41 Gifts For Peanut Butter Lovers

1. Stainless Steel Butter Knife

A good knife is a gift they’ll have forever and this one will make them feel like a true chef in the kitchen. It can be used as a butter spreader and also curls your butter three different ways to help you achieve that professional makeup look.

2. Crossaint

Butter knives are always a nice touch for any dinner party or special occasion. These stainless steel butter spreaders make perfect presents for the host of your next dinner party, especially if they have young kids that will be running around during the event.

3. Gin Infusion Set

The Gin-Making Kit from Ssani has everything you need to make 3 bottles of expertly infused gin at home. All you have to do is add the ingredients to a water bath, let it infuse for 7 days, then filter the mixture and bottle it. Add some quality juniper berries and coriander seeds and you’ve got yourself an award-winning gin!

4. Bamboo Utensil Set

A bamboo utensils set is great for the environmentalist and will be enjoyed by all. This bamboo cutting board, fork, and spoon set are made from 100% sustainable bamboo so they’re environmentally friendly as well!

5. Wooden Utensils

If you’re looking to eat healthier and reduce single-use packaging, these wooden utensils are perfect. The set includes a dinner fork, tablespoon, knife, chopsticks (also known as tweezers), cleaning brush and a bamboo straw for ice cream.

6. Hot Chocolate Keto Mix

Sugar-free hot chocolate is a life-changing product for me! I used to think that sugar was the only ingredient that made hot chocolate delicious, but I was so wrong. This keto cocoa mix will give you the comforting taste of real hot chocolate without all the carbs. This mix contains MCTs, which help your body produce more energy during ketosis.

7. Nutty Novelties Sweet Sampler

This gift set of peanut butter treats includes four delicious flavors, cappuccino, butterscotch, cinnamon, and chocolate peanut butter. It makes a great birthday present or Christmas stocking stuffer for those with a sweet tooth! The jars are only 4 ounces each so the perfect size to keep in your desk, car, kitchen drawer, or travel kit for on-the-go snacking.

8. Daddy Peanut Butter Spoon

Daddies love peanut butter too! This stainless steel spoon is an easy way to help your dad feed his spoonful of peanut butter to his loved ones.

9. Stainless Steel Peanut Butter Spoon

“Lets feed your love to their heart” through this spoon. This peanut butter spoon is made of stainless steel and has a thick wooden handle, making it an ideal gift for anyone with a peanut allergy.

10. Stainless Steel Peanut Butter Spoon

This spoon is much longer and thinner than a typical teaspoon, making it an elegant yet functional serving utensil for your peanut butter and jelly needs. Although this spoon is stainless steel, it has a smooth edge that makes it comfortable in the hand even if your hands are wet.

11. Best Dads Get a Spoon

If your dad loves peanut butter, then this stainless steel spoon is the gift to give. The spoon itself measures about 7.6 inches and is 1.2 inches wide, 0.05 inches thick. It’s quite durable and won’t bend or break easily.

12. Stainless Steel Peanut Butter Spoon

This stainless steel peanut butter spoon is 7.6 inches long and will make a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift for the peanut butter lover in your life. The spoon is engraved with a sweet message that will surely make your PB-loving loved one feel special!

13. Honey Chipotle Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is amazing. It has honey and chipotle chiles which gives it a nice kick and some sweetness. Add some bread, carrots, and use your imagination to create a delicious lunch or snack!

14. Sunbutter Spread

Sunflower butter is another food allergy-friendly alternative to peanut butter. All natural and made from roasted sunflower seeds, it’s packed with vitamins and protein—and zero peanuts! Spread this tasty treat on a cracker, add it to a smoothie or make little sandwiches out of it. It’s sure to be a favorite.

15. Virginia Peanuts

These are the tastiest peanuts you’ll ever have. They’re slow-roasted in their own shell, then salted for extra flavor and crunch. These peanuts will be freshest if you order them directly from the source — Whitley Gourmet — but we can still deliver a fresh, flavorful jar of peanuts to your doorstep!

16. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Sometimes you just need to have a cookie. We get it, cravings are a real struggle. That’s why we made Quest Protein Cookies: soft baked, sweet indulgences you can enjoy anytime. But you’ve read enough, reward yourself with a cookie. This cookie! (Well, okay…maybe not THAT chocolate chip peanut butter cookie.)

17. Personalized Monogram Cufflinks

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to love. These engraved peanut butter and jelly spoon sets are a sweet way to help your loved one remember you will always have his back, no matter what.

18. Monogram Cufflinks

A beautiful gift for the peanut butter lover. Also a great keepsake of your loved one’s life. This engraved spoon is a perfect gift to use as a daily reminder to tell your love that you’re married to them, or to give to friends and family members who may have passed away.

19. Monogram Cufflinks

Does your dad love peanut butter as much as we do? This stainless steel spoon is engraved with a touching message to remind him of his beloved daughter every time he eats peanut butter from this unique keepsake. A perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift that he’ll use everyday!

20. Who D Y U Want To Be For A Day? Book

This book will help your 13-year-old figure out who she is and who she wants to be for the next 25 years. The first chapter describes herself in terms of her personality traits, likes/dislikes, goals, and dreams. Chapters 2 through 4 explore major life events that make a difference in identity, such as getting a driver’s license and going away to college. Chapter 5 provides information about herself on paper (academically) and digital (on social media).

