52 Gifts For Nerdy Girlfriend

1. Bamboo Cheese Board

The Bambüsi cheese board is made from sustainable bamboo and will last forever. It’s perfect for serving up that good stuff – camembert, gouda, brie, blue, feta, matzohben or olives – that good stuff! The cheese plate can be used as a serving platter or the sideboard for your charcuterie board.

2. Deep Tissue Massager

This massage tool has up to 50,000 RPMs and is great for deep tissue work. The perfect gift for the sports enthusiast or anyone in need of a good deep tissue massage!

3. Keychain

It’s cool funny humorous gift keychain for women men video game lovers, gamers, geeks, nerds, gamer girls, console and computer gamers. Great jewelry ornaments to wear for parties and family gatherings; these lovely statement pieces are perfect for wearing to the an event or showing your love for latest trendy fashion look.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Flower Pot

If you’re looking for a great gift idea that will wow your friend, then this Guardians of The Galaxy flower pot is an excellent choice. Not only is it display-worthy, but it’s also an amazing way to keep track of little succulents or cacti.

5. 7X7 inch Wall Slate

If you’re looking for a unique gift, then this wall slate is just what you need! It’s a beautiful 7×7 ceramic tile with key words from the Instagram bio of your favorite science guy or gal.

6. Love You Most The End I Win couples picture frame

This adorable rustic picture frame is the perfect way to let your loved one know how you feel. It’s made of wood and holds a 3×3 photo. Inside there are two blank lines for you to write your own special message!

7. Mochi Animal Plush  | Color:Kitty Face Soft Squishy

Mochi Animal Plush If you’re looking for a unique gift, look no further! This set of mochi animals is made from the highest quality materials and will be an forever keepsake! There are two cute kitty faces and three squishy bodies, so this makes a great fidget toy for teenagers to help them concentrate or relax.

8. I Need You Here Keychain

A cute and sentimental gift for your husband. An adorable stainless steel keychain that reads “I need you here” when turned in the ignition.

9. Organic Baby Burp Cloths

Soft, organic burp cloths that are gender-neutral will make any baby photographer’s job much easier! They can be used as a blanket, swaddle, nursing cover and more. This pack of 5 burp cloths measures 20 x 28 inches which is the perfect size for mom and dad to wrap their baby in.

10. Baby Shower Diaper Bag

Baby’s first swim class is also the first time they will have a diaper change in the pool. Babies love to play in water and can get distracted quickly. These bathers are easy, one-piece design that snaps closed at the waist with adjustable flaps for different leg sizes. They come with 2 pouches that can be hung up to dry after each use.

11. Funny Journal

This journal covers a wide variety of topics, from what gifts the birthday boy would enjoy to activities he’d be interested in doing. The blank pages also make it a perfect place for him to write his own story!

12. Pew Pew Wars T-Shirt

Does your nerdy little sister love Star Wars, space, and/or laser toys? Then this Pew pew wars t-shirt is a perfect gift for her! After all, falling asleep while watching reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation can put someone right to sleep.

13. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks

If you’re tired of telling your teenager to put their phone down and pay attention, then these funny gaming socks are the perfect gift. Probably not going to get them excited about chores but they’ll sure look good lounging around in these!

14. May The Force Be With You T-Shirt

A unisex t-shirt with a professionally applied, vibrant screen print on front for the nerdiest of nerds. Made in USA and imported. Comes in sizes small-5XL.

15. LED Bike Wheel Lights

Finally, after dark cycling can be fun and safe! These light up bike wheel make any cyclist more visible to cars and pedestrians making them feel much safer while cycling at night. Each set of lights is for one wheel only so you can mix and match the colors to match your bike’s components.

16. Willcallyou Coffee Mug

Does your husband or wife (or friend) have a sense of humor? Then this “Will You Marry Me” mug is the gift for them! This coffee mug makes a great gift and can be used for any special occasion. If they are having problems deciding, then this will help get the conversation flowing.

17. Bra Off Wine Glass

I am so thankful to my angel who brought me this gift. We are going to have such a great time drinking out of this hilarious wine glass! It holds 15 ounces and is made from heavy-duty glass that can hold up to heat, cold, and dishwashers.

18. Swaddle Me

A mom needs all the help she can get when it comes to swaddling her baby. They are just so darn squirmy! This video will teach you how to swaddle your baby girl or boy. It will show you the correct way to do it, using a natural wrap that has been invented by a physical therapistmom.

19. Hallmark Legend of Zelda Valentines Day Card

This classic Hallmark card is sure to please any fan of the legend of Zelda. The card features a simple yet elegant design and sentiment inside, making it a great way to let your loved one know you care.

