45 Gifts For Pizza Lovers

1. Pizza Peel

Pizza is a staple food in America. It’s easy to make, and it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And the best part? You can eat pizza for days. We found this wooden pizza peel at IKEA that folds up small when not in use (great for storage) and also has a wheel to cut your pie with!

2. Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel

Help them cut down on carbs by giving them the tool to slice pizza. This bike-shaped stainless steel pizza cutter wheel is far better than using a knife and cutting board. The non-stick coating makes it easy to slide the pizza off of the wheel while sticking it back on again for an uncut piece  Traditional hand-tossed pizzas can be prepared in minutes with this unique design ,perfect for any home chef  Easy and safe to use, just place your personal 12″ or 14″ thin crust pizza on top of this trolley, apply slight pressure evenly across its entire surface with one hand... then simply rotate using your thumb turning it effortlessly like butter!

3. Pizza Bracelet

This keychain is a perfect gift to give your pizza-loving husband on the big 4-0 or any husband who loves pizza. The charm is silver-plated and tarnish resistant, so it will look good forever!

4. Pizza Socks  | Color:Black  | Size:One Size Fits Most

Pizza Socks  | Color:Black If you can read this, bring me pizza! Corg’s hilarious hidden-meaning socks are the perfect gift for the corgi lover and pizza enthusiast. Simply kick off your shoes and put up your feet to display the succinct message to everyone around you.

5. Pizza Socks

What’s the difference between love and pizza? 3 inches! That’s the distance from your heart to your stomach, which is why these funny socks are perfect for Valentine’s Day. These unisex socks come in a pack of one size fits most people.

6. Funny Sushi-Making Socks

Forget boring socks! Make sushi with these funny sushi making socks. In case anyone asks you what sushi they look like, simply point to the fish and state “Sushi”. Made of cotton, the socks are one size fits most people.

7. Funny Pizza Socks

These funny socks make a great gift for the pizza-loving lady in your life. Two pairs are packaged in a zippered bag, so they arrive perfectly preserved and perky.

8. Pizza Socks

What’s better than eating pizza? Having it displayed on your feet, of course! These Funny Taco socks are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Made from comfortable cotton blend material, these socks come in a fun gift-ready packaging that any foodie would appreciate!

9. Funny Sushi-Flavored Socks

If you can read this, then they will know that you’re secretly reading their messages and stealing their crushes. These hilarious sushi-themed socks are perfect for that friend who loves food and is also into funny gifts. Made from cotton fabrics these socks fit most women’s shoe sizes and come in a cute gift box.

10. Pizza Wheel

Medium-thin, crispy base, soft & chewy bready inside. It’s a pizza lover’s dream and a pizza cutter enthusiast’s gift! The perfect 2-in-1 kitchen tool for the chef in your life – use it to slice their favorite foods or as a bottle opener.

11. Bacon Pizza Socks

Is there anything more manly than bacon pizza socks? Probably not, but we’ll take it. These funny socks come in several different colors and are sure to bring a smile each time you pull them on.

12. Funny Taco Socks

These socks are so much fun, they’ll have you laughing as you walk out the door. Made of 80% cotton and 17% polyester these socks are incredibly soft and comfortable. The pack comes with four pairs, two brown and two grey making them a great novelty gift for that foodie in your life!

13. Pizza Socks

It’s pizza night, and these fun novelty socks aren’t just any old socks! They’re made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane so they feel like the real thing.

14. Pizza Socks

Pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, and cheese. They’re a classic combination and these prints will make your husband smile every time he pulls his feet out of the dryer!

15. Chicken Socks

Chicken is the new ham. These socks are super soft, comfortable, and have a funny saying on them. Everyone will want to add these to their sock drawer and none of your friends will be able to keep their hands off of your feet.

16. Pizza Wall Art

A cute pizza gift that will also remind them how much they mean to you. This wall art makes a great décor addition for the home of a loved one who is a pizza lover or is working in a pizzeria!

17. Pizza Wheel

With the unique bicycle shape and design of the dual wheels for cutting, this chic and unconventional idea make our pizza cutter stand out boldly and bring a practical user experience as well as an ornamental value. A decent gift for cyclists or pizza lovers alike.

18. Pizza Bandages

Self-adhesive, FUNNY first aid kit for accidents and emergencies. Ideal birthday present for 15-year-old boys who are into pizza and cool gadgets. 24 piece bandage assortment includes bacon, taco, emoji, sugar skull, pizza, cupcake (with sprinkles), donut (with glaze), cinnamon bun (with icing), cheesecake (with topping) & pineapple.

19. Pizza Wheel Cutter

If you love pizza, then this pizza wheel cutter is the gift to give! No more fighting with that stubborn crust. Just slice and serve.

20. Pizza Cutter

Cutting pizza with a blade is always messy, and the bread can fall apart. This gadget uses pressure to push the cut into the pizza rather than sharp blades. The device cuts through even frozen pizza with no sticking at all! It also makes perfectly uniform slices every time.

21. Pizza Blanket

There is nothing more than sharing a meal with friends and family while enjoying the scenery of your surrounding. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a couple that loves pizza, then this pizza blanket might be it! It’s super soft and cozy, making it an ideal covering for a bed or couch.

22. Pizza Sloth Socks  | Color:Alien Fruit| Size:One Size Fits Most Adults

Pizza Sloth Socks Who can ever resist cute corgi? How cute they are! This pair features a pizza-loving Corgi against a bright yellow background. These socks are sure to accompany you on your next dog-park adventure outfit.

