43 Gifts For Midwives

1. Jewelry

This beautiful keychain is perfect as a gift for your favorite midwife! The keyring includes the words “The hands of a lady, eyes of a hawk, heart of a lion” and baby footprint charm.

2. Keychain

Each keychain comes ready for gifting in a velvet jewelry pouch. Choose from wonderful titles such as “Mom to Be”, “Nurse Practitioner”, or “Doula” to best suit your midwife! These are the perfect thank you gifts for your nurse practitioner or midwife.

3. Stainless Steel Key Chain

The perfect thank you gift for an obstetrician midwife. This stainless steel keychain is made to last a lifetime. It doesn’t rust, change color, or tarnish.

4. You Make a Difference Jewelry

A midwife gifts for all occasions. This beautiful set is made from high quality stainless steel, nickel and lead-free, hypo allergenic, and it doesn’t rust, change color, or tarnish. The perfect gift to give any new mom-to-be!

5. Easy-to-Use Earrings

A great gift for a couple celebrating their first year together. These earrings are lightweight, comfortable, and come with stones that change color in the sunlight.

6. Dr. Shugar Socks

AUTHENTIC ITALIAN QUALITY – Made in Italy, these stainless steel keychain OBGYN rings are durable and stylish. PERFECT GIFT FOR HER– A unique gift for your wife, girlfriend, friend or doctor! These Stainless Steel Key Chain Obstetrician rings make a great stocking stuffer or groomsmen gift!

7. Desk Caddy

This four-door caddy holds pens, scissors, and other small items so that you can keep your desk and work space neat and organized. It’s made of metal with a wooden top for a pretty good price considering the many functions it performs!

8. Tea Rex mug

A perfect gift for the tea-loving mermaid. This white mug has a beautiful pink roxanne design and is a great size for both work and play. Dishwasher & microwave safe.

9. Human Fetus Paperweight

This life-like 3D ultrasound image paperweight is a great conversation piece and will be a reminder of the miracle of life for years to come. It makes an excellent housewarming gift, wedding gift, or just an unexpected surprise that is sure to bring a smile!

10. “LookHUMAN” Coffee Mug

If you ever want to turn heads at the office holiday party, then this is the gift to give. Sure, everyone will probably be wearing a Christmas sweater, but nobody wears “the gift.” This mug makes a subtle statement and gets people talking.

11. Coffee Mug and Wine Glass

Alessi is the premier source for innovative, one-of-a-kind gifts. We create original designs that are both imaginative and practical.

12. Care, Coach, and Encourage Bracelet

The birth of your child is one of the most important days of your life. Reward your amazing support system during your labor, especially your midwife. Did you know that true meaning of Midwifery; to be with the woman while she births. Also, this bracelet fits average size women’s wrist.

13. Art Study

This is a hand-painted reproduction of an original oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s titled ‘Studies of the Fetus in the Womb’ and measures 18″x12″/3/4″ thick. This would look really nice on your midwife wall or as a gift to a pregnant woman!

14. Belly Button Ring

A cute belly ring to give an appreciation gift for a midwife. The sterling silver plated brass material is hypoallergenic, soft and safe. Perfectly suitable to wear everyday. A great baby shower gift!

15. Makeup Bag

Since 1988, ZJX has been a provider of innovative products for chefs and foodservice professionals. We have developed a wide variety end-of-aisle product lines including convenience items such as disposable flatware, cutlery, and tableware; gifts for the home chef including grilling utensils, bakeware, pot pie kits, slow cooker kits & gift boxes; and tabletop accessories for eating in or serving at a restaurant.

16. She Believed She Could So She Did Coffee Mug

A cute coffee mug with a inspirational saying on it that will show your admiration for her and her accomplishments. Perfect gift for a nursing student or young mom who believes she can do anything!

17. Incense Burner

Besides being an air freshener, incense has several physical and psychological benefits for the mind and body. Improve concentration & focus – monks recognized this benefit long ago and use it during their meditation to clear the air and their thoughts. It’s great for meditation and mindfulness. Increase motivation & positive energy – used by spiritual leaders to increase positive energy and drive away negative energy by purifying the air. Inspire creativity – a pleasant scent can get the creative energy flowing. Aromatherapy is also helpful in preventing mental fatigue or "brain fog." It can help people think more clearly, reduce stress, anxiety, tension, anger while improving sleep quality.

18. Starfish Cuff

A stylish yet subtle way to remember your LLL doula experience. This bracelet is made of stainless steel and the starfish charm is made of alloy.

19. Swollen Feet Socks

These bariatric socks stretches up to 30″ wide. Wear these extra-wide bariatric socks to help you alleviate the pain from swollen feet, ankles, or calves resulting from lymphedema and similar conditions. These womens lymphedema socks also works great as extra-wide socks for patients wearing a cast. These extra-wide cast socks accommodate feet of all sizes and provide excellent coverage and comfort both for men and women.

20. Placenta Softie

Get umbilical with this gestational giant placenta plushie. Sure, it’s not the most traditional gift for a baby boy, but it will be the favorite toy of his first year! Perfect place to stash your iPhone or cash while you are changing diapers. Made from 100% organic cotton fabric. Approximately 10 inches tall and 3 pounds when filled with stuffing.

