51 Gifts For Gin Lovers

1. DIY Gin & Tonic Kit

Nothing says “I love you” like a good gin and tonic. This DIY gin and tonic kit has everything you need to make the perfect G&T at home, including two bottles of premium gin from around the world (London Dry VSG and Juniper-forward New York State Distilled), six juniper berries, two cardamom pods, three cloves, four rosemary sprigs, one orange peel piece, one lemon slice, one strip of cucumber peel and instructions. All you have to do is follow the easy recipe!

2. Crystal Whiskey Glass

The ultimate whiskey glass, or rocks glass, for the whiskey lover and collector. These 8 oz lead-free crystal ZDZDZ glasses are made in Bali by a skilled artisanship.

3. Gin Infusion Set

Want to make your own gin at home? This infusion set makes it easy, and it’s far better than purchasing a premade gin at the store. The kit comes with 12 different botanicals, including juniper, citrus peel, coriander seed, cardamom pod, rosemary leaf and angelica root. You add them all into a750ml bottle of neutral spirit (like vodka) plus four delicious cocktail recipes.

4. Premium Cocktail Kit

If sipping gin and tonics by the pool is your idea of a good time, then this cocktail kit is the gift for you! It comes with all the ingredients to make two delicious drinks, plus some garnishes so that you can jazz them up however you like.

5. Pair of Socks

These funny novelty socks make a great gift for men and women. If you can read this, pour me a gin!

6. Granite Whiskey Rocks

This set of granite whiskey rocks glasses are a great addition to any bar or man cave. They come with eight granite rocks that hold the perfect amount of ice for enjoying your favorite spirit neat.

7. Gin 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A thousand pieces to put together again the lovely design of a classic cocktail, The Gin. A great gift for gin fans and cocktail lovers alike! It’s made by Tim Bulmer a UK artist who has done cartoon images for newspapers and magazines all over the world.

8. Bodacious BBQ Spices Gift Set

If the man in your life loves to grill, he’ll appreciate a gift set like this one. It includes five different spice blends perfect for smoking meat, grilling vegetables and more.

9. Botanical Gin Kit

If you’ve got a wild side, then this gin kit is for you. Take control of your drinking with this all-inclusive DIY kit that allows you to craft your own bright, complex gin in just two days from scratch. Simply add vodka and let the botanicals do the rest!

10. Marble Rocks Whiskey Set

12 Black Taurus marble whiskey stones, hand-picked and processed in small batches to ensure peak quality. The sharp edges on the stones are ground smooth so they will not damage your glass.

11. Recipe Book

Seven delectable cocktail recipes are printed on these glasses, which makes for a fun night at the bar. These glasses are also available in beer, rum, vodka, tequila, and whiskey styles.

12. Coffee Mug

Show some love to your dad with this coffee mug that says, “I’d buy you a drink but I don’t know your drink.” If he loves drinking and buying drinks for others this hilarious coffee mug is the perfect gift!

13. Copper Whiskey Glass

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a couple that loves whiskey, this copper whiskey glass makes a great addition to their home bar. The cup holds 12oz of your favorite spirit, and the design includes words that say “Probably Vodka” so it will be easy to tell if the contents are being enjoyed.

14. Campfire Coffee Mug

This “coffee” mug makes a great gift for the coffee, tea, or tequila-loving dad in your life! It holds 16 ounces of his favorite drink and is made from durable enamel. “Definitely not coffee” is printed on both sides.

15. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

Is he a gin guy? Does he like mixed drinks? How about making his own cocktails on the go, without the need for mixers or any fancy shaker? Yes, please! My Barista Box is the perfect gift for cocktail lovers. The kit includes premium tonic syrup from St. George Botanicals, three stainless steel cocktail picks (aloeswood and citrus available), a muddler (latin word for “spoon”), single-serve packets of sweet and sour mix, green olives, and black peppercorns.

16. Campfire Coffee Mug

This ceramic coffee mug holds 16oz of your favorite liquid, making it a great gift for anyone who loves beer, wine, vodka, tequila, gin, or whiskey. It’s campfire-style enamel construction makes it lightweight but extremely durable while the text is printed on both sides for left and right-handed people.

