48 Gifts For Foodies

1. Taco Blanket

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than curled up on the couch with a good book and a warm blanket. This faux-taco tortilla throw blanket is just what it says – a super-soft, comfortable blanket that looks like a big tortilla. It makes for an hilarious gift for that friend who loves tacos (or has two tiny dogs who happen to look like they were born in a mexican taqueria).

2. Foodie Sign

A cute and funny hanging food sign that says “Kitchen is My Paaart”. A great gift for the chef in your life!

3. Pho Shirt

This funny shirt is from a website called Foodie Chef and it makes a great gift for the foody in your life. It’s 100% cotton, made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, UNISTA premium fabric (more delicate than cotton), High-quality screen print (the best & most durable printing method on market), 7 colors available: Black Red Yellow Green Blue Pink Beige Brown

4. Smoker Wood Chips

These are genuine smoking chips made from fruit andnut wood, ideal for adding a special touch to any food that you’re grilling. The chips can be burned in an open fire or used dry in a smoker. Add some flavor to your life!

5. Movie Themed Food

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that will truly impress and surprise him, then this popcorn kit is one of the best we’ve seen. Bursting with flavor, each bag is made with only non-GMO corn and includes five gourmet popcorn topping packs.

6. Game of Thrones Trivia Game

Calling all food lovers! This addictive trivia game allows players to strut their culinary stuff and prove who is the smartest foodie of them all. With over 1,000 questions on topics ranging from culinary science and celebrity chefs to food history and exotic cuisine, each player is bound to get a full serving of food knowledge. But think fast, because the first player or team to fill in their game board wins!

7. Jerky Gift Set

The husband will love this gift set of organic jerky made in small batches and vacuum packed so it’s tender, juicy, and has great flavor. Choose from five different flavors including Caribbean Spice, Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, and Maple Bacon.

8. Journal

A trip to the restaurant is always more than just a meal. Record memories and information about your experience at each stop with this journal/passport. The passsport includes 48 pages of content, including 20 blank entry pages to jot down info about the restaurant for future reference, as well as 8 bonus pages that include checklists and other fun activities.

9. Magic Spoons

If you’re looking to up the ante on your girlfriend’s birthday present, then these magic spoons from Buzzline are perfect. The set includes five spoons that have been burnished smooth and an extra pair of hands for serving or eating anything from ice cream to soup.

10. A Salt Tasting Set

If the lucky recipient loves to cook, then this sea salt sampler gift set is a great pick. It includes six different salts, smoked bacon chipotle, Hawaiian bamboo jade, hapa-joo (spicy BBQ), rosemary garlic sea salt, and black lava salt.

11. Soup Dumplings Cooking Set

Food52 knows how to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Food artistry and DIY skills go hand-in-hand, which is why we created this soup dumpling cooking set. Our kits have everything you need to make 6 traditional Chinese soup dumplings from scratch with easy-to-follow instructions.

12. 2021 Wall Calendar

This calendar makes the perfect gift for that special someone who loves to plan vacations and events. The wall calendar features elegantly detailed and hand-colored illustrations of seasonal produce, such as cherries, eggplants, and winter squash; herbs and spices, such as basil and grilling spices; or delectable artisan foods found at greenmarkets across the country, including chocolate.

13. Honeycomb Straws

These foodie gift set contains three 12oz glass jars infused with natural honey, one of which is a top-notch bourbon honey. The gift recipient can enjoy these unique flavors or give them as gifts to friends.

14. Olive Oil Pack

Fody Foods infusion of olive oil packs a lot of flavor! Use this infused olive oil in sauces, fried with veggies and meat, or drizzled on roasted potatoes. This pack contains two bottles each of green garlic, shallot, and basil flavors.

15. Artisanal Blend Gourmet Tomato Soup

Foodies and chefs, rejoice! This trio of artisanal tomato soup is bursting with flavor from over 30 varieties of colorful-mixes of tomatoes. The recipes are included inside the box. There’s also a card that has three recipes on it– one for each soup in the gift set.

