54 Gifts For Piano Players

1. Irish Pub Songs Piano, Vocal and Guitar Chords

Grab a pint and this songbook for an evening of Irish fun! 40 songs, including: All For Me Grog * Black Velvet Band * The Fields of Athenry * I Never Will Marry * I’m a Rover And Seldom Sober * The Irish Rover* Jug Of Punch* Leaving Of Liverpool* A Nation Once Again* The Rare Ould Times* Whiskey In The Jar*. This highly-rated songbook has been written by Ray Foley.

2. Portable Thumb Piano

A kalimba is a form of thumb piano that was invented by the Luo people of Kenya. The instrument’s name means “miller’s organ” in Kiswahili and refers to the fact that most early kalimbas were created as practical jokes by itinerant laborers who would hang them from the handles of unsuspecting patrons” carts or wagons.

3. Thumb Piano

This is one of the coolest gifts you can get a musician. A thumb piano, that is. It’s a kalimba (similar to an xylophone) tuned to the same pitches as a traditional piano, but played with your thumbs instead of keys. This gift is ideal for anyone who loves playing music but has impaired finger mobility due to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Music Notes Socks

Is your dad a musician? Does he love showing off his socks? These musical socks are perfect. Piano keys run the entire length of the foot and ankle.

5. Thumb Piano

Piano lessons can be difficult for a young child, even with an adult to help. With the thumb piano, kids learn how to play the notes on each key and when they’re ready, move on to playing melodies. This is a great birthday gift or holiday gift that will keep them entertained while mom or dad get some much-needed rest!

6. Metronome

This is a super cool gift for the musician in your life. It’s not just some toy that makes noise; it helps you develop rhythm, maintain tempo, play accurately and increase your musical awareness.

7. Metronome

This mechanical metronome helps you develop rhythm, maintain tempo, play accurately, and increase your musical awareness. Perfect for students and professionals alike. It’s also a great tool to have if you want to become a better drummer or player in general. This is the perfect gift for any student that needs an extra push in the right direction!

8. Portable Thumb Piano

A portable music instrument that anyone can play! This DIY toy is great for kids who love to jam, but also learn fundamentals of sight reading. It makes a fun gift for any occasion, plus it’s educational!

9. Thumb Piano

This little guy is all thumbs, but he can play! The Kalimba thumb piano is designed to be easy to carry and offers an interactive way for kids to learn how to fingerpick. It’s a great gift for beginners or as a fun travel accessory.

10. Traditional thumb Piano

Music has the power to heal, inspire, and move us. For many people with disabilities or limitations, playing an instrument can open up a whole new world. Thumb pianos are great for beginners because you use your thumbs to play the keys. This 17-key thumb piano makes a great gift for someone interested in learning how to play!

11. Metronome

This metronome will help you keep time while you play, perfect for practicing your timing and feel confident with your music skills. Improve your timing and feel confident with your music skills or the money back!

12. Musical Instrument Pop Up Card

This fun piano card from PopLife is a great way to surprise that special teacher with a personalized gift. It can be used for a birthday, holiday or just to say “thanks”. When the paper overhangs the keys, it gives the impression of an actual piano, which is pretty amazing!

13. Moonrise T-Shirt

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. A great gift for any guitar lover or just an astronomy buff! Professionally printed in the USA and screen printed with love by hand.

14. White Noise Machine

A sound machine is a great gift idea to help with wind-down time for a baby who enjoys noise or white noise. The sound machine has multiple sounds to choose from, including ocean, heartbeat, and white noise. The volume can be adjusted so that the sounds are not too loud but mask any unwanted background noises. An auto off feature makes this great for travel.

15. Rockabye Baby Book

This is a great gift for new parents looking to get their little one to sleep. It has 6 different lullabies and different scenes which change with each song. Also, it has an auto-shutoff feature so that your baby isn’t exposed to background noise while they are napping.

16. Socks

These funny novelty socks have a pattern to them that represents the music playing in your head. 65% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

17. Novelty Socks

These knee-high novelty socks are fun to wear and a great gift for the sock enthusiast in your life! They come in seven colors and have cute sayings like “Don’t Blink, I Might Be Gone Tomorrow” or “Keep Calm And NOM on My Vibrator.”

18. Music Note Necklace

A dainty minimalist music note heart necklace that comes with a card with a quote that reads: “Music is what feelings sound like.” A thoughtful gift for the musician in your life!

