53 Gifts For Guitar Players

1. Irish Pub Songs

Grab a pint and this songbook for an evening of Irish fun! 40 songs, including: All for Me Grog * Black Velvet Band * The Fields of Athenry * I Never Will Marry * I’m a Rover and Seldom Sober * The Irish Rover * Jug of Punch* Leaving of Liverpool* A Nation Once Again* The Rare Ould Times* Whiskey in the Jar* Whiskey, You’re the Devil*. Includes performance notes and lyrics.

2. Wood Thumb Drives

Gift them a thumb drive that looks like a guitar! This maple wood thumb drive will fit right into the hands of any music lover. It can hold up to 32 GB of data and comes in a beautiful walnut color.

3. Leather Plectrums Holder

This case is perfect for keeping those plectrums safe. It’s made from genuine leather, and has plenty of space to store multiple picks. The only thing it’s missing is a lanyard – so if your giftee uses these plectrums daily, this might be the gift set you get them as!

4. Leather Guitar Pick Holder

This little guy can hold 20 guitar picks and some strings. It’s perfect for the guitarist on your gift list who travels a lot!

5. Rock Guitar Coffee Mug

A very groovy coffee mug, that’s what this is. A super funky rock and roll music note guitar mug, very cute and gorgeous guitar shape design for the handle.

6. Guitar Socks

Music socks are always a fun gift. These are different from the usual design, as they feature colorful guitars and brighten up your day! Also, the beautiful sound played by guitars follows!

7. 3D Guitar Lamp

A guitarist-centered gift idea makes this list! This 3D illusion lamp will show off his prized guitar when it’s turned on. An optical acrylic flat board with laser engraving can give you amazing 3D visual effect.

8. The Guitar Father T-Shirt

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away, and this t-shirt will do the same for your funny bone! Grab your husband, dad, boy friend, or whomever it is that wears this shirt and have them model it for you. 100% cotton with high quality ink that will not crack or fade.

9. Funny T-Shirt

Great gift for the musician in your life. This funny t-shirt makes a great gift and is incredibly comfortable! It’s made from 100% cotton and has a relaxed fit, so it will probably be one of his favorite shirts.

10. Stainless Steel Guitar Pick

This is a 100% stainless steel guitar pick keychain. It’s not only a key chain, but also a guitar dial. It’s beautiful and practical. About the packaging The key chain is packed in a black velvet bag, strong enough to be delivered intact to your loved ones.

11. Moonrise T-Shirt

Moonrise is the time at which the moon first becomes visible following the disappearance of the sun. On a clear night in late autumn or early winter, when there is little light from artificial sources and no moonlight can be seen, it might be possible to see something resembling a crescent moon against the stars. So that’s what this shirt is about!

12. Novelty Socks

The perfect gift is in your hands. These funny novelty socks come in seven colors and are sure to make their dad laugh.

13. Music Lover T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a funny anniversary gift that will commemorate your most recent holiday, then this “celebrate diversity” t-shirt is the perfect item. Available in both men’s and women’s cuts, styles, and colors, this shirt makes an ideal gift to celebrate any number of special occasions.

14. My Melody Coffee Mug

This 13.5oz ceramic mug with a gorgeous my melody design is just the thing to perk up your morning coffee!, The beautiful piano keys print combined with the vibrant colors make this coffee mug a great gift for any music lover and/or little girls who loves their tea!, It makes a nice takeaway gift for those special occasions like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary where you need to give them something pretty but not overly sentimental., Perfect unisex coffee cup which can be used by both men & women alike. Makes one of the best gifts for that teenage daughter or son who loves tea and/or coffee!

15. I Couldn’t Pick A Better Brother

A cute pick for the brother who loves being stylish. Made of stainless steel, it is extra strong and shining. It is very comfortable to wear and requires less care.

16. Cable Coaxial Jack

The cigar box guitar is an iconic instrument and has a rich history within the blues community. But it can be difficult to find the right instructional materials, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why musician and teacher Nick Bryant developed lessons and exercises specifically geared towards beginners. The kit includes all the necessary accessories to get started playing today!

17. Guitar Pick Pack

From hammer-ons and pull-offs to tapping, slides or harmonics, the unique guitar picks in this guitar pick variety pack have a Hammerhead design to revolutionize the way you play. The pack includes three original light gauge Hammerhead picks and one metal head gauge pick.

18. Leather Guitar Plectrums Holder

Organize and protect your guitar picks with this leather plectrum holder. Perfect gift for the guitarist in your life! 20 different colors to choose from. Keep them separated by type so you don’t accidentally put a steel string pick into your nylon stringed awesomely-sounded-in-the-practice-room fingerboard! This is a really great gift idea for any budding shredder or wannabe rockstar under 15.

