41 Gifts For Economists

1. The Laws of Human Stupidity

Human beings are inherently stupid. We know it, and so do our enemies. And that’s why we have governments and laws: to keep us from killing each other over the dumb things we do because we think we’re right. Carlo M Cipolla lays out a series of Laws that explain why human beings consistently act in ways that hurt ourselves—or at least don’t help us get ahead—and yet seem to believe the opposite is true. This book will change your life, whether you read it cover-to-cover or just open to any law whenever you find yourself getting riled up about something dumb your neighbor believes but you know isn’t true.

2. Can You Outsmart An Economist?

This is not your typical guide to economics. In this book, Bloomberg columnist and professor of economics Steven D. Landsburg challenges readers with logic problems, probability puzzles, and inference puzzles—and then asks you to apply what you’ve learned to economic topics like international trade, taxes, unemployment, and more.

3. Biography of Thomas Sowell

A biography of Thomas Sowell, one of America’s most influential conservative thinkers. In a career spanning more than a half-century, he has written over thirty books, covering topics from economic history and social inequality to political theory, race, and culture. His bold and unsentimental assaults on liberal orthodoxy have endeared him to many readers but have also enraged fellow intellectuals, the civil-rights establishment, and much of the mainstream media. The result has been a lack of acknowledgment of his scholarship among critics who prioritize political correctness.

4. Funny Coffee Mug

This cup is designed to make the drinker feel like they’re in on the joke. The mug features a large c handle for comfort and won’t crack under the pressure of an extra-hot beverage.

5. Data Formula Coffee Mug

This mug will help them to brew their own data formula for the day. It’s a great gift for anyone who needs to get things done and likes coffee.

6. The Economics Book

This book is a visual guide to understanding the production and distribution of wealth. Using a combination of authoritative, clear text, and bold graphics it explores and explains big questions and issues that affect us all.

7. New Ideas from Dead Economists

An entertaining and widely-praised introduction to great economic thinkers throughout history, now in its fourth edition, with updates and commentary on the 2020 “great cessation,” Trump and Obama economic policies, the dominance of Amazon, and many other timely topics. Through the teachings of Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman and more—renowned economist Todd Buchholz shows how age-old ideas still apply to our modern world.

8. Custom Superhero Gauntlet

Want to give your favorite superhero a unique birthday gift? The more heroic the better! This super-cool customized ManOSystem gauntlets with LED lights are the perfect symbol of how awesome your hero really is. Architected and 3D printed in California, these badass armor gloves offer up 20 light options—a great way to make any night lighting up even brighter.

9. I Got Your Back T-Shirt

A sweet message on a humorous t-shirt is always a winner. Show your support for your best friend with this funny t-shirt designed by Caroline Starr featuring the saying “I got your back”. Available from baby to 5X. 100% cotton, lightweight and machine washable.

10. I Went Outside Once T-Shirt

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a hilarious t-shirt about dad going outside once? This shirt has a great look and cool fit. Nothing beats a t-shirt for a gift.

11. Pull Yourself Together Man T-Shirt

This sarcastic t-shirt is perfect for that fashionably late father who always seems to have time to dress his daughter in preschool. The shirt comes in sizes small-5XL and several colors.

12. I Ate Some Pi Day T-Shirt  | Graphic T-Shirt

I Ate Some Pi Day T-Shirt Show off your love of pie with this funny t-shirt. Make him feel like a super star with this shirt that has a great look and cool fit. This men’s funny t shirt fits great and is great for men, teenagers, and kids. Nothing beats a t shirts for a present.

13. Legendary Coffee Mug

Finally, a way to brew your coffee that shows off your gaming pride. This black ceramic mug has colorful images on both sides – one side is a cute horse and the other features an awesome-looking mech. It holds 15 ounces of whatever you choose and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

14. Stereotypical Male T-Shirt

If he can’t beat ‘em, he might as well buy himself a funny t-shirt that says so. This coffee mug is the perfect conversation starter, and sure to amuse anyone. It makes a great gag birthday gift too!

15. Accountant Coffee Mug

It’s true that you’re a spreadsheet master. You know how to crunch the numbers and lay them out in an orderly fashion so they can be reviewed and analyzed. This funny coffee mug will remind your boss of just how awesome you are!

16. Icing on the Cake EBITDAC Coffee Mug

This 10 oz, high-quality ceramic mug with a non-slip grip is perfect for your morning coffee or tea. It makes a great gift for that business man in your life who loves coffee or just likes to have a funny mug to use at work!

17. Weight Lifting T-Shirt

A t-shirt for weight lifters. A shirt for gym goers. A shirt that says, “I lift weights” and “I’m a CALORIE counter!” This funny t-shirt is available in men’s and women’s cuts (S, M, L) and sizes (2XL–5XL). Also available in colors (Black, Grey, White), styles (Crewneck Sweatshirt or V Neck Golf Shirt) and patterns (Print or Screen Printed).

18. Motorcycle Diaries

In 1914, at the age of 29, John Maynard Keynes was off on a wild adventure during which he met and fell in love with economist Natalie Ward—a volatile and complex woman whom he married three years later. The Price of Peace is an outstanding new intellectual biography that mines the depths of Keynes’s personal life as it reveals how his ideas became relevant to our own time.

19. Data Analyst Coffee Mug

If you know a data analyst or just love funny mugshots, this is the coffee mug for them! It’s not sold in stores so it’s a rare gift that will be appreciated.

20. Wall Plaque

What’s the probability that a random person has hit their head today? Where was it done? When was it done? And how did they fare in the hospital? Find out with this street-friendly sign from SignJoker. Made from durable outdoor plastic, this 4″x18″ sign will look great on your professor dad’s wall or in his office at work!

