46 Gifts For Math Lovers

1. So Many Books, So Little Time Nurse Socks  | Funny Reading Breast Cancer Awareness Birthday Gift for Mom Teacher Doctor |

So Many Books, So Little Time Nurse Socks These hilarious socks are sure to create fun memories and get big smiles! The funny text on the bottom reads “So Many Books, So Little Time”. A vivid pattern of colorful books with cute owls looks great at home, work or play.

2. Funny Math Socks

Funny math socks for men. Do you know how many people struggle with MATH? We don’t know, because we are bad at math! Our darkblue socks feature math formulas and funny saying “I’M 25% FUNNY. AND 85% BAD AT MATH” on the bottom. These cool crazy socks are sure to make your friends hilarious.

3. Sock Set

Two pairs of funny socks in a gift box! One pair is dill pickle flavored, and the other is pineapple avocado. The perfect gift for that man who has everything—or maybe just needs to step up his sock game.

4. Food Socks

Food sock power! These funny socks are made in China and come four pairs in one exclusively designed gift box.

5. Penji Keychain

This keychain is a really unique gift for the math lover in your life! The metal keyring part of the item is stamped with the words “Math Whisperer”, and it comes packaged inside of an elegant leather bound book.

6. Necklace

A Fibonacci spiral necklace is a unique gift for the math-minded lady in your life! The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci spiral is a symbol of aesthetic perfection and beauty. People have been fascinated with it for centuries. It was included in artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, and its use can be found in many ancient cultures all over the world.

7. Word Clock

A beautiful copper finish and a unique design featuring clusters of letters make this clock both attractive and functional. The best gift for the minimalist or modernist in your life!

8. 7×7 Inch Ceramic

This beautiful and creative math wall art makes a great gift for any teacher – or anyone who loves numbers! It’s painted in seven colors to create a pattern, and it’s gorgeous on its own or paired with another 7×7 inch ceramic from our collection.

9. Multi-Tool Pen

This multi-tool pen is a great gift for the guy who has it all. The first thing you’ll notice is that it glows in the dark! It comes with several different tools, including a ruler, leveler, and knife edge. This is one of those gifts he’ll use every day without realizing how handy he has become.

10. Teacher Keychain

This math keychain lanyard is the perfect gift for any teacher. It can fit keys, a house key, an ID card, and even a cell phone.

11. Reading Book Socks

These fun socks are designed to look like a book but write out the words that you read! Great for bookworms who love to travel or wear their reading glasses on the go.

12. Gone Fishing Socks

If your dad loves to golf, this funny gone fishing math chemistry science book gift socks are the perfect gift. These socks state ‘Gone Fishing’ but in actuality, he’s just been PMSing a lot.

13. Reading Socks

This gift is perfect for the book lover that loves to read and lounge around. The socks are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester, and 3% elastane.

14. Funny Mug

If you’re looking for a gag gift, then this coffee mug is perfect. It comes in a variety of funny math jokes, including “Sometimes I go off on a tangent and end up talking about quadratics all day.”

15. Funny Water Bottle

This math-themed water bottle is both fun and functional. The reusable, BPA-free bottle comes with a sport top for sipping on the go, plus an aluminum cap to keep it fresh when you’re not.

16. Decodyne Math Wall Clock

Instead of Roman numerals or traditional numbers, this clock has a different equation at each demarcation hour–a fun way to track the time! The perfect gift for the math nerd in your life.

17. May The Force Be With You T-Shirt

A unisex t-shirt with a professionally applied, vibrant screen print on front for the nerdiest of nerds. Made in USA and imported. Available from size small all the way up to 5XL.

18. Funny Nerd Socks

These funny socks are a great way to let someone know you appreciate their nerdy interests. These socks come in a several colors and designs so that they can show off their pride for both the math and science fields!

19. The Geeky Days Math Formula Wall Clock

Finally, a way to keep track of everyone’s schedule! This clock displays the time, date, and day of the week as well as your personal equation. Don’t have an equation? That’s fine. You can input whatever you want into this clock—and no one will ever know but you!

20. Scarf

STEM lovers will adore wearing this infinity scarf with math equations. The fabric is super soft, lightweight, and it comes in six colors to match any outfit!

21. Spacetime 3D Night Light

Get ready to warp your way to sleep with this mind-meltingly trippy night light. The spacetime lamp will create a 3D vision effect (not real 3D) after light up, and it’s dimable for sleeping aid and guidance in the dark.

22. Batman Coffee Mug

This funny coffee mug will make your fellow commuters laugh and maybe even get them talking about the benefits of live theatre. It holds 11 ounces and is made of ceramic, so the text won’t fade or crack like it does with plastic mugs.

23. Cool Math Rubik Cube Teether

You might have heard that a 20-year old is the age when they are most likely to buy their first house. Well, at least he or she won’t have a problem falling asleep every night! This ultra-soft microfiber blankie will help your teenager get a better night’s sleep and feel more secure about leaving the house in the morning. After all, it’s hard to concentrate on studying if you don’t feel well rested!

