51 Gifts For Drummers

1. Drummer Ornament

If you’re looking for an ornament that will truly delight the child in your life, then this is the ornament for you! This mini drum set is exquisitely crafted and comes with its own stand so it can be displayed on a shelf or table.

2. Musical Socks

If you’re going to a concert or just love listening to music, these drum socks are perfect. They feature colorful drums and little stars, which makes them great for a music lover like you. Black and red is the classic color combination, so they will always look smart and will never date.

3. Keychain

This keychain with design hand engraved – Fucking Great Drummer. This is a unique gift for drummers.

4. RockStella LED Drumsticks

These drumsticks light up with every beat! If you’re a rock drummer, then these are the coolest drumsticks you’ll ever buy. They come with 2 sets of batteries and have 8 different color options to choose from. Also, each set of drumstick lights up at a different speed so it creates a unique effect as you play. A great gift idea for any drummer who is into shows or just likes having cool things!

5. LED Drumsticks

These drumsticks are not only fun to play with, but they’re also a beautiful light show! There are 15 different color changing LEDs that make these drumsticks glow in the dark. With their unique design and high-quality material, these drum sticks offer superior performance and durability for years of enjoyment.

6. Drummer Hat

A funny baseball cap for men and women showing the drummer from weapons of mass percussion getting his groove on. This drum hat will protect your dome from the uppercut swing of a battering ram palm.

7. T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt makes a great gift for that manly guy in your life who loves to rock out, especially if he’s into drumming. This shirt is 100% cotton and available in sizes small-5XL.

8. Drummer T-Shirt

Does your dad love to beat the drums? Does he love t-shirts that say so? If so, this drum shirt is for him! 100% cotton and available in both men’s and women’s cuts.

9. Drummer Socks

If you’re going to a music lover or an avid drummer gift him some interesting drum socks. These socks are different from the usual boring white ones and they even have prints of various drums. Also, the design is quite funny which makes them more fun to wear.

10. LED Drum Sticks

These drum sticks are way more fun than regular drumsticks. They have 13 color effects when you play them, which is pretty cool. It’s a great birthday party accessory for those 8-year-old boys that love to hit things and make noise!

11. Drummer Nutritional Facts Label

Drummer is a drummer or player of any kind, but especially of the drum. It can also be used as a joke gift for drummer haters. This humorous coffee mug will make your mornings rock!

12. Wooden Spoons

Add musical fun to your cooking with the Genuine Fred Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons. This set includes one slotted spoon and one solid spoon, which are shaped like drumsticks at the handle. Drum on your pots and pans when you’re not stirring. Each wooden spoon measures 13 inches long, making it a perfect gift for any birthday or anniversary celebration!

13. Classic Long Socks

If you’re a fan of 70s funk or just love crazy socks, these classic men’s long socks are the perfect gift! They come in a variety of colors and patterns and make a great conversation starter. If you like them, be sure to check out our other listings for more great gifts for men!

14. Drummer Coffee Mug

A coffee mug for a drummer – how thoughtful! This white 11oz ceramic mug has “I drum because hitting people with sticks is frowned upon” on one side and an encouraging saying on the other. It makes a great gift for that beginner who loves to drink coffee or tea but hasn’t quite mastered his drumsticks yet.

15. Drumsticks

Elaine Carbone offers a beautiful drumstick replica of the iconic 5A wood tip drumsticks used by legendary drummers such as Neil Peart (Rage Against The Machine, The Who, Yngwie Malmsteen), Travis Barker ( Blink-182 ), and Nick Lestrin ( Bush ). Made from maple wood, these sticks have a natural brown color with minimal to no bleaching. These sticks are also very lightweight at only 0.09kg per pair.

16. Cycling Mask

These special masks for cycling protect you from dust, pollen and other fine particles in the air. They are breathable, elastic, adjustable and reusable. You can also wash them in a washing machine to have them always ready for future use. A perfect gift for cyclists who spend a lot of time outside on their bikes!

17. Groove Ring

Music is universal. No matter what language or culture you speak, music can take you to places where others can’t. This musical keychain lets you feel the rhythm and groove of life whether you’re jamming out in the car, at a party, or even working out! The set includes snare drum, bass drum, cymbal, triangle, and hi-hat—the four essential instruments of rock ‘n’ roll.

