53 Gifts For Sailboat Owners

1. Bambüsi Charcuterie Board

With an impressive list of features, and a beautiful design that channels the organic lines of water, this cheese board is made from sustainable bamboo. The edges are beveled for a cleaner appearance and to prevent food from getting trapped in the grooves. Includes four knives (a knife with a serrated blade, two Vegetable Knives) and an offset wooden serving platter that sits on the base with hidden wheels allowing it to be easily moved around.

2. Keep Calm and Sail Away Keychain

This inspirational keychain is sure to give them the encouragement they need to keep going! Life is like a journey to the sea. You don’t know what difficulties you will encounter along the way, but you can only keep calm and continue to move in the direction of your goal. Great for birthday gifts or just an everyday reminder that they should stay positive.

3. Monocular with Telescope

With a 42mm objective lens and 8x magnification, this monocular telescope is ideal for viewing distant objects or architecture up close. The wide-angle lens ensures clear vision from all angles. With its shockproof design, anti-fogging treatment, and waterproof housing, it can withstand any outdoor adventure.

4. Dock Lines Bag

This is a great gift for that boat owner who loves to be out on the lake or ocean. Whether you’re docking your boat, or tying it off to an anchor, you’ll need some line. This high-performance rope is the best choice for its strength and durability in all applications! It can handle any job from basic docking maneuvers to getting your ski out of a hole!

5. Maintenance Log

This 100-page spiral-bound notebook for boaters is waterproof and tearproof, so even if you spill something on it, your data will be safe. The log book is designed to be flexible and durable while remaining open completely flat to easily record information about the maintenance performed on the vessel. To make taking notes easy, a daily planner page at the beginning of each month includes space for jotting down appointments, to-do lists, or anything else that might come up during the course of a given month.

6. Ship's Log

This keepsake journal is the perfect gift to help record important events and information about your significant other’s life. The notebook features a flexible cover that can be easily recorded information, two page layouts that can be used for recording both personal and official information, plus 100 pages for you to write in.

7. Smirly Cheese Board

This cheese board is made of bamboo and can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite cheeses. It has five serving sections that can be filled with fruit, bread, nuts, and other savory foods. The perfect pairing for any wine-loving girl on your list!

8. Stainless Steel Sailboat Keychain

A stainless steel sailboat keychain for your keys. This is a great addition to any sailor’s collection or a cute gift for a new sailor.

9. Wine Bottle Stoppers

These wine bottle stoppers are beautiful and functional. The set includes four stainless steel screws that fit most standard size bottles of wine. They come in a set of two, making it easy to gift a set without having to purchase multiple sets.

10. Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Stones  |  Gift Set  |  Whiskey Glassware

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Stones  |  Gift Set This premium whiskey stones gift set is the ultimate wedding present for bourbon lovers. The set includes two stainless steel stone marbles that each hold 1.25 liters of your favorite whiskey, a pair of tongs to pick them up and pour out the old ones (so they don’t crack), and four slate coasters to prevent the wooden table from being damaged by a sharp crystal.

11. Matching Skipper Hat and Beer Holder Set

Celebrate the ultimate beach weekend with these adorable skipper hats and beer holders! Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this playful outfit is as practical as it is stylish. Pair them with some lightweight flip-flops for a relaxing day at the beach or pool – your best friend will thank you later!

12. Glass Cutting Board

This nautical-themed glass cutting board makes a great gift for that cook in your life. Whether you’re prepping seafood, beef, poultry or veggies this glass board eliminates the need to have multiple boards and pans. The best gifts are those that save time and money without having to give up quality!

13. Wampum Coffee Mug

“Don’t touch me Peasant, I know the rules of engagement. If you want to make a treaty with me, bring some wampum and offer it in an old wooden box. No one decides anything until they have talked things over, there must be agreement by both parties before a treaty is made or considered binding. A deal sealed with woolly strings is not worth the paper it is written on! Now back away from me Peasants and let us return to our daily activities! You can take your wooden boxes and your silly wampum beads and go home; we don’t want you here anyways. We don't need you anymore; no more trade routes for you to raid, no more food for you to steal – get out!" The perfect gift for any rule-following Native American who needs a funny coffee mug at work!

14. Cooler Bag

A great birthday gift for a boater, or cute nautical anniversary gift. Keep their drinks cool and their snacks fresh while they are enjoying the shore-side fun with this 2-pack of collapsible cooler bag bundles from Funny Boat Coolies. They make the perfect 7th wedding anniversary gift for that couple who loves to be on the water! Each bundle includes 1 red cooler bag embroidered with “CAPTAIN” in gold lettering, and 1 blue cooler bag embroidered with “FIRST MATE” in gold lettering.

15. Personalized Cutting Board

A great birthday gift for a new boat owner or a sailing or boating enthusiast with a personal touch. Made of eco-friendly Bamboo, it’s both beautiful and useful!

16. Beer Coolie

A great new boat owner gift or birthday gift for a sailing enthusiast. 1 of each design pictured is included in this bundle for a total of 6. Get them out on the water and keep those beers cold!

