51 Gifts For New Puppy Owners

1. Pet Hair Remover

This is a pet hair roller remover that you never had before. It will efficiently clean up all kinds of pet hair from your sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters and more. It’s convenient and simple. You don’t need to tear the paper anymore. It is durable and never breaks in use. The best gift for pet owners!

2. USB Heartbeat Simulator

This is a great gift for pet owners who have pets that are anxious around changes. Many times, we as humans experience anxiety when a family member or friend moves away. This will help simulate the calming heartbeat of an loved one at home so your pet will feel less anxious while you are away. The heartbeat sound is very soothing and may help your cat or dog to fall asleep if they are anxiously pacing and vocalizing. Just place it on the floor with the black end resting on the ground and press the red button to hear a comforting heartbeat sound like that of their mother! Multiple settings allow you to choose from multiple simulated heartbeats including an electronic heartbeat, metronome beat, or even just a rock music beat!

3. Water Bottle

This water bottle keeps dogs hydrated while they are being active and helps prevent them from drinking from the toilet. In addition, their water is contained within a convenient carrying vessel that can be loaded with fresh water for their meal or morning drink-all without having to refill the same bowl all day long.

4. Dog Rope Toys

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility. In order to fulfill their basic instinctive needs, dogs have to chew and play. A plush rope for your puppy will help him relieve his pent-up energy and stress while strengthening his jaws and teeth. This set has five different toys; a squeaker(s), rope, chew toy, and frisbee. It’s perfect for large breed puppies or adult dogs that need to exercise their mental as well as their physical muscles.

5. Teething Toys for Dogs

Dog toys don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable. These dog toys are great for dogs that are chewer or just getting started on teeth, they might not last a day but your pup will love the fun of playing with them and their puppy friends!

6. New Puppy Essentials Kit

This is the perfect gift for a new puppy owner. The kit includes a cozy bed, chew toys, and poop scoopers so their puppy can begin its life with plenty of things to chew and play with. This is an ideal present for a first-time dog owner or a family that has recently acquired a new addition to the family.

7. Gifts for Dogs

At Specialty Gift Boxes we choose the best gifts, so you don’t have to. We offer gifts for dogs and cats – and people too (including birthday, get well, anniversary, coffee lovers, chocolate lovers, college care packages, breakfast samplers). And by choosing Amazon’s fast shipping this gift box can be in the recipient’s hands (or paws!) in only a day or two.

8. Leash Avoidance Collar

A dog who barks and lunges at other dogs when out for a walk is embarrassing and potentially dangerous. Using these pet-friendly, positive reinforcement techniques, you’ll soon be able to relax and enjoy your walks.

9. Teething Toys

A puppy toy mat is a great way to give your dog multiple chew and rope toys in one. It helps satisfy their need for prey by giving them items to chase, while also providing them with an outlet for their gnashing and chewing instincts. Multiple textures are incorporated into the design, providing optimal mental stimulation.

10. 4 in 1 Pet Gift

Good dog care consists of more than feeding and walking. Packaged in a wooden gift box, this care package includes an assortment of toys, treats, and medications to treat common canine ailments. If your favorite pet lover is moving into a new house or just needs some extra guidance with their four-legged friend, then this good dog care package makes a great gift!

11. Pet Memory Book

Celebrate the newest addition to your family with Pearhead’s pet keepsake book. This adorable keepsake memory book featuring 8-guided journal pages to fill in all about your puppy! The guided pages are perfect for keeping track of your new pup’s every step, whether they’re little or big! It also includes space for you to include pictures with the entire family, your pup’s friends, and their first selfie. We all know we take them! The front of the pet memory book includes an opening to display a 3.25x3.25 photo of your adorable new puppy.

12. Pawstition Doggy Bag

Is your dog a pawsitively fan of The Runway? Then this pawstition is the accessory for them! This adorable purse features multiple faux-fur detailing and gold hardware. Perfect for those who can’t sit still for long enough to wear a bag, or just don’t have one because you were too busy being fabulous!