20. You Hold the Key to My Heart Bottle

This gorgeous bottle will let him know just how you feel about him. The key pendant is made of stainless steel and comes in a beautiful purple gift box. This unique item makes an excellent 10th-anniversary gift or an anniversary gift no matter when your special day is!

21. Rose Bear

This bear is so lifelike it will give your girlfriend or wife the chills. This cute little guy has a beautiful red coat and shiny black eyes, and he’s holding an elegant rose in his graceful left paw. Whether you want to gift this particular bear to a loved one or purchase it as a keepsake for yourself, you can be sure to create happiness every time they see their “teddy”bear move around!

22. Personalised Coffee Mug

Celebrate the special woman in your life with this gorgeous mug. With a lovely saying on the front and her name on the back, she’ll have no reason to ever leave home without it!

23. Overwatch Cookbook

This cookbook is based on the global phenomenon that is Overwatch. The recipes in this book are inspired by the game’s diverse cast of characters and feature international dishes from each hero’s home planet.

24. Key Chain

You hold the key to my heart. Couples who love puzzles will appreciate this keychain gift! Made of stainless steel, these keychains are durable but not too heavy for a guy to wear as an everyday belt buckle.

25. Drinking Bottle

A unique and thoughtful gift for a friend going away to college. 90 cute capsule letter bottles and one glass, 2 liter plastic soda bottle with twist-off cap. Fill the tiny capsules with your favorite liquor or booze of choice then seal them inside the larger bottle using the included wire twist tie (you’ll need to provide your own alcohol!). Finally, attach a small card explaining what each capsule contains along with an envelope for mailing it to your friend at their dorm address.

26. Animal Print Socks

These animal print socks are sure to make any woman feel warm and fuzzy. Made from 75% cotton, 25% nylon, these socks are durable yet soft against the skin.

27. Cozi Cloth Diaper Changing Pad

The best way to catch drool, messy eating, and falls. Protects parents from stains, rashes, and irritations. Set of 4 burp cloths make a great baby shower gift. Also makes a perfect travel changing pad; the wipes stand up on their own so you can hang them up out of the sink when washing after each use. Ideal for new parents or anyone who wants an easy clean surface to lay baby on while dressing or undressing without harm to furniture or flooring Material made in USA Merchandise Type: Cotton Muslin Size: One Size Color: Multi-Color Packaging Type: Box Package include : 1 x High Quality Baby Cushion Cotton Diaper Pads & 2 x Washable Blanket Soft Fabric with Bamboo Fleece Lining (Large/Medium) & 2 x Burp Cloths Baby Wrap Cover(Small/Medium), size Large Dimensions 30*27 inches / 78*69 cm Medium Dimensions 31.5*28 inches / 80*71 cm Small Dimensions 32x28 inches / 81x71cm , Size 3 pads are smaller than other brands due as they only have two layers Soft And Absorbent Cotton knit designs that promote healthy skin bacteria development provides proper hydration help maintain natural flora naturally prevents diaper rash Quick dry feature quickly absorbs wetness causing less irritation and friction against baby Skin friendly dyes allow for safe color fast fade resistance is gentle enough for skin contact Recommended Care Instructions Machine wash according to care label using temperature setting no more than 40 degrees Celsius Do not iron on print may transfer onto fabric underneath Do not bleach do not tumble dry do not use fabric softener be sure wrap your baby

28. Love Language Card Game

This game was designed to help you and your partner strengthen the bonds of love between you. The game is made up of 150 different questions that cover a variety of subjects – including sex! It’s never too soon or too late to start talking to each other, so pick this card game up today and have fun learning more about your partner!

29. I Love You Most Keychain

As a married couple who loves words, we decided to craft the key chain gift that says it all—“I love you most. The end. I win.” This easily explains why your spouse does certain annoying things and sets the tone for your relationship moving forward in a fun way!

30. Key Chain

This beautiful message will be engraved on a stainless steel keychain and given to your husband or boyfriend. This is a simple yet thoughtful gift that says, “I love you” without ever needing to be said!

31. Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character

Watching your favorite anime can make you hungry for the real thing. Now, you can eat like your favorite character with this cookbook full of authentic recipes from popular shows. Learn what Naruto is eating when he’s not eating ramen, or how Kirito and Asuna keep their diets so balanced. This book has it all—from miso chashu ramen to onigiri (rice balls) to taiyaki (Japanese cakes) and much more!

32. I Need You Here Keychain

This beautiful and heartfelt keychain is the perfect gift to give a loved one who has recently moved away or will be moving soon. It’s not just a pretty face; this keychain holds special meaning for your husband, boyfriend, or father since he’ll be feeling like he’s “lost without you” every day!

