42 Gifts For Prisoners

1. Ramen Cookbook

Ramen is one of the best things about prison. It gives you something in common with everyone else, and it’s one of the few foods that doesn’t spoil. This book provides recipes and stories from inmates all over the country who have discovered how to make a meal out of nothing but ramen noodles and some ingenuity.

2. The Ultimate Adult Coloring and Activity Book

This book is the perfect way to pass the time on your commute to work or during your waiting room visit, those boring trips to the DMV. It has puzzles, games, coloring sections and more. There are 75 puzzles that range from beginner to difficult.

3. State Post Conviction Relief

This book is unique in that it provides the forms and samples for every state’s post-conviction relief statutes. It was written by a former prosecutor who understands how to present cases and obtain results. The best part, he actually wants you to succeed!

4. Man’s Search for Meaning

Dr. Alex Pattakos—who was urged by Frankl to write Prisoners of Our Thoughts—and Elaine Dundon, a personal and organizational innovation thought leader, show how Frankl’s wisdom can help readers find meaning in every moment of their lives.

5. Emoji Search Puzzles

A fun twist on word search puzzles. Exercise a different part of your brain. A great gift for adults or kids (especially teens). 101 stimulating 14 x 12 puzzles with 30 emojis hidden in every puzzle printed in a large, easy-to-see format make for an entertaining activity that will keep you challenged and laughing.

6. Michael Vey Box Set

It’s the late 1980s, and teenager Michael is having a tough time at school. He suffers from an undiagnosed neurological condition that makes him act on instinct instead of thinking things through. When he discovers he has special electrical powers, called “the gift,” it transforms his life and the lives of those around him. This timely novel reunites readers with their favorite characters from New York Times bestselling books 1-7 in The Complete Collection!

7. Ultimate Book of Mathematical Brain Teasers

This 400-piece puzzle book is sure to keep the kids (and even some of the adults!) entertained for a while. Put them together and it forms a beautiful geometric image!

8. 365 Days of Positive Affirmations

Do you have goals you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how? Do you lack confidence? Are your parents or loved ones dying and you don’t know what to do? Have physical, mental, or emotional issues holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams? Whatever the case may be for why this affirmation book was written for you, it will provide a step-by-step process on how to achieve anything that is put in front of your mind by using affirmations.

9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Ravenclaw Edition

This replica of Harry’s beloved textbook features a new cover, shiny paper, deeper fonts, and an elastic strap to hold it closed. The pages are also sewn together rather than glued or stitched.

10. F*ck I’m Bored Activity Book

This hilarious “f*ck I’m bored” activity book is perfect for killing time. Filled with fun and exciting activities sure to keep you entertained, it makes a great gift for that friend who could use a little help being productive! If he laughs out loud while reading this, then he really needs to check his f*cking email…or not. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

11. Book Set

Comprised of four short stories from the bestselling Wings of Fire series, this book will give readers a glimpse into the lives and loves of Fiercetooth, Deathbringer, Six-Claws, and more. Discover the first four dragon-bite-sized Winglets stories from the #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series, now newly available together!

12. The 5 Inner Beliefs That Make You Unstoppable

Coach Chris McNeely is a college football coach who is at the end of his rope after a hard-and-fast fall from the top of his profession. Now bankrupt and on the verge of losing his job, he has no idea what he’s doing wrong or how to get back on track. One day five legendary coaches pay him a visit and reveal the secrets they’ve used to become some of history’s greatest leaders—secrets like thinking like a warrior.

13. Pocket Prayers

Do you ever get distracted when you pray? Do your thoughts zig, then zag, then zig again—your head swarming with all the things you need to do that day? If so, there is hope. Max Lucado knows what it feels like to struggle with prayer. If you can relate, never fear! The sign-up sheet for Prayer 101 in the Bible contains some familiar apostles—the first followers of Jesus needed some prayer guidance too.

14. The Stress Book

This book will help a loved one cope with the stress of an inmate’s sentence while they are in jail. It includes puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, hangman, crossword puzzles and more to keep them mentally engaged and productive.

15. God Will Use This for Good

Does it ever feel like life is out of control? Could you use the reminder that God is in control?  When tragedy strikes, people desperately search for answers. Believers and unbelievers alike find themselves turning to God. Bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado tells us that though it may not be quick or painless, God will use this mess for good. In this booklet, Max Lucado will help you: Find courage to never give up during turbulent times Trust God to help you through all of life’s trials Remember that God will use every painful circumstance for good.

