54 Gifts For History Lovers

1. Classic Car Magazine Subscription

If you’re fascinated with classic cars and the people who love them, then this is the magazine for you. Every issue is crammed full of fascinating information about these iconic automobiles, including how they were designed, built, raced, and more. It’s a must-have for car lovers!

2. Reading Glasses Socks

Reading is important. For those who can’t read normal vision, these socks are a fun way to help them get the information they need to know. These comfortable and funny socks come in various colors, including “Shirtless Vampires Can’t See You” and “Sauce Overload.”

3. Funny Socks

These funny socks have a secret message “Shh, I’m reading.” Perfect gift for the book lover who wants to up the ante and be extra sneaky about it. These socks are sure to generate plenty of giggles from everyone at the golf course!

4. Nintendo Classic Adult’s 12 Days Of Socks

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your Nintendogs, then these socks are the perfect gift. Made from 100% polyester, they come in a box of 12 pairs and each pair has a different gaming character on them.

5. Classic Coffee Mug

If you’re a coffee drinker or just a fan of funny mugs, this presidential campaign slogan coffee mug is sure to be a big hit. The mug has 29 different American campaigns as well as the current president!

6. Famous Painting Art Socks

“My wife and I are artists.We paint pictures of things we see, or imagine. We feel that by putting these feelings into pictures, our world will become a little brighter and more colorful.” - Vincent van Gogh It makes sense that great art would be inherited by the artist’s spouse! These socks celebrate some of the best works from throughout history.

7. Novelty Presidents’ Big Guy Socks

Help him make a fashion statement and show his support for our nation’s leader with these high-quality dress socks. Each pair comes in a fun, funny pattern showing off the leaders of our country (and the Pope) against a red, white, and blue patriotic background.

8. Dress Socks

If he’s into fitness, then these HSELL men’s socks are the perfect gift! They come in a fun patterned design that will make him smile as he pulls them on.

9. Stupid History Book

This little book is a good way to spend an evening. Read it and have fun learning about how incredibly dumb some of our greatest historical figures were. Learn about stuff like foot powder in Ecuador or the anti-aging elixir that killed Emperor Hsien Tsung. It’s just plain fun, and you’ll laugh out loud at some of these historically significant mistakes!

10. Book of the Month

A stylish, illustrated gift book profiling notable cat-loving men throughout history. Some of history’s greatest men have been cat lovers, and their cats have contributed to their genius and legacy: The static charge from a cat’s fur sparked young Nikola Tesla’s interest in electricity; Sir Isaac Newton is said to have invited the first housecat; visitors to Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill’s homes still encounter the descendants of their beloved cats; William S. Burroughs and Andy Warhol both wrote books inspired by their feline friends.

11. Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Pappy Van Winkle is the best bourbon you’ve never heard of. Developed by Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle III in 1990, it’s a secret blend of straight Kentucky bourbon aged 23 to 26 years old. It was created in response to high demand from liquor stores and bars for a whiskey similar to what his grandfather would have made. The final product is very hard to find, with only around 10 barrels released each year. This limited supply makes it one of the most expensive bourbons on the market at an average price of $50 per bottle.

12. Bad Girls Throughout History

Celebrate the bad girls throughout history with this gorgeous coffee table book featuring 100 women who changed the world. From pirates to artists, warriors, daredevils, and more, these remarkable women including Joan Jett and Sojourner Truth have shaped our world for the better.

13. The Bourbon Bible

Bourbon is booming, and this guide will teach you all you need to know about America’s favorite spirit. Eric Zandona – a spirits specialist at the American Distilling Institute – explores 100 of the finest bourbons in the world, from the big-name classics to tiny craft distilleries. With flavor profiles and recommendations for each drink, it’s an essential gift for any whiskey lover.

14. Little Black Dress

From the Chanel archives, this book reveals a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from the 1920s onwards and now redis­torted to become the motifs for brand new garments, accessories, and beauty products.

