54 Gifts For Pool Owners

1. Starfish LED Pool Lights

Marvel at your pond’s fish and amphibian population with these starfish pool lights. These 20mm magnetic mini floating lights are waterproof, so they won’t get damaged if a creature bumps into them. Each set of three is separate, so you can have one near the surface, one in the middle, and one near the bottom.

2. Submersible LED Pool Light

Finally a night swim for the whole family to enjoy! This set of lights is waterproof, so if any ooze occurs in the pool, it won’t stop the light from working. The remote control allows you to change colors and brightness of the lights with ease.

3. Wind Chime

Crystal chandelier, anyone? This windchime features seven colors that change with the light of the sun or a bright lamp. Put them in your garden and make it an outdoor illuminated piece. The longer they’re in the breeze, the better they glow.

4. Solar Wind Chime  | Color:Multi-colored

Solar Wind Chime This set of wind chimes changes color depending on the angle of the light, giving it a cool effect. It’s very calming and fits right into a minimalist or boho aesthetic. The set comes with six different-colored solar wind chimes and has an option for night mode so they can glow in the dark if you want to add some extra light inside at night.

5. A Perfect First Christmas Gift

This hanging solar lantern is a great addition to your outdoor lighting decor. It’s very unique and will fit in with any style garden. The light it emits is not too bright so it won’t hurt the eyes, but also not too little that you can’t see what you are doing when walking on the patio at night.

6. Outdoor LED Beach Ball

With over 200 hours of continuous use, the glow balls come with 6 batteries. Each 2 batteries can lasting more than 72 hours. The RC also comes with 2 batteries, one inside it and one extra. As a bonus feature, the remote control has an integrated bright flashlight for getting around the house or yard after dark!

7. Pool Cleaner  | Color:White

Pool Cleaner This robotic pool cleaner makes cleaning your pool easier and safer than ever before. Never worry about falling or entangling yourself in cords again! The wall-climbing robot uses strong industrial suction to get deep down into the corners, making it easy to clean even the most covered areas of your swimming pool. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that operate on direct current power, this robotic vacuum works with battery power so no maintenance is required.

8. Submersible Lights

The remote feature of these lights makes them really versatile and adds an extra level of convenience. The brightness can be adjusted from 1 to 13 LEDs and the color changes from red, blue, green, or white. Since there are multiple colors, this creates a nice atmosphere that might encourage socializing with friends and family as well as other guests who might be attending your event or party.

9. Magnetic Pool Lights

These are the latest upgraded LED submersible magnetic pool lights with 4 large suction cups. Each light has 5,000 Gaussian magnets and is optimized to be both waterproof and floatable! Perfect for nighttime swimming and spooky swims where you want a little extra light!

10. Bluetooth Speaker

A wireless party doesn’t get started without the right music! This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and features flashing lights for an extra fun dance party. Fill your house or yard with a personalized party atmosphere.

11. Floating Moon Pool Lights

These 14″ solar floating pool lights are a great addition to your outdoor lighting set. Perfect for those late night swims or just an evening delight. The perfect gift for the minimalist, modern homeowner!

12. Bird Feeder

If you’re looking to get your backyard bird watching, this bird feeder is the best choice. It allows you to view up to 14 birds at a time and comes with 5 feeding stations for different birds. Also, it hangs so that the birds can easily perch into it.

13. Inflatable Poolside Bar

These fun pop up pools are a great way to beat the heat. They’re lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. You can use them in the backyard or at the lake for hours of fun swimming and water sports. Pull out the Beach Chair & Table Set and enjoy your favorite drinks in style!

14. Copper Wind Chime

Made of copper, this wind chime brings the sound of the waves to your garden. It has six bells and six sea turtle beads that make a beautiful tinkling sound in the wind. The handcrafted piece is both beautiful and relaxing as it catches the breeze and reflects back to you what’s going on outside.

15. Bird Feeder Sign

What’s the best gift you can get for a bird lover? How about this beautiful, high-quality bird feeder sign that will proudly display their love of birds and backyard habitat across the room! The poster features vibrant colors with an aluminum foil finish.

16. Wine Tumbler for Dog Mom

Doggie mom is always on the go, so she needs a wine tumbler that keeps her wine cold and her hands warm. This stainless steel wine tumbler holds 12 ounces of your favorite drink and can be used as a cup if you want to drink from it yourself.

17. Solar Wind Chime

Does the phrase, “The sound of silence” ring a bell? Well, imagine if that was your running commentary as you chatted with friends or family. This is the modern twist on that idyllic image. These pieces are made from dried fruit and floral wire, then coated in lacquer to create a rustic look and feel. At night, LED lights illuminate the design with changing colors.

18. Submersible LED Pool Light

Chakev 16-Color RGBW Waterproof Pond Lights are more bright and vivid than other 10-LED lights, and it has 16 colors, 5 levels brightness adjustment, 4 color changing modes (flash, fade, smooth, SOS) and 2 timer function (2h, 4h), which gives you more choices to create beautiful atmosphere you want. The built-in magnets allow these submersible pond lights to be hung up on your deck or patio for better light coverage.

