49 Gifts For Mechanics

1. LED Handheld Camera

This 1080P HD endoscope 4.3″ more clearly and troubleshoot the problem effectively. This hand-held borescope is ready to use after powering on, displaying the real-time image directly on color screen, allowing you to view the live video directly. Compared with wireless endoscope, inspection with screen is easier to set up and more convenient. Specially designed headlights to help you better use the endoscope in dark environments to solve problems.

2. Magnetic Base LED Work Light

This super bright light can be seen for miles and is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time outside working in their yard. This also makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves to work in their garage or workshop. The magnetic base allows it to stand upright, which is great if you need extra light where there are no metal objects to hold it up.

3. Magnetic Wristband

Attach this magnetic wristband to your workbench tool belt and never again lose that screw or nail! Attach the band around your waist and the powerful magnets will hold onto metal objects, keeping them close at hand. At only $7.99 this makes a great DIY gift for Father’s Day or any other job-saving occasion!

4. Magnetic Wristband Tool Belt

This tool wrist band fits all your hand tools. The magnetic closure ensures the tools are kept securely within the band, and a bright yellow exterior makes it easy to find in a messy toolbox. This is one of the best gifts to get a man that is hard to shop for but has everything! It’s also great as a birthday gift when he can wear it and let people know he owns his own tools.

5. Magnetic LED Light

This magnetic LED light is a perfect gift for him to brighten up his workspace or garage. The super-bright LEDs produce 360 degree illumination, 3 times more than other flashlights with the same size bulb. It’s an amazing upgrade from those tiny single-LED flashlights he’s used forever!

6. The Mechanic Keychain

A keyring is a great gift idea for the manly man in your life! This particular keychain is personalized with a funny message that will have everyone around howling with laughter.

7. Magnetic Pickup Tool

If your husband loves to work on cars or does any type of DIY, having a way to reach into tight spaces is indispensable. This telescoping magnetic pickup tool from Liftshifter will be useful for years to come! It can be extended up to 22 inches and features a built-in magnet so it can stick to metal surfaces even if your hands are dirty.

8. Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband is perfect for anyone that works with their hands. It has ten rare-earth magnets embedded in the material, allowing you to hold screws, nails, bolts and washers steady while you work.

9. Check Engine Light T-Shirt

This shirt will make fun of your dad that his car has the check engine light on, which means it needs some attention. If you’re going to tell him he should have it serviced then he might as well look good doing it! This funny t-shirt comes in several colors and makes a great gift for the man who loves cars.

10. Magnetic Pickup Tool

Five pieces magnetic pickup tool kit with 1lb, 1.5lb, and 2lb magnetic poles that can be inserted into a car’s battery terminal to help a mechanic retrieve fuses, bolts, stripped screw tips and other metal objects that are difficult or impossible to pick up with your hands. The best gift for auto enthusiasts!

11. I’ll Be in the Garage T-Shirt

This hilarious t-shirt makes a great Christmas gift for that old man who likes to have fun. If he’s into cars and tinkering, this shirt is sure to be one of his favorites. Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester, this t-shirt will keep you cool on those long car rides home.

12. Funny T-Shirt

It makes a great gift for that guy who likes to be comfortable while he’s working. This funny t-shirt comes in several colors and is made of 90% cotton, 10% polyester so it’s soft and comfortable.

13. Real Mechanic Bar Soap

Popular Mechanics says this is “a must-have tool for any real mechanic.” This soap scum remover can be used on hands, car doors, or anywhere that gets greasy. It works well on wheels and handles and won’t leave behind residue like some soaps do.

14. Ashtray With Wrench

Biker or mechanic gift idea for Father’s Day? This ashtray is trimmed with a wrench and enclosed by a motorcycle chain. It makes the perfect addition to any biker bar, man cave, or mechanical smoking room!

15. Mechanic Seat Creeper

This creeper is a creeper and a seat! The legs fold out of the way when you’re using it as a seat, then flip back into place when you’re done. It makes an excellent gift for that boyfriend/husband who likes to work on cars but hates having to lay on the ground while doing it.

