53 Gifts For Lego Lovers

1. Matt LeBlanc Christmas Ornament

This is a 13-inch resin ornament of Matt’s iconic character, Joey from Friends. The ornament will be sent in late November and it will include a letter from Matt himself!

2. Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

A fun way to get kids interested in Harry Potter also interested in food. This is a great gift for any fan of the series who loves cooking and wants to incorporate some of their favorite things about Hogwarts into their kitchen. From cauldron cakes to knickerbocker glory, this book has it all!

3. Mug Builders

A perfectly acceptable gift for a 9-year-old boy, especially if he’s into building things. Encourage him to use his bricks to make something amazing—a model of adelete car from the movie, perhaps?

4. DIY Lego Mug

This novelty coffee mug is compatible with LEGO and most building bricks. Each mug comes with 3 packs of bricks at random that can be pieced together. If you want to have your own personalized brick mug, then this set makes a great gift for any builders teenage daughter or grand-daughter.

5. Lego Block Mug

If you love Legos, then you’ll absolutely love this Lego block mug! Holds 18oz of your favorite drink. Comes with 3 packs of bricks that can be put together to make a unique design.

6. Touch Control Night Light

Turn any wall into a multi-touch screen with this touch control night light! With 7 color options and 15 different patterns, you can set the mood without waking up your partner. It plugs into any outlet but comes with its own USB cable so you can charge it anywhere.

7. Lego Creator 3 in 1 Building Toy

This toy is one of the best gifts for kids that love animals. It has three different kinds of animals to build – a pug, turkey, and kangaroo. The pieces can be assembled in many ways so your child can experience various functions of these little creatures. Recommended age range: 4–6 years old.

8. Lego Underwear

“All packs available are fun and adds a unique beginning to every day. With plenty of pack sizes and characters to choose from you can have a unique underwear everyday! Perfect for potty-training, birthdays or holidays – or just everyday! The 5pk and 8pk Boys briefs and boxer-briefs are 100% combed cotton.

9. 3D Night Light

Imagine your little one’s face when they open this gift. It will show them a world of wonder and excitement unlike anything they have seen before. The hands are off, the lights are on, and you are the star of this show!

10. Talking Bobblehead

This talking bobblehead is a gift idea for any fan of The Joy of Painting. If you’ve ever watched an old Bob Ross episode, then this mini-bobblehead will look pretty familiar! The mini-bobblehead makes a great desk companion and doubles as decor (how cool is that?).

11. Lego Ideas Bird Model

Here is a set of rare birds. You’ll get three birds, a Blue Jay from North America, Hummingbird from South America, and Robin from Europe. These birds are stand-alone models that you can put together yourself.

12. Lego 75293 Star Wars Resistance Transport

With over 1,200 pieces, this set is made for Star Wars fans ages 14 and up. The build includes 9 minifigures: Saw Grell, Sparck, Huxley, Shu-Torun fighter pilot with helmet and backpack detail, Princess Leia in Boushh disguise (Boushh mask head only), E-Web Trooper with big blaster pistol and helmet underhirt detail. There are 4 resistance fighters on the ground including a pair of female troopers. Also included is an I-TS officer (in his gray uniform) who can be seen boarding the transport at the rear of the ship., The set also features a stand to display all your figures in one place! This Lego building toy does require some adult supervision as it does contain small parts. But once you get going you’ll have fun putting this great set together!

13. Lego Ice Cream Truck

This Lego set has a great design and is very fun to build. The instructions are in the box, but the building process is also available online as an interactive building guide with amazing zoom and rotate viewing tools. This Lego set inspires creative, independent role-play based on everyday life for kids.

14. 3D Crystal Ball

A beautiful 3D crystal ball is the type of gift you can’t go wrong with. Especially when it has laser engraving technology that makes the images seem to jump off the ball. This high-quality crystal piece will be a showpiece in any home and is sure to impress your loved one.

15. Lego Building Set

A fun gift for kids who love building blocks, this Lego-themed water bottle is guaranteed to bring a smile each time they pull it out to drink. It holds 15oz of your favorite beverage and comes with three sets of bricks so that the whole family can have some fun together!

16. Toilet Paper Roll

There is nothing more that a husband or boyfriend wants then for their wife or girlfriend to know they are loved and cherished on their special day. This toilet paper roll is the perfect way to let them know just how much you care. Each roll of toilet paper contains 1 sheet with love quotes and messages.

17. Lego Minifigure Wallet

An all-ages wallet for those that love to show off their LEGO Minifigure love. Trifold construction with a secure closure.

18. Lego Storage Tote

This Lego storage tote is perfect for that Lego fan who loves to travel. With space for three different-colored lego bricks, and a large top opening, they can be easily seen and picked up by the child. Great for parents to store their toys so the children can have a clean floor when building on it.

