41 Gifts For English Teacher

1. Teacher Bracelet

This is a great way to show appreciation for all that a teacher does! This wristband includes a card with encouragement, links to useful websites, and more. The gift bag contains the bracelet along with an apple scented candle, which some teachers like to use in their classrooms.

2. Mother Fucker Coloring Book

What can be better than taking your frustration out on a coloring book? Taking your frustrations out on a motherfucking coloring book, that’s what! This best-selling title is sure to be a hit with the 30+ year old teacher in your life.

3. Funny Reading Socks

These funny novelty socks say it all—“Shh, I’m reading.” Whether you’re dashing off a quick e-mail or catching up on your favorite novel, these comfortable and hilarious socks will get the message across that you aren’t to be interrupted while you immerse yourself in literacy.

4. Teacher Gift

A great gift for any teacher – this 15 ounce wine glass makes a statement about the importance of teachers! The stemless wine glass holds its shape well, so it can be enjoyed with food as well.

5. Coffee Mug Set

Two words: wine and teachers. If you’re looking for a gift that combines two of her favorite things, this coffee mug set is one of the best on the list. Before school and after school, your favorite teacher will have her morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine with these hilarious mugs.

6. Scratch-Off Book

Help them get their reading game on with this list of 100 book suggestions. It’s available in Kindle and print form, and it makes a great gift for that reader in your life who likes to challenge themselves to read new books every year.

7. Teavana Gift Set

This gift set from Oprah’s favorite tea brand, Teavana, features eight delicious flavors in a delicate gold teapot and 40 bamboo tea stalks.

8. Tea Set

This tea gift set includes three teas and comes in a beautiful tin. Since rakhi is a celebration of the bond between brothers, this gift reflects that sentiment while still being thoughtful and practical.

9. Kate Spade Tote Bag

The classic tote bag has been updated with our iconic floral print. The large textured handle makes this bag easy to carry and the color palette is modern and on-trend. Perfect for a workweekender, an overnight trip to grandma’s house, or that summer vacation in the city.

10. Womderful Wine Tumbler

Dear English teacher, this wine tumbler is the perfect gift to give you from your students. It says, “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” The stainless steel wine tumbler is suitable for wine, beer, cocktails, champagne, water, coffee and tea.

11. Essential Oils Carrier

This stylish tote is large enough to carry all of your everyday essentials, including a waterproof cellphone case, an iPad mini, or small laptop. Since it’s made with lightweight material you’ll forget you are carrying the bag once you start moving!

12. To Your Own Self Be True Pen

This beautiful pen is just the item to give a writer who loves inspirational quotes. It comes equipped with one of the most famous quotes by William Shakespeare. The pen has an elegant wood look laquered finish and measures about 5-1/2 inches long.

13. Knock Knock Paper Tantrum Nifty Note

When you have a fussy baby, all you want to do is get them to stop crying. Instead of writing a note, this nanny threw a fit and let their emotions fly out in the form of an expressive physical tantrum! This hilarious paper tantrum notepad makes for one of the best gifts for new parents because it will bring endless smiles and maybe even some laughter.

14. Customized Tumbler

Nothing says I love you (and your teaching) more than a fun, customized gift. This sassy tumbler is sure to impress and remind that special teacher that you love them – even when you want to gag them!

15. Shakespeare Insults Coffee Mug

For all you know, he might have been a bit of a smart-ass. So here’s your chance to give the world’s most famous playwright an early morning tongue lashing. This ceramic mug features 30 of Shakespeare’s funniest and most biting insults, all in glorious Bard-ese. Whether you want to start your day with a smile or just get off the pot, this turd cakeer will do the trick!

16. Punderdome

From the daughter-father duo that created Brooklyn’s beloved live pun competition, this “punderful card game” is perfect for friends and families, in person or remotely over video chat. One part game, one part conversation starter; you don’t need to be a pun master to master PUNDERDOME. The goal is to make bad jokes and have fun along the way.

17. Insult Bandages  |  Gift Box

Insult Bandages Insults from the plays of William Shakespeare bandage up this gift box. Each tin contains twelve 3x1 inch plasters (bandages) with an insult printed on each one, including “a plague upon both your houses!” Great for fun at a dinner party when everyone needs to pull their own wound in order to be insulted properly.

18. Coffee Mug

A great gag gift for teachers, a coffee mug that says “If You Can Read This, You Must Be a Teacher.” Great gift for any teacher—whether you’re in school or not! This cute coffee mug makes an excellent birthday present or holiday stocking stuffer for anyone who has ever been to a grammar school or high school.

19. Teacher Coffee Mug

The mug reads, “For destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.” Perfect gift for a teacher!

20. Mona Lisa Smile Coffee Mug

Mona Lisa smiles on these socks! These comfortable and funny novelty socks feature a cute mona lisa smiley face pattern that any coffee-loving, tea-sipping lady will appreciate.