13. Stainless Steel Pet Tags

These gorgeous stainless steel pet tags are available in both a funny saying and traditional type. Each tag is adjustable and comes with its own lobster clasp.

14. Teething Toy Set

It’s a beginning of a beautiful life! A good gift idea for small dogs. A set of different sized plush toys that make noise when squeezed. They are made from cotton, fiber and include 2 squeakers.

15. Dog Tote Bag

For a luxurious doggie day away, take your dog’s needs along with you in this waterproof tote. The bag holds enough food and water for one week for an average-sized dog, or two smaller dogs can share it. A feeding station with two dishwasher-safe silicone bowls and a foldable placemat is included. Two pet carriers hold enough food and water for 30 cups of dry food or treats. An inside compartment divider keeps food carriers neatly stacked, and a zippered pocket inside the tote provides secure storage.

16. Teething Bone

Help reduce anxiety and boredom when away from your puppy by providing them with a teething toy. Give your puppy a bone to chew on or play with their ball in this 7-piece set.

17. Snuggle Heated Pet Bed

The patented non-toxic material ensures that your puppy will be comfortable no matter where the day takes them. The snuggly fabric is designed to mimic a mother dogs protective coating, providing her with warmth, security and a sense of comfort while she adjusts to her new home.

18. Snuggle Pet Bed

Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, the Snuggle Puppy is designed to provide comfort and helps relieve anxiety in your four-legged friend. Whatever the case, whether crate training, fireworks, or perhaps a thunderstorm; rest assured this dog anxiety solution will be there to help. The original Snuggly puppy celebrating over 22 years of comforting pets!

19. Bone Dry Storage Baskets

Tired of picking up pets’ toys everywhere in the house? DII Bone Dry Pet storage containers could be the perfect solution to organize the clutter while enhancing your home’s décor. The neutral colors and subtle texture of these baskets makes them great décor pieces for your home, pet-lovers or new pet owners.

20. Pet Memorial Photo Frame

This is a special gift for the pet lover in your life. This keepsake frame makes a beautiful display when hung on the wall and can be used as a table frame or carried by hand. The kit includes premium quality materials, non-toxic clay, stencils to add personalization (name and date of your pets), sandpaper to clean off any residue from the stencils, an extra mat if you’d like to have two photos included, and finishing items like paint if you’d rather not leave it raw wood.

21. Snuggle Pet Bed

A good night’s sleep is essential for your dog. Whether they’re confined to a crate during the day or sleeping on the bed with you, their quality of life depends on it. This soft and cozy bed is designed specifically for dogs who live in crates or are travelers and includes a washable pad to keep them comfortable throughout the day as well as at night. It makes an excellent gift for any pup owner!

22. Heartbeat Snuggle Pet

As a busy working mom, the last thing I need is another child in my house that needs to be entertained. So when I got this as a gift, I was thrilled! After all, what new parent doesn’t want an excuse to cuddle with their puppy and watch TV? Now he can have his own version of “Mommy always wins at charades”. It comes with everything you need to get started (except for the puppy).

23. Snuggle Me Swaddles

Awareness products are designed to help anxious dogs. The Snuggler will keep your puppy entertained and decrease separation anxiety. It will make a great addition to a new puppy’s home.

24. Wine Tumbler For Mom

A cute wine glass for your mom that will make any occasion special! This wine glass holds 16oz of your favorite drink and comes in a multitude of colors. Your best friend deserves the very best, so give them a gift they’ll love with this awesome wine tumbler!

