42 Gifts For Crossword Lovers

1. Who Done It Crossword Puzzle Book

This crossword puzzle book is a lot more than just a fun game. There are hidden clues in every puzzle that lead to the solution of the mystery, which is why this gift is so great for lovers of puzzles or anyone who loves to be kept on their toes!

2. Word Clock

This clock is so much more than just a pretty face! The letters on this clock light up when you turn on the lamp, making it an ideal nightstand clock. It’s also great as an accent piece since it doubles as a modern art work and functional clock.

3. Large Print Word Search

Improve your memory and visual acuity with this word search. Carefully concealed words in each puzzle (up to 16 words per puzzle). Easy to read font and each puzzle takes up a full page (8.5 x 11 inches). A fun way to exercise the mind and a great gift for any birthday or holiday.

4. Spa Bath Gifts

A spa day is in order for you and your family! Give the gift of relaxation with this Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set. This 12 pack comes with uniquely handcrafted bath bombs that are great for a pick-me-up after a long day or to help you unwind before bed.

5. New York Times Sunday Crossword Book

This book is the biggest crossword puzzle collection in the world. It contains more than 500 puzzles from The New York Times and has an answer key so that you can track your completion rate. You might not think of yourself as a “solver” but with better time management skills you could easily get through this book in just a few days if you put your mind to it.

6. Gift Set

If the husband or wife is a fan of mysteries and the games that go along with it, then this gift set is an excellent choice. The puzzles in this game were inspired by those in The World’s Greatest Detective, so if you’ve got a logic-loving brain who loves a good challenge, then this will be one of the best gifts they ever receive!

7. Activity Book

This equine-inspired activity book is full of fun stuff to do with your child! Learn how to draw 16 different horses, learn fun facts about each breed, play games and puzzles, make crafts, doodle some cows on the blank page, and much more. At the end of the book are two pages for you to write your child a personalized letter explaining why they love horses. A great way to spend some quality time together!

8. Ultimate Baseball Crossword Puzzle Book

This baseball-themed word game crossword puzzle book is sure to be a big hit. The puzzles are difficult but solvable by anyone with a good knowledge of the sport. If you’re into brain teasers and love America’s pastime this is one of the best books in our gift guide.

9. Jeopardy! Book

This book contains 27 crossword puzzles and 40 word search puzzles that any person can do, but which are designed to stretch and challenge even an avid Jeopardy fan. The grids have been specially formulated so that each completed puzzle unlocks another puzzle, until the full set is revealed. The puzzles in this book are focused on a favorite category of Jeopardy – World History, U.S. History, Word Origins, State Capitals, and more.

10. 400 Brain Teasers

Exercise your brain, exercise your body. All it takes is ten to fifteen minutes a day of playing the right games. It’s fun! This book contains hundreds of puzzles, trivia quizzes, brain teasers, and word games specially designed to keep your gray matter young and agile. 400 challenges for every age group and ability level make this one of the best gifts you can give anyone interested in puzzles or just looking to keep their minds sharp!

11. New York Times Crossword Puzzle Calendar

This calendar includes a never-ending supply of witty and challenging puzzles from The New York Times. Since Will Shortz, the crossword editor for The Times, is also their only puzzle columnist, his trademarks are present in every clue—anagrams, play on words, homophones (different words with the same sound), and more. This calendar would make an excellent gift for that fan of punny wordplay who needs a little help with their cubes!

12. Scarf

Crossword Puzzle infinity scarf is a long looped scarf. The beautiful print design makes it very stylish and unique. It’s great for wearing in the fall and winter months. Pair this with one of Etwoa’s cardigans for a complete outfit!

13. Dual Challenge Crossword Puzzle

Solve the crossword first, and then complete the 24″ x 18″ jigsaw puzzle. This durable, dual-purpose puzzle provides endless hours of entertainment! A great stocking stuffer gift for the brainiac in your life!

14. Expandable Bangles  | Size: 2 to 3.5 Inches

Expandable Bangles These bangles are made of copper or silver-plated stainless steel, have an adjustable sliding clasp and come in many different colors. The perfect gift for someone you love who is going through a rough time but doesn’t know it yet!