19. Touchless Electronic Memory Game

This cute little game will exercise your child’s memory, hand-eye coordination, and musical skills all in one! One handheld game that works with touchless technology can be played by multiple people. It has a unique light-up stick design for an extra fun element!

20. Upright Piano

Complete with an ‘in-house’ label!, This is a very tasteful ornament that any fan of the musical would love to hang on their tree. And, it’s not just for Christmas… it can be used all year long!

21. Piano Box

A mechanical piano that plays when you wind it! A perfect birthday gift for a music lover. Also, the finishing and detail work is beautiful.

22. Musical Note Coffee Mug

This mug is designed to look like a piano keys and has notes that play the tune of “Happy Birthday” when you push down on the handle. The large 12.9oz (400ml) ceramic coffee mugs makes it ideal for sharing with your favorite band member or roadie!

23. Thumb Piano

A traditional African instrument, the kalimba is played by sliding your fingers across different strings. The kalimba has 17 keys and can be played like a piano. It makes an interesting conversation piece if anyone asks about it!

24. Bag Nation Tote

This bag is made from a material called rip stop nylon, which makes the tote durable yet soft to the touch. The bag has 2 handles and can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. It’s great for grocery shopping, picnics, travel or any other adventure you have planned!

25. Make Your Own Music Box

Music boxes are always a favorite of mine for gift lists, especially when you can customize it! This kit has everything you need to make your very own mini music box that plays tune when someone shakes it.

26. Thumb Piano

This kalimba is made of beautiful, hand-crafted zebra wood with thestring keys attached to rings. It’s a great way to get your toddler started on their musical journey! The mbira is tuned identically to a standard piano and makes an excellent travel instrument when packed in its waterproof case.

27. Sheet Music Wind Chime

Music stands come and go, but your sheet music is forever. Keep it safe with this 4-piece stainless steel wind chime that’s guaranteed to hold up against any gust! A great gift for the musician in your life.

28. Guitar Finger exerciser

A good guitarist needs strong fingers. This multi-use hand exerciser can be used for so many things; strengthening, arthritis management, and improving your grip strength. The best gift to help him become the best guitarist he can be!

29. Keyboard Earrings

Fishhook wires, measure 1.75” long making them a comfortable and stylish length. These tasteful earrings are a perfect size, not too big or too small yet give that fashion flair with a dash of sassy!

30. Sheet Music Clip

This is a very cool sheet music holder that will keep your sheets in perfect condition. Slip the metal prongs into the top of the book (as shown) to show the page you want to keep open, and it will stay open. If there is a page you want to turn, avoid clipping that page so you can flip over that page. This is an incredibly useful teaching tool for any musician and makes a great gift for any pianist or songwriter who loves their music!

31. Wooden Thumb Piano

The kalimba is a common name for an ancient musical instrument from the eastern forests of Congo. It’s played by sliding small wooden bars called “fingers” up and down its twenty-seven holes, similar to how you operate a piano. The kalimba has been used in spiritual ceremonies and also as part of the education process for children in many African countries. This particular one was handcrafted by residents of those same forests using natural materials such as mahogany.

32. Music Note Blanket

It makes a great gift for an aspiring musician or a talented student in any school. Since it’s microfiber, you can wipe the dust off your phone and forget about it. It is also machine washable which means if one of your friends spills something on it, you can simply throw it in the washing machine!

33. Believe in You Like I Do Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is a unisex gift (men and women can wear) that says, “Believe in you like I do”. It comes with a pair of heart-shaped jump rings so the recipient can customize it however they’d like.

34. Electronic Musical Instrument Mat

This is a great gift for those kids who love music and animals. It has 8 piano keys that play the song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music. Also, it has an animal sound button which plays sounds of elephants, hippos, lions, zebras and more!

35. Classic Piano

Nanoblocks are designed by Kawada Ltd in Japan and brought to you by Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun. This set comes with pieces that recreate a real piano and includes instructions for building the instrument. Nanoblocks are tiny building blocks that fit neatly together to create 3D shapes. They make an ideal gift for any aspiring pianist who wants to learn what it really takes to be a pro!

36. Wine Bottle Caddy

This high-quality, solid brass bottle caddy makes a great gift for that wine-loving pianist in your life! It holds up to five 750ml bottles of wine and is engraved with the words “I love you more” at 30-degree angle.

37. Retreez Musical Mug

If you’re searching for a unique gift, the musical mug from Retreez is perfect! This 11oz ceramic mug can be written on with a permanent marker and makes an excellent stocking stuffer or birthday gift.