19. Lego Building Set

This is a great Christmas gift for kids who are interested in architecture or simply brick building. It’s a 468-piece set that allows kids to build a model of the London skyline. Also, it comes with instructions so they can rebuild the models as often as they like!

20. Lego Ship in a Bottle

If you have a nautical-themed child, then this is the gift to give. The set comes with instructions on how to build the ship and bottle, as well as an original booklet about the designer and builders of the ship in a bottle.

21. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

This little lock is just as complex as the plot in The Da Vinci Code. If you’ve got a secret lover in your life who likes mind games, then this mini cryptex is the gift to give! Set the code to ILOVEU and open it with an align-the-arrows combination. Add some fun with this romantic gift for girlfriend or wifey.

22. Lego Grand Piano

This is not just any old piano; it’s a Lego piano! You get 3,662 pieces and the instructions to build your own playable grand piano. The end result is amazing and those are real pianist fingers playing the keys. This would make an outstanding gift for that musician in your life!

23. Lego Vet Clinic

This Lego set has 258 pieces and would make a great gift for that budding veterinarian in your family. The building instructions are included and the set can be built as a jail clinic, stable, doctor’s office, examination room, washroom and yard.

24. Lego DC Super Hero Girls Diving Yacht

Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the DC Super Hero Girls have discovered a new base beneath the sea! Now it’s time for Mera to explore the underwater world. This awesome Lego set has everything girls need to go diving, including a minifigures case with Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and more!

25. Lego Super Mario Set

This set includes a buildable 2-floor house with an opening door and rooftop, as well as the Super Star Block from the original set. Also included are a Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and Baby Luigi that can be played with or used to decorate the building block structure.

26. Flashing Cube Electronic Memory Game

This 4-in-1 game improves brain skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s great for travel as it can be played in the car or on a trip. The games are interactive memory, pattern matching, speed matching, and concentration. This is a fun gift that will get lots of use!

27. Socket Set

What better gift can a mechanic give than one that will help him do his job more efficiently? A socket set is a great tool for any DIY’er to have, especially if they love tinkering with cars. This set comes with 7 different size sockets and a power adapter plus contains no metals that could damage the tools in the garage or shop.

28. Lego Art The Beatles

If you’re a Beatles fan, we have the perfect set for you. Build 1 of 4 unique portraits of the iconic band members with this LEGO Art The Beatles 31198 set and relish a creative escape from everyday life. Create 1 of 4 detailed wall art portraits of your favorite Beatle, whether it’s John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Ringo Starr, with this 2,933-piece set. While building listen to the included soundtrack and let it immerse you in stories and unexpected details about the band. Finish the build with a ‘The Beatles’ signature tile and display it on a wall or shelf.

29. Lego Building Set

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then this is the gift to give! This cool set has figures of The Mandalorian and the Child. They are accurately modeled after their Characteristics from the series. Complete with weapons, they look awesome as a display piece. If you’ve got a Star Wars fan in your life who loves Legos, then this is one of the best gifts ever given!

30. 2021 Star Wars Calendar

This calendar is a fun gift to get if you’re a Star Wars fan. In addition to the regular monthly spread with quotes about friendship and becoming your inner Jedi, there is an entire month dedicated to The Empire Strikes Back!

31. Star Wars Wall Calendar

It’s the year of our Anakin! 2021 is the next Star Wars movie, and this calendar has a whole year of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. It starts with the Death Star plans being stolen in A New Hope, so there’s plenty of that to look forward to. The calendars are nice quality paper, printed on both sides, and come in two different sizes.

32. Lego Building Set

This set has amazing details and is sure to impress any child who sees it. You could build this as a shark, squid, anglerfish or crab. There are 230 pieces in the set and three different animals you can rebuild into.

33. Lego Duplo Tracked Excavator

A fun way to encourage little builders to explore endless open-ended play. As they act out imaginative construction-site scenes with the toy truck, digger and 2 construction workers, toddlers develop valuable physical and cognitive skills that last a lifetime. With 2 construction-worker figures, a truck with a tip function and an excavator with a rotating digger, toddlers and parents have all they need to get the job done Kids develop their fine motor skills as they maneuver and operate the vehicles to carry out various construction-site tasks There are toy boulders to scoop up into the truck. But watch out – the boulder can easily split in half! The range of DUPLO building sets has been designed for preschoolers who are just learning how to stand on their feet but also enjoy role play toys that stimulate their minds.

34. Lego Minecraft The Horse Stable

This is a great lego set for any kid that loves minecraft. This set has 241 pieces and comes with a Skeleton horseman, which makes for an epic battle between the skeleton and the horse.

35. Lego Friends Waterfall Set

If your child loves playing with Legos then this waterfall set will be a big hit! The kit has a water fall, gemstones, marshmallows on sticks and a campfire to build.

