55 Gifts For Gun Lovers

1. Decanter and Scotch Glass Set

This set is ideal for the whiskey enthusiast in your life who enjoys a clever gift. The decanter holds 850ml of liquid, making it one of the largest whiskey decanters available. And it looks like a gun!

2. Musical Note Studs

Music lovers will adore these musical note earrings. There are six notes on a pair—a G, an E♭, an A, D, and G—and they rotate as you move.

3. Aroprank Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun

A pain in the neck is no fun. This little guy can help get you to a solution. Use this mini massage tool on your own neck or someone else’s as a Secret Santa present. It comes with 3 different massaging speeds and has an auto-off timer so it will stop working before you forget that it’s there!

4. Pre-Ice Whiskey Set

There is nothing quite like a good old-fashioned rocks glass of whiskey. One thing most people don’t think about is that the ice in a rocks glass actually dilutes the whisky. By using these jumbo stainless steel cubes, they can enjoy their drink as it was originally intended without sacrificing taste.

5. Stemless Wine Glasses

Make your favorite spirit the ultimate talking point with our set of stainless steel whiskey stones. Perfect for a gift or personal collection, these rocks will chill your drink just right without losing its unique flavor and profile. Use them to fine-tune your cocktail (and impress all your friends) or as an entertaining ice ball maker.

6. Rocks Glass Set

Premium whiskey stones that chill your drink without the dilution of ice. Made from stainless steel, these stones are much more durable than glass counterparts. The set includes six bullets and one base (in a realistic revolver freezer base).

7. Bottle Opener

Open that bottle with a flourish! This lightweight and durable carbon fiber bottle opener is the perfect way to let your friends know you’d love a cold one if they’ll just open one for you. It makes an awesome gift idea for those wine-loving men in your life!

8. Mark’s Manhood Necklace

This cleaning kit is ideal for any man who loves to shoot. It includes jags, brushes, and oilers for all your firearms — rifles, shotguns, handguns, black-powder muskets (old west style), bows and arrows— whatever you’re shooting! This awesome gift idea will help him keep his guns in tiptop shape.

9. Rocks Glass Set

A set of two whiskey glasses that are completely unique. There are no other glasses quite like them and they will truly enhance your drinking experience. Made of lead-free crystal, the tumbler holds 16 ounces and has a rim as thick as toothpaste!

10. Personalized Watch

This unique personalized gift is both unusual and useful. The watch is engraved with the names of each family member, their ages, and the year they were born. Finally, this stylish timepiece has a hidden compartment to hold a small personal item – like a picture or memento – that symbolizes the connection between these two people.

11. Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun cleaning kit should include everything you need to properly clean a weapon, except for the gun itself. This is an all-inclusive cleaning kit with various tools and brushes that will help get any job done right the first time. This can be used on shotguns, rifles, pistol, and even airsoft guns. It’s perfect for anyone who owns or plans on owning a firearm!

12. Magnetic Phone Mount

The phone mount can be placed on a smartphone, tablet or even a GPS. The magnet is strong enough to hold the device in place but will not damage the device itself.

13. Bottle Opener Keychain

A bottle opener keychain is the perfect gift for the man who loves to grill, has a pool or carries keys in his pocket. No more fumbling around looking for that tiny bottle cap remover when you’re out on the town! Keep one of these bad boys on your person at all times and have quick access to opening that beverage of choice.

14. Pen Holder

Firearm enthusiast and collectors, rejoice! Finally, a way to keep all your “go-to” pens securely loaded and ready to go. This pen holder looks like an old-fashioned bullet cartridge with six slots for your favorite writing utensil. It fits up to 6 different pens or pencils (not included).

15. Banana Nut Bread Candle

This candle is a fun gag gift for anyone who likes subtle banana scents. The candle is hazelnut scented, and has a creamy, nutty banana scent blended in.

16. Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is as badass as it is delicious. Featuring a black ceramic body with silver-tone metal detailing, this mug features an actual working trigger that will cause the handle to spring out! Perfect gift for your favorite gun enthusiast.

17. LED Motion Sensor Light

IllumiSafe’s motion-activated LED light adds a layer of security to your home or office by illuminating dark corners and hallways. No more ‘lights out’ in the middle of the night! If a threatening situation is detected, an alert notification is sent through email and text message, offering seconds to minutes of added protection.

18. Large Whiskey Decanter

It’s time to up the whiskey game of your buddy with this large-assed decanter. This beast holds 1,000ml (33oz) of your favorite spirit, making it a great gift for that bourbon-loving dad in your life. The set comes with four custom-made whiskey glasses and is officially licensed by Akhan Whiskey House.

19. Bulletproof Coffee Mug

Give your morning coffee routine some attitude and fun with these gun and bullets inspired coffee mugs. Great novelty item for any gun lovers. The perfect gift for that friend who loves their caffeine but hates being shot in the face.