16. Artisan Blend Gourmet Tomato Gift Set

An incredibly thoughtful gift for a tomato-loving friend. Each artisan blend includes over 30 varieties of tomatoes and is hand-mixed to ensure an even, consistent flavor throughout the jar.

17. Foodie Salt Box

This set of premium sea salt is infused with fresh herbs, spices and flavorings. The artisan salts are housed in hand-blown glass jars that are uniquely etched with a vintage map of the world. A truly unique gift for the foodie in your life!

18. Wine Tote Bag

This wine tote is a great all-around gift for the wine lover. Use it as a gym bag, backpack, or work tote – whatever makes your day run smoothly! This classic tote has an easy wipe down interior and plenty of space to store bottles of wine, beer, and more.

19. Truffle Oil Set

This gift set contains three of our best-selling truffle oils, presented beautifully in a box. Perfect present for the foodie in your life!

20. Keto Spice Gift Set

Many people make the keto diet, which is a low-carb high-fat diet that has many health benefits. This spice gift set has spices that are commonly used on the keto diet. It makes a great addition to any kitchen If you’re trying to get someone started on the ketogenic diet, then this is an excellent gift idea!

21. Cheese Making Kit

This fun foodie gift idea makes 10 different kinds of cheese, including goat’s milk cheeses and a blue cheese made from wild grasses. It includes detailed instructions and more than 40 recipes to create the various cheeses.

22. Air Fryer

This air fryer is great for cooking with less fat and calories. Air fry with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, so you can enjoy crispy golden fried food without all the guilt!

23. Dumpling Maker

A lesson in sharing, these dumpling-making kits come with the essential tools and instructions to make dumplings–perfect for a fun date night! The set contains everything you need to make six different kinds of dumplings (wonton wrappers, juicy fillings, and dazzling dipping sauces).

24. Smoking Gun

Even the most dedicated non-smokers have been known to take a drag or two from their favorite smoking accessory. Now you can give them the same pleasure with this smoking gun gift set which includes everything they need, including wood chips so they can replicate their favorite bar’s smoke cocktail.

25. T-Shirt

This fitness donut in a shirt is the perfect gift for anyone that works out or eats healthy. Take a picture of youself wearing this t-shirt and post it on social media with the hashtags #eatclean and #gettongrip, tag us @FitClick and we will re-post it! Available from size small - 5XL.

26. Dish Towel Set

These cute dish towels make the perfect housewarming gift for that couple that loves to host friends/family dinners! Each towel measures 14 x 17 inches and is made of a super soft polyester blend making it both functional and beautiful to have around the home.

27. Steamer

Steamed food is incredibly healthy, nutritious, and often times more flavorful than the same dish cooked on other types of heat. This bamboo steamer basket will make any meal vegan or vegetarian much easier. Never before has cooking been this easy! The perfect gift for your plant-based friends.

28. Oh! Nuts Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket

Here’s a charming gift basket of 20 delectable chocolate-covered cookies. Replace the traditional candy and chocolates with trendier baked goods and dessert treats. This gift set is an elegant addition to any table setting.

29. Top 24 Spices

Award-winning, gourmet spice company Frontier offers a variety of top-quality, hand-crafted seasonings made from only the highest quality all natural ingredients. Our recipes feature fresh and justly sourced spices that will enhance any meal you add them to.

30. Camping Tumbler

This 20 ounce insulated travel cup won’t sweat, even in hot climates. The best camping tumblers for hot beverages, and the double-wall construction keeps drinks cold longer than traditional glass cups. Comes with a lid that locks up tight so no spills while you’re on the road.

31. Italian Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a unique gift that highlights the flavors of Italy, then these olive oils are perfect! Each bottle is infused with an herb, spice, or fruit and is suitable for drizzling over salads, pasta dishes, or anything else your heart desires.

32. Herb and Lettuce Drying Rack

The Little Salad and Herbs Spinner 4.0 is the perfect way to dry herbs, chives, cilantro or lettuce without water spots or mold. The spinner can hold a lot of produce at once (up to 10 cups/2.4 lbs.) and includes two drying racks so you can dry different ingredients together if you’d prefer not to grow your own! A great gift for the minimalist who prefers fresh basil over dried.

