53 Gifts For Deploying Soldier

1. Once a Warrior

Jake Wood is a retired Marine sniper and the founder of Team Rubicon, the largest non-government organization made up of military veterans who offer worldwide crisis response in times of war, natural disaster, and mass casualty incidents. After experiencing post traumatic stress from his time spent overseas, he turned to helping other vets overcome their own mental health issues. Now he runs one of the most effective organizations fighting for transparency in government while working around the clock to save lives in times America needs them most. This book shares his inspiring story about how he was able to find direction after being lost and how everyone can find their own mission in life once they realize there’s something greater than themselves that they need to do.

2. Sun and Wind Chime

These are interesting and magical wind chimes that keep you in a good mood. At night, they will shine in wonderful colors, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue. They will change various kinds of brilliant colors to light up your heart making you and family happy. They are so close to you even 10 times more beautiful than the shining stars in the sky. You’ll love them!

3. Solar Wind Chime

These are interesting and magical wind chimes that keep you in a good mood. At night, they will shine in wonderful colors, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue. They will change various kinds of brilliant colors to light up your heart making you and your family happy. They are so close to you even 10 times more beautiful than the shining stars in the sky.

4. Portable Speaker

This tiny speaker is perfect for carrying into the field with your dad. It’s lightweight, durable, and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours! This would make a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift.

5. Moving Target Set

This is a great gift for that 10-year-old boy who loves to shoot things and has plenty of time to practice since he’s not immediately interested in playing with friends or hanging out at the local center. This will help him improve his accuracy, speed, and endurance when it comes to shooting targets that move.

6. Leather Journal

If he loves to write, then this leather journal is a great gift. It can be used as a diary, but it can also be used for writing ideas, lists, and notes. The leather smell is very real, which means that your favorite writer will enjoy the fragrant scent while he’s working away at his masterpiece.

7. Magnetic Wristband

This super cool tool belt is made of genuine leather and has 15 magnets to hold screws, nails, or even metal objects like a wrench when you’re working on a DIY project.

8. LED Gloves  | Gift for Him  | Fishing Gifts

LED Gloves  | Gift for Him The elderly love to be cozy. These fingerless gloves give them the benefit of being able to see where they’re going and not freezing their fingers off. Two bright LED lights allow them to continue on with their night without having to sacrifice vision or comfort.

9. LED Light Up Pen

This amazing multitool pen sets has it all! It’s equipped with an LED light, a touch screen stylus, standard and metric rulers, a bubble leveler, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a ballpoint pen. This gift is sure to be used every day.

10. USA Flag Leather Journal

A journal is always useful, and this one has a hidden pen holder and comes with a free pen. The journal measures 6 x 8 inches, is bound in real leather, and can be used as both a diary of sorts as well as an artist’s sketchbook.

11. Desk Caddy

A neat desk organizer is a useful gift for anyone with a desk job and the need to keep everything in its place. This one has several sections so you can sort your items by type, such as pens, pencils, or paper clips.

12. Multi-Purpose Tool

A multitool is a great addition to any outdoorsman’s gear. This one is small enough to carry anywhere but has all the tools you need to fix anything that might happen on your adventure. It includes a bottle opener, can thaw food, pry open jammed doors, help with repairs, cut rope, and more.

13. I’ll Lend You My Daddy

A heartwarming story of love, courage, and comfort during deployment for military families with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Young boys and girls find ways to manage their feelings about deployment (from goodbyes to the first night) as they eagerly await their fathers’ return home. Through the support of family and friends, care packages, and calls these children grow strong with the knowledge of what it means to serve generating pride from within that makes glorious reunions all the more sweet by book’s end.

14. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks

Help your teen stand out from the crowd and be the life of the party with these hilarious Do Not Disturb gaming socks! If they’re into Fortnite or PUBG, then they’ll absolutely love these. The design shows a masked gamer holding up a sign that says “Do Not Disturb. My mother just turned off my computer so I could go to sleep…again.”

15. Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Dear Evolved Parents, Kids Against Maturity is the perfect parental tool to approach playtime and family time. Are you sick of the same old dated games every game night? This instant classic was made and played by parents like you. With age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for the adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Best results when played with 4 players or more.

16. Italian Charm

A silver square bracelet is a traditional 15th-anniversary gift that symbolizes the couple’s lifelong friendship. This simple, elegant and modern Italian charm bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver and features a lobster clasp for added security. The two bracelets are available in several sizes to fit most wrists.

17. Solar Chime

This angel chime will gently sway in the wind, bringing light and love to those who are hurting inside. The solar panel on the back recharges the batteries during the day so that it can glow all night long.

18. Magnetic Wristband

A magnetic wristband that holds screws, nails, screwdriver bits, drill bits, nuts, washers and bolts. It can also be used to hold small metal parts or tools that you don’t want to lose inside your toolbox. A super-handy gift for DIY people who work on their hands free in the garage or around the house.