21. Coffee Mug Set

Two tumblers are perfect for your favorite nurse. Each holds 12oz and is available in black or pink. These tumblers are dishwasher and microwave safe, which makes them convenient to use throughout the day.

22. Necktie

This retractable badge reel with a locking mechanism allows the user to thread their ID badge through the steel tube. The alligator clip at the end of the steel rod can be pushed upright, allowing the user to easily retrieve their id badge.

23. Anatomy Model  |  STEM Learning  |  STEM Gifts for Teens

Anatomy Model This realistic model of the human body at 6th thoracic vertebra (T6) offers a detailed view of the anatomy and systems of the human body. Use this model to learn about the various parts of the body, as well as how they function. This makes an excellent gifts for teens that are interested in medicine or pre-med!

24. Funny Uterus Socks

In case you missed it, someone’s having their baby. These novelty socks state the obvious with a playful graphic of a happy uterus. Your best friend probably has these on right now and they make an excellent gift.

25. I Deliver Miracles. Doula Keychain

For the awesome midwife/doula that you want to thank with this beautiful keychain. This key chain is a wonderful gift for any occasion and can be used as a daily reminder to always put others’ needs before your own. This makes a great baby shower gift!

26. Mug

Campfire enamel mugs are the perfect gift for a badass midwife. The mug is 11oz and made of stainless steel, holds 14 oz liquid, and comes with a gift box.

27. Heartfelt Gratitude Jewelry  |  Silver-Plated Stainless Steel

Heartfelt Gratitude Jewelry This beautiful item is a heartfelt way to express your love and gratitude as a newlywed. Your husband-to-be will wear these lovely statement earrings with pride, knowing they were gifted from the heart of his bride!

28. Bedtime Relaxation Pillow

Bedtime is the time to relax and wind down. With a unique blend of German chamomile, lavender, hops flowers and melissa officinalis (bergamot) that promote peaceful sleep. Our bedtime pillows work by activating your parasympathetic nervous system which will help you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest.

29. Anti-Slip Yoga Socks

Anti-skid socks are great for workouts when your feet get slippery from perspiration. These socks have grips on the bottom to keep you from slipping in yoga class, Pilates, or even while running around the house. Each pair is one size fits most people (women and men).

30. Gripper Socks

No, you won’t win any races in these socks but they will improve your grip while climbing, caving, mountain biking, rock climbing or working out in the gym. These socks are made of a non-slip material that can be worn for long periods of time and don’t leave sticky residue behind like other brands do.

31. Miraculean Cuff Bracelet

Inspiring and comforting words from a Certified Doula that will be with you every step of the way. This bracelet is made from stainless steel, nickel free, & hypo-allergenic.

32. Pins for Doctors

The doctor in your life will appreciate a gift that shows off the female reproductive system. This set of pins is beautiful and subtle, with just the right mix of anatomy and artistry to be educational yet still classy-looking enough to wear with business casual.

33. Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug will make the perfect gift for that new mom who loves her coffee. The design is subtle and sophisticated, showing a pregnant woman delivering a baby with the words “What’s Your Superpower?” This makes a great gift for any expecting mother.

34. Superhero Maternity Bag

The perfect gift for new parents! This storage bag can be used for all your hospital needs, including baby shower gifts. It’s available in six colors and can be customized with your initials and the baby’s gender.

35. I’m a Professional Midwife Mug

This funny mug is a great gift for an expecting friend or family member. Funny I’m a professional midwife shirt makes a great baby shower gift as well! Great coffee mugs for anyone that loves punny gifts.

36. Bracelet

This bracelet is a beautiful and fitting gift for a midwife or doula. The delicate heart charm with the inspirational message “Sewing the hearts of families together” is inscribed on both sides.

37. Coffee Mug

Help them kick off their shoes, roll up their sleeves, and prepare to bond with a bump in the road that is you. Celebrate the miracle of life with this cute pregnant couple having fun coffee mug! Your friend will love showing off their bump while sipping from this hilarious coffee cup.

38. Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Spa Socks

Relax in ultra-comfort in these fuzzy low-cut socks with marl feather polyester yarn and non-slip technology for uncomplicated style and superior comfort.

39. Bad Ass Midwife Mug

If you’re shopping for a badass midwife, then this bad ass mug is the perfect gift! The design features a pregnant woman in hot pursuit of an unconscious man who has been dosed with “hCG – the tracker chemical.” This funny coffee mug is made out of high quality ceramic and guaranteed to last.

40. Funny Coffee Mug

If he’s got a sense of humor, then this Retreez 11oz ceramic mug is the perfect gift. This super-sized coffee mug will make him laugh every time he drinks his morning cup of coffee or tea.

41. Science Gifts

This pen has several uses. It’s a ballpoint pen, has an LED light on the end for reading in the dark, and it also functions as a stylus with an attached app that allows kids to write messages on their smartphones.

42. Hippocrates Quill Pen

This medical gift pen with built-in light and touch screen stylus; engraved with an inspirational Hippocrates quote – “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” A great way to help the new doctor get started!

43. Photo Journal

This journal is a great way to document the details of each labor and delivery for midwives, nurses, doctors, or parents that were not there. By recording key events in a birthing person’s life — from pregnancy through postpartum — this photo journal allows for lifelong memories to be created. As an added bonus, it includes space at the back of the book to record important medical information about births so that future physicians can learn from your experience.