19. Flickering Flame Metal Solar Lantern

This lantern is made of metal, not plastic. It has a beautiful flickering flame design that will light your way and give off plenty of light. It’s a great addition to anyone who loves to garden or likes an outdoorsy type of gift.

20. Submersible LED Pool Light

These submersible LED lights are both beautiful and functional. They have 7 color options, including a color-changing option, plus they each make a unique sound when you change the mode. The lights float in the water with little effort required. They look great at night and add much-needed illumination to an otherwise dark pool or spa area.

21. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This awesome waterproof Bluetooth speaker can take your music anywhere! You can even charge your phone directly from the speaker. This is a great gift for anyone that loves to be outdoors and jam out to their favorite tunes!

22. Bluetooth Pool Speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can provide 7 different color changing themes and slow flashing, fast flashing light modes. You can choose any mode you like or according to different occasions needs. This floating bluetooth speaker pool really makes your night life more colorful and wonderful.

23. LED Water Lily

This is a great centerpiece for a pond or water feature in your yard. It gives the illusion of light shining through the lily pads and makes for a very romantic atmosphere. You can adjust the speed of the LEDs to change the brightness which helps with nighttime viewing if you have aquatic inhabitants that need to sleep.

24. Inflatable Pool Chairs

Relax in the sun and enjoy a cold one at the same time with this inflatable pool chair. Colorful beverage holders, cup holders, and side pockets hold your stuff safely. The chairs accommodate up to 5’9″ or 180 pounds and measure 40″ wide x 78″ long.

25. No Stupid Metal Sign

This rustic metal tin sign is perfect for adding a little humor to your life. Featuring an all-caps message that reads “NO STUPID METAL PEOPLE BEYOND THIS POINT” it makes the perfect gift for those friends or family members who are into metal and appreciate a good joke.

26. Bluetooth Speaker

This waterproof bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for that crazy friend who loves to take their speakers everywhere. You know the type – they drop them in the pool, into the lake, or even into the bathtub and they’re still playing! These are perfect for those times when you want to listen to your favorite tunes but don’t want to be confined to close proximity to an electronic device.

27. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

If there’s one thing Dad loves, it’s a good ice cream cake on his birthday. But if he’s really into birthdays, then this Hawaiian-inspired shaved ice machine is the gift to get him! This Father’s Day gift idea will be put to good use as you whip up an endless supply of sweet treats for your husband’s family and friends. This 3-piece design makes it easy to assemble and gives him the freedom to experiment with various flavors as they are added (he may even end up being the favorite uncle!).

28. Stainless Steel Boat Tumblers

A set of two vacuum-insulated, stainless steel boat tumblers. Keep cold drinks cold for up to six hours and hot beverages warm for up to three hours with the double-wall vacuum insulation technology. The tumblers are sweat-proof, drop-proof, and dent-proof up to a 2″ thickness.

29. LED Ball

The perfect gift for the beach lover. This lamp changes colors with an amazing effect and it’s waterproof too! It connects to Wi-Fi, so you can control from your phone.

30. Solar Ball

These are not actual beach balls, but rather inflatable solar toys that you can play with in the pool. They have a weighted bottom so they don’t float away and hang loops on the top to make them easy to find when you want to take them out of the water. The whole thing is waterproof, so you can throw it into the pool and play with it there or even use it as a float in the bathtub.

31. Dishwasher Cleanliness Indicator Magnet

If you want to avoid having to know if that load of dishes was clean enough to put in the dishwasher, then this magnet is for you. The magnetic sign attaches easily to most dishwashers and takes up very little room. When a dirty dish is loaded, a strong magnet pulls the sign downward so that it’s hard for someone standing behind the dishwasher to miss.

32. Water Globe

An indoor/outdoor toy that’s fun for the whole family! This waterproof ball makes a great conversation piece and is super easy to use. Just inflate with air, insert batteries, turn on, and enjoy! Ideal gift for 4th wedding anniversary or bday gift.

33. Inflatable Raft

A practical gift for new parents, a way to cool off on a hot day, or an excuse to drink outdoors. Kurala floats are the ultimate pool toys and they even have cup holders! Made of PVC material, they’re comfortable and durable.

34. Excursion Pools No Glass Pool Area Sign

This metal sign is 14 inches by 10 inches and reads “No glass allowed in pool area” in black letters on a yellow background. The sign is UV protected and weatherproof, so it will never fade or crack even in the harshest conditions. It can be driven directly into the ground with a stake if necessary.

35. Vintage Pool Hall

The sign fits over the pool’s entry and says, “No pee for residential or commercial swimming pools. 8×12 inches.”

36. Big Time Chicken Sign

Made from lightweight corrugated plastic this cute little chicken sign is both stylish and functional. It makes a great gift for the chicken lover in your life!

