46 Gifts For Hot Sauce Lovers

1. Hot Sauce Making Kit

In this hot sauce-making kit, you’ll get everything you need to make gourmet hot sauce. This is a great gift for anyone that loves spice and making their own spice blends. Makes up to 10 bottles of hot sauce which makes it an excellent gift idea for the handyman in your life.

2. Gin Infusion Set

There is a time and a place for wearing jeans, and that time is now. A gin infusion set makes an ideal gift for the socially dominant individual in your life who enjoys sharing their knowledge of obscure cocktail ingredients. Gin infusions are typically used to make infused gins, but can also be applied to vodka infusions.

3. Healthy Chocolate Hot Cocoa

This sugar-free, keto cocoa mix makes a great gift for that someone on your list who is dairy intolerant or has diabetes and needs to stay away from sugar. It’s also gluten-free so it can be enjoyed by anyone! And it contains MCTs which have been shown to increase mental focus.

4. World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Gift Set

Elijah’s Xtreme Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Elijah’s Xtreme Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, and our Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce.

5. Dragon Love Tacos

DRAGONS LOVE TACOS is a laugh-out-loud read-aloud full of playful dragons, silly text messages, and endearing characters who will have your kids giggling in no time at all. If you want to draw the dragon friends you know and love to your party, serve up some tacos! This book has it all – action, adventure, romance…and salsa! It’s impossible to read this delightful story without thinking about how much fun it would be if there really were spicy sauce for accidents.

6. Caribbean Hot Sauce

Aruba Hot delight is a unique experience amongst all hot sauces. Discover a delicious and exotic flavor that will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. Made with habanero peppers, papaya, and spices. This hot sauce is gluten-free and vegan.

7. Beer Infused Hot Sauce

Beer’s not just for drinking when you have this 3-pack of hot sauce infused with real craft beer. Made in the U.S. with fresh ingredients, each of these sauces is gluten-free and vegan, too! The Asian Sriracha features a mild heat, the Garlic Serrano is medium-spicy, and the Roasty Chipotle is spicy hot.

8. FreshJax Rub

Made from scratch with fresh spices, this rub is a favorite of many. It’s a great all-purpose seasoning for chicken, beef, and pork. Give the gift of flavor with this grilling spice set that includes five individually packaged flavors: original, smoked paprika, chipotle pepper powder, cayenne pepper powder, and garlic powder.

9. Hot Sauce Bundle Pack

If you like hot sauce, then you’ve stumbled onto the right listing. This value pack contains 3 of the best: Melinda’s XXXXtra Reserve Habanero Pepper Sauce, Cholula Original Hot Sauce, and Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce.

10. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

This sauce comes with an “Ass Blaster” recipe on the side of the bottle. Be warned and be prepared: the Ass Blaster is not for the “uninitiated” and has well earned it’s highly esteemed name among connoisseurs of fine quality condiments. Hold onto something heavy when you splash this hot sauce on your favorite foods! Contains capsicum extract that is extremely hot! Not for weak heinies!

11. Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce

If you’re going to ask somebody ‘what is the one thing they could do with their free time to make their life better?’ The answer should be ‘enjoy ass kickin hot sauce.’ This 4-pack set comes with bottles of Original, Cajun, Wasabi Horseradish and Roasted Garlic hot sauces.

12. Pepper Honey

Pepper honey is not your typical honey. It’s infused with chili peppers, which add spice and heat but won’t burn you. The right amount of sweetness and spice makes this an ideal addition to any breakfast or dessert table.

13. Hot Sauce from Hell gift Set

This set contains four (4) 5oz bottles of premium, award-winning hot sauce, including one of the most popular sauces in the world – Carolina Reaper pepper sauce. This unique and fascinating pepper has a rating of more than two million Scoville units, which is more than double that of a jalapeño pepper. Because the peppers are so spicy, this gift set comes with four different types to sample before deciding on your favorite.

14. Space Alien Socks

If you’re a fan of space and aliens, then these fun socks are the gift for him. Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, they provide maximum comfort while maintaining their shape. Stylish yet classic, these socks are one of those rare gifts that anyone would love to receive.