16. Coasters

During World War II, Michigan became a temporary home to six thousand German and Italian POWs. At a time of homefront labor shortages, they picked fruit in Berrien County, harvested sugar beets in the Thumb, cut pulpwood in the Upper Peninsula, and maintained parks and other public spaces in Detroit. The work programs were not flawless and not all of the prisoners were cooperative but many of them established enduring friendships with their captors. Author Gregory Sumner tells the story of these detainees and the ordinary Americans who embodied our highest ideals even amidst a global war.

17. Harry Potter Magical Creatures Postcards

These adorable postcards are the perfect way to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them without actually saying anything at all! Each card features a gorgeous piece of concept art from one of the most beloved fantasy film series of our time, Harry Potter.

18. Health and Personal Care Gift Set

This gift idea is so practical! Everyone should have a ‘heal me’ book like this to turn to in times of need or trauma. This book was written by Dr. Jennifer Colloca, an Emotional Intelligence instructor and life coach who specializes in helping people heal from the emotional effects of tragedy, loss, failure, addiction, depression, anxiety and other traumas in their lives.

19. No-Bake Cookbook

This cookbook offers more than 100 recipes that require no baking and can be prepared in a microwave. Flavors include cheesecake, key lime pie, pretzels, and cupcakes. It makes an enjoyable gift for college students who don’t want to carry around a conventional cookbook but also don’t have access to a kitchen at school.

20. Unbroken: A Biography of a Dangerous Sport

Award-winning author Laura Hillenbrand delivers an exciting young adult adaptation of her #1 New York Times bestseller about one man’s extraordinary courage, cunning, and fortitude in the face of impossible odds. On a May afternoon in 1943, an American military plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris and oil from burst pipes. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared—that of a young lieutenant who was struggling to survive his ordeal. This riveting true story highlights one man’s strength to never give up and perseveres through darkness with hope for light at every turn!

21. How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning With the History of Slavery Across America

“How the Word Is Passed” is a book about memory, history, and how those things shape our lives. It isn’t a slave narrative or an abolitionist tract. It is an exploration of slavery from multiple viewpoints–that of the enslaved people themselves; their owners; and white Americans who either owned slaves or tacitly approved of slavery. As Smith points out in his introduction, any serious discussion about American slavery must begin with Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. The former status as one of the world's largest sources for cork products has not diminished its reputation as a literary center where free thinking individuals can share their ideas. Founded in 1857 by James Madison Duke to preserve "the genius of Virginia," Monticello attracts thousands each year interested in everything from architecture to music to wine-making to genealogy.

22. Mindfulness Journal

Maybe you’re tired of reading mind-body-spirit books, or maybe you just need a jumpstart to get your life back on track. Whatever the case, this 10-day program for learning meditation will help you achieve inner peace and happiness. Each day offers a different technique, and by the end of the program you’ll have learned them all.

23. Man I Was Destined to Be

This is a powerful, inspiring book about finding one’s purpose and liberating oneself from the chains of addiction. Michael Tandoi spent over seven years in prison for crack cocaine abuse, which he now believes was a major mistake and part of his path back to recovery. This is an amazing story about how one man overcame extreme adversity and became the successful person he was destined to be.

24. Merriam-Webster's Everyday Language Reference Set

This set was designed to help students who are learning English as a second language. It includes thesaurus, concordance, and words with pronunciation guide in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and Asian Spanish.

25. Adult Coloring Book

This is a great gift for the adult coloring book type of person who has everything. Also, these are perfect little gifts to bring to a cabin or summer house so that everyone can relax and color together!

26. Police Car Building Set

One of the best gifts for a child who is interested in becoming a police officer one day. This building set will help them to put together all of the pieces of their future police car and truck. Also, it includes 3 action figures, 1 prisoner, and 1 dog. A great gift for any occasion as this would make a great stocking stuffer Christmas present or birthday present!

27. Ball and Chain

Experience life as a prisoner on the day of the ball and chain. A fun costume accessory for men or women who want to play a little joke on someone at work, school, or home. Also makes a great sexy Halloween costume!

28. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Readers will feel as if they are having a personal visit with the author as he or she shares stories of healing, hope, and forgiveness. This touching book is filled with inspiring life lessons that prisoners can take with them upon their release.

29. Self-Help Manual

This book is a “how to” manual for prisoners. It provides clear, concise, practical advice on conditions of confinement, civil liberties in prison, procedural due process, the legal system, how to litigate and write legal documents. This should be required reading for all prisoners.

