind and will help speed healing of hand injuries so they can return to training as soon as possible.

32. Slippery When Wet Shower Sandals

These shower clogs are inspired by the classic fisherman sandal with a jelly rubber sole and cradles your feet with soft cushioning. The bandage style upper shows off contrast 3-Stripes for a classic athletic look, and the EVA outsole provides lightweight comfort.

33. Cross Trainer Shirts

These high-quality running shirts for men are made to last and look good doing it. Each shirt is sweat-wicking, breathable, and quick drying so you’ll stay cool & comfortable all day long.

34. Weight Lifting Tee Shirt

No self-proclaimed ‘gym rat’ should be without a couple of stylish, comfortable t-shirts to wear to the gym. Made from 100% cotton, this weight lifting tee shirt features a cute message that will remind them why they are there — to get fit and have fun doing it!

35. The Squatfather

The SquatFather is here to save your ass from embarrassment. This shirt has a built-in pocket that holds all of his personal belongings safe and secure so he never has to worry about leaving the gym with his phone, wallet, keys, or credit cards missing.

36. Weider Weight Lifting Workout Sweatshirt

Nothing says “I’m a gym rat” like letting everyone know that you lift weights. This shirt makes a great gift for that fitness-obsessed friend in your life! The best gifts are the ones they don’t see coming, and this is one of the best weight-lifting gifts I have seen.

37. NIVEA Men’s Grooming Kit

An all-in-one travel bag is included in this gift set to make sure that your husband can look and smell great on the road. The kit includes five products developed specifically for men with sensitive skin.

38. Medicine Ball Exercise Cards

These cards are twice the size of competitors’ exercising cards, making them easier to read and handle. The instructions are easy to follow with illustrations. Use dry-erase marker to track your progress.

39. Cross Charm Bangle

This beautiful expandable bangle adjusts from size 2″ to 3.5″ It features a cross-shaped charm to bring comfort and express her faith. Made in the U.S.A, this pretty charm bracelet is nickel-free and has a timeless classic design.

40. Magic Ball Fidget Toy

Sensory tools for kids are a great tool to help with focus and attention. This magic ball set is different from other sets because it helps with anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity. The balls have different textures that will require your hands to as well as the objects in their hand. It is a great toy for fidgety kids or adults that need something to do while they are waiting or in class.

41. Coffee Cup Keychain

Starbucks lovers will adore this cute little keychain which is made of high-quality enamel. The design features a coffee cup, ten spoons, and three sugar cubes – the perfect food for thought to share with your best friend.

42. Shower Steamers

These shower steamers are a great last-minute gift if you’re going to a birthday party, spa day, or just need some relaxation. Each one is unique and provides a different aromatic experience for your mind and body.

43. Exercise Dice

This set of exercise dice makes doing complex bodyweight exercises easy. Just roll the 6-sided dice and perform the corresponding exercise! Exercises include jumping jacks, crunches, squats, lunges, push ups, and a wildcard exercise. There are 30 second to 10 rep counts for each activity. A great gift idea for someone looking to get fit!

44. Coding Kit

This is a great beginner kit for kids who love technology. It teaches kids ages 5-10 various coding basics and how to program an iPad. You will need an Osmo tablet (no wifi needed) and the Osmo coding blocks kit in order to use all of its features.

45. Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

A gravity powered maze game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert. It makes a great gift for kids who like puzzles, smart games and challenging activities.

46. CrossFit Journal

This journal covers everything you need to track your workout progress, including nutrition, weight, sleep, and mood. The journal includes 200 WODs and allows you to set goals for each one. This is the perfect gift for those who are new to CrossFit or looking for a way to keep track of their progress!

47. Window Clings

This set comes with a booklet of designs that you can copy onto the vinyl sheet to create your own window art. The kit includes 12 pre-printed shapes, 8 vibrant window paints, and an acetate sheet for you to customize and decorate your sun catchers.

48. President Obama Stress Relief Ball

This little stress reliever will be the best gift you give that friend who could use a little boost now and again. The ball is filled with negative political energy, which it absorbs, then releases on command!