18. Drum Stick Holder

This drum stick holder will keep your sticks out of the way so you can focus on playing. Made from heavy-duty steel, it measures 33 x 19 x 5 inches and holds up to 8 pairs of drums. The tension-fit design prevents this unit from moving even when bumped, or lifted.

19. Drummer Metal Figurine

Great gift for the musician in your life! Made of metal, nuts, bolts and screws. Very unique – one of a kind! Model: Y0012 Manufacturer: Broadway Gift7″ x 7″ great as decor or as a collector’s piece.

20. Nutritional Facts Ingredients Label Coffee Mug

Ready, set, caffeinate! This caffeine-fuelled mug is a fun gift for any drummer or just someone with a great sense of humor! Complete with nutritional facts and ingredients so no funny business takes place while driving.

21. Drummer Water Bottle

“Aqua-Bound gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite water anywhere. Our patented flip-top lid is easy to open with one hand, and our wide mouth makes refilling effortless. The wide mouth opening fits ice cubes or larger beverages like Gatorade perfectly, so you can stay hydrated and nourished on the go!

22. Metal Drum Wall Hanger

This drum hanger is a great place to store your drumsticks when you're not using them. It will also help keep the floor free of clutter, since you can just lean your sticks on the stand. This metal wall hanger comes with five hooks and is made from basswood, which makes it light enough for easy installation.

23. Birthday Drummer Star

Turn a ho-hum birthday celebration into an exciting event with these fun drum toppers. They come in five colors so that you can mix and match to create your own unique look. These are the best decorations for any rock drummer who loves playing at a birthday party!

24. I'd Rather Be Camping Socks

These funny camping socks say it all! These incredibly comfortable and durable men’s socks make a great gift for that outdoorsy guy in your life. Whether he’s into camping, hiking, or just being at the cabin with his family, these are the perfect novelty socks to give him a good laugh every time he pulls them on.

25. Drumstick Pens

These drumstick pens are just awesome! If your 13-year-old has never had a pen like this before, he or she is in for a real treat. The penors are made of wood with an accent colored plastic tip. Instead of ink, the ends pop out a pair of drumsticks when you hold them up to paper. It’s pretty cool!

26. Drummer Mugs

This mug is for the drummer in your life! It depicts a drum set and cymbals with the words “Drummer. Hear me Roar.” Your loved one will definitely hear you roar when they see this gift hanging out on their coffee table!

27. Rock ’n’ Roll Drummer T-Shirt

You might not be able to play the drums, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your groove on! This funny t-shirt makes a great gift for that friend who loves rock music and always has a good drumming joke.

28. Stainless Steel Drum Keychain

A drummer keychain is a great gift idea for any young aspiring drummer. It’s crafted from stainless steel and measures just over 2 inches in length. The perfect gift to mark a child’s entry into school band!

29. Drummer Keychain

Music acts as a universal language. It brings people of all walks of life together to experience joy, sadness, anger, sorrow, and maybe even laughter. You’ve probably seen drummers wearing keychains in photo ops—but have you ever wondered what that keychain meant? This keychain is a subtle way for the drummer to let you know he or she supports your musical dreams.

30. Visual 3D Night Light

This is a great gift for that night owl in your life. This 3d illusion lamp changes colors as you spin it. It’s cool to see how different colors look from every angle!

31. Drummer Boy Wall Clock

This clock is a blast from the past! It features photos of drummers that have been hand-cut from vintage record album covers. The artwork has been applied to the face of this classic wall clock, making it both stylish and functional. This item is a fun way to bring some artistic eye candy into your space while also getting an accurate time piece!

32. Electronic Drum Set

This gift is perfect for that 9-year-old boy who loves to play music and drumsticks! This electronic drum set is great for indoor or outdoor activities, has 10 hours of continuous playing time, 5 timbres (tunings), 8 demo songs, and 3 rhythms.

33. Necklace

This beautiful drum necklace is made from stainless steel and measures about 17 inches. The length will depend on how long your boyfriend’s neck is. This makes a great gift for any drummer!

34. Zildjian Computer Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is not only a great gift for drummers, but for anyone that loves unique and funny gifts! Featuring a padded underside and splash cymbal graphic top, this mouse pad is sure to be a favorite.

