46 Gifts For Homebrewers

1. Stainless Steel Grilling Basket

Relax to the sound of your food sizzling. Nothing says a good day, like grilling with a beer in your hand, tunes playing, and bringing your friends and family together to enjoy a real American meal. Perfect for all-inclusive camping trips or tailgating at home!

2. Beer Tap Handle

Beer drinking doesn’t have to be a beer-belly conversation. Keep your beer cold, fresh, and flowing with this stainless steel beer tap handle for any standard American threading faucet. The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life – or yourself!

3. Essential Oils Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy is great, but sometimes you just need to take a deep breath of cold air. These essential oils shower steamers are designed to open your nasal passages and rid your sinuses of congestion. Perfect gifts for the aromatherapy-loving aunt or mom who has everyone else wrapped around their little finger!

4. Beer Glass Tumbler

If you love beer, then this shirt is for you! It comes in five colors and has a funny saying on it. If your husband doesn’t already have a drinking buddy, then this t-shirt will be their new best friend!

5. Wine Making Journal

This is a blank journal dedicated to record your winemaking activities. There are sections for general information, ingredients and additives, preparation procedure, fermentation & racking dates and notes on any other relevant information you’d like to include.

6. Hops Growth Chart

Brew your own, unique beer with the Everything You Need to Brew Beer Kit. This home brewing kit comes with everything you need to make 5 gallons of great tasting craft beer at home! Ingredients are included so that fermentation can begin as soon as you open the box. With a print size of 9″ x 12″ this screen printed t-shirt makes for one of the best gifts available for any beer lover out there.

7. Army Man Bottle Opener

Pops the top on any bottle with ease and has a camouflaged draw-string bag making this an awesome gift for that survivalist in your life! Comes packaged in a gorgeous display box, ready for gifting.

8. Freshly Squeezed | Art Print

These hops and barley art prints make the perfect addition to any home or brewery! Ideal for beer lovers and homebrewers, these reproductions of vintage 19th century botanical prints are a great gift idea for anyone interested in good ol’ fashioned homegrown America.

9. Beer-Flavored Hard Candy

If you know someone who loves craft beer, then this beer-flavored hard candy is the gift to give. Comes in a mixed bag of three tasty flavors: honey ale, hoppy IPA, and roasty stout. Each bag contains approximately 25 pieces. Alcohol-free and gluten-free.

10. Beer Testing Kit

If you’re a homebrewer with more than just a brew day or two on your calendar each week, then this test kit from Brewer’s Elite is for you. This three-piece set includes everything needed to perform any common brewing beer or wine related test right at home in your kitchen – including an ABV (alcohol by volume) meter!

11. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

If you’ve ever tasted your own home brew you know what a revelation it can be. No matter how much experience you have with beer, or where you live, there’s always something new to learn and plenty of room for improvement. Charlie Papazian presents a fully revised edition of his essential guide to homebrewing that will get beginners brewing fantastic beer in no time at all. Learn the basics such as malts, hops, yeast, and water; perfect your techniques with ten easy lessons; then create world-class styles of beer (IPA, Belgian wheat beer, German bock/Oktoberfest). Whatever your hobby – brewing great homebrew is easy!

12. Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

This is a great gift for someone that travels or works from home because it gives them the convenience of a portable massage tool no matter where they go. This shiatsu back, shoulder, and neck massager uses 8 kneading massage nodes to provide deep tissue relief to strained muscles. The tool can be used on the go without the need for an outlet thanks to its convenient power source–a USB port on any computer or appliance with a wall adapter or car adapter available.

13. Bottle of Wine Umbrella

A bottle of wine and an umbrella don’t necessarily go together, but here they do! This cute little umbrella will surprise your guests—who will think it’s a wine opener? Made from heavy-duty plastic with a hanger on the back for easy wall mounting.

14. Not Sisters by Blood But Sisters By Heart Wine Glass

These stemless wine glasses are from the same collection as the coffee cup above. They hold 14oz of your favorite drink and say “Not sisters by blood but sisters by heart.” These would be fun for a 30th birthday party to give to each lady at the table, or a bridal shower for the bride-to-be to add some fun humor!

15. Bottle Opener

If he is always popping a cold one, he’ll love this badass bottle opener. Made from genuine stainless steel and coated to look like real bronze, this bottle opener will last forever and ever.