17. Diamond Crystal Glass

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! She will love showing off these glasses to her friends. The unique shape allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass. Perfect for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine and more.

18. Gin and Tonic Kit

For the sophisticated drinker, there is nothing more refined than a good gin and tonic. This portable gin and tonic making kit will take two where ever they may go.

19. Whiskey Glass Set

Bourbon drinker gift ideas for him and for guys who have everything — groomsmen, stepfather, step dad, friends or whiskey lovers men. These beautiful whiskey glasses are made from lead-free crystal and hold 10 ounces of your favorite spirit.

20. Funny Mug

The versatile funny mug is a great gift for that coffee lover in your life! Use it at home, at work, or as a travel mug. It can be used with hot beverages like tea and coffee or cold beverages like cocoa. Great for gifts for men & women, moms, dad, groomsmen & best men.

21. Gin Coupe Glasses

Celebrate in style! This beautiful glass set will add brilliance to any event. Made of lead-free crystal, the glasses hold 10 ounces of sparkling wine or cocktail mix.

22. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

This hand-blown whiskey decanter globe set makes the perfect gift for that whiskey lover in your life! This gorgeous, crystal glassware features an intricate etched map of the world inside a clear globe. The included antique ship bottle stand is sure to be admired by all who see it.

23. Wine Tote Bag

The insulated wine carrier is the ideal gift for the wine-loving Aunt, Mother, Wife or BFF.

24. Infusion Kit

This DIY spirit infusion kit makes about 4 liters of flavored vodka, ideal for infusing beer, wine, or even water. You probably won’t use all the ingredients in one batch but can reuse them for other infused drinks.

25. Infusion Set

If your loved one is a gin lover, then this infusion set makes an ideal gift. The set includes 5 stainless steel infusing bottles, which have been designed specifically for making gin at home.

26. Beer Nosing Glass

The perfect glass for your favorite scotch, bourbon, or whiskey. The nosing glass is designed to keep the contents ice-cold but won’t hold it if it melts, preventing dilution while ensuring you never miss a note.

27. Let the Good Times Be Gin Glass

These beautiful old-fashioned lowball glasses are a nice addition to anyone’s home bar. The sturdy glass holds up to 11 ounces and has a personality all its own. These fun luxury barware glasses come in seven colors so you can mix things up and have something new every time you set down your drink.

28. You’re the Gin to My Tonic Glass

If you’re looking for a fun gift that is a little more unique, then this “You’re the Gin to my Tonic” bar glass makes an excellent gift! Perfect for many cocktails and spirits and will be enjoyed by all.

29. Gin Glasses Set

Fishbowl glasses are the best for showcasing your cocktail. These gin glasses balloon are the perfect fish bowl shape and size for enhancing the aromatic botanicals of your gin cocktails.

30. I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Coffee Mug Set

Two mugs for the price of one! This hilarious mug set comes with two matching ceramic coffee mugs that say “I like his beard” and “I like her butt” on both sides. A great gift for any husband and wife who have lost or need to win a bet about whose butt is better.

31. Gin & Tonic Infusion Bags

There is nothing more than a classic gin and tonic. These infusion bags will add a new twist to your favorite drink by infusing the botanicals in the gin. Don’t have gin? No problem, this set has flavors for anyone!

32. Gin & Tonic Infusion Set

One of the most popular libations, made classic with juniper and botanicals. Complete with a how-to guide on infusion techniques. Makes an excellent gift for the gin-loving man in your life!

33. Gin and Tonic Party Box

The quintessential gin cocktail is back in style, and they’ll enjoy making the drink with this kit at your next party. The set includes 24 infusion bags for tonic water, gin, citrus, herbals, etc. that can be blended to make hundreds of variations.

34. Gin Glass Set

Sometimes, less is more. This set of two highball glasses perfectly captures the shape and size of a gin balloon, allowing your spirit to absorb more aromatics. The glasses are made of tempered borosilicate glass and hold 19oz/540ml per glass. A great gift for the well-dressed cocktail lover!