25. Teething Toy

HappY 4th Birthday to my Baby Boy. I’m so thankful that God placed you in my life and taught me how to be a Mom by taking care of you 24/7 with your little sister by my side! I Love You both more than anything else on this planet, and would do anything for you. This is the day when I cloth diapers for the first time ever at 2AM because we ran out of disposable diapers… but it was all worth it 🙂 . At 3 weeks old, everyone told me that your eyes will open up wide just like yours now, they were right! We love our new family photo where we are displayed together as a happy family:) I got this shirt from Amazon Prime because it said “mom” on it, which makes sense since I am also mommy to My HeartBeats who is only 1 month younger than You. Since then he grew very fast and became too big for 0-3M clothing range (sizes). So there might be some other sizes available here too – if not let me know!🥰Parties every weekend?! That's right baby boy 🎉🍺️🎉 Your auntie loves spending her time with YOU + having fun with picture moments with MyHeartBeats AND she loves cooking new recipes for him😋👍 Bring home the gift basket filled with healthy snacks + treats for dogs & cats 🐄 Pawesome toys will keep them busy playing while waiting their turn 🐶 Easy clean waterproof material makes bath time easy peasy ⛴ No More Messy Diapers!!! The best gifts - Funny T-Shirt For A

26. Starter Kit for Puppy

A puppy is a bundle of joy, but buying all the right stuff can be overwhelming. This kit has it all, from food and bowls to leashes, toys, collars, grooming supplies, and more.

27. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

On-the-go pet parents will love this retractable water bottle for dogs. It’s a one-handed operation that only takes a second to fill and stop the water from flowing. The self-standing base means there’s no need to hold it while you drink, giving your hands a much needed break!

28. Pet Away Bag

This bag is perfect for those times when you have to leave your dog behind but need to travel with one. It can be used as a pet carrier, backpack, or shoulder bag. You can easily pack it full of food and supplies just like what you would take on a trip yourself.

29. Call My Mom She Is Lost Without Me Dog Tag

This hilarious and funny personalized pet tag is the perfect gift for most kinds of pets. Perfect for your best friend who’s about to have a new sibling! Makes a great birthday present or just an excuse to buy that dog its own collar.

30. Dog Chew Toys

These all-star chew toys have various kinds of popular puppy toys, including rubber dog-ring toy, 4-shaped rubber toys, 5 rope dog toys, spiky ball, outdoor frisbee and 2 plush toys. They’re attractive in price and quality and encourage a positive chewing habit Busts up the monotony of destruction for your puppy. By encouraging positive games, this dog toy set helps to develop a healthy chewing habit and solve problems such as chewing, teeth cleaning (dental care), anxiety, boredom or training aggression in dogs.

31. Photo Date Marker

Celebrate your little guy’s growth with this paw print stamp pad. With the use of these safe ink pads, you can easily mark any date or event that takes place in your dog’s life! Use these pads to track everything from their first puppy pictures to their first tooth appointment.

32. 16-Piece Pet Supplies Starter Kit

From potty training to grooming, this puppy starter kit has all the accessories a new puppy owner needs! This includes a leash, two bowls (one for food and one for water), rubber gloves, and toothbrushes for pups, as well as braided rope toys, nail clippers, chew toys, waste bags & dispensers.

33. Pet Bed

A pet bed is a nice gift for any new puppy or old dog owner. This bed is water-resistant and the edges are lined with soft plush material to ensure your pet stays comfortable. Since this bed folds up it’s easy to travel with.

34. Family Tree Photo Frame

These adorable dog paw print kraft paper gift wrapping bags are not only super cute, they’re also incredibly practical! These 25-count packs make a great addition to the supplies you provide for an upcoming baby shower or as a hostess gift when guests leave you their shopping list.

35. Vetstreet’s Top 10 Dog Breeds

If you’re looking to spoil your new puppy, then this is the list to get! This kit has everything a new dog parent needs; from calming pills for anxiety, all the way to a brush and comb for your puppy when you get home. It makes an awesome gift as it covers all ages and sizes of dogs!

36. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

A beautiful gift for a friend or loved one on their wedding day. This 11-inch resin statue depicts two angels who are sharing an umbrella as the sun dries and brings life to the relationship. The sculpture comes ready to display on a tabletop, shelf, or mantel.