21. Teacher Appreciation Gift

A coffee mug with a witty saying on it to show your appreciation for the teacher. This makes a great gift for any occasion – graduation, teachers’ day, or just because you appreciate the contribution of educators in our society.

22. Funny Coffee Mug

This mug makes a great gift for that coffee-loving teacher. Your sister, mom, or best friend will appreciate how funny and inspirational it is. It features a large C handle for comfort and comes in a variety of colors to suit her style.

23. Willcallyou Coffee Mug

This 11 ounce mug makes a great gift for that coffee-loving teacher of yours! It comes in a variety of colors and is available in several sizes. The design features the words “will cat you later” inside of a heart with two cats cuddling.

24. I Before E Coffee Mug

ʘ‿ʘWhether you're a teacher, student, or just need to stop and think before you ACT… ...before you open your mouth. This cup is here to remind you that grammar is important! And no, you're not being punished for missingpellingspellig. It's just there because it's good to be aware of mistakes like these. A beautiful gift for the coffee-loving English teacher in your life!

25. Inspirational Beach Bag

This fashionable tote makes the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. It’s designed especially for women this colorful beach bag/travel bag has motivating, inspiring, and empowering hopeful phrases in attractive designs.

26. T-Shirt

This is a fun t-shirt for any yoga teacher who wants to leave her mark on the world. It comes in several colors and makes a great gift for a yoga teacher’s birthday, holiday or just to say thanks!

27. Teaching Earring

Honor and support the teacher in your life with this gorgeous gold or silver Alex and Ani bangles.

28. I Before E Coffee Mug

Is your dad or grandpa a teacher? This mug will make a great gift for graduation, Christmas, or just to say “I love you”! The white mug features the saying “I before E except after C when E sounds better.”

29. Bracelet

The perfect gift for the teacher who always has everything. A beautiful bracelet with an inspirational message that she can wear with pride. Made of copper and available in multiple sizes to fit almost any wrist.

30. Lesson Planning Juice Tumbler

As a busy teacher, you may not have time to prepare lessons. That’s where this juice tumbler comes in! Just add water, stir, and BOOM – instant lesson plan for the day.

31. Teacher Journal

A beautiful, bright, fun notebook makes a great gift for your favorite teacher. Ideal for taking notes, jotting lists, brainstorming, writing in as a diary. Makes an excellent thank you gift for your teacher – or any professional that brings joy into your life!

32. Keychain

Oops, you gave the wrong present? Or perhaps he has a grammar keychain as a joke gift but no one will see it but him. Be prepared for those moments with this funny and cute English grammar keychain that is both useful and decorative. Keep all your keys in correct order with this fun little key chain!

33. Vintage Coffeepot

‘COFFEE, BOOKS, AND OXFORD’ is a stylish and fun gift. This keychain is made of stainless steel with an English charm book symbol, “coffee-teacher” written on it. It comes in a beautiful retro box that can be used as storage for the keyring when not being worn.

34. Buy a Coffee Mug for Someone Who Loves to procrastinate

This coffee mug makes a great gift for those who love to procrastinate. Why? Because it’s an English teacher, of course. This 11 ounce mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

35. Book Socks

These funny socks make a great gift for the bookworm in your life! Is one of your loved ones an avid reader, book club member, or author? Have a favorite librarian or bookstore employee? These geeky and hilarious novelty socks make a fun and useful gift that they’ll love to wear and will be sure to bring a smile to their face.

36. Teacher Gift

The fourth edition of The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guidebook contains new and updated material on essential topics including classroom management (how to prevent or minimize disruptions), sustaining professional growth, differentiated instruction, nurturing a growth mindset, and much more. Also includes downloadable forms and worksheets, video instructions on key topics, and guidelines for classroom technology.

37. I Before E Stash Bags

These are not just a cosmetic bag, but also a gift bag full of gift ideas. You can fill the bags with wish cards, shopping lists, gift cards, food and so on.

38. To Myself Be True Ballpoint Pen

This William Shakespeare collectible quote pen is both elegant and inspirational. Engraved with one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes, “To thine own self be true,” this pen is a worthy addition to any pen collection, and makes a suitable gift for all types of Shakespeare fans, including playwrights, actors, directors, and writers. This luxury ballpoint pen weighs 30 grams and measures 5.5 inches long. The ink cartridge is easy to replace whenever neededmaking this pen a practical alternative to disposable ballpoint pens.

39. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The best gifts for teachers are always those that remind them of why they love their job! This 24oz water bottle makes a great gift and is available in several designs to match any teacher’s style.

40. Much Ado About Nothing Sticky Notes

When you’ve written 38 plays and 154 sonnets, you have to be really organized. The Bard stayed on top of things, and you can too, with these Much Ado About Nothings sticky notes. These hilarious notepads are a great way to remind yourself of what it was like when you were in love or at war.

41. They’re Nutursery

These fun and stylish ‘They’re Naturals’ earrings are perfect for that English teacher in your life! Made from real nuts, they show the words ‘proper English.”