19. Neck Massager

8 kneading massage nodes provide a deeply relaxing and soothing experience to your strained tissues and muscles. Shiatsu-based therapy replaces the therapist wherever you go to provide a comforting and relaxing experience to your tired body whether it’s from physical strain or mental stress.

20. Dragonfly Wind Chime

A solar powered dragonfly wind chime that can light up at night! Part bower, part solar lamp, this hanging sculpture makes a great addition to your outdoor space. Add it to your garden or patio to complete the scene for a romantic dinner for two or as a unique gift idea.

21. Walkie Talkies

If your 7-year-old needs a hobby, then these remote control walkie talkies are the perfect gift. He can make his friends jealous with his long range abilities and dominate all those clan wars he’s been missing out on. Also, it comes with 2 wristbands so they can be toggled between frequencies if any interference occurs.

22. Glass Hummingbird Feeder  | Decorative  &  Multiple-Functional  | Eco-friendly

Glass Hummingbird Feeder  | Decorative  &  Multiple-Functional This beautiful hummingbird feeder will fill your garden with beautiful music! The solar panel charges a built-in battery that controls the lights. There are multiple color changes between green and red, as well as an extra light for night feeding.

23. Solar Wind Chime

The solar powered butterfly wind chimes light is a beautiful addition to your garden decor. This decorative piece features a black panel, which absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity. As the sun sets, the intricate aluminum butterfly sculpture comes to life with changing colors. It’s an especially romantic gift for your wife on her birthday.

24. Family Photo Journal

These socks are designed to keep feet dry and comfortable whether you’re working, running around after the kids, or just walking around the house. Made of Dri-Tech material they wick away moisture and have vent channels to help keep your legs cool. The socks come in a pack of six which is great for keeping track of when you lose one!

25. Army Men Pretend Play Set

Does your child love all things relating to the military? Does he love to play with toy vehicles and toy army men? Offering the best of both worlds, this JaxoJoy 200-Piece Military Set is full of action-packed toy soldiers, military vehicles and other accessories to keep him occupied day in and day out. The set comes with multiple army men toys furnished in green, red, blue and yellow colors, and stationed in a number of different poses to enhance the role-playing fun. It also includes a number of accessories to setup the scene. With brick walls, tents, forts, barricades, trees and signs it’s an endless scenario for pretend play.

26. Flashlight

This flashlight is made of aircraft-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum. It has several practical functions – a white LED light for reading in the dark, an emergency SOS signal with strobe function, and a glass breaker function. This device is ideal for both outdoor activities and emergencies. The best gift for outdoorsmen or anyone who spends time in the darkness!

27. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This is one of the coolest, most useful gift ideas for a manly guy. The telescoping magnet pick-up tool includes two 3″x1.5″ rare earth magnets and an LED light that extends up to 5 feet. It’s perfect for picking up small items you may have dropped into hard-to-reach places. Also, this gadget is very effective at attracting ferrous metal like screws and nails!

28. Aikove Rocket Launcher

The ultimate in backyard toys, the rocket launches your model rockets to altitudes up to 1771 feet where they can travel up to 50+ miles. The altitude feature allows you to launch a variety of types and sizes of model rockets, making it a great gift for any young space enthusiast.

29. Army Mom Keychain

This beautiful key chain reminds them that your soldier loves them no matter where they are or what they’re doing. The stainless steel key ring is available in several different languages including English, Spanish, and Arabic.

30. Bluetooth Beanie

With its unique design, this Bluetooth beanie lets you listen to your music while keeping the ears warm. The high-quality battery can be recharged through USB and can last about 2 hours when fully charged. With this much sound quality, you’ll never want to take it off!

31. Quick and Dirty

What do you do when you’re an active-duty serviceman or woman with only a few hours to kill? You make the best possible use of that time by playing this game! The goal is simple: complete all of your mission objectives within the time limit. Use your resources to buy additional time in exchange for money, equipment, or other useful items. A great way to blow off steam while deployed, at home on R&R, or just bored!

32. Breakfast with the Dirt Cult

It’s 7am and you’re still in your pajamas. That can only mean one thing… you are having a dirt nap! This book is filled with hilarious cartoons that perfectly exemplify the mindset of a middle-aged man who hasn’t left his house in days. Even better, it comes with a FREE digital copy so you can entertain yourself on those long car rides to work!

33. Personalized Cufflink

A great 50th birthday gift idea is a set of these personalized Joycuffs. The bracelet comes with an elegant box and stones that are inscribed with a funny secret message. Also, the words “To Have and to Hold Your Hand” are engraved on each stone.

34. Military Shemagh Scarf

Shemagh scarves (Arabic for “green scarf”) are a popular accessory in the Middle East and North Africa. They’re super comfortable, easily fold up into a pocket when not being worn, and can be used as a bandana or hijab cover up. This shemagh measures 43 inches across, which is large enough to cover the head & face while keeping all of the neck exposed.