17. Beer Cooler

If you can read this message, it means your beer is too warm. Keep your brew refreshingly cold with one of the best gifts for beer lovers – a hard plastic cooler to store a six pack while you enjoy another! These funny beer coolers come in two colors and are made from durable, BPA-free plastic that will not shatter or break like glass coolers can.

18. Coffee Mug Tying Guide

This coffee mug gift set comes with eight classic knots and all the instructions you need to learn them. Perfect for that sailor in your life!

19. Heartland Brendan Plaque

The patron saint of sailors, St. Brendan the Voyager (also known as St. Brendan the Navigator), was one of the greatest Irish saints of the 6th century. Sailors and those who spend time on the sea will appreciate this beautifully made plaque with its message of protection and good luck for safe seas and successful navigation. This stainless steel plaque measures 3x3 inches and comes ready to hang on your boat or marine garage wall. LIFETIME manufacturer’s warranty is included just in case!

20. Beer Bottle Opener

The only boat tool you’ll ever need. The ultimate 10-in-1 boat tool every boater needs. Crafted to last, it’s super durable and is designed to be the boating accessory that you can’t be without. Keep it in your pocket and you have all you need right at your fingertips. The perfect gift for the minimalist boater; an original beer bottle opener never needs replacing!

21. Sailor Moon Keychain Wallet

This cute Sailor Moon wallet is a great gift for a ten year old girl. The wallet has a strong magic tape closure and smooth YKK zipper. It’s made of durable sailboat fabric, measures 5×3-inches, and comes in several colors.

22. Cheese Board

A nautical cheese board and utensil set makes a great gift for that cheese-loving sailor in your life. The set includes a wheel-shaped cutting board, four stainless steel cheese tools with wooden handles, and even a propeller salt and pepper grinders! The perfect hostess gift or to add to any kitchen decor.

23. Nespresso Machine

This 9-piece nesting set includes 3 different sized bowls, a colander (sieve), and mixing utensils, all in various colors. It’s designed by Joseph Joseph specifically for use with their espresso machines.

24. Wine Caddy

I’m not one to keep wine corks, but I do like having a pretty little cork holder. This Corkcicle is made from sustainable wood and holds approximately 60 standard size wine corks.

25. Coolers

The first of its kind, our patented Smartgrip technology allows your can cooler to stick to any smooth surface without tipping over. Stick it to your rocky boat or golf cart and easily lift it when you’re ready to satiate your thirst. No accidents or mess, bring this travel cooler to the family bbq, a fishing trip, and to the beach.

26. Wine Glass Holders

These stemless wine glasses are a good upgrade from the traditional cup or mason jar. They’re not only pretty but they hold 16oz of your favorite beverage, making them convenient for both parties.

27. Flashlight

Award-winning innovation to replace conventional materials with plastic in a challenging material environment. Unique dual knee design and self-locking friction arms provide unique grip holding properties. Patented dual knee lock for windproof no slip, no shake fit even on the most challenging conditions. Comes in white/navy blue or orange.

28. Keep Calm and Sail On Keychain

A cute and dainty keychain gift that says, “Keep calm and sail on.” This stainless steel keychain holds a CR2025 battery.

29. The Navy Wine Tumbler

Keep your favorite beverages cold or hot for hours in this stainless steel vacuum insulated wine tumbler. Use it on the lake, by the pool, or at the beach. This navy blue tumbler comes with a lid and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

30. Anchor Ring

For the man that loves to be on the water, this anchor ring is a fun gift! symbolic of his commitment to you and your relationship. At just over 3/4″ wide this can easily be sized for a woman’s smaller finger.

31. Charcuterie Board

A fun and frugal gift for the cheese lover – or anyone who likes an impressive Cheese Board! This one is made from sustainable bamboo, has ceramic bowls to hold dips, and holds six different types of cheese.

32. Angel Candle Holder

A comforting candle is a great way to show your support during this difficult time. This angel candle holder is made of high-quality polished resin and comes with a tealight LED candle, lit upon purchase, as well as a condolence card providing guidance from the angels if they are needed.

33. Cheese Board

A cheese board is a great addition to any room that loves to host parties. Create a setting for guests by displaying all their favorites cheeses, nuts, crackers, and fruits.

34. Anchor Tumbler

Oh, OK, you’re the captain! We get it. You’re the boss. That t-shirt says “I’m The Captain — No One Tells Me What To Do”. Well, we have some news for you — everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing! (And we want to be a part of that.) Whether it’s drinks on the lake, rum at sea, or hot chocolate on your commute, this stainless steel tumbler keeps stuff cold or warm for hours and won't tip over.

35. Wine Tote Bag

If you’re a wine-totting, outdoor-dining type of person, this is the bag for you. The tote can hold 26 bottles of wine or more and keeps them cool or warm depending on your needs. It can be used as a carry-on when travelling by air which makes it easier to travel with than a cooler.

36. Slate and Wood Cheese Board

A stunning slate cheese board inlaid with contemporary black slate & a 17-piece stainless steel knife, fork and accessory kit. Perfect wedding, hostess & housewarming gifts!