15. Fun Socks

Dedicated to style and quality for nearly a century, GOLDTOE utilizes industry knowledge and expertise to knit high-quality socks with innovative comfort and lasting durability. The original GOLDTOE sock featuring a reinforced gold toe was a revolutionary answer to hard-working Americans’ need in a post-World War pre-Great Depression era. To this day GOLDTOE continues to provide customers around the globe with the most comfortable socks in a variety of premium dress, casual, and athletic styles. These are three packs of fun novelty socks that come in an assortment of colors. They make great gifts for men or women because they can be worn with any outfit!

16. 2021 History Calendar

A history calendar is a great way to help kids (and even adults) learn about important dates in history. This calendar has easy-to-read pages that are perfect for teaching your children about key events that happened on this date.

17. Battles That Changed the World

From Thermopylae and the Battle of Red Cliffs to Fall of Constantinople, Operation Desert Storm, and more, this stunning coffee-table book from DK Books is a visual treat for history buffs, old and young. It includes a foreword by award-winning writer, TV presenter, and historian Sir Tony Robinson whose TV credits include Time Team, Blackadder, and The Worst Jobs in History.

18. Coffee Table Book

From the creator of The Story Behind podcast comes one of the coolest coffee table books ever written. The Story Behind provides insight into everyday objects we don’t think much about as we use them. Topics covered in Emily’s podcast are examined in more detail along with new fascinating topics. Learn how lollipops got started in Ancient Egypt, how podcasts were invented, and why Comic Sans was created. Learn the torture device origins of certain exercise equipment and the espionage beginnings of certain musical instruments. Ordinary things from science to art, food to sports, customs to fashion, and more are explored in this fun book that can function as a coffee table book or a bedside book for those late night reading sessions when you just want to forget about everything else and enter another world where nothing is impossible because anything is possible .

19. Ultimate Steelers Trivia Book

Do you think you’re the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers superfan? Do you have a buddy who bleeds black and gold for the Steelers? Do you want to learn about the history of your favorite six-time Super Bowl champion? Even if you couldn’t answer yes to any of those questions, you will still enjoy The Ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Book. This trivia book is packed with interesting facts about the Steelers from cover to cover, taking you from the tough football in western Pennsylvania to the hallowed halls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

20. Wars Map Poster

A poster that will make a great addition to your study or war room. This vibrant and detailed map reveals the key conflicts throughout history, including which side won and why. See for yourself how tactics, technology, vision, and luck have all played a part in the outcome of wars throughout history.

21. 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

If you’ve been drinking whiskey for more than five minutes, chances are you’ve heard of Ian Buxton’s book. It’s considered a “Whisky Bible” and has lots of great information in it, even if the format is a bit quirky. The 4th edition has been fully revised and updated.

22. This Day in History Book

This fun, informative read will entertain you throughout the year (Leap Day included)! Hundreds of events are included from centuries ago to modern times; milestones in war, culture, exploration, technology, and science. Learn what happened on your birthday (or someone else’s) by reading about this day in history!

23. Mad Libs of History

What’s the capital of Belgium? What country shares a border with Canada and the United States? How many miles are in a million kilometers? Find out in this hilarious 21-round Mad Libs history game! Featuring topics like “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” “Famous Inventors,” and more.

24. F*cking History

There are a lot of things you should have learned in school—how to dance, how to play an instrument, how to lose your virginity. But history? Well, that’s something nobody ever taught you and it might be the most important thing you ever learn. Because if you don’t know where you came from then why not? If no one has told you this before then F*ck You History is the book for YOU!

25. Great Book of North Carolina

How much do you know about the Tar Heel State? There’s so much to learn about North Carolina that even natives of the state don’t know. In this trivia book, you’ll learn more about North Carolina’s history, pop culture, sports, unsolved mysteries, and so much more.

26. Greatest Books Ever Written

Scientists, storytellers, and philosophers have used the written word to introduce their ideas for centuries. Discovering seminal religious and political titles, cornerstones of science such as On the Origin of Species, and ancient texts such as the I Ching that is still used today to answer fundamental questions about human existence.

