48 Gifts For Singers

1. Wireless Microphone

This karaoke machine is a great gift for the single person who loves to sing and has a big house with lots of walls. It uses Bluetooth technology so you can stream music from your phone or computer, and it connects to other speakers in the house for stereo sound. The microphone has an adjustable stand and comes with several software titles pre-installed.

2. Multi-Functional Desk Ring Light

Whether you’re a gamer, a vlogger, or just love to take selfies in your bedroom, this desk ring light is the perfect addition. It has multiple lighting options and three color temperatures so you can find the perfect setting for any environment. Don’t have an outlet near your computer? No problem! This desk lamp also comes with a portable charging dock so it never needs charged again!

3. Bluetooth Microphone

Who doesn’t like to sing? This Bluetooth-enabled karaoke microphone is a fun gift for anyone who loves singing and enjoys having others listen. The built-in speaker allows you to belt out your favorite tunes anywhere in the car, while the rechargeable battery offers up to 18 hours of continuous use.

4. Music Bracelet

Music speaks louder than words. Our music bracelet is a stylish way to show your love for music while you’re getting ready every day. This bracelet features seven different notes on 8 silver-toned beads, each note representing an important musician or musical genre.

5. Microphone, Headphones and Cassette Player Charms

Music lovers rejoice! This adorable keychain charm bracelet features a microphone, headphones, and cassette player. Since it’s made for musicians/music lovers/singers who seek daily inspiration in their jewelry, each piece is perfect as a gift or for yourself!

6. Wireless Speaker

After 50 years of marriage, it’s no secret that my husband and I love to sing together. Our song catalog ranges from the old classics to recent releases (he’s a fan of your work, honey!) We even have a few songs we just make up on the spot! Unfortunately, when you’re in a room with lots of other people and being recorded, it’s difficult to hear each other very well. That problem is solved with this wireless speaker system. It allows you both to be heard clearly!

7. Schubert’s Serenade Music Box

The great music melody from the rock band emotions of a life well lived. To clean, dust with soft brush or cloth.

8. Wireless Microphone

This microphone can be used for karaoke, singing in the car, or just being able to get better sound quality while you’re gaming. It plugs into a computer via USB and connects to any device with a headphone jack—your phone, tablet, or gaming console. The range is approximately 30 feet depending on obstacles and interference.

9. Music is What Feelings Sound Like Jewelry These little guys say what nobody knows

These little guys say what nobody knows

10. Vinyl Wall Clock

You’ve probably seen those vintage Zinkelin wall clocks on Amazon, right? They’re pretty popular. And they are cool, but they don’t have a hanger so they fall over. This one has a hanger! It makes for a much more dynamic display if you ask me. This is also made from recycled vinyl records and comes in several colors.

11. Portable Ring Light

Is your little one into make-up tutorials or live streaming? This 6″ portable LED ring light is the perfect accessory to help them look their best! It has three color lights modes for the video kit with ring light: white light and warm light, and yellow white. Each mode has ten adjustable brightness, which lets your eye feels more comfortable and you will be more good-looking when you record YouTube videos, Live Streams, etc.

12. Music Lover Bracelet

A music-themed expandable bangle bracelet with music charms, for musicians/music lovers/singers. It makes a great gift for any occasion and is also quite stylish.

13. Singing Mugs

This gift may look ordinary, but the surprise hidden inside is adorable! Your favorite hot beverage becomes a fun game when you add this best-selling mug to your list. If they love tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, then this 3D printed mug is just what they need!

14. 3D Printed Mug

This ceramic mug has a printed interior and handles, making it a one-piece mug that is designed to survive even after several drinks. The design changes every time the user turns the mug upside-down.

15. Natural Throat Spray

Throat sprays can be quite harsh and contain various chemicals that can damage your vocal chords and resonance tubes. Vocal Eze is an all-natural formula designed to soothe your throat and smooth your voice.

