55 Gifts For Nature Lovers

1. Wind Chime

A wind chime is a beautiful ornament to add movement and color to your space. Made of metal, it has gorgeous detailing. It comes with three lengths so you can choose the perfect one for your home decor.

2. Water Clock

This water clock is a unique gift for someone that has a great eye for design. The minimalistic design with the wooden stand works perfectly together. Fill the vase with colored water or river stones to enhance the aesthetic look of this planter.

3. Avocado Growing Kit

If she’s into avocado toast or just really loves gifts that are cute, this avo-growing kit is the gift for her. The kit includes a growing pot, novelty pit grower boat, and kitchen garden seed starter pack.

4. Necklace

The daisy is the symbol of innocence, so this necklace makes a great gift for your wife – or girlfriend – who loves to garden. Also, since it’s made from real dried flowers it has a much more natural look and feel than most jewelry!

5. Bird Feeder

This bird feeder attracts birds in the wild and in your yard! Made from high-transparency, see-through acrylic so you can study the beautiful markings of each bird. Great conversation piece that most people don’t have. A fun gift for anyone interested in birds or just loves a good view!

6. Copper Wind Chime

The sound of gently clashing bells and the movement of wings fill the air with a magical presence. This handcrafted wind chime is made from copper, has an aluminum core, and can hang indoors or out.

7. Hummingbird Wind Chime

A cute decoration for a garden or an indoor flower pot. Enjoy colorful lights in the evening with this solar wind chime and hummingbird feeder combination. This is another great gift for a nature-loving lady in your life.

8. World of Flowers Coloring Book

A fantastic floral adventure and the latest sensational coloring book from bestselling artist Johanna Basford. This book invites you to travel the world and beyond into fantastical realms, discovering exotic blooms and extraordinary plants along the way. From floating gardens of water poppies in South Africa to delicate cosmos in Japan, and from fanciful toadstools to enchanted fairytales, an abundance of fascinating florals awaits ready for you to bring back to life in color!

9. DIY Teatox  |  In The Kitchen

DIY Teatox What’s better than drinking tea? Making your own organic herbal teas with a unique blend of ingredients to help you feel your best! These 16 loose-leaf tea bags come in various flavors including elderberry, ginger, ginseng, echinacea and more. Add the perfect gift to a Get Well Soon or Birthday card with this DIY Tea Set.

10. Beach Glass Wind Chime

This wind chime is handmade by artisans in Bali using sandblasted glass and driftwood. The gentle tinkling sound of the glass creates a nice relaxing atmosphere. This beach decor makes a great gift!

11. Table Top Coasters

Whimsical 3 Black Bear Canoeing Coaster Set – (4) coasters and holder. Holder and coasters made from hard, durable polyresin material. The coasters are lined with cork with a bear paw image. Holder and coasters have rubber feet. Coasters measure approximately 3 1/4″ in diameter.

12. Bless This House Wind Chime

Musically Tuned to the Hymn “Bless This House”, this windchime is a great gift for the holidays and an especially nice memorial gift. Made with care by professional musicians, you will hear the notes playing in the wind, a melodic chime that will lift your spirits.

13. Bookmark

This beautiful bookmark will not only keep track of your place in the book, but also remind you to breathe. The water lily is a symbol of peace and tranquility, so this bookmark will add charm to any book collection.

14. Outdoor Made in the USA Cedar Bat House

OutdoorMade in the USA cedar bat house provides a safe, secure habitat for bats to roost. They have narrow interior dimensions and are naturally weather resistant ensuring years of use in harsh outdoor environments. Includes pre-drilled mounting holes on the lower section and a steel hanger installed on the back for easy installation.

15. Retro Game-Themed Desktop Planter

This cute and petite desktop planter is the perfect way to grow a little herb garden while still having an office desk that fits your plants! The wood stand measures about 7.5x10x2.9 inches and holds two 4 x 2 inch vase plants. Since the glass is so transparent, you’ll be able to see the roots growing!

16. Acrylic Sun Catcher Window Panel

Beautiful suncatcher art brings the outside inside. These acrylic sun catcher window hangings add a splash of color to your space while keeping the sunshine out. Hang these in a kitchen, bathroom, or living room to absorb sunlight and keep the rooms warmer!

17. Window Bird Feeder

Outdoor bird watching is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time with family and friends. This feeder makes it easy to fill the birds’ tummies so they feed themselves and not bother anyone else.

18. Herb Garden Starter Kit

Herb Garden Starter This gift is a perfect Christmas present for that herb lover who can’t wait to get started! The kit includes everything they need to start their own indoor herb garden including 5 different kinds of herb seeds, soil, plant markers, reusable bamboo pots, trays, and an easy-to-follow planting instructions.

19. Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

If there’s one thing Detroiters are good at, it’s cultivating a passion for trees! Whether you’ve got perfect growing conditions in your home or that freestanding bonsai tree just isn’t taking off, this is the gift to get. This complete bonsai tree-growing kit comes with everything you need to grow 4 different kinds of trees from seeds (including markers so they don’t get lost), and even has peat pots, which are reusable soil blocks.

20. Teardrop Earring

Natural pressed flowers create the colorful and eye-catching center of these drop earrings. Choose from blue, orange or the multi-colored display.

21. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

A bonsai is a plant that has been shaped at its base to look like a miniature version of a full tree. This takes practice, and it can take up to 20 years for the plant to grow into an actual tree. People who have grown up around this tradition in their family will want to give this as a gift.

22. Tea Garden

Grow your own herbal tea with this indoor gardening kit that includes peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender herb seeds. Whether you’re planting your first mint plant or you’re an  indoor gardening expert, the high quality germination-tested seeds in this tea growing kit can help anyone to build a thriving windowsill herb garden!

23. Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

Bird owners know that birds love to eat. However, they also enjoy drinking. This bird feeder tray is designed to allow the birds to do both at the same time. It’s a functional design and will not turn over when the birds stand on it for food, so it’s safe for them to perch on.

24. National Geographic Kids Book

Meet a kayaking sea otter, a penguin that became a knight, a bear that stole a family’s car, and many more amazing animals. This page-turner offers 100 heartwarming and hilarious anecdotes about these intriguing animals with full-color photos of them. Includes true stories of unlikely animal friends, animal heroes who perform amazing tricks or save lives; surprising animal hybrids like panda camels; wacky truth is stranger than fiction stories of animal antics; plus loads of information boxes for kids to explore on every page.

25. Eco-Friendly Bird Cages

These birdcage replacements are made from 100% natural fiber and have a rough texture on the inside to help the birds get in and out easily. Since they are not covered with plastic, the rain cannot penetrate and rot the cage. Also, this protects the birds from getting wet during heavy rains.

26. Cherry Syrup

Made from Michigan fresh cherries, this syrup has a lovely flavor and is delicious on ice cream, cheesecake, or anything else you can think of.

27. World of Tea Gift Box

This gift set from Numi is a great way to get started with loose leaf tea. The teas in the set are organic and non-GMO, sourced directly from the gardens of farmers in Guatemala, Kenya, and India. Also included is information about each blend, as well as brewing instructions. A lovely addition to any home!

28. Cacti Socks

If you’re a plant lover, these funny cactus socks are just the ticket! And they’re comfortable enough to wear all day.

29. Bird Feeder

Birds searching for food will come to this bird feeder. If you’d like to see what your birds are doing while you’re away, just look in the window! Also, it’s a nice conversation piece so bring it with you when you host friends around your new home.

30. Picnic Backpack

If you’re going on a picnic or an outing, you’ll need a backpack to carry all of your necessities. This two-toned picnic backpack has lots of storage for food and gear. It also has a wine holder!

31. Scented Candle Gift Set

These beautifully scented soy candles are hand-poured in small batches and provide a delightful aroma reminiscent of a spa day. The tins are made from recycled material.

32. Bird Feeder

Bird lovers will want to add this beautiful bird feeder to their outdoor space. The nester comes with hummingbird-attracting red bell peppers, black oil sunflowers, and saffron irises. It’s easy to install; just hang the kit between two large trees or limbs.

33. Angel Suncatcher

Made of electroplated silver and zircon material, the frame is textured and dried flowers are pressed between the glass to create a unique design. A heart charm with “Faith Hope Love” engraving hangs below.

34. A Bee Hive

This bamboo bee habitat is of greater benefit to the environment than a plastic or metal one because, being made of natural materials, it won’t melt or shatter in a fire. The protective covering over the hive can be removed so that bees can make more honey.

35. Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are cute, but they can be messy. Make sure your efforts to win them over don’t go to waste by feeding them. This polyresin feeder looks real! It measures 7″x4″x6″ and holds 2 pounds of seed.

36. Birdhouse

Help birds get used to nesting in your backyard by providing a safe, natural place for them. Royal Chirp’s birdhouses are 100% made of poplar and cypress, which have the added benefit of being rot resistant. They come unboxed so you can assemble it on your own or have Royal Chirp deliver it to your home!

37. Bird Feeder

The natural material, the round design, and the ease of use make this bird feeder a favorite. It can be hung in places where feather friends gather, such as branches, bushes, under eaves, and beside fences. You can fill it with nectar or seed and watch the birds come to eat.

38. Garden Kneeler

A kneeling pad that doubles as a chair makes this garden tool an extra-functional gift for the gardening-minded retiree. The pad is made of eco-friendly PEVA foam and can hold up to 330 pounds, so it’s comfortable whether the user is middle aged or 80 years young!