35. Belief Keychain

This keychain is a great reminder that it’s your unshakable belief in yourself and your ability to reach for the stars that draws people to you. It celebrates all of the hard work you’ve put into believing in yourself and reminds you not to forget it.

36. Army Dad T-Shirt

If you are a proud Army Dad, it’s time to show it with this AFG exclusive design! 100% Preshrunk cotton. Available in long and short sleeve options for all those cool summer days.

37. Solar Wind Chime

A solar powered wind chime that plays tunes when the sun comes out! This garden decor will play a tune every half hour, day or night, depending on the charge. The hummingbirds can be controlled by an app.

38. Solar Wind Chime

A soothing, humming sound and beautiful rainbow colors all combined into one garden ornament. This solar-powered wind chime will enhance the beauty of your outdoor fountain or garden with its pretty tinkling sound and vibrant colors. No need to worry about it getting wet because it’s waterproof!

39. Dino Toy Figures and Playmat

An all-inclusive dino play set makes for one of the best gifts for a 4-year-old who is getting into dinosaurs. The 9″ figures are poseable and can be placed on the mat to recreate their dino world.

40. H&M Michaela Cross

This beautiful pendant is from the new Saints Collection at H&M and it’s a great way to celebrate St. Michael! Inscribed with the words “Protect Us” this dainty cross is perfect for those who may not wear a religious medal but would like to show their faith.

41. Army Mom Bracelet

Every mom wants to show their pride for the brave men and women who serve our country. This bracelet is a great way to do just that! Each stainless steel link is 1/4″ thick making it strong enough to hold up even under stress.

42. Prayer Shawl

This is a moving and inspiring true story of one marine’s faith during the Iraq war. It reads more like a novel than an autobiography but it’s completely real and emotional read. Even if you are not religious, this will still make you think about religion in different ways and whether or not God was with the marines that day.

43. Electronic Voice Changer

This is a great gift for those who have an appreciation of technology and a sense of humor. Give them hours and hours of fun with the Tech-Gear Multi Voice Changer. Experiment with the science of sound using this electronic voice synthesizer, featuring 10 different voice modifiers. Side levers adjust frequency and amplitude, creating hundreds of different sound combinations. Effects include a voice amplifier and colorful flashing LEDs.

44. Sarcastic T-Shirt

This graphic t-shirt makes a great gift for that sarcastic uncle in your life. This funny shirt will have everyone laughing and asking where you got it from. The charcoal gray color with black type is a classic design that never goes out of style.

45. Funny T-Shirt

If you’ve got a tolerance for me, then this t-shirt is definitely one to add to your wardrobe! Made of 100% cotton, it comes in multiple colors and makes a great gift for that friend who can tolerate you but would rather not be tolerated.

46. Retreez Coffee Mug

Retreez promises to deliver quality products at a truly affordable price. This funny coffee mug is made out of high-quality ceramic and guaranteed to last. If you’re shopping for a gift, you’ve found the one. Just sit back, click add-to-cart, and have a great gift delivered to their door on-time in a nice gift box. A perfect mug for your loved one or for someone you want to bring a smile to.

47. Trunk Organizer

Trunk organizers can help you keep everything in your car organized so that it’s easy to find whatever you need and get out the door. This organizer is durable, washable, and folds up when you’re not using it. It even has a non-slip base so your belongings won’t move around inside the bag.

48. Army Necklace

Show your support for our military with this unique necklace. Made of stainless steel and nickel free, it features a Deployment infinity symbol charm along with an engraved message on the back reading “Wishing you all the best – Be safe”. Also available in a silver color finish. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone that is serving or has served!

49. Boot Book

This book is a tribute to military moms and their children. As a female service member leaving for a deployment, I found there was a shortage of books geared toward mothers leaving their children behind and trying to help them understand the importance of what their moms were going to be doing. This book is dedicated to military mom’s everywhere.

50. To My Nephew Dog Tag

This beautiful gift can be personalized for any special occasion. The pendant is 18 inches in length and the chain is included.

51. Stainless Steel Necklace and Bracelet Set

These stainless steel matching necklace and bracelet set is will make a romantic gift for her or him! This beautiful set has heart-shaped links that are connected by round disks. The finish is shiny and the length is adjustable. It comes in several sizes from size 7 to 13, so you can choose the correct size.

52. Socket Wrench Set

This gift idea is great for that man who loves to work on cars. It’s a socket wrench set with multiple sizes so they will be able to tackle any nut or bolt and it makes an awesome Father’s Day gift!

53. Beard Straightener  | Gift Set  | Beard Care

Beard Straightener  | Gift Set This is a great gift for the husband who wants to grow his beard out but hates spending so much time stroking his face and combing it. The straightener will save him precious time.