35. Drumstick Utensil Set

If you’re a drummer, or know one, this drumstick cooking utensil will make them feel like a rockstar chef. The set includes a spatula, spoon, and pair of tweezers that are ideal for flipping meats while grilling.

36. Rock Out, Sock Out

Music lovers rejoice! These hilarious socks will have anyone laughing their heads off. The funny message on the bottom (“ROCK OUT, SOCKS OUT”) and attractive colors make these unisex socks a smart buy for any music lover.

37. Microfiber Blanket

Microfiber is a synthetic material, which makes it perfect for this blanket. It’s lightweight, yet incredibly warm and durable! The 100% microfiber fabric is machine washable and dryer safe, so you can be sure your blanket will always look good!

38. Wooden Heart Drumsticks

These heart-shaped drumsticks are made out of hickory wood and come already bearing an engraving of your loved one’s initials. They make a great gift for any drummer or musically inclined man in your life!

39. Pearl Drum Key and Tool Kit

This drum key tool kit is a great gift for the drummer in your life! It has 13 tools specifically selected to fit all Pearl drums, pedals, hardware, cymbals, stands, and clamp pads. The kit includes 6 hex keys (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm 4mm 5mm), 5 screwdrivers (1.5mm slotted; 5mm Philips), plus a bottle opener–a good addition for the road!

40. Vintage Vinyl Wall Clock

This vinyl wall clock is a unique gift idea for mother, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues and children. It especially makes a great gift for the guitar lovers as it features some classic rock bands. Also this vintage clock can be easily personalized to fit any space!

41. Drum Sticks

A drumsticks set that’s suitable for beginners or experienced players. The sticks are made of maple wood and come with a storage bag making them great travel sticks.

42. Wine Tumbler Holder

Add melody to home with this adorable figurine. Made of porcelain it’s a great conversation piece and will be loved by all!

43. Zildjian ‘Cymbal Clock’

This 13-inch cymbal clock helps you keep the time while displaying the date, day of the week, and month as well as the hour and minute. It’s scientifically designed to sound out every hour on the quarter note (aka crotchet) which makes it easier to remember the song structure when practicing or playing live.

44. Funny Novelty Socks

These novelty crew socks are perfect for any time of the year and for any occasion, whether you use them for dress socks with your work shoes or casual socks with your sneakers. The novelty design is stylish & fashionable to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd! These crew socks are so nice and soft on your feet that once you try them, you won’t want to wear anything else!

45. Drumstick Necklace

This drum necklace is a unique gift for that drummer in your life! Two drumsticks are charm-ized in gold-finish stainless steel and attached to a 22″ stainless steel snake chain. The set comes with a gorgeous organza bag for safekeeping, as well as an inspirational sweet message card.

46. Drummer T-Shirt

This funny shirt is perfect for the drummer in your life. The rhythm is gonna get ya with this shirt! 100% cotton, unisex fit. Available in five colors and three sizes.

47. Drum Set Tie Clip

This high-quality tie clip is made of a nickel-plated brass material, making it an affordable and yet elegant gift for that music lover in your life. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduations or just to say ‘thanks’ when that new kit comes your way. Whatever the occasion this drum set tie clip will make them smile!

48. Hickory Drums

These 7A hickory drumsticks are 15 3/8″ long with a .512″ diameter and have nylon oval tips for increased articulation. They’re one of the most popular drumsticks in the LA Specials line, so if you don’t see them, check the size chart!

49. Electronic Mini Finger Drum

Music expression through action! This drum set is so much fun you’ll be beating those plastic drums all day. Each drum has their own unique sound and feel. Feel the beat by hitting the large, small, and tom-toms with your fingers or a mallet. Add some rhythm to your life with this entertaining toy!

50. Sushi Date Night

Do your parents have trouble deciding what to eat? Do they enjoy trying new foods but always end up eating the same old snacks? Then give them the gift of food by gifting them some delicious sushi date night kit. This box contains all the tools and accoutrements necessary for an amazing date night—sansó, that is.

51. The Monogram Necktie

The perfect tie goes with just about everything. This one is made of microfiber, has a polyester blend lining, and comes in six colors.