38. Kids Dart Board

This is a fun game for family members of all ages to enjoy together. It can be played alone, but the game is much more fun with others! The rules are pretty simple; you must hit the bull’s-eye on the board in order to score points. This will help your family member remain active and build hand-eye coordination while having fun together.

39. Hand Cream

Ultimate care hand cream is the perfect moisturizer for extremely dry skin. Infused with a combination of moisturizing Baobab oil, nourishing Watermelon seed oil and a natural fruit acid complex to gently exfoliate. This quick absorbing hand cream is clinically shown to provide all day moisturization to even the driest skin.

40. Baby Monitor

Baby Einstein makes a great baby toy that will keep your infant entertained while you are doing household chores. This is a learning toy that encourages infants to make the sounds an instruments and discover different melodies. This baby monitor has soothing tunes, talking animals, and bright colors to keep your little one entertained.

41. Mug with Swirling Music

Why use any boring old mug when you can show off your love of music? 9 and 10 year-old boys will be impressed by the spinning, swirling notes on this white ceramic coffee mug. The key to a great morning – why use any ordinary mug when you can show off your love of music?

42. Thumb Piano

Play piano with your thumbs! This kalimba is smaller than a traditional kalimba and uses the same playing technique. It’s great for beginners and fun to play even if you don’t know how to read music. Comes with a tuner, cleaning cloth, thumb piano stickers, and fingering chart.

43. Music Journal

The musical part of your brain needs a place to write it down. Keep a musical journal and record those ideas – you might have just the next big hit song! This journal has lined pages for lyrics and music, so you can flip back and forth easily to constructively express yourself. The journal also has a spot to store chords or other notes you’ve taken.

44. Musical Inventor Figurine

Player Piano was the first commercially viable computer designed and built by a team of scientists. It could reproduce any melody it was fed, with perfect accuracy. This little guy is just like Player Piano in size, but not in temperament. If you feed him an awesome song he’ll sing it back for you!

45. Copper Musician Statue

A beautiful musical gift for a musician or aspiring musician. This talented young man is holding an acoustic guitar and stands on his base – a beautifully crafted copper sculpture.

46. Beethoven Inscribed Ballpoint Pen

This is a stylish ballpoint pen that will remind you of your passion for music and writing. The pen is 5.5 inches long, weighs 30 grams, has an elegant black finish with gold appointments, and comes with one ink refill. It makes a great graduation gift or present for any musician—student, teacher, amateur or pro—or just a lover of beautiful pens!

47. Necklace

Music and playing an instrument can truly bring happiness to a child’s life. Help them begin the journey with this necklace. This piano necklace is 22 inches long with a split ring at the back so it can be easily attached to clothing.

48. Song Writer’s Composing Template Stencil for Music Notes & Symbols

Song Writer’s Composing Template Songwriters know the value of a good set of music notes. This stencil makes writing those pesky music notes easy and fast. All you have to do is fill in the blanks! The template includes a matching 50-page staff tablet.

49. Music Inspirational Bracelet

Music is the voice of the soul. Without music life would be a mistake. Music is my life – by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These bracelets are a great gift for any musician, especially those musicians that teach or take lessons because they need something to reference while teaching.

50. Musical Note Puzzle Box

This musical-themed puzzle box is just the thing to give that jazz lover in your life a gift they’ll use every day! It’s handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans and made of real wood. The box features intricate details, including keys on a piano, woven chords, and quavers—a perfect way to store keepsakes or small trinkets.

51. Necktie

AUSCUFFlinks is an Australian owned and operated company that has been providing quality customised neckties for men since 2011. We offer a huge range of designs including geometric patterns, abstracts, traditional patterns and many more. All of our neckties are made from 100% microfiber which makes them incredibly soft to the touch and comfortable to wear all day.

52. Hair Clipper

A cute ring to show your dad you love him. The words “Dad, You’re the Greatest!” are engraved on the inside of this stainless steel band. Also, it has a cool glow in the dark feature!

53. Fisher-Price Sing & Dance Toy

This is a great toy for your baby’s first smart device. It plays music, has different sounds and you can also download apps that have more games for your little one to play with the toy.

54. Music Socks

These are funny socks that make a musical statement. Three different designs, a piano keyboard, a music staff with notes, and various musical instruments. They’re an odd fit (because they’re low-cut) but otherwise these are fun novelty socks!