37. Funny Home Kitchen Dish Towel

If you love cooking and entertaining, then this kitchen dish towel is a must-have! This microfiber kitchen dish towel is not only super absorbent but also has an outrageous design that will make your day brighter. Your friends will think that you’ve been rolling funny all along!

38. Dock Beach Towel

What’s a vacation without some drinks in hand? This dock beach towel is perfect for those days at the lake or spending time on the boat when you want to footy your drink. The towels are 100% microfiber and wipeable, making them easy to clean and store.

39. Non-Skid Base for Tumbler

The non-tippable, SquidCup system creates a cup holder where you need it; it’s portable, magnetic, and totally secure withstanding just about any movement on the water or road. Great for boats, RVs, home, garage or office.

40. Dock Lines

Keep your small watercraft away from trees and rocks with the 15 or 25 feet of premium double braided nylon dock lines. The innovative design features an eye-on hook at every four feet for added security, and each set comes with three spares so you’re never without a backup.

41. Wine Cork Holder

Celebrate the elephant’s continued presence on the planet with this wine cork holder. Works similarly to a rack, but his haphazard shape allows the corks to spin around for easy access. The trunk opens and closes like a hand, allowing you to retrieve corks whenever you need them.

42. Boat Scuff Erasers

These are the perfect gift for the guy who has a boat or plans to buy one soon. Help him keep that thing looking good with these premium boat scuff erasers. These things really work! They’re great for wiping down your deck before you store your boat for the winter, getting rid of mud flaps on a motorcycle, or just getting those coffee cups off your carpet so they don’t stain!

43. Portable Caddy

The World Cup is fast approaching, and with it comes the excitement of watching your favorite team battle it out on the pitch. But what about after the game? After all, a football game isn’t much good if you can’t drink beer in comfort! This gadget makes drinking beer during games easy – just clamp it on to your chair and you’re ready to go. It also works for holding other things like cups or bottles of water, but we liked it best for holding two cans of beer at once.

44. Skogåkust Såkkryss

The DrySak is made from heavy-duty 500-D PVC to seal out the elements and prevent water damage. The watertight, welded seams and roll-down top provide IPX-6 protection for your gear in a variety of outdoor sports and activities including kayaking, rafting, boating, swimming, camping & more. There are several sizes to choose from – 10L or 20L depending on what you’re packing!

45. Dock Rope

Docking rope features a braided PE exterior with durable 10mm elastic cord inside and acts as a built-in snubber, which absorbs shock to boats, cleats, and docks. Never worry about your boat scratched or floating away. This set of dock lines includes four pieces of 1/4” diameter polyester rope for mooring your watercraft securely in place while running recreational gear on the deck (such as PWC).

46. Boating Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for the coffee or tea drinker in your life, then this “Sorry For What I Said When We Were Trying To Dock The Boat” 11oz white ceramic mug is perfect! This coffee mug makes a great birthday present or thoughtful Christmas gift to give them that they’ll use every day.

47. The Things I Love Almost As Much As My Boat Coffee Mug

If the happy couple is coffee drinkers, then this mug is sure to be a favorite! This coffee mug has funny things my husband and I love (i.e., Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and nerdy stuff like that).

48. Sailor Hat with Corn cob pipe and Aviator Sunglasses

This set is just what it sounds like. An adorable sailor hat, a corn cob pipe, and aviators sunglasses. Is that not the perfect seaside outfit for your little one?

49. Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fishfinder

The Garmin Striker plus 4 fishfinder is an amazing piece of technology that lets you view the depths about your target area so you can get the best fishing angle. The built-in GPS also allows you to mark locations and navigate back if something goes wrong.

50. Boat Owner’s Tool Set

A good all-purpose tool set is essential for any boat owner. Whether you use yours on the water or around the yard, this comprehensive boating tool kit has everything you need to tackle any job. This boat owner’s tool set includes a waterproof case, so it can be stored wet or submerged when not in use.

51. Tropical Drink Set

A set of four sailboats that are ready to cruise the Caribbean, or your bathroom sink. Choose from different designs featuring anchor, fishnet, steering wheel starfish, and a lifebuoy. This is an adorable gift for anyone who loves the beach and boats!

52. Boat Cleaner and Shine Kit

This is a great gift for the outdoorsman. Whether you’re cleaning your fishing boat, RVs, or glass-bottom boats this kit has everything you need to clean without damaging the finish on your vehicle or marine equipment. Comes with 6 microfiber towels which are ultra-absorbent, 2 chenille sponges side one is soft while side two is scratchy. A large bucket that can hold 3 gallons of water along with all of the necessary accessories to get the job done right! Perfect gift for those who love spending time in the sun but hate getting their seats dirty!

53. Cross Stitch Keychain

This inspirational keyring will remind you that no matter what happens, you can always look to the Lord for strength and guidance. Offered in multiple sizes and styles, this cross-stitched key chain makes a great gift for anyone who needs a pick me up.