16. Personalized Cork Coasters

This set of six coasters are made from natural cork and can be personalized with a custom engraved message. They make a unique gift for the home brewer or anyone that loves to have their beer curated.

17. Shower Bombs

If you’re looking for a unique gift that provides some much-needed relaxation, then look no further than this delectable shower bomb set. The best part? You get to choose from four delicious scents!

18. Shower Steamers

These eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender oil, vanilla & sweet orange, rose and lemon-scented bath bombs will make your shower experience relaxing and aromatic. They can emit strong scents upon coming into contact with water, and even before that too! The shower bombs can provide you a completely unique experience due to their strong scents.

19. Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day Cookbook

From the authors of the wildly popular Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day series comes holiday and celebration cookbook using the same groundbreaking quick-and-easy baking method. Zoë François and Jeff Hertzberg shocked the baking world when they proved that homemade yeast dough could be stored in the refrigerator to use whenever you needed it. Now, they’ve done it again with Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day, featuring 100 delectable recipes for holidays and celebrations from all over the world.

20. Beer Making Kit

If you’ve got the patience, this home brewing kit is the next best thing to actually being there. With detailed instructions and information on how to brew each of their beers, it’s perfect for the budding home brewer.

21. Best Dog Mom Coffee Mug

This mug is a great gift for any dog mom. After all, if her dog was going to get a present, they would get this cute coffee mug!

22. Life is Beertiful T-Shirt

This beer shirt will get you tons of compliments. It makes a great Christmas gift or birthday present for the beer lover in your life. This funny t-shirt comes in several colors and graphics so you can be sure to find one that matches his style.

23. Homebrewing Book

Want to take total control of the beer-making process? Move beyond extract brewing and go all-grain. Richly illustrated and easy to follow, Homebrew Beyond the Basics explains it all, from grain selection and water chemistry to sour beers and wood aging in a practical, approachable way. This updated edition includes information on new hop varieties and hopping techniques, probiotics, and quick-mixed culture fermentation.

24. Beer Making Kit

Sour beers are a growing trend in the craft beer world. They’re not for everyone, but if you can stomach it, making your own sour beer is really fun! This kit has everything you need to make five gallons of delicious suds at home.

25. Beer Making Kit

This beer-making kit is everything you need to make great homebrew. The recipe book includes detailed instructions, and the ingredients are simple to find. This is a great gift for that budding home brewer in your life!

26. Chocolate Biscotti

There are a lot of Italian cookies, but they’re all dark and bitter. These are light and airy, with notes of chocolate. There are five different kinds, including one shaped like an espresso bean.

27. Personalized Tap Handles

These fun beer tap handles make a great gift for homebrewers and home brewers. Customize these to match your kegerator or bar at home or that new bar you’re building. These taps are made of durable walnut wood, measure 8″x2″x1″, and have quick-release mechanisms so they can be easily removed for service or cleaning.

28. Grilling Seasonings and Rubs Gift Set

A grilling enthusiast’s dream gift set featuring three unique spice blends perfect for a variety of cooking applications. This six-ingredient gift box comes nicely packaged in a bamboo gift basket with an exclusive note from the creator.

29. Probably Beer Coffee Mug

This mug will hold 16oz of your favorite liquid and is made out of enamel, making it lightweight but extremely durable. It’s great for both men and women who love coffee or beer.

30. I Pressed the Pause Button to Be Here Graphic Novelty Sarcastic T-Shirt

"I paused my game to be here." This t-shirt is perfect for any dad that has kids. It’s a fun way to remind him that he could lose his train of thought while playing with his kid and must pause to do something more important, like being there for his family. 100% Cotton, This shirt makes a great Father’s Day gift or just an everyday funny gift for your favorite guy!

31. Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt makes a great gift when you want to get your friend or family member a gag gift that will truly knock their socks off. If they are tired of the same old boring gifts then this is one of the best gag gifts you can buy them. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is durable and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

32. Beer Soap

Beer soap is a perfect gift for just about anyone who has ever enjoyed a beer. But it’s also good for people who enjoy great scents, artisan soaps, and fun American-made goods. Beer soap is made with real craft beer and real hops. It comes in three delicious fragrances including IPA, Pumkin Spice Latte (of course), and Wood & Barrel Aged Stout.