20. Gun Cleaning Mat

A neoprene gun cleaning mat is a must-have for any gun enthusiast. This pack of 2 high-quality, thick cleaning mats will help you clean your guns faster and more efficiently than using common cotton newspapers. The non-slip bottom ensures the mat won’t move around while you work, ensuring an ideal working environment for greater accuracy and precision when shooting.

21. Tool Kit

This time-tested gift is always a big hit! It’s not only a socket set but also comes with screwdrivers, cutters, and even a power drill attachment. This multi-tool works on both wood and metal so it can be used on practically anything.

22. Funny Birthday or Christmas Gift

These hilarious gun socks come in a bunch of colors and will pretty much ruin the birthday or anniversary gift for anyone who loves funny socks. No one will have to ask for these as the year’s best novelty gift. Made from 65% cotton, 34% nylon, 1% spandex.

23. Tea With You Mug

A unique way to enjoy your favorite tea, this mug has a hole in the bottom and comes with a cord so that you can easily hang it up out of the way when washing. The perfect gift for coffee or tea lovers.

24. Wingman Glasses

Why choose between two glasses when you can have four! These Top Gun Aviator’s sunglasses come in a gift box, with six pairs of lenses to accommodate any lighting condition.

25. Movie Themed Dinnerware

A cute gift for a movie lover – whether they’re male or female! This stainless steel cutlery set makes a great 13th wedding anniversary gift. Your loved one will appreciate that each piece is designed based on the flying geese sculpture at Walt Disney World’s Enchanted Tiki Room restaurant, and that all seven pieces are included in the set.

26. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor 6-Dart Rotating Drum Gun

Six high-performance foam darts are loaded into this six-dart rotating drum gun, which measures 24 inches. It has a maximum firing range of 90 feet, so you can fire it across the room and still hit your target.

27. New We Don’t Call 911 Home Security Sign

This hilarious new home security sign lets potential intruders know your stance on home security. The sign features two pistols framing the clear warning message, “We don’t call 911.” Place this sign on an outside wall or front door to let would-be thieves know your home security stance. This humorous gun safe decal adds a light-hearted piece of decor to any gun-owning home.

28. LED Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

These LED gel ink pens make a great stocking stuffer for the gun-loving teen in your life! They come in five different colors and have a clickable aimlight for low-light situations.

29. Shotgun Shot Glass Set

If you’re looking for a unique gift, consider this shotgun shot glass set. The glasses are made to look like shotgun shells and each holds two ounces, making them great for whiskey shots or other cocktails.

30. Liberal Tears Coffee Mug

High-quality ceramic mug makes the perfect gift for everyone! Show your support for the 2nd amendment and coffee at the same time with this hilarious mug. Comes in a pack of two.

31. Tactical 50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses

These badass shot glasses are the coolest glassware you’ll ever have at a party. They look and feel like real bullet casings, making them an instant conversation starter! Perfect gift for that whiskey-loving man in your life!

32. Magnetic Bookmark

These natural wooden thumbtabs make the perfect bookmark for your cookbook, textbook, novel, or favorite magazine. They are especially helpful to people who have arthritis in their hands and find traditional bookmarks uncomfortable to use. Each set of these handmade wood bookmarks comes with two magnets that can be placed on either side of the page for easy location when you need them.

33. Shooting Range Bag

For those who love to shoot, this snapback hat is a must-have accessory. It comes with a glow-in the dark target that you can frame and hang up in your man cave or outdoorsman’s paradise. The polyester blend fabric is durable, so the hat will last for years to come and still look as fresh as the day you bought it!

34. Magnetic Hooks

These hooks are strong enough to hold on to, even with a refrigerator running at the other end. Perfect for kitchens and barns where space is limited.

35. Metal Bookmark

This beautiful metal bookmark will fit right in with your college girl’s style. It has a lovely 3D butterfly design on the front and can be personalized for her with her name and major!

36. 50 Caliber Bullet Pen

This pen is made from a actual cartridge neck of a 50 BMG machine gun bullet. The pen uses real ink and is refillable. The gift box is laser engraved to last a lifetime and makes for an amazing anniversary gift! If your loved one is into guns or just likes cool stuff then this would make an awesome gift.

37. Real Avid Gun Tool

This is a real avid gun tool, not a toy. The perfect gift for that guy (or gal) who has everything! My favorite features are the bit driver and the magnetic bits holder. This tool can do so much more than just fix your guns. It’s also great for home maintenance tasks like changing batteries in smoke detectors or fumbling around insidemanuals for common gadgets.

38. Wild Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

The Original Bullet is the original wild thing when it comes to cleaning kits. They have been designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality cleaning kits for everyone from tinkerers and outdoorsmen to plumbers and tactical officers since 2006. The Original Bullet patented design incorporates a variety of cleaning tools into one bullet shapely kit so they’re easy to find when you need them–a solid brass rod, cloth patches, wire brushes, oilers (filler), bore snake (extractor), patch holders, mops & more all in one tidy little package.

