48 Gifts For Outdoorsmen

1. Stainless Steel Watch

This watch is both rugged and elegant, perfect for that outdoorsman. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can go swimming with it if you’d like. But this watch is no pansy; it’s equipped with a luminous dial for night time visibility.

2. Smartphone Monocular

This is a great gift for those interested in astronomy or just want to see things far away. This telescope can magnify objects as much as 40 times, so you could see the detail on something like a car bumper up close! The monocular comes with a smartphone holder and tripod mount which makes it easier to take photos and videos.

3. TENS Unit

A deep tissue massage is always a great idea. I’ve heard they help relieve muscle soreness and promote blood flow to the area making it better faster! This unit offers two settings, strong or gentle. The massager plugs in with an AC adaptor or can be used with 4 AA batteries (not included).

4. Telescope

A full 12x magnification and 42mm object lens diameter monocular provides a clear and bright image, enjoys the beauty of the distance. VIVREAL monocular telescope has large field of view (360ft 1,000Yds), have the best view in your outdoor adventures, just feel free to enjoy bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, wildlife observation as well as other needs.

5. Subscription Box

Being prepared for any situation means being able to handle anything. That is why you need the 15-in-1 multi-tool survival kit from Jinacker. This one of a kind kit comes with all the tools a man could possibly need when lost in the woods. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and cycling trips where your phone might not work or get reception. Since it only takes up 6 inches by 6 inches it can easily be stored in your backpack and even in your pocket if necessary!

6. Pocket Sky Map

This cute little monocular makes for a great gift for that outdoorsy girl in your life. It’s waterproof, so she can take it fishing, camping, or hiking with her. The best gifts help her explore the world around her!

7. Father’s Day Gift

This gift is a surprise hit with any man that loves being prepared. The multitool knife, paracord bracelet, and credit card tool can be used for anything from fixing your bike to opening a bottle in case of an emergency situation.

8. 12x50 Monocular Telescope

This is a great gift for any kid that loves to explore the outdoors and has a smartphone. It’s a mini telescope that they can use to look at objects in the distance, like wildlife or scenery. Since it comes with two eyepieces you can choose which will give them optimal viewing distance.

9. Amazon Gift Card

A small gift card usually has a maximum amount of $25. This one can have up to $1500 in it! That’s enough to buy anything on Amazon. They also give you options for sending the gift directly to their email, or printing an email which they can take with them when shopping so they don’t have to wait at home for the package if something unexpected comes up while they are out and about.

10. 8 Segment Fishing Lure

This is not a joke, this is a real fishing lure! TRUSC

11. Knit Beanie

A nice, warm beanie is the best way to stay cozy when you’re out and about. A classic that you will reach for every time the wind gets blustery and the temperatures drop. Not only warm but comfortable too—a great gift idea!

12. Fishing T-Shirt

Don’t sacrifice comfort when you’re out fishing. At Crazy Dog T-Shirts, we’ve combined what every guy loves in a mens graphic t-shirt: a comfortable fit and funny jokes. The best quality tees, super soft cotton, and top of the line screen print inks that stay vibrant and look great. Our cool pre-shrunk shirts mean a man never has to worry about shrinkage! Great gift ideas for any nerdy guy who loves getting gifts that make fun of him!

13. Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

This device is intended to relieve pain and tension in the neck, shoulder and back area. It’s designed with shiatsu kneading technology that provides deep tissue massage. The heat function can be used for a deeper, more intense massage.

14. Emergency Safety Kit

This multi-tool rope can be used for so many things! You can use it to hang up your coat, secure a hammock, make a tarp into shelter, rappel down a cliff, or even as abelt. It’s an incredibly useful tool that makes you feel prepared no matter the adventure.

15. Atomic Bear Fire Starter Bracelet

A good survival bracelet for guys, this one has all the bells and whistles you could need if SHTF. 100 feet of paracord, a multi-tool, compass, knife sharpener & fire starter. A great stocking stuffer or birthday present!

16. The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is a perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast or John Muir admirer. The design reads, “The mountains are calling and I must go” on both sides so that no matter which way you hold it, the message will always be facing toward you. This 15 oz ceramic mug holds coffee, tea, hot chocolate or your favorite beverage.

17. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Relieves stress, tension and soreness in your neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back and waist. The highly ergonomic design features 3D rotation kneading massage rollers that provide a full-body deep tissue massage. Perfect for relaxing yourself after a long day or an intense work week. Carefully crafted with real leather to give you years of comfortable use.

18. Emergency Kit

This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with a gift that will truly be appreciated–a DIY survival kit. This list of items (which can all be found for less than $20 each) is great for any outdoor enthusiast, from hunters to campers to fishermen. All you have to do is put the pieces together!

19. Copper Whiskey Glass

The Bullet Bourbon Porcelain is made in the USA and handmade by artisans. The glaze incorporates real bullet casings. These are expertly crafted, hand-painted, lead-free whiskey glasses that hold 2 oz of your favorite beverage.

20. Tactical Pen

A man always has a need for self-defense. This tactical pen is more than just a pen; it’s an all-purpose tool that can be used as a wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. The thin design allows the user to easily access any of these useful features.

21. Game Meats

Exotic meats are having a moment, and for good reason. The taste difference is truly remarkable, and the options are virtually endless. Buffalo Bills offers an outstanding assortment of game meats including elk, venison, buffalo, wild boar, and more. Made in small batches to ensure tenderness and rich flavor.

22. Back Badger Massager

The most powerful way to fight muscle tension and pain is through deep, focused pressure. The BackBadger handle attachment for massage guns is designed to provide just that, making it an incredibly effective tool for back and muscle recovery. The sleek ergonomic design allows for users of all sizes and strength levels to leverage the power of this device without causing unnecessary strain on their backs or wrists.

23. 11-in-1 Survival Kit

Whether you’re hiking, camping, climbing, working on your truck or van – wherever adventure takes you – the TRSCIND Compact multi-tool will be with you. The compact tool is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum which makes it lightweight but robust. It can be carried anywhere thanks to its ultra-slim design. And since all tools are accessed from one side it makes finding the right tool a cinch! This unique multi-tool combines smart design with thoughtful functionality making this an ideal gift for any modern man (or woman).

24. Beard Oil

If he’s into himself enough to have a beard, he’s got to keep it well-groomed. And that means grooming oil as well as comb and brush. This beard oil is hand-crafted in the U.S., using only natural oils for softness and shine. Take care of your boy’s face; he takes care of his beard!

25. Man Box

This manly gift box is full of fun, unique, and useful gifts that any outdoorsy guy is sure to love. Included are a fire starter kit with waterproof matches and tinder, a high-quality stainless steel knife, stainless steel cutting board, two camp cups (one with a lid), metal tongs (for the cupboard!), three different kinds of camping candles (one wickless bowl jar & two tea light holders), four soaps from Yardley’s – all natural bar soap & body wash in Lather Zone & H20PURE water purifying tabs.

26. Camping shovel

This useful tool can be pressed into service as a shovel, saw, bottle opener, nailing pick, hoe and more. The impressive length of 24 inches makes it easy to cover the largest distances and work with stability. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or camping in your backyard this multi-tool is great for all jobs!

27. Shiatsu Neck Massager

This is a great gift for those who are interested in improving their general health and well-being. Shiatsu hand tools offer the ability to provide targeted, deep tissue massage to specific muscle groups. Using these tools on your own can be quite therapeutic!

28. Travel Hammock

This camping hammock is more than just a way to sleep and hang out. This thing is insanely versatile, and can be used for everything from relaxing in the shade while at the beach to naps in the backcountry. The double hammock comes with straps that you can use to attach it directly to trees or other surfaces so you’ll never have to worry about losing altitude when trying to find a level place to lay.

29. Hiking First Aid Kit

Being prepared is important whether you’re going camping, backpacking, or just spending a weekend away from home. Each inner sleeve is functionally labelled and organized to do the thinking for you in critical situations. If your loved one is a hero, give them a tool that is essential in an emergency.

30. Shiatsu Neck Massager

This is a unique gift - one that gives great back and neck support while providing fantastic massage. This shiatsu neck massager makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who could use some relaxation!

31. Camp Shirt

A must-have for any outdoorsman, this flannel shirt is comfort and convenience at its best. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a relaxed fit to accommodate layering underneath. Five different color patterns are offered so you can find one that will perfectly match your outfit.