24. Digital Bathrooms

A math mug is a great gift for any mathematician you know. This 15 oz ceramic coffee mug features funny formulas and notations and will be sure to get lots of laughs.

25. Animal Planet Challenge Cards

An exciting card game of questions that tests your knowledge of animals! Test your general knowledge about animals and how they are categorized, such as carnivores or primates. There are more than 650 different creatures to choose from so it’s sure to be a challenge but also fun and entertaining for the whole family!

26. Proof! Math Game

Award-winning game that tests your math skills in a fun & fast paced way. Players have to add, subtract, multiply and divide within 60 seconds to win the game. The rules are simple – just use your math skills!

27. Vintage Cali Graphic Tee

Lightweight, Classic fit, preshrunk 100% cotton. This tee is available in 5 colors from the vintage cali-themed graphic collection.

28. I’m an Engineer Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is a unique way to show the engineer in your life that you appreciate his skill set. If he works in an office, buy him one for every worker there to celebrate productivity.

29. Playtex Bath Finger Puppets

A great baby gift for a new baby or a newborn. Also, these are the perfect bathtub toys for sibling gift-giving: one set of fingers to share.

30. Brain Puzzler Calendar

This calendar offers 365 brain-testing puzzles designed by Mensa members to stretch your mind and keep it young. The calendar includes words, anagrams, crossword puzzles, logic questions, sudoku—you name it. The answers are written on the back of each page.

31. 365 Page A Day Calendar

It’s boot camp for the brain in this calendar that puzzle enthusiasts return to year after year. There’s a challenging and fun Mensa-approved game to kick-start every morning or workday: logic puzzles, spatial challenges, probability riddles, crosswords, and encoded words. If you want to check your work (or give up), answers and explanations are on the reverse side of each page. The ideal gift for a brainy friend who loves a mental challenge.

32. Math Pi T-Shirt

Looking for an April Fools’ Day gift that will truly impress your math teacher? This sassy t-shirt makes a great gift! It comes in black and grey, and the shirt is 100% cotton.

33. Pizza Eating Contest Flash Card Game

Keep the kids sharp with math this summer as they eat their way to victory in the incredibly fun and strategic pizza eating contest between cute monsters! The game is a fun addition to any event whether it’s at home, at daycare, during sports practices or anytime that requires waiting.

34. Mathematics 2021 Your Daily Epsilon of Math Calendar

This calendar is a fun way to keep track of the day’s challenge, and it includes solutions for each day so that you can check your answers.

35. Good Luck Sock

Science and math are important subjects, but they can be a little dry. Why not make them fun with some good luck socks? These colorful socks feature cute sayings on the top and bottom such as “Good luck finding that one special subject!”

36. Book Lover Socks

If you’re going to the library, do it in style with your favorite book lover. These Funny Novelty Socks are a great gift for any occasion and will get lots of smiles and maybe even some comments on social media when people see them!

37. Holy Shift Coffee Mug

This is a fun gift for a coffee or tea lover who also happens to be a math enthusiast. The mug has an equation on the back that reveals the shift of the x-axis when you solve it.

38. Prime Climb

Prime climb is a beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game designed for 2 to 4 players. Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first to land both pawns on 101 wins the game! Everyone can learn to multiply and divide using this unique color-coding system. A great birthday gift that will keep them busy for a while!

39. Algebra Mug

This inspirational mug is sure to get anyone’s day started in the right direction. Featuring an equation and dance figures, it offers a playful take on the study of math. Recommended for those who love caffeine and puns.

40. Teaching Dice

These adorable math dice are perfect for teachers looking to spice up their classroom games or home learning. They make teaching math easier, can attract a student’s interest, and help them learn while playing.

41. MetalTeacher Keychain

This perfectly describes what they do all day–a keychain for your teacher. The metal teacher charm is a fun and unique way to show appreciation for the amazing educators in your life!

42. Pie and Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for the math geek in your life. An adorable cat meows as he or she looks up at you with soulful green eyes. It’s sure to get a good chuckle, which is always nice when you’re talking about numbers!

43. Mathematics Pen

This mathematics gift pen is an excellent way to encourage a student who loves to write. The black ink pen has an LED light built-in that activates when the user pushes down on the tip of the pen. This gives students extra light for reading or writing in low-light environments, such as a classroom at night or on a plane.

44. Behind You, All Your Memories

A farewell gift for those who love to write. Each pen comes encased in a beautiful box with soft-touch inner material. Place the order now, before someone else does!

45. Men’s Business Tie

A good necktie goes with just about anything, and these ties are no exception. The set includes five colors in a variety of different patterns.

46. Necklace

This sterling silver Pi symbol necklace is where irrational numbers and art meet. Great for the math teacher in your life!