37. Did You Feed the Dog?

A small, metal device that houses a question and an answer – “Did you feed the dog?” – it makes sure no one has to miss a text message or call when they have already left the house.

38. Portable Pet Water Bottle

This multi-functional bottle is a good choice for your pets. It can be used as a water bottle, food container, and even a poop scooper! Just attach the pet food dispenser with flexible storable arm to the back of the cup. The specific gravity water bottle is made of BPA-free material, it’s healthy and environmentally friendly.

39. Fisher-Price Rainforest Playset

A Fisher-Price infant toys is a great way to build a child’s mind with age-based play. This playset can be used for so many things; it’s a musical toy, dance toy, and most importantly, an imaginative experience that will keep your little one laughing and giggling for hours on end.

40. Slo Bowl

Outward Hound uniquely designed Fun Feeder dog bowls feature meal-lengthening ridges to help slow down your dog’s eating time by 10X! These fun and engaging feeding tools keep dogs mentally engaged while they eat, which can improve overall digestion while helping pups adapt to a healthier pace.

41. Bone Dry Toy Bins

These toy bins are just the thing for keeping track of all those toys your pet carries around. And, as an added bonus, they can be used to store other things too.

42. Photo Frame

A paw print keepsake frame is a unique and special gift for any pet owner. Create and frame an impression of your pets paw and place it next to their 4 x 6 photo for a stunning display that they’ll love!

43. Paw Print Frame

Capture your favorite pet’s spirit with this paw print keepsake kit. This pawprint keepsake kit includes 1 plastic shaping ring, 2 pkgs of air-drying clay, rolling pin, plastic hole punch and 3 ribbon options for that finishing touch! The included air-drying clay ensures the impression will last forever. And it’s great for both dogs and cats!

44. New Puppy Starter Kit

A puppy is a wonderful gift, but getting a new puppy-to-be prepared can be overwhelming. The New Puppy Starter kit makes sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. This kit includes everything you need to get started, including supplies for housetraining, potty training, and day-to-day care of your new puppy.

45. Exercise Pen

When the weather gets nasty, so does your dog. This indoor-outdoor exercise pen makes it easy to keep Fido happy and healthy by providing a secure enclosure while allowing him to romp in the yard. It features a durable powder-coat finish, eight stakes for extra security and stability when set up outside, as well as four corner stabilizers that prevent warping.

46. ChomChom Roller

A simple on-off roller switch turns this hair remover into a powerfulTrack and pick up embedded pet hairs wherever they are. The more you use it, the better it gets! It’s so good, your pets will want to play with it too!

47. Dog Shaming Calendar

A cute and funny calendar that encourages people to think twice before walking into a room or giving their dog an order. The calendar includes official holidays and is recyclable plastic with an easel for display on a desk or tabletop. There are full-color tear-off pages to write notes too!

48. Sympathy Photo Frame

The passing of a beloved pet is a difficult and emotional experience. This gorgeous frame is a great way to remember the fur-babies in your heart. All designed to honor the memory of your beloved pet. It holds a 4” x 6” photo and comes with attached heart ornament, but it can also stand on its own if preferred.

49. Drink Themed Water Bottle for Dogs

Time to Pawty! This hilarious toy makes a great gift for that friend with a dog who loves wine. Find the perfect match to your favorite drink with these toys that put the ‘bar’ in bark! A fun way to encourage your pup to drink more water.

50. Dog Squeaky Toy Gift Set

When you’re looking to give your dog some exercise, a ball for playing fetch works great. This gift set comes with 2 plush toys that are both fun to look at with a football shape and a doghouse head shape. Each of them contains a squeaker inside so the dog can keep itself entertained. Two tennis balls are in the set too, which will give dog owners an excuse to head outside and play fetch.

51. Dog Food Tote Bag

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