15. Pride and Prejudice Trivia Book

This puzzles book is the perfect gift for the Jane Austen fan who loves to exercise their brain as well as their eyes. It’s full of riddles, conundrums, and trivia about all three of Austen’s most beloved novels.

16. American History Crossword Puzzle Book

Exercise your brain, train your problem-solving skills with these funny awesome crossword games! You have a constitutional right to learn these words related to American history! This comprehensive vocabulary list will take you from the settlement of the colonies through the present day. It includes topics such as the Constitution and civil rights, slavery and the Civil War, American presidents, immigration and multiculturalism, and much more.

17. Tribute Crossword

For 16 years, the legendary Dr. Eugene T. Maleska ruled the roost of puzzledom as the New York Times crossword editor, and he did so with inimitable style. Now, in a special tribute to this landmark editor, a new volume of 100 Sunday Times crosswords edited by Dr. Maleska that have never been published in book form.

18. Fuck Off, I’m Reading Socks

These cute and funny socks come in a variety of colors and say “Fuck Off, I’m Reading.” One size fits most shoe sizes. Let your feet do the talking and wear these socks with pride! These are sure to be a best seller.

19. 101 Fun Crossword Puzzles for Kids

With this crossword puzzle book for kids, you get to help your child’s brain grow by teaching them how to use their imagination and have fun in the process. The puzzles are designed so that they are easy enough for a 6-year-old to complete, but challenging enough to keep even the most intelligent 7-year-old on their toes!

20. Adult Coloring Book

This box comes with a variety of games and activities to keep the mind active and the hours passing by. It’s great for elderly people who might get bored easily or have trouble focusing because of memory issues. The best gift for old people who love puzzles, crossword puzzles, or just need something to do.

21. Dog Activity Book

If you are looking for dog lover’s gifts for women or men, gifts for dog groomers or gifts for pet owners, this book is ideal. A perfect Christmas gift for dog moms and dads or for dog lovers. This should be one of your favorite dog books! Filled with doggie activities including a large print word search, crosswords, matching, trivia questions, and more.

22. Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books

These Easy to Read Puzzles are the perfect way to relax and unplug while sharpening your mind! This crossword puzzle book for seniors is a great gift idea for those who love puzzles or who have trouble reading small print.

23. Stage Door Classic Movie Quiz Book

200 questions about movies from the Golden Age. If you love classic movies, then this book is a must have! This quiz book will put your knowledge to the test with plenty of fun and interesting questions on all aspects of the Hollywood Golden Age.

24. Romantic Coffee Spoon

Coffee and I have a special relationship. It keeps me up at night, it keeps me going in the morning, and it even makes me poop! So of course, we need a romantic coffee spoon as an anniversary gift to show our love for one another. Your loved one will get their very own custom engraved silverware set with this coffee spoon included.

25. Personalised 1950s Crossword Book

This isn’t a game – it’s a mind challenge. Put your knowledge to the absolute test with this nostalgic 1950s crossword book. Over 300 crossword questions across 15 different puzzles, including one with the answer hidden inside! There are also complete solutions at the back, plus some great stats and quotes from the decade that was the Fifties.

26. Crossword Puzzles Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug will make your favorite crossword puzzle lover happy (or maybe a few of them). It holds 11 ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

27. 40-Count Standard Size Mechanical Pencils

One BIC mechanical pencil equals 2.5 wooden case pencils, so these 40-count standard size mechanical pencils will refill themselves up to 25 times and last forever. They’re made of the highest quality lead, and they never need to be sharpened.

28. Scrabble

Ready, set, go! Take a trip down memory lane with this authentic game just like mom and dad played when you were little. The compact design fits anywhere and the magnetic closure keeps everything secure.