33. Hoodie Sweatshirt

A cozy hoodie sweatshirt makes the perfect gift for a winter weather lover. This oversized Sherpa-style hooded blanket is super comfortable and warm. Made of 80% Acrylic/ 20% Polyester, this heavyweight blend ensures that your new hoodie will keep you toasty on even the coldest days.

34. Coffee Cup

This funny coffee mug will make your boyfriend smile every time he drinks his morning coffee. If your man is a fan of hot women, then this 11oz ceramic coffee mug makes an ideal gift for him!

35. Feeling Good Tees

Why is it that nobody tells you the things you really need to hear as a parent? I think we all know the answer to that. This shirt comes in six different colors so there’s bound to be one that will make your dad feel good about being a great dad.

36. Mr. Meeseek’s Pattern Socks

These colorful socks pay tribute to the iconic “Mr. Meeseeks” character from Rick and Morty! Choose between two different patterns, or mix them up for a fun surprise!

37. Leather Stamped Bracelet

A meaningful and inspirational bracelet stamped with the words, “You are loved You are valued You are beautiful.” This unique jewelry makes a great gift for yourself or that special someone you care about.

38. Disney Lion King Graphic T-Shirt

Show off your pride for the Pridelands with this funny graphic t-shirt. Comes in sizes small-5XL. From the Manufacturer Hakuna Matata, baby! This hilarious shirt makes a great gift for that Disney park lover in your life.

39. Cozy Giraffe Baby Onesie

These super soft, cozy plush robes make for great baby gifts for newborn boys or girls. They make a cute Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, or birthday present. They are made of 100% polyester and come in several styles and animal combinations!

40. Feed Me Bumkins SuperBib

Feed me, bib. This waterproof bib will keep your baby’s clothes and food dry while they eat and play on the go. Attaches with hook-and-loop tape, making it adjustable and removable without causing a pinch or discomfort. A convenient crumb catcher holds all spillage to one place for easy cleanup.

41. Keychain

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a while or you’ve just met—this keychain is the perfect way to let your partner know that he or she is in your heart every day.

42. Burp Cloth Set

A set of burp cloths are a must-have for any new mom. Keep them happy and clean while feeding by providing an extra-absorbent place to lay their baby down.

43. Touch Bracelet

Two silver bands, one for each partner. Put them on when you get your new device and send a touch to connect. The first time each day that the rings are apart, the bond will light up in the color of your choice (green = good connection; red = go ahead). Up to four days’ worth of battery life means there’s no need to repeat this ritual.

44. Orca Whale Coffee Mug

This cute coffee mug makes a great gift for that gamer boyfriend in your life! It holds 14 ounces and is made of high-quality white ceramic.

45. Father’s Day Gift

This dad joke book is a great gift for any father figure in your life. The perfect way to remind that special guy just how much he means to his family. With 100+ jokes, this book will surely bring smiles and maybe even a few laughs!

46. Fuzzy Peach Snuggle Teether

Designed in Arizona, responsibly made in China. The SuperBib attaches over the back of the shoulder with hook and loop for a quick, adjustable and tug-proof fit; snap on the cape for your little character; approximately 10” across and 9” from neck down.

47. Star Wars R2D2 C-3P0 Socks

These are the Droids that your feet are looking for. One pair of R2-D2 and one pair of C-3PO socks are included in this set.

48. Tardis Backpack

This is a licensed BBC Doctor Who product. Modeled after the world famous Police Call Box from the Dr. Who TV series. This backpack has 5 adjustable shoulder straps and 2 front pockets for easy access to your stuff without having to open up the bag, making it an excellent day pack as well!

49. I Promise To Love You Even When We’re Old And You Still Play Video Games Coffee Cup

Loved ones will wonder why you gave the gift of hot beverages for your best friend’s 25th birthday when you give him this hilarious coffee mug that says, “Even when we're old and you still play video games, I'll love you.” This cute cup is a great way to let your loved one know just how much they mean to you!

50. I Promise To Love You Even When We’re Old Coffee Mug

If your gamer boyfriend or girlfriend loves coffee, then this I promise to love you even when we’re old coffee mug is the perfect gift. With a beautiful message on it promises that no matter how old they get, their partner will always love them.

51. Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Lapel Pin

Show your Hogwarts house pride with this Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Pewter Lapel Pin. This metal pin is the perfect accessory for any Harry Potter fans’ wardrobe. It measures approximately 1-inch in diameter and comes individually packaged in a clear gift box.

52. Whiskey Rocks

These whiskey stones might look like regular ol’ ice, but they’re much more. Made from 100% real stone with a sand core, these bad boys hold over 1oz of your favorite beverage and give off just the right amount of chill to protect your drink while maintaining its flavor.