33. Back to the Roots Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms, this kit is easy and fun to use. The only thing required is some light and a small amount of water once a week. After that, it’s just a matter of following the instructions included with the kit. You will need three things to start growing your own delicious fungi—a grow bag, spawn (or substrate), and soil or gravel for planting.

34. Chocolate Box

The idea behind this box is that you can’t have too much of a good thing. Each chocolate contains at least 24% cocoa, and some are as high as 34%. The flavors include almond, black raspberry, hazelnut, and more.

35. Bamboo Cheese Board and Charcuterie Platter

For the cheese lover or wine connoisseur, this bamboo cheese board with four stainless steel knives is an elegant addition to any room. The perfect accompaniment to your favorite foods like crackers and fruit or can be used as a standalone serving platter for cheese, charcuterie, fruits, nuts, olives and more.

36. Magnetic Spice Tins

With this gourmet gift set, you’ll get 6 magnetic spice tins that are perfect for adding a unique touch to your favorite meals. The tins are gluten-free and most contain no sugar or dairy products.

37. Magnetic Spice Tins

There are a lot of spice mixes out there, but very few that use all-natural ingredients. This one does! The six magnetic tins contain herbs and spices perfect for the home chef.

38. Hot Sauce

The award-winning, gourmet hot sauce that started it all. This classic recipe is perfect on wings or just about anything else you can think of – from pizza to popcorn to eggs to nachos. It’s also great for gifting!

39. Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket

This is the perfect gift basket for an anniversary, a congratulations, or a housewarming. It’s also great to send to college students and newlyweds. Create your own perfect gift basket by choosing from one of six options at checkout!

40. Super-Fuzed Roasted Garlic Herb Oil

If you’re looking for an anniversary gift that will wow your partner, then this super-fuzed roasted garlic herb oil is the perfect gift. Loaded with flavor and topped off with a delicate pinch of heat, this olive oil–based blend will have them begging for more.

41. Land Backpack

From the Manufacturer: This non-gmo, gluten-free 3-pack of artisan salts is a unique and thoughtful gift for foodies. The salts offer different flavors and include black lava (lava salt with activated charcoal), smoked bacon sea salt, and truffle flavored sea salt.

42. Honeycomb Socks

Every bee needs their honey, and so do you! These socks are 100% cotton and one size fits most. Available in three delicious honeys for a truly unique gift experience.

43. Thoughtfully Hot Sauce Sampler

From Baja Mango to Rio De Janeiro Habanero, it’s a spicy world and must be explored! This sampler of international hot sauce flavors brings new meaning to the term “ complementaries.” It makes the ideal gift for those who enjoy a little heat with their flavor.

44. Portable Smoking Gun

This smoking gun comes with all the accessories you need to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods and drinks: dome, drinking lid, hose, applewood chips and replacement mesh screens. Take your meals to the next level with this smoking gun that adds a smoky flavor and aroma with very little effort. A great gift for any foodie or pro bartender looking for unique cocktails!

45. Culinary Gift Set

A gift set perfect for the chef in your life, featuring six unique blends of sea salts, spice blends, and seasonings. These can be added to anything from meatloaf to popcorn for an extra kick of flavor.

46. Taco vs Burrito

A fun party game where you compare the calories, carbs, and fat in your favorite foods. Compete, but don’t get hungry!

47. Rare Pitmaster Gourmet Seasoning

This 9-star seasoning kit contains 6 secret competition BBQ spice blends, including Hickory Smoke Powder and Bird Pepper. It also comes with a salsa recipe book with 30 recipes that will rock your world from the salsa bar at your next party to the main event on the smoker.

48. Sausage, Beer, and Hot Dog Cookbook

“I am the Yukon Gourmet. Enjoy a 3-course feast with me. My pint-sized companion the Minuteman delights in these foods too!” This hilarious gift box features gourmet sausage from Dan the Sausageman (a local Wisconsin meat company), 100% Wisconsin cheese (none of that artificial cheddar stuff!), and hot sweet mustard made by The Mustard Mine just outside of Tomahawk!