54 Gifts For Music Producers

1. Moon and Stars Wind Chime

The meaning of wind chimes is the same as that of raindrops – to make someone happy. These beautiful moon and stars acrylic windchimes will add a touch of beauty to your patio decor or gift it to your loved one. Also, these mini pendant lights come with an 8-foot jute cord which allows them to be easily moved around or hung from different angles for a more dramatic effect.

2. Ocean Wave Night Light

Little kids love stars and they will love this night light that has a sky full of stars and a soothing ocean wave pattern. You can project the image onto a wall or ceiling for an even more immersive experience. It makes for a great kid’s room decoration and starry night nursery decor.

3. Bluetooth Starlight Projector

This is a cool gift for the astronomer in your life! The star projector can project colorful starlight and ocean waves onto the wall or ceiling, giving you a feeling of sinking into the stars. Fully enjoy the wonderful time with your family and significant other under the stars!

4. Music Socks

These musical socks covered in music notes and a guitar are the perfect gift for those who love music. Put on the socks and rhythm with the notes and guitar. These make an excellent birthday or holiday gift for that musically-inclined nurse in your life!

5. Movie Camera Keychain

This keychain camera is the perfect gift for any film school student or recent grad. The small model easily fits into your pocket, so you’ll have it with you wherever you go! Shoot beautiful memories as a couple, family, friend group, or even yourself!

6. Bookbag Backpack

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a teenager or an adult, this laptop backpack from Matein is stylish and functional. Made of polyester with PU leather accents, it has plenty of storage pockets, including one that secretes a USB charger port.

7. 3D Crystal Decoration Ball

The third year is represented by the crystal, which gives you a personalized gift of three years to share with your loved one. The clear crystal ball measures 3 inches and has high-quality K9 crystal material. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary as long as they love decorating their home.

8. Star Projector

This is a fun little night light that projects stars onto your ceiling! You can change the colors of the stars, and it has four different modes.

9. Music Teacher Keychain

This metal keychain is the perfect gift for your favorite music teacher, band director, choral director or non-profit organization leader. It reads “The influence of a great band director can never be erased.”

10. Keychain Music Producer

This stainless steel music producer keychain is the perfect gift for that DJ who loves to spin. It makes a great birthday present or just an awesome stocking stuffer.

11. Vinyl Wall Clock

This vintage wall clock is made from a recycled record and features a stylish design that blends in with any home decor. It plays the time, date, and weather forecast! A perfect gift for those who love music, especially if they’re a vinyl fan themselves!

12. Bluetooth Beanie

If you can walk in the snow, you can rock this beanie! This super warm and stylish beanie comes equipped with a built-in bluetooth headset that allows you to answer your phone without taking it off. Never be caught talking on the slopes again.

13. Recovery T-Shirt

Shirts that promise to help you forget about an ex may sound a little bit cliché, but this one is different. This t-shirt comes from the mind of rapper Eminem and is 100% cotton. It’s available in sizes small through 5XL and in both men’s style cuts (long or wide-leg) and women’s fit (tummy control or Relaxed).

14. Christmas Sock

There’s a time and a place for holiday gifts, and it’s not at the doctor’s office. These made-to-order socks are available in men’s sizes 5 – 13, women’s 4 – 12, and kid’s 9 & up. Choose from an elegant pattern or a fun Holiday themed design featuring snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, holly leaves and Xmas trees!

15. Cat Socks

If your sister or daughter loves her cat, then these socks are a perfect gift. They show off an adorable kitty face that’s resting on some cute ears and a sweet tail is wagging behind him.

16. Music Note Coffee Mug

A 13.5oz ceramic mug with a funny music note coffee cup design printed on it will surely make you smile every time you take a sip from it. It makes for a great gift for any guitar player or students studying music.

17. A Truly Great Director is Hard to Find Keychain

A perfect thank you or retirement gift for theater/compliance/movie/film/nursing/choir/music/band music director. A great addition to any collection and a super duper gift idea for any Director in your life. This key chain will not only be the perfect gift but also a great addition to collection beside you during filmmaking! It will remind your what you’re doing and how special it is to work with such talented people every day.

18. Recording Set

With a large lens, this camera is ideal for taking group photos. The image stabilization feature helps to minimizes blurry images and video footage when shooting handheld. A built-in GPS locator system can send your exact coordinates if you are ever lost or stranded, so that help can be on the way quickly.