19. Solid Gold Coffee Cup

These beautiful, yet practical, coffee spoons will up the ante on your morning commute. The set of four stainless steel spoons features an ergonomic guitar design and comes in a range of colors.

20. Aluminum Metal Guitar Capo

These capos are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and have a steel spring, making them ultra-durable. They come in a set of two and each one measures 4.5 x 1 x 2 inches.

21. Planet Waves Pro-Winder

Planet Waves makes a great string winder and cutter, but this one is special. Not only does it have all the functionality of the standard winder with an additional bridge pin tool, but it also has a built-in string trimmer! No more fumbling around looking for your favorite knife to cut your strings, just grab this thing and get cutting.

22. Tambourine

The YMC foot tambourine delivers a light jingle sound with a tap of the foot and has applications in practically any musical setting, especially acoustic sets with a cajon. It’s great for time keepers but also good for electric guitar players looking to add an effects pedal to their rig.

23. Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

This is one of the coolest gift ideas for a guitar player, and it’s also super practical. This pick punch allows you to easily make your own guitar picks, eliminating the need for those expensive picks that always seem to be missing when you need them most.

24. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Is your dad a rock star? If so, he needs this! The pick-a-palooza is a DIY guitar pick punching machine. This will create fun memories for you both as he creates his own picks and gives them to you as gifts.

25. Alarm Clock

This musical wall clock is especially perfect for studio, broadcasting studio and music lover’s home decoration. It features a realistic design with accurate detailing and a clock face on the body. A hook on the back makes hanging easy.

26. Swing Guitar Hanger

The hangers are crafted from premium, durable hardwood and will not mark the finish on your instrument. The unique design allows you to swing your guitar above head height for easy access and prevents damage from being caused by a slipping hook. A perfect gift for any budding musician!

27. Music Note Coffee Mug

This 12.9 oz mug is a great gift for the coffee or tea lover who loves unique gifts. It holds approximately 16oz of your favorite beverage and has a beautiful color scheme with an awesome music note logo.

28. Wooden Plectrums

A great gift for the dad that has everything. These are real wooden guitar plectrums hand-made by a luthier in Europe. The picks are made of pure maple wood and have different inspirational quotes on them, such as “Play Hard” and “Live Forever”.

29. Guitar Pick Holder

“Smooth, consistent play makes all the difference. Focus on technique and your skills will improve,” coach Nicky says to teen prodigy Avery in the new music video for his single “Coaching Youth Song.” The video was shot in HD below street level looking up at teens working out on exercise equipment that doubles as a stage to perform choreographed dance routines with friends.

30. Rock Climbing Holds

Hand exercisers are a great tool to have in your rock climbing toolbox. They can be used for finger strength and exercises every day, and they are specifically designed for many musical instruments. This particular one is made for guitars, pianos, drums, and basses. It also works as an OK hand grip strengthener when you’re done playing!

31. GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit

This gift may look simple but it’s so much more. The kit comes with every tool a guitarist could ever need, including a screwdriver that can break out guitar hardware!

32. Guitar Cookbook

Get your Fender chops together in the kitchen with this smartly designed cutting board, shaped like the body of our venerable Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars and made with recycled wood from our Mexico manufacturing facility. Made from 100 percent bamboo.

33. Vintage Guitar Picks

These Creanoso vintage guitar picks are an awesome gift for anyone who plays a guitar. They’re made from real, premium celluloid and come in six different designs. These would make an excellent addition to any guitarist’s collection.

34. Guitar Mug

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a musician, this is an excellent choice. This ceramic guitar mug set includes one coffee mug and one guitar-themed pen holder for desk accessories. The gifts are gender-neutral, so they could be a birthday gift or Christmas present for someone of either sex.

35. Guitar Socks

In the world of musicals, there are no rules. So why not rock out in the world of socks? These badass guitar socks are exactly what they appear to be – a pair of novelty socks featuring a guitar neck and head.

36. Rock ’n’ Roll Coffee Mug

This gift is a bit old now, but it’s such a fun gift! A coffee mug for your favorite guitarist. Sure to increase the awesomeness of any morning brew.

37. Funny Guitar Pitches

Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s still time to get him this super cool gift. Give him a laugh with one of these hilarious dad jokes on a keychain!

38. Stainless Steel Spatula and Tongs

It’s not just a grill, it’s a lifestyle. Take your grilling to the next level with these stainless steel BBQ tools that look like guitars. Clean up is a cinch because there are no sharp edges to cut you or your meat. The perfect gift for every music-loving BBQ enthusiast who likes to get down on the barbie.