21. Family Photo Frame

This spoon makes a great gift for the ice cream lover in your life, or yourself! It’s cute and comical with a nice message on the back – saying that everyone needs a little peanut butter in their life.

22. My Peanut Butter Spoon Engraved Spoon Gift

This stainless steel peanut butter spoon is perfect for spreading the love of PB everywhere! Spread a little happiness with this hearty spoon. Makes a great gift for that PB-loving friend or family member in your life!

23. Peanut Butter Cups Candy

It was just too good to hide inside the cups any longer! REESE’S Ultimate Peanut butter lovers Peanut Butter cups gives you a full blast of creamy peanut butter flavors in every single bite. Imagine taking the delicious peanut butter insides of a REESE’S cup and using it to replace the chocolate candy coating. It seems almost too delicious to be real but these ultimate peanut butter cups are any peanut butter lover’s dream come true! Like any tasty, chocolaty candy, these sweets are fun to snack on at work, in class, on the road or simply when you need a break from the everyday hustle.

24. Sweet Nixie Spoon

This cute little spoon is from the same design studio as the cutting board–awarded “Best of Show” at the 2016 MN Gift Fair. The spoon is made of resin and comes in a pack of two (so you can have one for yourself and one to give!).

25. Honey Roasted Peanuts in a Jar

Meet your new favorite snacks in this super-versatile flavor. Whether you’re craving chocolate, fruit or anything in between, our flavors are sure to hit the spot! These decadent morsels will pair perfectly with a glass of wine and take you on an adventure of flavor as they melt away slowly inside your mouth.

26. Raw Pet Food Gift Set

For the pet parents who have dogs or cats with allergies, this gift set is a great option. It comes with 2 oz of eight different kinds of peanut butter, including ones made without soy and gluten.

27. My Peanut Butter Spoon With Two Little Hearts

A cute peanut butter and honey spoon with hearts on it. The back of the spoon has a heart design etched into it. Your loved one’s name, along with your own, will be included on the front of the spoon for everyone to see.

28. My Peanut Butter Spoon

A long handled spoon is the perfect gift for anyone who has peanut allergies. The handle is long enough that it won’t cause a choking hazard, but short enough that you don’t have to stoop over too much when eating your soup or ice cream!

29. Funny Spoon

This spoon is a fun little gift that can be engraved with the couple’s names to celebrate their engagement. It looks like a small spoon, but it can really pack a punch with its message! It’s also sturdy and comfortable in your hand.

30. Peanut Butter and Jelly Socks

These peanut butter and jelly themed novelty socks are perfect for that dad who has to have all the latest gadgets. Made from a polyester blend with a cotton toe cap, these Dad-approved socks look just like real jammies! All over graphic prints won’t crack or peel, featuring an elastic cuff for a tight, non-slip fit.

31. Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Miniatures are a great delight for the senses. The peanut butter cups are small and delicious, and the packaging is just too cute! These little guys pack quite a punch though, as each one is filled with rich peanut butter flavor.

32. My Peanut Butter Spoon

This stainless steel peanut butter spoon is 7.5 inches long and made in the USA. The back of it is engraved “Peanut Butter Lovers, you know who you are!” and the front says, “We could talk about how delicious your peanut butter is all day but we’ll save that for later because I have a spoon to eat with. Hoist a glass with me! Cheers!” It makes an excellent gift for the peanut butter lover in your life!

33. Spread the Love Peanut Butter

Nothing says “I love you” more than good old-fashioned peanut butter. Spread a little bit of peanut butter toast with homemade jam, and your loved one will never forget that you put effort into showing them they’re special.

34. Step Away From The Peanut Butter Spoon Set

This stainless steel peanut butter spoon set makes a great gift for that person who loves their peanut butter and love quotes. These spoons are beautiful, high-quality, dishwasher safe, and come in a variety of designs.

35. Spreader

It’s time to eat healthier, and this peanut butter knife is a great addition to the kitchen. The spoonula makes it easy to scoop out the peanut butter from the jar without risking damage to your fingers or wrist. It even works with other types of spreads!

36. Coffee Sampler Pack

This gourmet coffee sampler pack is perfect for those who love their flavored coffees! Included are five different kinds of coffee, all in small 16 oz bags. Flavors include hazelnut, southern pecan, French vanilla, cinnamon roll and chocolate peanut butter.

37. Personalized Cutting Board

This spoon is engraved with a personalized message on one side and a design on the other. The text can be customized to any number of different memories or occasions, making this an excellent 30th birthday gift for dad!

38. Engraved Spoon

A thoughtful gift for the peanut butter lover is a jar of peanut butter with a spoon attached. The spoon can be engraved with a special message and given as a Father’s Day gift, Birthday present or Christmas stocking stuffer.

39. My Peanut Butter Spoon

Is your dad or grandpa a peanut butter fan? Does he have kids running around his house? This peanut butter spoon is a fun and colorful way to help them all share the same spoon.

40. Personalized Cutting Board

A spoon is a utensil like no other; it’s the ultimate equalizer. It can please everyone, whether they prefer heat or chill, peanut butter or jam, sweet or savory. This customized cutting board can make all of those decisions for them! Each order comes with one personalized wooden spoon stamped with your family name and featured in 10 different colors.

41. Personalized Peanut Butter Spoon

“A spoonful of peanut butter helps the medicine go down.” – Proverbial wisdom that proves true with this personalized stainless steel peanut butter spoon. The perfect gift for a PB-loving dad, brother, or maybe even yourself!