16. Rolling Pneumatic Creeper Chair

This rolling pneumatic creeper seat allows you to work in your garage or workshop in comfort. This shop stool features a soft, fully padded vinyl seat and a large segmented tool tray which keeps your tools and equipment within quick reach. Features a 4-1/2” adjustable seat height, allowing for a variable seating experience by pressing a lever. It’s constructed with heavy-duty steel for added durability, supporting up to 250 lbs.

17. Key Rack

This vintage-inspired key holder is made of cast iron, and it’s both decorative and functional! Use it in the man cave to hold keys, hats, tools, clothes – you name it! It makes a great gift for that husband of yours who loves his shabby chic decor.

18. DICKIES Lined Coverall

Even though these are for working in the yard, they also do a good job of looking nice while mowing the lawn. These coveralls come in several different colors and have elastic at the waist, which makes them easier to move around in than a traditional work uniform.

19. Work Coverall

Made of durable 7 3/4 ounce twill polyester or cotton with stain release makes this the ideal work coverall. Large back pockets. Comes in four sizes so you can get the right fit for your husband, son, brother, boyfriend! Dickies deluxe long sleeve coverall with concealed snaps at the waist, neck and faced cuffs. Ideal for working men everywhere!

20. Work Light

These COB Rechargeable work lights are made of a durable, hypo-allergenic plastic material that is both wateree and shock-proof. The head is aluminum which dissipates the heat effectively, prolonging the life of the lamp. This 2-pack makes for a great gift as it includes 1 red LED light and 1 blue LED light with each order.

21. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This flashlight has super strong magnets that make it ideal for retrieving metallic objects like screws and washers that you may have stuck to your metalworking tools. The head also telescopes, so this tool can fit into small spaces.

22. Keychain

This stainless steel keychain is not only a beautiful piece, but it’s also very useful. Your loved one can attach this keychain to his keys and have a little reminder of you everywhere he goes.

23. LED Flashlight Gloves

These LED gloves are the coolest birthday gift for a guy who likes to DIY. They’re perfect for that auto mechanic dad, or that husband who is always fixing things around the house! These waterproofed gloves have two bright LED lights on the index finger and thumb which allow you to illuminate dark and dimly lit workspaces.

24. Magnetic Pickup Tool

A manly gift for a guy who has everything. A magnetic pickup tool that can be worn on a keychain or carried in a pocket when you’re out and about. This thing is AWESOME!

25. Universal Socket Set

This is a great gift for those men who love to work on their car or truck. It has everything you need to tackle any job that comes your way. This set has sockets shaped like bananas, wrenches that look like flashlights, and even a power drill socket adapter!

26. Cool Gadgets for Men

Cool gadgets for men! This gift combines two of his favorite things, technology and mechanics. It’s a set of socket wrenches that can be used to fix just about anything.

27. Funny Stickers

A great gift for a friend that is moving into a new house or apartment, these funny warning stickers will help keep them out of trouble. A unique way to give your friend extra protection while getting organized and storing their tools in the right place.

28. Coffee Mug

For the tea-loving, caffeine-devouring man in your life. This beautiful mug will make him smile every time he drinks his coffee or tea from it. It’s made of ceramic and holds 350ml of liquid—more than enough for a whole pot of whatever he’s drinking.

29. Mug

This black mug with silver printing might be small but it makes a big statement. This memento is for the mechanic in your life that loves coffee or tea as much as they love puns and jokes.

30. Vintage Bicycle Sweetheart Bench

A vintage bicycle seat and a rustic bench make for the ultimate romantic seating arrangement. Add some rose petals to make it extra special.

31. Tactical Work Boot

This tough and durable work boot is made for the industrial taskmaster in your life. The boot’s padded collar offers extra comfort, and its steeltoe cap provides superior protection.

32. LED Work Gloves

These are not your typical glow-in the dark work gloves. No, these babies have built in LED lights that give off a stark white light! Perfect for situations when you need both hands and don’t want to risk damaging your equipment.

33. 4-in-1 Folding Tool Box

This creeper folds in a “Z” shape for use as a mechanics seat or is unfolded for use as a mechanics creeper. With its thick padded bed, it gives you the extra comfort while getting your job done under the vehicle. This 4 in 1 multi-tool can be used as a booster seat to injury adult chair when working on vehicles, inside and outside. Its 6 swivel casters allow you to move around easily while staying secure on the ground.