15. Blue Zones Hot Sauce

This pack contains four sauces, two mild and two hot. The unique packaging showcases the beautiful country of Nicoya, Costa Rica. This is one of the leading locations for world health competitions on a vegan diet.

16. Carolina Reaper Pepper Hot Sauce Kit

If the typical “hot sauce” gift can be a bit predictable, this one is not. This hot sauce kit contains all the ingredients necessary to make your own Carolina Reaper pepper sauce. The only downside? You have to eat it.

17. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Socks

Socks seller are having a limited time offer. You will get 5 pairs of socks in each pack – one for each year of your life, plus one combination sock for him or her who has it all! These socks make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts!


Give her the perfect accessory to complete her costume with this fekey & jf witch hat! This wool felt hat is stylish and warm, made to be worn all day long. Pair it with our black dress for an authentic look and feel.

19. Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottle Keychain

Love the convenience of the Sriracha Mini Keychain Combo Pack but prefer the taste of McKilhenny Tabasco hotsauce? Here’s your answer: A portable way to add flavor wherever you are. This little bottle of burning love comes with a keyring, so you never have to go a day without some chili sauce for that delicious burn.

20. Novelty Socks

If he’s a sneaker-wearing, coffee-hating, socks-knowing guy, then this novelty gift is the perfect 10th anniversary gift for him. The hilarious print says “If you can read these, bring me some Starbucks!” It comes in a pack of three pairs of male or female sized socks.

21. Nando’s Hot Sauce Lovers Pack

If you can handle the heat, then this hot sauce lovers pack from Nando’s is the gift for you. This spicy assortment contains 1 bottle of extra hot, 1 bottle of garlic, and 1 bottle of medium.

22. Caribbean Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce is made in the traditions of its native region and has a flavor reminiscent of Caribbean mustard. The sauce is extremely hot, so be careful how much you use. It’s great on wings or even as a condiment for your food!

23. Beer Tasting Set

What’s a man to do when he loves craft beer but doesn’t want to give up his man cave? Make the perfect gift for that special guy in your life who has everything a unique, quality product from an awesome company at an unbeatable price. This beer paddle and tasting glasses are made of solid wood and are stylish as hell! Included is a pack of six high-quality, break-resistant glassware for drinking each variety of brew with style.

24. Socks

These socks are great for the man who loves to be warm and wears a 9 or higher shoe. The high-quality fabric will keep his feet warm while adding a touch of class to his attire.

25. Ultimate Hot Sauce Packet Bundle

A great assortment of hot sauce packets that’s got you covered in hot sauce. You’ll get all the best names in hot sauce in convenient grab-and-go packets. Our selection of 8 distinctive sauces range from mild to extra hot, giving each dish its own unique flavor without being overpowering.

26. Spicy Socks

These spicy socks are a perfect way to make life a little more Caliente! Express your love of jalapenos, habaneros, and all your favorite capsaicin-containing delights as you step out wearing a pair of these hot socks. The perfect gift for the spice fan in your life!

27. Tabasco Pepper Sauce Tin

This unique tin contains ten 1/8 ounce miniature bottles of original Tabasco sauce. It makes a fun and practical gift for any hot sauce lover – including yourself!

28. Cholula Hot Sauce Gift Set

If the giftee is a hot sauce fan, then this gift set from Cholula is ideal. Containing six sauces – Original, Green Pepper, Chipotle, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime and Sweet Habanero – it’s sure to impress.

29. Spice Set

This set of essential spices is an ideal gift for any budding chef. These blends were created using the highest quality whole spices and are perfect for adding flavor without overwhelming your dish.

30. Hot Sauce

A gift box filled with three delicious hot sauces sure to delight, including a habanero pepper sauce, a ghost pepper sauce, and an atomic red Carolina Reaper sauce.

31. Hot Sauce Gift Set

This gift set comes with three sauces you can give as gifts to your favorite hot sauce lover. The bottles are made from glass grenades recycled from old wine bottles and the tag is a metal dog tag.