29. Puzzle & Recipe Book

This game offers a fun way to learn how to cook. Test your cooking skills with this entertaining, clever recipe book that puts your cooking knowledge to the test! Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? And what sounds more satisfying than being able to eat your results afterwards? If you’ve ever tried cooking, you will be all too familiar with how puzzling certain recipes can be—from figuring out proper techniques to deciphering improper instructions. So why not make a game out of it? In Hungry Games, Kate Heddings attempts a journey from turning her recipe challenges into a game of recipe rehab testing the skills of cooks who know it all by finding mistakes intentionally inserted into each recipe Ranging from easy to difficult and including both cooking mistakes (time, temp, quantities) editorial mistakes (out of order ingredients), and brings some fun back into cooking are paired with traditional food-themed crossword puzzles and word search games for every avid cook or puzzle fan—and gives the phrase “playing with your food” new meaning.

30. Cat Butt Coloring and Activity Book

This cat butt coloring book is hilarious! It’s a crayon for adults only. 45 hilarious scenes guaranteed to put you in the mood to color, from laser-shooting intergalactic kitties to skateboarding cats not ashamed to present their butts.

31. New York Magazine Crossword Puzzle Book

The first in a long line of NYT crossword puzzle books. This book features 200 contemporary Sunday-size puzzles from the magazine. Gentle wit mixed with clever puns and a relatively easy style make for enjoyable, popular crossword puzzles that only Maura Jacobson can create!

32. Hanjie Puzzle Book

These Japanese logic puzzles are known as Nonogram, Hanjie, Picross, Griddlers, and more. But whatever you like to call them – they’re all fun! Features: 50 unique designs; 1 puzzle per page; hard level; answer for every puzzle.

33. Puzzle & Quiz Book

This 192-page paperback book is a great way to spend an hour or two killing some time. It includes more than 120 puzzles and quizzes about true crime stories, including famous ones like OJ Simpson’s trial. There are various types of puzzles such as crosswords, cryptograms, word ladders, anagrams, and picture puzzles. A really fun way to kill time!

34. Tennis Quiz Book

This book is a fun way to get to know someone. It’s got over 300 crossword and quiz questions on 16 different tennis-themed puzzles, with complete solutions at the back. There are inspirational quotes from famous players as well as questions about before the open era and current champions. A great gift for both adults and children that want to test their knowledge of the great game that is tennis.

35. Crossword Calendar

This crossword calendar is the perfect gift for a crossword-loving loved one. Each day throughout November and December, a new crossword will be filled in for them to solve! There are three difficulty levels to choose from, so they can challenge themselves or their partner. The point values for each puzzle are also provided, so it’s possible to earn points without knowing much about crosswords!

36. Friends Word Search Puzzle Book

This book was revised and updated on April 15, 2021. The “FRI

37. Crossword Puzzle Book

This crossword puzzle book is different. Unlike most puzzle books, all of the puzzles in each book in this new series focus on a single subject. Learn new facts about birds while enjoying an entire book of puzzles with fascinating clues. Anyone who likes birds will really like these puzzles and there is no repetition from puzzle to puzzle. Illustrations of birds add interest.

38. Crossword Puzzle Book for Cat Lovers

This crossword puzzle book is different. Unlike most puzzle books, all of the puzzles in each book in this new series focus on a single subject. Learn new facts about cats while enjoying an entire book of puzzles with fascinating clues. Anyone who likes cats will really like these puzzles. There is no repetition from puzzle to puzzle and illustrations of cats add interest.

39. Crossword Puzzle Book

This crossword puzzle book is different. Unlike most puzzle books, all of the puzzles in each book in this new series focus on a single subject. There is no repetition from puzzle to puzzle, so if you’re looking for something to do while you watch an Olympic event, then this might be the book for you!

40. The Complete Immersion Language Learning Program

This is a follow-up to my best-selling book, ‘101 Spanish Words You Need To Know.’ I wanted this new words list to be more comprehensive and dynamic, so the content was created based on research into the needs of today’s global nomads. People constantly on the move need their vocabulary lists with them, and this will help anyone learn any language quickly by making use of what you already know.

41. Crossword Puzzle Book

This large-print history crossword puzzle book covers the military history of the western world, from ancient Greece and Rome to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s a fun way to learn about important events in recent history while having some fun solving crossword puzzles!

42. Maple Scrabble Set

This Scrabble set is anything but standard. The board is a solid piece of maple wood and the pieces are made out of real, actual Scrabble letters! There is also a drawer for the tiles, which is a nice touch.