27. Feelin Good Graphic T-Shirt

If you’re feeling awesome and looking to share that joy with the world, then this “Feelin’ Good” t-shirt is for you! This hilarious shirt makes a great gift no matter who you're shopping for; men or women, your parents will especially love this one!

28. Baseball Card Collection

Baseball played a big part in the lives of many American boys during World War II, but few knew that some of America's greatest heroes were trained at elite military bases near where they lived. This book tells their story. The Navy school at Chapel Hill was home to the most talented young athletes from across the nation, including Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky, who would go on to play for the New York Yankees. This is a great story about three things baseball fans love: war heroics, legendary ball players, and patriotism.

29. Football Decanter

This football decanter is the most elite way to celebrate another year of gridiron victories. This large-size (750ml) crystal whiskey decanter holds any spirit, including Scotch, bourbon, or brandy. The engraved football on the front displays your team’s logo and celebrates a special moment in professional football history: when Tom Brady led his team back from an 25-point deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51!

30. I’d Rather Be Socks

A funny yet practical gift for the minimalist. One of the best gifts to give a family that is embarking on a new journey together as they transition from a home full of stuff to one that is virtually clutter free! This guide will help them get there step-by-step, room-by-room and year-by-year.

31. World History Map

A stunning overview of all human history, side by side with 140 custom maps. Learn how something like the printing press can define a time, or how the Allies in Europe could defeat the Nazis. There is so much to read about in this remarkable history book, and just as much to look at.

32. Bad Days in History Calendar

This calendar offers a look at some of the more bizarre moments in history that led to bad days. Some of these situations were clearly avoidable while others, not so much. Either way, this is a fun and unique gift that seems to fit right into National Geographic’s style.

33. National Geographic Complete National Parks

National Geographic, in association with the National Park Service, has put together a comprehensive list of every national park and monument. The book is 544 pages long and contains over 400 individual parks. It also lists all national battlefields, historic sites, recreation areas, scenic trails, and seashores.

34. Malibu Rising: A Novel

This novel takes place during one unforgettable night in the life of a family—the night they each have to choose what they will keep from the people who made them and what they will leave behind. As midnight approaches, secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and lives change forever. The party is legendary, and it culminates with the entire mansion burning down.

35. People Who Tolerate Me On A Daily Basis Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

This sarcastic t-shirt makes a funny gift for that friend who likes to have fun at your expense. It’s available in men’s and women’s cuts, several sizes, and colors.

36. Record Covers

This book is a great way to spend an afternoon. It features lots of popular cover designs from the 1960s through the 1990s, including The Velvet Underground’s banana cover! The illustrations are by Michael Ochs, and it was published in 2009 by Taschen.

37. World War II: The Good Side

If you’re looking to become better acquainted with the history of World War II, this book is a good place to start. Many Americans have never heard some of these stories, and they provide a more complete picture of the war than many people realize.

38. Necktie

A necktie is a great way to show off your American pride. This silk necktie is handmade in the USA and features an intricate pattern of stars and stripes.

39. The Histomap of Evolution

This is a unique poster that shows the history of life on Earth. It displays data in a colorful way, making it easy to understand and allows comparison between different periods. This makes an excellent teaching tool for students – young and old – who are interested in paleontology, geology, biology, or history.

40. The Belgica

On August 17, 1897, the Spanish schooner Belgica set sail from what is now Uruguay for an Antarctic expedition. Halfway there, the ship got stuck in the ice and was never heard from again. This thrilling history tells of a futile attempt to be first to discover Antarctica and its South Pole. It also describes a treacherous journey into brutal isolation where only madness would stop them from giving up and dying.

41. Unusual Knowledge Book

This 704-page mammoth of a book is crammed full with useless yet fascinating knowledge. It’s perfect for anyone with a curious mind and a passion for learning. With quirky illustrations and a vast array of articles, anecdotes, lists, and games, this book will provide hours of fascinating reading. It will also expand your knowledge on a range of topics, including the animal kingdom, art, sports (yeah!), technology, history, politics—and much more!