39. I Couldn’t Pick a Better Man Gift for Guitarist Husband

I Couldn’t Pick a Better Man This beautiful engraved stainless steel guitar pick will remind him that you could not, and would not want to, pick a better man. These are the words of wisdom that every woman needs on her wedding day, and every year thereafter, inscribed on this stainless steel rockin’ gift! A sweet addition to any rock star husband!

40. Stainless Steel Guitar Pick Holder

This is a great gift for the minimalist guitarist in your life. It’s a full-grain leather wallet that can hold up to 2 guitar picks, as well as some cash and cards. The interior divider has various slots for paper money and credit cards, an ID slot, and even a spot for your driver’s license!

41. PickGeeks Guitar Bundle

A geek’s best friend is his guitar, so this pick-and-stick-tuner bundle makes a great present. The set includes 32 high-quality picks, a Django digital micro-tune tuner, a ‘wedgie’ pick holder, an enamel pin, and a steel pick.

42. Stainless Steel Guitar Pick

“I pick you every time” is hand stamped on this stainless steel guitar pick. This makes a great gift for an anniversary, wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day or your significant other’s birthday.

43. Zoom G1X Multi-Effect Processor

The Zoom G1X multi-effect processor features 71 built-in guitar effects and 13 amp models, giving you access to a huge variety of tones. The unit can be used with an optional expression pedal for extra control over the effects, or it can serve as a standalone stompbox. With its large, clear display showing each effect’s parameters, zoom g1x makes recording and jamming easier than ever!

44. Guitar Stool

The Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-SEAT Combination guitar seat and single guitar stand provides a place to sit comfortably for you and your guitar. This heavy-duty combination boasts a 300-pound weight capacity and is a perfect height for any musician. A built-in safety pin ensures stability while the rubber no-slip feet keep you grounded. When actively playing, and using the seat, The guitar stand on the bottom front legs neatly folds up and secures out of the way of your toe-tapping feet. When it’s time to take a break, fold out the guitar stand and slip your guitar on to the finish friendly, rubberized arms and rest The neck against the soft micro suede patch on cushion. Removable, red safety rings are provided on feet to reduce risk of tripping in dark venues or on shadowy stages. The collapsible, compact design makes it easy to pack up and store away when not being used.)

45. Folding Guitar Stand

Are you an amateur musician who plays guitar, loves the outdoors, and likes to camp or travel? This folding concertina-style stand will help you pack light and keep your acoustic guitar safe and sound. Holds any size electric or acoustic guitarExtra-wide base keeps instrument steadyProduct Features: A-frame universal guitar stand for acoustic and electric guitars; Extra-wide base keeps instrument steady; Unbreakable plastic construction holds even the largest acoustics securely.

46. Variety Pack of Guitar Pick Strips

These plastic strips are the perfect complement to the Pick-a-Palooza or any guitar pick punch. A variety pack of twenty 6″ x 1.5″ strips is a great addition to any gift basket.

47. Music Journal

The journal for songwriters. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, this journal will help you capture your ideas and develop them into finished songs. The journal has lined pages for your ideas and lyrics, as well as staffed pages where you can write out the music.

48. Fender Key Rack

This unique wall-mounted rack holds up to 5 keys, so they’re always within reach. The rack is made of metal and measures 4″x3.25″. It comes with five non-metal keychains in the colors black, red, blue, yellow, and green (a sixth keychain can be added) so that you can customize it according to your own color scheme or musical tastes!

49. Capo

The capo is the easiest way to play your favorite songs far above or below standard tuning. It’s a must-have for every guitarist. The capo works on electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles—pretty much any stringed instrument!

50. Song Writer’s Composing Template

This newly designed, award-winning plastic 4″ X 9″ template contains all the popular music notes, notations and symbols to help produce dramatically neat written music. Simply overlay the template on the staff paper and use a sharp pencil or acceptable pen to trace around the cutout of each desired symbol. It even comes with a matching 50 sheet tablet of 10 staff paper.

51. Mug with a Handle

This 13.5 oz mug holds any drink, tea, coffee, milk. It’s great for travel as it takes up little room in your luggage and is made of durable ceramic material that won’t break or shatter like glass can do. This gift would be especially fun for a music lover who also happens to love weird novelty mugs!

52. Gift Card

A gift card is always nice, but if you’re not going to use it for guitar lessons the receiver can probably use it for something else. This premium rosewood headstock strap button is a great addition to the set. It looks good and feels great!

53. Son Love Quotes Guitar Pick

A father’s love for his children is legendary. Express your love for your son with this stainless steel guitar pick stamped with “I Couldn’t Pick a Better Son.” It makes a great gift and is an especially meaningful gift to give after he has left home or as a graduation gift.