19. Stop You’re Under a Rest T-shirt

This funny t-shirt makes a great gift for that sixtieth birthday celebration. Why wait until then to give him the gift of perfect style and humor? This men’s shirt fits great and is available in several sizes.

20. The Life would be boring shirt

Awesome dad gift! Nothing beats a t-shirt for a present when you can print anything you want! This makes a great Father’s Day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift or just an everyday cool guy gift!

21. Digital Print Hoodie

Popular 3D printed sweatshirts and hoodies of the updated styles for you. Super Cute Pattern Print sweatshirts and hoodies are especially welcomed among people. Stylish fall/winter hoodies are available in plenty of patterns. Unisex Hoodies Design, Suitable for women/men/girl/boy, comfortable and fashionable.

22. 3D Illusion Lamp

A stylish lamp with 7 different color changing modes is the best gift idea for kids and adults who have a sense of style. This 3D illusion lamp will add some fun to your living room or bedroom. Touch the base to change colors, or use the remote control to change modes from music visualizer to steady light. It’s great for parties, holidays, birthdays, gifts, relaxation etc.

23. M-series Headphones

For a long time, I had no idea what was going on in the music I was listening to. The sound was too flat, and everyone said so. But then I got new headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M30Xs . These headphones changed my life, and they’re not even groundbreaking! Well worth the money.

24. Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Whether you’re a student or an on-the-go professional, this neoprene sleeve will keep your tech safe while looking good. Made of water-resistant neoprene, it’s both slim and lightweight so it can fit into almost any bag. Two reinforced dual zippers ensure your device stays secure and inside the sleeve.

25. Throw Pillow Cover Only

Decorate your home or office with this throw pillow cover only. The decorative pattern on the front and back of the pillow case is made to look just like an old-fashioned cassette tape.

26. 3D Night Light

It’s no secret that kids (and adults) love lights and patterns so this three dimensional night light is a nice addition to their room. The floor plan of the light is made to look like sheet music and has seven different colors lit from within making it seem as if it’s actually playing an invisible tune.

27. Professional MPK Mini Keyboard Controller

Akai Professional has announced the MPK Mini MK3, a new version of its best-selling 25-key USB MIDI keyboard controller that revolutionized how generations make music. The third generation of the legendary mini keyboard brings even more power and performance to your music making experience.

28. Stainless Steel Music Cufflinks

Not all gifts are for the giver. These cufflinks make an excellent gift if you’d like to send a message without words – their meaning will be clear to anyone who plays an instrument! Made of stainless steel and nickel free, so they’ll last a lifetime.

29. 3D Illusion Lamp  |  Bedside Lamp  |  Home Accents

3D Illusion Lamp  |  Bedside Lamp This is a fun gift to give someone who is always losing things in the night. It could be that they have dementia or might just be old and losing things has become a fear. This lamp changes color every second so it will confused him and it will help him remember what day of the week it is. Also, this lamp changes colors when you touch it which adds to his anxiety as he may think its an alien trying to communicate with him!

30. Island Dogs Amped Mug

This musical mug will make them think you paid great attention to their style. The amped mug holds 24 ounces of your favorite beverage, and it is a great gift for your rock star friends or family.

31. Stainless Steel Cufflinks and Tie Clip Bar Set

Stainless Steel Cufflinks and Tie Clip Bar Cufflinks, bar set, tie clip–whatever you call them, this stylish set is made of stainless steel and includes an engraved initial for all three pieces.

32. Laptop Backpack

This backpack is a practical choice for daily use. It has several pockets and compartments to keep everything organized, including a laptop compartment large enough to accommodate up to 17-inch screen laptops. The rain hood protects the internal contents from any unexpected showers. It is equipped with USB charging port and comes with an external power supply as well – you can charge your devices while keeping them dry inside the backpack!

33. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

These Fujifilm disks are great for loading your camera with the film you want to use. Just pop one in and go. The disks come in several sizes ranging from 1MB-100MB, so they’ll have a disk suitable for any of their cameras.

34. Baseball Bat Socks

These funny novelty socks are a great gift for that baseball-loving dad in your life! They come in three colors and say things like “Life is too short to wear boring socks”. These socks will most likely make an appearance at his birthday party or during the spring season!

35. Metal Frame Sunglasses

These stylish metal frame sunglasses come in 5 colors so you can find the perfect pair! The lenses give great UV400 protection and are crafted with high-quality glass. They even have a nose pad to ensure a comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes.