23. Pizza Nut Pie

If you’re looking for a fun gift, look no further than this pizza-inspired mixed nuts platter. Pretzels and almonds are combined with peanuts and cashews to create the perfect crunchy base for your favorite pizza toppings!

24. The Pizza Catnip Toy

Who can resist the temptation of a slice of these adorable pizza kitties? When your kitten play with these cute furry toys beside you, you will see your cat running and jumping around! This cat toy set will be your best choice for fun at the claws game night.

25. Pizza and Pineapple Keychain

Does your partner love pizza? Do they own a dog that loves pineapple? If so, this keychain is the perfect gift to give them!

26. Large-Pizza Peel

This large pizza peel from Fromm is an excellent addition to any home chef’s kitchen. Whether you use it for baking or as a serving platter, this peel will take your cooking to the next level.

27. Funny Pizza Keychain

If you’re looking to pop the question, then this pizza keychain is sure to impress! Give your boyfriend a keepsake of your relationship funny gift that will be cherished for years to come. This little guy can be worn as a keychain or displayed on his person at all times.

28. Pizza Wheel

A cyclist’s best friend, the pizza wheel. Never be late for a date or dinner again because you couldn’t find your keys in the lock with these trusty cyclists at your side!

29. Pizza Necklace

This pizza necklace is one of the best gifts you can get a person that loves pizza. It’s perfect for keeping that slice of pizza warm until you’re ready to eat it. The black straw bag with “eat me” written on it is the perfect accessory.

30. Tour de Pizza Wheel Cutter

This is a fun pizza-themed gift for the cyclist in your life, or just a fan of pizza! Whether you simply want to knife a slice of pizza or make it look like the rider is actually taking a break and pedaling away from his bike, this bicycle wheel pizza cutter makes sense. Featuring stainless steel blades that effortlessly cut through even the thickest pie without damaging your hand, finger, or crust.

31. Vacuum Sealer

As the proud parents of an only child, we were excited to receive this vacuum sealer for Christmas. We’ve already used it twice and can’t believe how much food has been preserved by using this handy appliance.

32. Socks

A cute pair of socks for a dog lover is always appreciated. These are super soft and comfortable, and the design is subtle yet classic—a great addition to any outfit.

33. Taco Meat Socks

If you love food and are a fan of quirky socks, then these “Taco” meat socks might be for you. These traditional food-themed novelty socks come in three delectable flavors; Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Donut, and Pizza. The fun Mexican socks arrive in a gift box that also includes cheese straws, chili pepper puffs and jalapeño poppers as well as pineapple salsa & sour cream dip gifts for your toes!

34. Novelty White Elephant Socks

“If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Ice Cream.” These hilarious novelty socks are perfect for a co-worker gift exchange or any other fun social gathering where you want to make a lasting impression. These incredibly comfortable and funny socks feature bright yellow writing that says “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Ice Cream” along with an arrow pointing towards the bowl.

35. Pizza Blanket

Maybe you’re not a pizza person. But, as far as we’re concerned, you might as well be. This blanket is made to look just like a pizza and it’s super cozy! Made of fleece, it’s lightweight and machine washable.

36. Pepperoni Pizza Blanket

Is he (or she) a fan of pizza? This pepperoni-themed 80″x60″ pizza blanket will have them dreaming about the ol’ Naples stone ovens in no time! Made of a soft, fuzzy fabric, it makes for one cozy comfort food experience. And because there are two sides to this pie, you get twice the warmth for half the effort.

37. Pizza Socks  |  Shower Gifts For Men  |  Personalized Gifts

Pizza Socks  |  Shower Gifts For Men Looking for a practical gift for that special man in your life? Look no further than these hilarious pizza socks! Made from cotton, the socks are sure to be a hit. They come individually packaged and are the perfect way to let that one guy know you care!

38. Pizza Party Food Cards  | Greeting Card

Pizza Party Food Cards This notecard set brings a smile to my face every time I pull it out. It’s such a cute idea and the food cards are so detailed! The cards are pizza-themed and each card features a different topping on an individual slice of pizza. There is enough paper in the set for you to write your own special message.

39. Love Pizza Tank

Help her keep cool this summer with this “Love” pizza tank. Available in five colors and several sizes, this polyester/cotton blend tank is available for men and women in the United States Army uniform size range of small-5X.

40. Pineapple Studs

A fun and flirty gift for that pizza-loving, jewelry-wearing lady in your life! These stainless steel pineapple charms are the perfect addition to her collection.

41. You Have a Pizza My Heart Onesie

A pizza-themed onesie. Made from 100% cotton, it’s comfortable for your baby to wear all day long.

42. Multi-Purpose Socks

These socks will have your feet howling with joy. They’re the perfect complement to your next hike or outdoor adventure. Good Luck Sock offers a huge variety of awesome, cool, colourful, crazy, and fun socks to choose from for men & women.

43. Microfiber Necktie

Made from a 1200 needle count, this tie is stronger and has less lint than ties with a lower count. The microfiber blend makes for a textured look and feel that you’ll love!

44. Pizza Luggage Tag

Do you know a pizza lover who also happens to be a traveler? This canvas luggage tag will make for an adorable gift! The tag is black with the words ‘Pizza Same Way I Look at You’ in white block lettering.

45. The Real Pizza Pocket

If you’re looking for the ultimate pizza gift, then this necklace is it! It’s not just any old pocket – it’s a real, live pizza pocket that measures over 7 inches wide and 14 inches long. Put those 2-inches aside to make some room in your freezer. This baby's got heat!