39. Feeding Set

Bring the party to feeding time with Fiesta Baby Bottles! The collection contains six brightly-colored Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles with all the revolutionary features you have come to expect from Tommee Tippee. Our Closer to Nature feeding bottle is inspired by what babies love most—mom. With the most breast-like nipple ever made, this bottle flexes like mom and feels like mom because babies prefer it that way. In fact, our Closer to Nature bottles has guaranteed acceptance and an anti-colic valve making it the best thing for baby since you – making feeding easier for everyone.

40. Bird Feeder

Bird watching is a great hobby, but most of us don’t have the time or the place to go birding. With this feeder, you can enjoy birds in your own backyard. It holds up to three pounds of seed and has a suction cup mount if you want to hang it on your window.

41. Bird Feeder

This bird feeding station comes with everything you need and includes 2 trays filled with sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seed, and nigerian thistle feed. The perches are made of a foam material and the base is a small platform to keep the feeders from tipping over. This is a great gift for that nature-lover in your life!

42. Butterfly Kit

Help young explorers find and observe insects, critters, birds & plants – all while learning more about nature. This premium outdoor adventure kit includes a butterfly net (so you don’t accidentally step on them), magnifying glass, insect collecting jar with lid, compass, waterproof bag for the collection box, and hiking stick to help kids set up their tent or find their way back to camp.

43. Calendar

This calendar features stunning photography of nature and is perfect for those who love to keep a diary or journal. The layout includes Notes, Phone Numbers, and To-Do Lists which makes this an excellent gift for anyone with a busy life! Also, the paper is FSC certified so it’s environmentally friendly.

44. Mason Bee House

The KIBAGA bee hive – a must-have for nature lovers! With the KIBAGA bamboo bee home you can contribute your share to the preservation of our bee population, while taking delight in several benefits that come along the way. The bee house is a perfect habitat for various species of bees, such as the peaceful mason bees, which are incredible pollinators. The durability of the bamboo bee hive is about two years.

45. Bamboo Bee Hive

The KIBAGA bee hive is a must-have for nature lovers! With the KIBAGA bamboo bee home you can contribute your share to the preservation of our bee population, while taking delight in several benefits that come along the way. The bee house is a perfect habitat for various species of bees, such as the peaceful mason bees, which are incredible pollinators. A good idea is to hang the beehive at the south or southwest side of your home so the bees can enjoy a pleasant and warm environment.

46. Pooping Dog Calendar

This calendar features twelve high-resolution photos of dogs pooping in various situations, including on the street, at a wedding, and during a yoga class. The calendar also includes information about the date, time, and place where each image was taken.

47. Wine Tumbler

This funny wine tumbler makes a great gift for that sarcastic coworker or boss in your life! Whether you're sipping coffee, hot chocolate, or even napping in the sun, you'll always know what they're thinking with this hilarious coffee mug!

48. Pooping Kitty Calendar

Does your sister love funny cat calendars and puns? This one is sure to get a laugh! Each month features a different kitty pooping on the toilet. The high-quality paper is printed in full color, and there are 12 images for 2019.

49. Window Bird Feeder  | Bird Feeder  | Gift for Mom

Window Bird Feeder  | Bird Feeder This bird feeding station is a great addition to any outdoor space. Attract birds that are flying by or nearby with the magnetic seed tray, and provide food for those that land. With multiple perches and an easy-clean design, this is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who loves to have fresh fruit in their diet!

50. Oprah’s Favorite Tea Sampler

Give a gift of wellness and good health to your loved ones. Delicious teas in regal and luxurious packaging that make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions! The 12-pack sampler includes six different black teas, three pu-erh teas, two green tea blends, an herbal blend, and honey green  tea.

51. Funny Socks

These waterproof socks are sure to bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your conversation. If you’ve got feet, then you need these socks!

52. Bird Feeder

What a fun gift to give! This 11oz mug will show you and your friends a colorful surprise as the birds come out to play on cold days. Simply add a warm liquid for the birds to appear, then drink up when they’re done perching.

53. Growing a Vegetable Garden

With 5 growing pots, 5 peat discs, 5 markers, and helpful tips on how to sow your vegetable seeds, this indoor and outdoor veg garden gift set is perfect for beginners. The best gifts for moms love home decorating ideas.

54. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this kit has everything a person needs to grow cat grass in just four weeks. The seeds are organic and come with detailed instructions on how to sow them outdoors. The soil is natural, hairball remedy helps control harmful bacteria, and it’s perfect for the feline friend that loves fresh air and sunshine!

55. Bird Feeder

Bird lovers will appreciate this bird-themed feeder for your window. It features a plastic tray that allows birds to perch but won’t fall out as they move around. The bird seed is sold separately.