36. Music Note Socks

These hilarious music note socks are sure to bring a smile to the face of any musician or fan of funny socks. These come in a pack of two, so if you’re looking for some Christmas gift ideas for that special guy who loves their music, these are perfect!

37. 3D Illusion Lamp

This 3D illusion lamp is a fun gift for kids or adults who love music. The 3D illusion design makes it seem like the lamp changes color when you move it around, but it’s just an optical illusion. It’s also a great night light because it doesn’t need batteries!

38. More Cowbell T-Shirt

Does your dad love to watch the game? Then this More Cowbell t-shirt is just what he needs! Does it come in women’s cuts too? We can’t figure out why that doesn’t exist, but hey, there are lots of sizes for men and women so maybe one of you will be able to find a shirt that works.

39. Succulents Container

This backpack has a unique feature of being waterproof and able to charge a smartphone while in the bag. That means they can listen to their favorite podcast or audiobook anywhere! The bag is made from waterproof material, so even if it does rain, their belongings are safe.

40. Box of Jesus

A beautiful cross-shaped sign to show your faith. Finished with sanded edges and distressed design for a rustic look, it measures 6x11 inches.

41. Coffee Mug

This best-selling coffee mug is a fun DJ gift for the musician in your life. It’s made of strong, sturdy ceramic with a glossy white finish and holds 11oz of hot beverage.

42. Sea Lamp

This is a wonderful calming lamp designed especially for children with autism and other sensory processing disorders. It has seven different lighting color cycles, each one timed to a nature sound such as ocean waves or rainforest birdsong. The lamp also plays white noise to create a relaxing ambiance and an optional night light turns on when the lamp is switched on.

43. Retro 80’s Cartoon T-Shirt

If you were around in the 1980’s then this retro t-shirt is the perfect gift to give your old school buddy! If not, no worries, he’ll get a kick out of it too! This shirt comes in a men’s and women’s fit, sizes and colors.

44. People Who Tolerate Me On A Daily Basis Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

If there’s one thing the sarcastic graphic novel guy loves, it’s being appreciated for his dry wit. If you can tolerate him on a daily basis, then this shirt is the gift to give!

45. Rock Out Socks

These hilarious novelty socks are a fun and practical gift for the musician in your life. The set includes several different makes and models of guitars, including an acoustic guitar, a distortion-filled electric guitar, and more!

46. On Mode Coffee Mug

This ceramic coffee mug will make a funny joke gift for that film music, television, or radio producer in your life! The mug reads “Making Films Sucks. It’s the Other 6 Days That Rule.”

47. Piano Chord Chart Poster

A really good piece of music advice is to “write the best song you can, with the chords you have available”. This poster breaks down common songs and their chord structures, which will help any beginner or intermediate pianist learn how to play a song using the appropriate chords.

48. Vintage 70’s Music Coasters

Set of 6 colorful retro vinyl record disk coasters that look just like the old records. Use them as table coasters or as bookends on your turntable, fridge, or bookshelf.

49. Sonos Speaker

This is one of the best gifts you can get someone that has a big house and lots of sound issues. Sonos makes gorgeous, high-quality speakers that work with your favorite streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. They’re also a great way to discover new music. With any Sonos speaker, you can enjoy your music wherever you are — even while you’re outside on the patio!

50. Musical Coffee Mug

Whether you’re running errands or putting in a solid 8 at the office, you’ll need a strong cup of joe to help stay alert and oriented! This cute mug from Spoontiques is perfect for everyday use. Keep your favorite drink as warm or cool as you desire with unique insulation. A locking stainless-steel lid and skid-plated bottom help prevent spills and leaks when you’re on the move.

51. Necktie

Do the key to success in life really hang from your neck? For some, maybe. This key tie is a fun way of representing that fact. The tie is split vertically with piano keys on one half and a musical score on a black background on the other half.

52. Recording in Progress Sign

These are a gag gift that your boss might not take seriously, but they’re also useful if he’s difficult to wake up! These signs will remind him what time it is to put the phone down and get some work done.

53. Microfiber Necktie

Made from microfiber, a lightweight fabric that offers both texture and body. AUSCUFFLINKS microfiber neckties are available in six colors to match every outfit, including black, grey, red, blue, green and brown. The slim shape offers the dapper gentleman an extra measure of elegance with just a nod to modernity.

54. Heart and Star Keychain

This adorable keychain is the perfect gift to give your loved one. It’s a cute way to let them know that you’ll always love them no matter where you are in life!