34. Multi-Purpose Tool

A universal socket set is a great tool to have around the house, giving you greater versatility when fixing something. This multi-purpose tool will save you time and hassle, enabling you to fix things in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. It’s perfect for home repair jobs because it gives you greater power and reach than traditional wrenches.

35. Magnetic Screwdriver Set

This is a great gift for that husband of yours who loves making projects in the garage. This 101-piece magnetic screwdriver set has all different sizes and shapes of screws, so it can be useful whether you’re fixing your own car or helping someone else fix their cars.

36. Cordless Drill Set

This 20-piece drill and driver combo kit from DEWALT is an excellent gift for a DIY enthusiast looking to expand their tool collection. It includes the popular models Dewalt’s 1/2″ and 1/4″ impact drivers, as well as its popular ½" and ¼" cordless drills, all in a durable storage case that makes it easy to carry around on jobsites.

37. Grabber Claw Reacher

A grabber claw reacher tool is a useful gift for anyone with limited mobility. It can be used to pick up small objects in the home or to help them reach items on high shelves.

38. Gadget Bag

This impact socket adapter set is perfect for DIY types who love to change their cars’ oil. You can use it with a 1/4″ wrench or an impact driver to make those tight oil changes much easier! The sockets in the set have straight blades, so they will fit most commonly-used jacks and extension cords, and they are made of durable steel.

39. Knee Pro

A good pair of knee pads are essential for anyone who works on their knees constantly, such as an electrician, plumber, or carpenter. These knee pads provide the ultimate in protection and comfort for these jobs. The hard plastic outer shell is contrasted with the interior soft padding that has a 3/4-inch closed cell foam pad.

40. Mechanic Signs

This metallic bar sign makes a great gift for that manly guy in your life who loves his cocktails but hates dumb decoration. It’s a perfect blend of humor and utility, and it sure beats that sissy bartender Statue of Liberty piece of shit dartboard you’ve got hanging there.

41. Funny Mug

This high-quality ceramic mug is white with a glossy black handle, rim, and “MOTORHEAD” logo. Your friends will think it’s the real thing! The perfect gift for motorheads everywhere to use as their morning coffee cup or tea saucer.

42. Biker Ashtray

This is a biker ashtray that looks awesome to show off at any party, car dash (if you mount it with double-sided tape etc) and tables. Best of all we bring this exotic ashtray to you at the best price online and anywhere else! This Motorcycle Ashtray with Wrench and Bike Design is made of polyresin, hand painted and polished individually.

43. LED Hat

This is not only a warm Winter beanie hat, but also a hands-free LED flashlight to make you warm and light up your way at night. Popular outdoor utility light for hunting, camping, travel, running, walking, anywhere you want to work lighting and free your hand.

44. Leather Belt

As a working person, you need a belt that’s not only functional but also durable and comfortable. This leather belt is made of high-quality materials and will last for many years to come. It can be worn with both casual and dress pants.

45. LED Flashlight Gloves

These LED gloves give you hands-free illumination anywhere you go. With these amazing waterproof gloves, you can finally do more things with your hands! Whether it’s picking something up in a dark room or fixing that leaky faucet – these waterproofed gloves make all of your tasks lighting fast and easy. The batteries are rechargeable, so they last for years to come.

46. 7mm Socket Set

Help him get more done around the house with this 7-piece socket set. It includes both a ratchet and screwdriver attachment, making it versatile enough to tackle any repair job.

47. Tool Kit

Every man needs a good tool kit for on-the-go repairs. This one is compact, multi-functional and has everything you need right down to the Allen wrench. It’s ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or working on the RV. The benefits of owning this over bringing a separate tool bag is that you only have one carrying case to transport and it all fits inside your pocket!

48. Personalized Christmas Ornament

This mug will keep a cold beverage hot for up to 5 hours or a hot beverage at least warm for up to two hours. The base is made of polished stainless steel, and the body is durable glazed ceramic. This mug comes in several colors and design options to suit your personal style.

49. Blinker Fluid Hand-Held Version

You have to try this insanely funny, stocking stuffer, gag gift! Prank your daughter, sister, wife, son, or anyone in your life! Simply hand them the bottle and tell them to go into an auto shop and ask for a refill of Blinker Fluid. Watch their face of laughter and embarrassment when they come out. It’s that simple! Comes with an empty 8 oz bottle.