36. Lego A Wing Starfighter

With over 3000 pieces, this kit makes a great centerpiece for any child’s collection and will encourage them to create their own epic battles in space. The build includes an opening cockpit with space for the Snap Wexley minifigure, retractable landing gear, non-firing wingtip cannons, and 2 integrated spring-loaded shooters. This set also includes Lieutenant Connix from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and makes a great addition to any fan’s collection.

37. Lego X-Wing Starfighter

Help them to build their own spaceship and travel the galaxy with LEGO bricks! The set comes with a manual showing the user exactly how to build it.

38. Lego Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party Set

This is a great buildable set that will make an enjoyable experience even for the most reluctant toddler. It will help with color recognition, hand-eye coordination and specially arm development. This can be played with indoors or out; it’s perfect for a birthday party setting.

39. Coloring Book for Adults

For the Star Wars enthusiast who enjoys a creative activity, this adult coloring book is full of intricate detail and beautiful images from The Force Awakens. With more than 100 illustrations to color, fans can let their imaginations run wild while also taking their mind off whatever it was they were doing before they picked up this coloring book.

40. Lego Darth Vader Helmet

One of the coolest pieces of Star Wars merchandise ever was the Lego video game that let you play as and control Lego versions of yourself inside the virtual world of Star Wars. Now, you can buy actual physical Lego bricks to build that same virtual version of a real life scene from The Empire Strikes Back! This awesome 1,392-piece set will have any six-year-old kid begging for more LEGO, and possibly their own Darth Vader helmet.

41. Lego Architecture Set

This set was created to look like the famous Tokyo skyline. It has 547 pieces and takes 2 hours to build. This is one of the best gifts for a fan of Legos who has someone who lives in Tokyo. They’ll get a kick out of seeing the city they know so well represented in lego form!

42. Lego Architecture Model

This set of Legos is a reproduction of the famous San Francisco skyline. The model includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, Salesforce Tower, and Alcatraz Island. It also comes with a blue tile base to represent the Golden Gate Strait and a small building representing downtown San Francisco.

43. Lego Backpack

A simple and classic design, this officially licensed Lego backpack will make any child feel like a real police officer! The bag features plenty of space to store all their toys, books, and other belongings while they head off to LegoLand.

44. Pirate Ship Model Kit

Artsy girls will love this DIY model kit that allows them to create their own three-dimensional piece of art. The kit comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary building materials required to complete the model.

45. Lego Harry Potter King’s Cross 75955 Building Set

This Lego set makes a great birthday gift for a young Harry Potter fan who loves playing with LEGO. The set includes 75955 King’s Cross Station, 801 pieces, a model train, and four minifigures: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, and the Trolley Witch.

46. Exploding Kittens Party Pack

Ready, set, play! This is the most fun you’ll have with laser pointers and belly rubs this year. It’s also one of the fastest games you can get going. Make it a party game night event by adding some beer, wine coolers, and snacks to make it an all-day gaming experience.

47. Lego Train Set

Is this the best Lego set ever? No. Is it one of the top 10? Yes. This is a 2,236-piece model of a Class Ce 6/8 II locomotive, built by railfans for railfans and based on Switzerland’s national railroad. The locomotive can pull 20 feet long train cars and has working side rods that allow the train to go around corners!

48. Lego Bonsai Tree Building Set

In this day and age of technology, it’s refreshing to gift a toy that doesn’t take your eyes, or hands, off of it for long. The bonsai tree building set is the next best thing to Legos as a calming tool while doing DIY. Your significant other will have no problem spending hours on end building up this masterpiece.

49. Lego Friends Pet Care

This LEGO set has everything needed to run a successful doggy day care. Puppies are ready to play, and there is poop to pick up. The dog house has an agility tunnel for exercise, and the owner can be left behind while the kids take the dogs on adventures around the heartlake park area.

50. Lego Duplo Toy Barn

The Lego Duplo building toy was designed for the 2-7 year old child who is just learning to play with blocks. This set will help with spatial reasoning, eye hand coordination and balance skills while playing. The animals that come with this barn are a duck, pig, and sheep.

51. 2020 Corgi Calendar

This might be a cute calendar for corgis, but it’s also a really cool calendar for any dog lover. The calendar has twelve full-color photos of various types of dogs throughout the year. The large date displays and monthly view will help you plan your work, school, or social schedule around when your favorite breed is most active.

52. Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian

This is the official companion book to the highly anticipated Disney+Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. Readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the show through exclusive interviews with Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and other key creatives involved in the series. We’ll see early visual designs for some of the new characters and unexplored frontiers of the galaxy that are filled with crime syndicates, bounty hunters, and smugglers.

53. Lego Paris Skyline Building Kit

This Lego Paris model building set captures the Paris skyline and incorporates a number of iconic French architecture attractions making it the perfect architecture building kit for children and adults alike. It makes an excellent gift for that budding architect in your life!