37. Poolside Basketball Hoop

Looking for an innovative gift for a beer lover who’s also got their own basketball hoop in the backyard? Look no further! This durable, weather-proof wine glass set makes the perfect gift for that beer-loving 18+ year old boy in your life. Enjoy a drink with friends and family out on the patio, beach or poolside – you won’t believe how many uses these flexible silicone cups have!

38. Pool Table

A floating cup holder for your pool or hot tub? Yes, please! This drink holder is made from PVC and can accommodate most standard cup sizes. It attaches easily to a frame or chair with suction cups. Two people can attach it together if you want extra stability.

39. Spa Pool Skimmer

A spa skimmer is a great addition to any pool and helps keep the bottom of the pool smooth so that floating toys don’t get stuck. A skimmer uses suction cups which attach to the side of the spa cylinder allowing for easy removal of debris from the water column.

40. Remote Control Shark

With the power of 2.4 GHz remote control, this RC shark skimmer is more than a toy! It’s an action-packed experience that both you and your kid will love! This awesome little gadget changes colors and can do tricks in the water which makes it even more captivating to watch!

41. Clear Playing Cards

Outdoor lovers will instantly fall in love with this unique deck of cards! Hoyle clear playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation. These cards are great for the kids that might be playing childhood games with sticky fingers. Simply take a damp wash rag and wipe off the cards and they’re ready to be used again!

42. Vintage Pool Rules Sign

This charming vintage-look personalized pool rules sign lets guests know where they can cool off and relax in the summer heat! It is truly the perfect finishing touch any pool area needs for a fun, personalized feel. Featuring an aqua distressed - rusty metal sign look, this new personalized metal sign adds the perfect vintage touch to your space. You can easily personalize the sign by selecting Customize Now and entering the text you would like. This makes a great gift idea for someone with a pool who loves things vintage!

43. Funny Mug

If your wife or girlfriend is a fan of animals then this funny coffee mug is the perfect gift for her. It says “Best Dog Mom in the Universe” and it has an adorable dog blowing bubbles with his mouth. This cup will make her laugh every time she drinks a hot beverage, which is why it makes our list of the best gifts for women.

44. Wine Freezer

The HOST Cooling Cups are perfect for all wines. Each stemless wine tumbler features our proprietary cooling gel which allows the cups to be frozen or chilled to the ideal temperature for serving and enjoying any wine varietal.

45. BottleCooler

BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY WHENEVER YOU TAKE THE KONG! The most unique drinking can cooler that people WILL notice. So, when you’re hanging with friends and want to keep your drink cool, the Kong will make a big statement – without taking up much room in your bag.

46. Giant Floating Basketball Game

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that will be used every day, this basketball-themed floating game is one of the best we could find. It has multiple scoring ports and can accommodate up to 8 players at once!

47. Floating Step

This is a must-have for any animal lover. When you see that cute little frog, slug or toad of yours stuck in the pool’s filtration system, all you have to do is gently place this floating step on top of the water and watch your critter escape! No more struggling with small animals in tight spaces.

48. Etched Wine Glasses

The stainless steel wine glasses in SKY FISH are quite dainty. You are sure to love and embrace the way in which they are etched with intricate and authentic baroque engravings. The design simply takes you back to the golden age of noblemen.

49. Pool Depth Markers

These are the best quality on the market, directly from the manufacturer. Our depth markers are printed onto a 3M adhesive base then covered with 3M skid-resistant laminate for safety and long life. Made in the USA of the highest quality 3M products for longevity. Our swimmers can rest easy knowing they have accurate pool markers to keep them safe!

50. Pool Tile Markers

These are the best quality on the market, directly from the manufacturer. Our depth markers are printed onto a 3M adhesive base then covered with 3M Skid-resistant laminate for safety and long life.

51. Pet My Dog Tumbler

Does your dog mom love her pets? This hilarious tumbler is the perfect gift. Every time she uses it, she’ll think about how much she loves her dog and that will make her smile!

52. Poolside Basketball Hoop

This mesh pool storage container is perfect for keeping beach toys out of sight and underfoot. The bin has three large bins, a front pocket, and side pockets that are the perfect size to hold small items like goggles or swimming trunks. The bins also have reinforced cross bars at the bottom that make them very sturdy so they won’t blow around in the wind when you’re loading them into your car.

53. LED Poolside Lamp

These floating pool lights are charming decorations lights outdoor and indoor for swimming pool, pond, back yard, fountain, garden, pathway, lawn. It has an upgraded metal hook that can be hung on the corridor eaves trees. Excellent for parties and holiday celebrations.

54. LED Shower Speaker

If you’re looking for a unique gift, the waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect! It pairs easily with your iPhone, iPad, and Android device. The built-in FM radio can be controlled by the built-in mic or via remote control. And don’t worry; it has an alarm function as well as a loud alarm to get that blood pumping!