32. Hot Sauce Gift Set

If you’re going to have all the zombie-themed gear, you might as well have the sauce to go with it! This hot sauce gift set comes with two sauces, a honey garlic and a zombie apocalypse.

33. Real Sic Food Service Design Socks

These food-safe socks are perfect for catering events, special occasions, or just to wear when you want to dress up your outfit a little bit. Made from 5-star quality cotton, these socks will feel like they’re part of your skin and won’t come off until you take them off.

34. Truffle Hot Sauce and Hotter Sauce 2-Pack Bundle

This set of hot sauces comes in two varieties, one is a milder version and the other is hotter. TRUFF is the pinnacle of heat experience, an intricate blend of ripe red chili peppers, real black truffle, organic agave nectar and savory spices.

35. Gluten-Free Hot Sauce

This 4-pack bundle of hot sauce from Bravado includes a bottle each of their best-selling flavors, Pineapple & Habanero, Creamy Herb & Jalapeño, Serrano & Basil, and Ghost Pepper & Blueberry. This versatile and delicious variety pack is one of their best sellers!

36. I Put Hot Sauce on My Hot Sauce T-Shirt

If there’s one thing spice lovers love, it’s being told they like spicy food. So this funny t-shirt is the perfect gift for them to show off their hot sauce habit. The shirt comes in several colors and sizes, so buy them something awesome to wear while they tear up their kitchen with this punny apron.

37. Bold Steak Sauce Gift Set

This gift set comes with 3 BBQ sauces, 2 hot sauces & 2 wing sauce inspired by food truck foods. One-and-a half ounces each. It’s a fun and unique gift idea for that foodie in your life!

38. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

If your loved one loves spicy food, then this hot sauce kit is a must-have! This gift will help them make their favorite hot sauce from scratch at home. It even includes 4 glass bottles, vinegar, funnels, gloves, strainers and recipes to help them along the way.

39. Hot Sauce Gift Set

A gift set featuring some of the best hot sauces around. This sampler pack includes 7 different hot sauces inspired by exotic flavors and peppers from around the world, beautifully packaged in a display box. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone in your life, this is an exceptional gift idea!

40. Hot Sauce Sampler

From Baja Mango to Rio De Janeiro Habanero, it’s a spicy world and must be explored! This sampler of international hot sauces will spice up any foodie’s life. Made with fresh chiles, vinegar, and garlic— no sugar added. 30 different sauces from around the world make this an exciting gift for anyone that loves flavor.

41. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

A unique gift for the spice-loving, DIY hot sauce kit allows a user to make their own pepper sauce in just 5 minutes. Includes four mini-skull mason jars, two funnels, a recipe book with gloves and seasonings.

42. Fire Trucks Hot Sauce Gift Set

Is the gifting of hot sauce a gift customarily given? If so, does that person have their heart set on this particular fire truck hot sauce gift set? These are all valid questions. The fact is, this is an incredibly unique and special gift to give someone who loves spicy foods. With sizes from mild to XXX-hot, you can’t go wrong with any of these sauces!

43. Global Hot Sauce Gift Set

This gift set contains five unique and flavorful hot sauce sauces. My Outback is Burning, Rio de Janeiro, Mexican Style, Puerto Rican and Cuban Dream. They are packaged in 1.6 ounce bottles each making them a great addition to any grilling or smoking box!

44. Sriracha Hot Sauce Sampler

If you’re a fan of hot sauce then this sampler is for you. Included in this set are three unique flavors of sweet and savory sauces drizzled on foods. This makes a great gift set for that spicy food lover in your life!

45. Hot Sauce Kit

If you can make oatmeal, you can make hot sauce. This DIY hot sauce kit lets you grow your own peppers and make your own spicy sauces in just a few steps. The instructions are easy to follow, and each ingredient is Clearly identified with an expiration date for safety!

46. Hot Sauce Kit

What goes good with wings? HOT sauce of course! This hot sauce kit makes up to 7 different flavors of hot sauce, all natural and gluten-free.