32. Sink The Boat Shooting Range Game

This is a sink or shoot game where you have to sink 5 boats before your opponent sinks yours. It’s a fun game to play at the shooting range, and now you can make it into a party game! There are 25 target sheets in each pack, and they come conveniently packaged in a tube.

33. LED Flashlight Gloves

These waterproof gloves offer two modes of illumination- a bright white constant light, or an intermittent flashing light. The batteries are rechargedable via microUSB, and the company claims that each glove will give you about 5 hours of continuous use.

34. Instant Underpants

Archie McPhee makes these hilarious “instant” underpants. Just add water! They come in a pack of 1, 2, or 4 and are sure to get the whole house laughing!

35. I’d Rather Be Golfing Pint Glass

If you’re going to begrudge him one thing, at least let it be something that indicates a commitment to his hobbies. This stainless steel pint glass makes a great 21st birthday gift for the beer lover who prefers drinking from a pint glass in the outdoors. The rather-be-golfing text and graphic is printed in black ink.

36. Camping Hammock

Campsites don’t have to be dark and boring. Toss a couple of these in your tent and you’ll have the party going all night! Use them to light up your campsite, read by the fire, or even as part of a romantic evening hammock make-out session.

37. Keychain Flashlight

A multitool pen that contains four essential tools in a sleek ballpoint-pen that slips easily into any pocket, bag or purse. The perfect gift for the DIY person who loves gadgets! Makes a great stocking stuffer.

38. Portable Halogen Work Light

This little guy is a real work horse, but he ain’t no limp-wristed desk jockey. This thing will light up an entire room with one-tap of a button! It has over 1,200 lumens and throws out a beam that reaches about 25 feet away.

39. Oath Never to Tell Beer Glass

Being a beer drinker myself, I was really excited to find this glass. It’s beautifully designed and makes a great gift for any beer lover in your life!

40. Monocular

Wide-angle lenses are great for landscapes and architecture, but what do you do if you want to see everything? The six times magnification of the ROXANTH+ GOGREEN brings things close  while maintaining clarity. This magic formula makes it an ideal gift for nature lovers, birdwatchers, archery enthusiasts, hunters – or anyone who wants to be able to see their entire field of vision without distortion.

41. Camo Shirt

Nothing says “I love you” like gifting a super soft hoodie with cute little trees on it! Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this heavyweight hoodie is durable, yet comfortable.

42. Diamond Whiskey Rocks

Diamond whiskey rocks are a great gift for the whiskey lover in your life. These diamond-shaped rocks infused with molten distilled spirits are pretty awesome, and they make for an interesting conversation starter at parties.

43. DIY Waist Trimmer

Self-adjusting, universal socket allows you to begin work immediately without fussing over selecting the right size socket. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around while working on your car, bike, truck, or boat. Makes a great gift for those who are in the know about tools & gear.

44. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

If you’re camping, hiking, hunting, snowshoeing or skiing–or just spending a lot of time outdoors in cold weather–these hand warmers are a great addition to your gear. Just fill ’em with fuel (butane or propane), light ’em, and keep those hands warm! They come in several colors so you can match them to your surroundings.

45. Realtree Camo Clog

A must-have for any camo-clad visitor to your home, these adorable clogs come in several camo patterns and even include a cork screw for an authentic hunting look! Made of Croslite material, crocs are lightweight, durable, and offer superior grip.

46. Flannel Shirt

Outdoor Research was founded in 1969 by a mountaineer and skiier, Bill Marr, to create clothing that would help him survive in the mountains. From the first worn down jacket to today’s high-performance outerwear, Outdoor Research continues its legacy of creating products that make outdoor living better. A lifestyle brand for modern outdoorsmen, WRANGLER began as a word uttered with pride by climbers who had summited both Everest and Kilimanjaro–a world away from rugged cowboys on distant ranches.

47. Classic Button Down

A good ol’ work shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Made from high-quality cotton, this button down has a classic fit and full coverage tail. The best way to dress up denim and boots.

48. Hunting Socks  | Color: Camouflage Green & Orange  | Size: 7-13

Hunting Socks  | Color: Camouflage Green & Orange You don’t have to tell your boss, let your socks do the talking! These camouflaged green socks say it all– I’d rather be hunting. Hunters are sure to love these hunting socks this Christmas.