33. Wooden Keg Chalkboard Tap Handles

These wooden keg tap handles make a great gift for that beer enthusiast in your life! They come fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Just screw them into your empty or filled kegs and you’re ready to go! If you’ve got a party coming up these are an easy weeknight meal to put together, or even a fun date night activity if both of you love beer!

34. The Mug Shot

The perfect gift for your favorite photo-loving cop. This 13 oz mug will protect his eyes from the glare of smartphone selfies and more importantly, it’ll keep his coffee warm longer than a paper cup.

35. Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy is heating oil of the spirit. It uses the power of essential oils to create an indoor mood that inspires a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Our shower steamers use 100% pure essential oils, nature identical fragrance, and lead-free glass to recreate the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

36. Glass Set

Made in Japan and 100% BPA-free, these Scandinovia stemless wine glasses hold 19oz of your favorite beverage.

37. Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set

This set of products from Burts Bees is a great gift for anyone who loves natural, organic skin care products. The set includes 6 items; 1 tin of each of the following hand and body moisturizers: Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Coconut Foot Cream, Original Beeswax Lip Balm (honey), Res-Q Ointment (mint) and Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. The perfect natural birthday gift!

38. Throw Golf Burrito

Throw the burrito, not the baby. That’s literally what this game is called. But it’s also a fun family game that can be enjoyed by anyone from 9 to 99 with a bunch of friends and family watching!

39. Homebrewing Book

There’s a new generation of homebrewers getting into the craft, and they want to brew with ingredients that are fresh and foraged from the garden or nearby farm. Forget hops–the revolution in craft beer is taking place in gardens, farmer’s markets, and deep in the woods outside rural towns across the country. It’s beer that offers a sense of place, incorporating locally sourced and seasonally harvested ingredients into traditional (and untraditional) farmhouse-style beers. The Homebrewer’s Almanacis a practical guide for those who are interested in incorporating fresh and foraged ingredients into their beer, written by the brewers of one of the country’s hottest new breweries.

40. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

This is the book no self-proclaimed “beer lover” should be without. It’s a comprehensive guide to brewing your own beer at home, with detailed instructions and recipes for creating over 75 different beers. If you can make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, you can make beer!

41. Homebrewing Journal

This useful journal covers all the details you need to record when brewing beer, including the type of beer, ingredients used, and even your tasting notes. It makes a great gift for any homebrewer.

42. Home Brewing Journal

This journal has been created especially for home brewers who like to keep track of their batches, and log the outcome of every brewing experiment. Besides the antique look, everything in this notebook has a function; from reference charts to tasting notes. It took 9 months to develop the Brew Journal, from concept to launch. Why so long? Because we fine tuned several aspects during this process. Now, the final product counts with: 100+ Hops Charts, 90+ Yeast Strains Chart, Unit Conversion Table, Color Reference Alcohol By Volume Reference Chart, Glassware Reference Chart and much more!

43. Copper Beer Mug

A very thoughtful gift for a beer-loving guy is a copper beer mug. This copper mug holds 42 ounces and is the perfect size for sharing with friends.

44. DIY Tool Kit

This gift idea is on my list for the men who love to fix things. This socket tool set has a built-in wrench that self adjusts to fit most bolts, nuts, and screws. The set comes with two wrenches (both 7mm and 19mm) so it’s nice and versatile.

45. Homebrewer’s Journal

A journal for homebrewers. Learn from the pros as you record your brewing progress and taste tests. This practical and useful journal will help you record your beers recipe, your experiences with new ingredients, and any other information you want to include – kind of like a ‘Pro Beer Cookbook’ in book form. The perfect gift for the DIY craft beer enthusiast!

46. Soda Fountains for Kids

These airlocks will help with carbonation in soft drinks, beer, wine, or juice. One end of the soda fountain is a standard threaded cap that fits most carboy bungs and airlocks. The other end has an O-ring to create a vacuum when twisted on top of the bottle neck which keeps out unwanted gas bubbles. This package contains two each of three sizes—2”, 3” and 4”—of carboy bungs and airlocks in four colors to fit 6-, 5-, 6- or 5.5-ounce plastic soda bottles commonly found at grocery stores.