30. Smith’s Guide to Habeas Corpus Relief

Smith’s “Guide to Habeas Corpus Relief” provides a complete reference for the entire process of filing Habeas Corpus appeals for state prisoners. It includes example documents and full information on time limits for every step of the process. Designed to be used by prisoners working on their own behalf, it also serves as a guide to monitor the progress and diligence of attorneys working for prisoners who may be less attentive to deadlines than desired. Blank forms and fully-detailed example forms are included. Step-by-step instructions walk anyone through the process from start, to the last form and addendum needed in order send it on to the US. Supreme Court.

31. Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus

This Lego set is so cool, it has to be endorsed by J.K. Rowling herself. The fan-favorite movie gets theLego treatment! The set comes with three minifigures and a lot of accessories for transporting wizards, witches, and Muggles alike to a world of imaginative play.

32. Boxed Set of Harry Potter Books

This beautifully produced boxed set is the perfect introduction to the Harry Potter series, and an impressive gift for new readers and lifelong fans alike. It contains the first three books in the series (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) in large-scale editions, gorgeously illustrated in full color by award-winning artist Jim Kay.

33. Bible

A prisoner’s hope is to have something to look forward to when he gets out of jail. This small bible offers God’s perspective on life while you are in prison. The stories and verses provided will give the inmate a reason for hope and help him get through his sentence with dignity.

34. Cafe on the Edge of the World Coffee Table Book

A small cafe at a location so remote it stands in the middle of nowhere has become a worldwide phenomenon. The special of the day is always there for you to read and think about, three questions that are on everyone’s mind: Why are you here? Do you fear death? Are you fulfilled? This food for thought isn’t just for their patrons though; it is also an invitation for each diner to contemplate their own life and its meaning.

35. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Finally, a Harry Potter book to enjoy in the dark! This third installment in the series features new illustrations that bring J.K. Rowling's story to life for a whole new generation of readers.

36. The Dedicated Ex-Con's Guide to Life and Success on the Outside

There are more people incarcerated in the world today than at any other time in history. Every year millions of prisoners are released back into society after having completed their sentences, with the majority of them returning to prison within just a short time after their release. This guide is a 10-rule small business consultant for former inmates who want to avoid going back inside. Avoidance of crime doesn’t mean that they can’t be helpful once they get out! If followed, the advice and suggestions offered in this guide will prove very helpful to all ex-prisoners who are serious about getting out of prison and not ever going back.

37. Cool Beans Cookbook

Inmates have been locking themselves in the kitchen for centuries. This cookbook was created to introduce a new style of eating – “Cool Beans” cooking, a low-budget way of feeding yourself that can make you feel like you’re back outside again in society.

38. Lego City Police Prisoner Transport Set

This Lego set offers a fun way for your child to engage with the story lines of the upcoming Lego City TV series. The police cruiser, tow truck, and motorcycle all fit into the back of a prison transport van. Additional crooks from the show are also included in this set so that your child can put them together and reenact their favorite scenes from the show!

39. Merriam-Webster’s Spelling Bee

This little jewel of a dictionary is a perfect size for quick, on-the-go language reference. It offers 40,000 entries with clear, concise definitions. This dictionary can be a handy tool to help with homeschooling and remote learning, and it can be used in Texas STAAR testing classrooms.

40. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas In 1942 eight-year-old Bruno Schulz sees his family's apartment being packed up and they are moving to another place. His father has been promoted and they have no idea where they are going or why. When he meets Peter van Daan for the first time after their relocation, Bruno becomes friends with him even though he is nine years older than Bruno. During their adventures playing together while growing up during World War II, we see what it was like before war tore them apart forever.

In 1942 eight-year-old Bruno Schulz sees his family's apartment being packed up and they are moving to another place. His father has been promoted and they have no idea where they are going or why. When he meets Peter van Daan for the first time after their relocation, Bruno becomes friends with him even though he is nine years older than Bruno. During their adventures playing together while growing up during World War II, we see what it was like before war tore them apart forever.

41. Ultimate Mind Games

This 400-piece puzzle book is a great way to relax and wind down after a long day. The puzzles are ranked by difficulty so no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to find the right challenge for you.

42. The Millionaire Prisoner

Why wait until you get out of prison to achieve your dreams? Here’s a blueprint that can help you make it happen! This book has helped thousands of prisoners succeed and it will show you the way also.