39. Keychain

This keyring will give any fan of the ‘Guns N’ Roses’ some extra firepower. Each keyring contains a bullet, which can be removed to reveal a secret message opener and two sharpened pins (perfect for piercing sensitive skin). If you are looking for a funny gift to give an Axl Rose fan this could be it!

40. Tapirus Roasting Sticks

If you’re a fan of camping in the woods or BBQ at the backyard, then these wonderfully crafted Tapirus extra-large telescopic bonfire sticks are the way to go. This eight-foot Camp Chef grill makes roasting your favorite foods delightful and easy – from veggies to meat to whole turkeys. With this tapirrus stick grill, your camp dinner will be anything but boring!

41. Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

This makes a great gift for that hunter in your life who loves to have their cocktails neat. These shotgun shell coasters are made from high-quality resin and will protect furniture from any accidental de-shell looting.

42. Wine Opener

This wine opener is so innovative it could win a prize. The lever-pull design of this wine opener makes opening the bottle much easier than using a corkscrew. Just place the lever over the top of the wine bottle, pull down on the lever and open up that bottle of wine with ease!

43. Cap Gun Bottle Opener

It’s not a real bottle opener. It’s a cap gun set that will help you have fun with your friends and family. An impressive cap gun set is a unique gift for men on any occasion. This cap gun bottle opener is a super fun way to open bottles and have fun during any party. There are two in the pack – one rifled barrel and one smooth bore, so choose which fit your needs best!

44. Multi-Purpose Tool

This multi-purpose tool solves many problems. It can be used to pry open stuck drawers and doors, unscrew lids and tubes, break down old furniture, cut string, twine, and tape, grip tight objects with a dry hand (e. g., bolts), and more. It has over 2 feet of reach per handle rotation! The perfect gift for DIY people; men love it too!

45. Fire Starter

Help him get ready for the outdoors with this survival kit that has everything he needs to hike, camp, and even mountain bike. The kit includes a multi-tool, cutting board, fishing gear, first aid supplies, and more.

46. Beer Bottle Opener

This beer bottle opener is as fun to open a beer with as it is to look at. The bottle opener is made from stainless steel and has an irregular hexagonal shape that grips the side of even the narrowest 12oz bottles. The opener also works with any size cup, can or glass!

47. All-In-One Gun Cleaning Kit

This kit has it all to get your gun looking and working like new. It’s perfect for the first time user or the experienced pro, whether you’re a law enforcement professional or recreational shooter. The cleaning products are safe for your firearm and won’t damage it. Comes with a hard carrying case that can be used in the field if necessary, includes some great extras including a bore snake (boring brush), cleaning patches, copper solvent, bore guide rod wipe, complete detailed instruction booklet with illustrations.

48. Gun Cleaning Kit

This is a very popular gift for new parents that are also new to the gun world. Many first-timers feel overwhelmed or unsure of what products they need to get started cleaning their firearm and this kit solves that problem in one convenient place.

49. Gun socks

These funny, comfortable gun socks make a bold political statement that nobody will be able to resist. Show your support for the Second Amendment while wearing these high-quality cotton socks. Two pairs of feet are always better than one!

50. Folding Camping Chair, Stool, and Cooler

This chair/stool can be folded up into a tiny bag when you aren’t using it. The design is ergonomic, so it will provide an extra boost of energy when you need it. It has a built-in cup holder to hold your drinks while you enjoy the outdoors. The seat is padded, making it comfy whether you’re sitting for long periods or just kicking back for the day.

51. Gun Cleaning Kit

This universal cleaning kit is a great addition to any gun enthusiast’s collection. This  makes an excellent gift for that first time buyer or someone who has never owned a gun before and wants to learn how to properly take care of their new found treasure. The perfect gift for the DIY-person, this cleaning kit acts as more than just a cleaning tool; it also contains patches and brushes needed for minor repairs should the need arise. Put away that rag & powder and clean your weapon with this list of supplies!

52. Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Designed for compact work spaces as well as convenient traveling accessibility, our practical gun-cleaning kit offers everything a responsible gun owner needs to perform thorough cleanings anywhere life takes you.

53. High-End Liquor Globe

A unique gift for the man who has everything – a world globe whiskey decanter. Put a few rocks in this bad boy, pour some scotch or bourbon and sit back as you map the Earth with your eyes, nose, and mouth.

54. Death Wish Coffee Beans  | Small Business Saturday: Get Some Help for the Holidays

Death Wish Coffee Beans Strong, bold, and delicious. Our dark roast is roasted to perfection in small batches to bring out the best characteristics of each bean. Enjoy a rich taste with a full body and an exceptional finish. This coffee is made by death-row inmates in federal prison who receive fair trade prices for their organic beans.

55. DeWALT 20-In-1 MultiTool

A multi-tool is something you should have in every toolbox. This one has enough features to meet most people’s needs and can be used with a number of different power sources. The large, easy-to-read LCD display makes it easy to operate the tools and read the situation at hand.