21. Mug With Chalk

A fun gift for the coffee-loving scientist. This ceramic mug has a chalkboard surface and is equipped with chalk so that the drinker can write equations on it as they think them!

22. Graphic Novelty Sarcastic T-Shirt

If you’ve ever paused your video game to be somewhere else, this “I Paused My Game to Be Here” shirt is the sarcastic gift for that gamer in your life! This high-quality 100% cotton t-shirt comes in men’s and women’s cuts, S - 5XL.

23. Graphics T-Shirt

If you’re a vintage cassette collector, then this t-shirt is for you! The shirt features a retro graphic of a cassette tape with the words “Never Forget.” A good gift idea for that friend who has all of his memories recorded on cassette tapes– or maybe he just needs to be reminded of the many great moments in his life!

24. People Who Tolerate Me On A Daily Basis Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

Does your father, brother, or best friend tolerated you when you were a child? Then he’s a “People Who Tolerated Me When I Was Young” t-shirt kind of guy! This sarcastic graphic novel t-shirt is the perfect gift because it gets straight to the point. Best of all, it’s comfortable and comes in several sizes.

25. Over 2021 Graphic Novelty T-shirt

This graphic novel t-shirt makes a great gift for that comic book fan who is also a little bit sarcastic. This shirt makes an excellent birthday present, Christmas gift, or just an unexpected surprise to elevate their outfit from boring to badass!

26. 99 Bugs in the Code Coffee Mug

Does your dad love coffee, code, and bugs? If so, this hilarious mug is a perfect gift. Made of ceramic, it holds 11 ounces and comes in a gift box.

27. Nerdy Coffee Mug

They will have to use it themselves to understand why it’s so funny. You might want to give them a little hint with this on Amazon. The coffee mug is made out of high-quality ceramic and guaranteed to last. If you’re shopping for a gift, you’ve found the one. Just sit back and click add-to-cart; your shopping cart will be at the door before you know it! A perfect gift for that software engineer in your life!

28. Keep Calm and Do Science on a mug

There’s no better way to sum up the British attitude than with this take-charge message. ‘Keep Calm’ was first printed on World War II envelopes so that soldiers could focus despite all the turmoil around them. This mug is an excellent way to let kids practice calming down and concentrating if they get anxious while studying or doing homework.

29. I Heart Data mug

Turns out that old video game console can provide hours of fun today! This two-toned data toasts any high-tech gift recipient. The white side has a picture of a zippy computer, and the black side holds an image when heated with liquid. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate works in this coffee mug from 3DRose.

30. Funny Office Sign

Why is the professor on the street? Why does he have a chalkboard, and why is he wearing socks with sandals? What’s going on here?! This hilarious street sign answers those questions and more. This makes a great gift for that math teacher in your life!

31. T-Shirt

“Economist” is printed on a cozy, round t-shirt in white with blue lettering. Perfect for those who like to highlight their profession and wear it with pride!

32. Lazy Susan Coffee Mug

It doesn’t matter how much a present costs – it’s the thought that counts. What better way to express your thoughts to your loved ones than gifting them with this beautifully crafted piece of art. Our mugs are thoughtful, funny, humorous, lovable and an affordable gift for any occasion.

33. Investing QuickStart Guide

Want to learn how to invest? The fastest way possible. This book is a quick start guide that will teach you the essentials of investing, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, REITs and commodities in under an hour.

34. Rambler Mug  | Color:Black

Rambler Mug Every outdoor enthusiast needs a dependable, reusable water bottle and the Rambler is our favorite. We tested it for daily use for 2 years in the field, to make sure it was made to last. It passed with flying colors. Made of double-wall stainless steel with our signature screw top lid that securely locks into place even underwater. The only mug we know that can do this!

35. Pivoting Table Mug

This coffee mug would make a funny gift for your boss, but they might not take it so well. High-quality ceramic makes this mug dishwasher and microwave safe, which means you can enjoy your coffee whenever the mood strikes you!

36. Coffee Mug

This hilarious coffee mug will be a pleasure to drink from even after your jokes fail to elicit a chuckle. It’s made of ceramic, 11 ounces in weight and holds 11 oz of any drink you choose.

37. Biotech Stock Millionaire

This step by step guide will help you create a practical plan to build wealth through biotech stock investing. Everybody knows the Wall Street fat cats are making a fortune off the pills in your medicine cabinet. Why not you too? A lot can happen in ten years, and there’s always tomorrow… But today is gone forever!

38. Heart Stethoscope with Paw Print

Now you can have your own adorable stethoscope to keep your loved one warm and safe! This heart-shaped stethoscope features an embroidered red heart with the words, “I’ll Listen,” in white embroidery. A cute puppy wearing a pink cape is peering over his shoulder at you. Included is a 3M adhesion strip that will stick to most hard surfaces.

39. How to Win at Everything

This book is a tongue-in-cheek look at how to get ahead in life by using winning strategies from various disciplines. The authors show us the ‘hidden side of everything’ and share ‘freakonomics’, their signature method for looking at conventional wisdom and finding hidden truths that can help people improve their lives.

40. Trust Me I'm a Welder mug

If you’re looking for a funny gift, this is one of the best welding gifts you can give. This 11oz ceramic mug has an image on both sides, so it will be fresh and relevant no matter which way you hold it!

41. Money Mind

Why do so many educated, driven, experienced business people fail at Stock Market Investing? Investors don’t fail due to lack of education or lack of smarts. Investors fail because they lack the psychological tools for investing success. This practical manual will teach you psychological strategies to earn your fortune in the Stock Market. You can win big with stocks but your mind must be prepared!