35. Gin and Tonic Kit  |  Blenders, Juicers & Accessories

Life can get busy and stressful, so it’s important to have fun hobbies you can turn to when you need a pick-me-up. This gin and tonic kit will help any couple rekindle the joy of mixing drinks. The set comes with everything they need to make two delicious cocktails: a reusable porcelain bottle that holds 16 ounces of their own homemade gin or tonic mix (recipe included), as well as an airtight stainless steel botttle for serving the cocktails in; plus cocktail stirrers made from juniper berries.

36. Gin Kit

If you’ve got a home barista in your life, then this gin-making kit is an ideal birthday gift. The kit comes with two 3 oz ceramic bottles and eight stainless steel cocktail stirrers. It also includes detailed instructions on how to make 2 classic gin styles (juniper, citrus) and how to custom blend your own unique ginspiration recipe!

37. Wine Glass

These cute little stemless wine glasses make the perfect gift for any wino. They hold 18oz of your favorite beverage and come in a set of two, so you can drink and be merry with your friend’s frog-tastic family!

38. Decanter Set

This whiskey decanter set makes the perfect gift for that whiskey-loving man in your life. The high-quality lead-free crystal creates a stunning presentation, and it holds up to 25 ounces of your favorite spirit.

39. Glassware Set

The best gift is one that fits the lifestyle of the recipient. This set of glassware does just that! The glasses are from Pavilion, which specializes in creating unique glassware for every occasion. You can be sure to find the perfect set of drinking glasses for any special event or occasion!

40. Golf Ball Whiskey Glass

How many drinks do you think this tumbler can hold? 10oz. whiskey glasses are a must for any home bar. These glasses were etched by a skilled artisan and feature a hand-drawn street grid with map coordinates.

41. Wine Tote Bag

Is she a wine-lover? This insulated tote is small enough to fit in a cab or plane, but big enough to fit two bottles of wine. Inside, there’s room for her glass and water as well. The bag comes with stainless steel stemless wine glasses, which are an excellent gift in and of themselves!

42. Riedel Crystal Gin Set

The fourth wedding anniversary is represented by the number 4, and so this crystal gin set makes a lovely gift to mark the special day. The set includes four stemless wine glasses that are both attractive and functional.

43. Trunk Crate Pro

A trunk organizer is a great gift idea for any mom that has a busy schedule and needs to bring something with them when they travel. This trunk organizer comes in several colors so it can match her vehicle!

44. Caffeinated Coffee Mug

“I Am a Book” coffee mug will make your favorite person feel super confident in their ability to read all day long. This book lover coffee mug is both hilarious and inspiring, which makes it the perfect gift for that aspiring author in your life! Ideal gift for anyone who loves their coffee and books.

45. Hand-Painted Wine Glass

This personalized hand-painted wine glass makes a great gift for that special someone in your life—a romantic partner, friend, family member or yourself! This beautiful glass features the words “You Are The Best” along with countless hearts to show how much they mean to you.

46. Crystal Ball Glasses

The copa is the traditional 10-ounce gin glass in Spain. It’s wide, squat, and bulbous, with a thick base that helps keep it stable. The shape gives your hand something to hold on to, so you can turn the glass without spilling. Other names for this glass are the “gin globe” or just “the ball glass.” If you love drinking gin and having fun, then these are the glasses for you.

47. Gin Kit

There is a time and a place for drinking gin, and that time is now. This gin kit gives you all the necessary botanicals to make your own craft gin at home. All you need are 5 easy-to-find ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

48. Gin Infusion Kit

Gin infusing can be an acquired skill, but it’s a fun one. This kit from SandyLeafFarm will help you make four gins that are infused with various spices and teas. The infusion process takes about two weeks, which is the timeframe included in this kit.

49. Coffee Mug  Size: 4″ x 3.5″

Show your pride for all three branches of the Armed Forces with this coffee mug that holds 16oz of your favorite liquid, which includes Tequila, Coffee, Whiskey, Wine and Beer. Made from sturdy enamelware that won’t shatter or crack like ceramic mugs can.

50. Gin Balloons

A set of two large balloon glasses with weighted stems and bases for balance, perfect for serving gin or other cocktails. Comes in a box ready for gifting.

51. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Help them start their day with infused water from fresh fruits. Offering maximum hydration, these bottles have a leak-proof design with an easy to use carry loop that lets you hang it on your bag or backpack when cycling, running, hiking or just out and about!