42. Bag

For the Beatles, writing songs was a process that could happen anytime – songs we all know by heart often began as a scribble on the back of an envelope or on hotel stationery. These original documents have ended up scattered across the world at museums and universities and with collectors and friends. Many have never been published before. More than 100 songs and lyrics are reproduced in The Beatles Lyrics, providing Hunter Davies a unique platform to tell the story of the music.

43. Keychain

Anchor this keychain fob on their vehicle or trailer to let others know where they’ve been. This is a really unique gift for any outdoorsman, and you can get it personalized with the recipient’s name!

44. Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

Self-described “fungal extrovert” Merlin Sheldrake combines his passion for fungi with his lifelong interest in science and human connection in this fascinating new book. Based on the author’s popular Tedx Talk, this is a unique exploration of how mushrooms can change our minds about the world around us. Weaving together scientific research with personal anecdotes, Sheldrake explains why it makes sense to think of fungi as life on another tier– one that connects us to both nature and each other.

45. The Ultimate Cigar Book

This is the book that started it all for me. When I was first learning about cigars, I couldn’t find much other than a few basic cigar books. This was one of them and when I finally bought my own copy, I knew I had to write a review because this is by far the best cigar book out there.

46. The History of Everything

From the dawn of civilization to the present day, this comprehensive and compelling visual encyclopedia tells the story of our world in true depth and detail. Learn more about human endeavor and achievement from every angle, alongside key events, groundbreaking ideas, political forces, and technological advances that have shaped our planet’s progress.

47. World War II: The Definitive Visual History

This definitive visual history of WWII makes sense of the conflict with brilliant, accessible images and engaging text. It opens with a quick overview of the major players and events leading up to WWII, then moves onto coverage of key battles (D-Day, Stalingrad) and events (the surrender in Japan). Hundreds of images contrast different perspectives on pivotal moments in this global war.

48. Firearm Encyclopedia

This fascinating visual account of firearms shows everything from the earliest cannons to modern weapons of war. It also highlights how gun technology and military tactics developed in tandem over time. Centuries ago, the Chinese discovered that if they put gunpowder and a projectile into a metal tube and ignited it, they could fire the projectile with enormous force. The first guns were born. This showcase applies cutting-edge science to explain how firearms work–and works just as well as a coffee table book about guns as it does as an encyclopedia about them!

49. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

This book gives you the highlights of each state as well as ideas on what to see and do. Since many travel experts don’t like visiting states off the beaten path they have included only sites that are over 100 miles from the geographic center of a state.

50. The Complete American Revolution

This visual history of the American Revolution is an engaging way to teach kids all about this pivotal event in U.S. history. From resistance to rebellion, the war for independence, and everything in between – this timeline is packed with essential facts and fun images that will make learning about the revolution easy!

51. Propellers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now, you can say it with a thousand propellers. This print consists of eleven 14″ x 11″ propeller images that make up the RMS Titanic’s sister ship Olympic at take-off and landing in 1911.

52. Microfiber Necktie

Looking for a unique, high-quality gift? These neckties are made from 100% microfiber fabric and come in seven colors. The slim cut and non-crease design make them great for formal events.

53. Book of Useless Information

Want to impress your buddies at the bar? Need to think of something interesting to do at the next family gathering? Want to learn a bunch of random facts about history, science, true crime, and the paranormal? ‘Cause we got you. This book is packed with information from cover-to-cover and is sure to be a fun night conversation piece!

54. World War 2 Trivia Book

When was the last time someone around you brought up World War Two? It’s a pretty popular war. Maybe you heard about it yesterday. Maybe last month. But it was probably recent. And when it came up, did you wish that you could be the one to casually drop a fact that would have everyone in the room going, “Wow, I never knew that!” With this book, you can be that person. You can read it in just a few minutes a day and test your knowledge against other readers to see who knows their WWII history best!