16. Music Snob Socks

What’s more hype than listening to your favorite album? Nothing! If you love talking about music as much as you love making fun of people who don’t listen to it, then these socks are for you. Made from cotton, the socks come in a pack of two.

17. Prince Car Air Freshener

For fans of all things purple, this air freshener is the perfect way to show off your fandom. If you’re a fan of Prince then you NEED to have one of these hanging from your car mirror! Made from non-toxic materials it will securely hold in place and prevent theses adorable accessories from being lost forever.

18. Harry Styles 3D Night Light

A stylish way to light up a room without the expense of an entire vanity lighting collection. This 3D visualization lamp inconceivably works by engraving a variety of 2D graphics, then fusing them together with ultraviolet rays into one badass image. The end result is totally unique and mind-blowing. A must-have for any Directioner!

19. Rocking Horse Microwave Spatula  | No Longer Available | Click to check out the improved version  | Also available in a Waffle Iron and Pie Pan

Rocking Horse Microwave Spatula No more soggy waffles or burned pancakes for you. This spatula is designed with a ridged head that efficiently flips food while a hole in the handle allows for easy removal. Keep it on your countertop next to your skillet so it’s always within reach.

20. Vintage Sewing Basket

Is she a sewist? This vintage sewing basket will be the perfect gift for her! Not only is it a great place to keep all of her sewing stuff, but it’s also cute as hell and comes with some nifty tricks up its sleeve. You can find all sorts of vintage-inspired needlework goodies in here, like hand needles (with their own zippered case), dressmaker pins in a rainbow of sizes, scissors, thread spools (10 each in various colors), a needle threader, seam ripper, and even thimbles!

21. Necklace

Personal transformation, clarity of mind, and a cleanse the aura from negativity are just a few of selenite’s many benefits. This crystal has been used to aid in these personal changes for centuries; it also works to free one from stress and anxiety. A great gift for those who want to elevate their consciousness.

22. Mug

Sometimes, all you need is a good ol’ mug of coffee. And a funny one at that! This 13-ounce glass coffee mug features the design “coffee tastes better from my Sharpie-covered mug” on both sides.

23. Elastic Feet

These are elastic feet for your overlock sewing machine, which will help you to stop the foot from ripping out of the fabric. This is a problem that many sewers face, and these will be a big help!

24. That’s My Tune Pitch Pipe Tuner  | Color:Black

That’s My Tune Pitch Pipe Tuner Music is a universal language, and a way for people to get together and have fun.It unites people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures,and races. Music helps kids with ADHD pay attention in class. It can change peoples moods, unlock doors to new opportunities, even save lives. There are so many ways music touches our lives. This pitch pipe tuner will help you improve your musicianship and develop better control over your vocal range as well as your instrument – the piano!

25. Microphone Musical Instrument Ornament

Another fun holiday ornament is this microphone that any music-loving teenager will love. It’s a nice addition to jazz up the Christmas tree.

26. Harry S earrings  |  Birthday Gift     |  White Gold

Harry S earrings  |  Birthday Gift Celebrate those fabulous 40th birthday party with these adorable Harry Snger earrings. Each pair is unique and features the iconic heart-shaped logo. Perfect birthday present for that loved one who loves fashion and jewelry!

27. Sing a Song Game

Everyone loves sing-along games, and this one is different. There are cards with common words or phrases on them, so when someone says one of the words, everyone has to sing the first few bars of a song that includes those lyrics. It’s great for learning new songs, and it’s HILARIOUS when people mispronounce words or can’t remember the lyrics!

28. Microphone Charm

This cute necklace is great for any music-loving 15-year-old. The microphone charm is the perfect addition to a musical teen’s jewelry collection.

29. Shell Jewelry

These shell earrings are made from real, hand-cut sea shells. They have been plated in 14k gold and come already attached to silver posts.

30. Bracelet

Music is what feelings sound like / I love Singing – A great gift for music lover, a gift of music encouragement. When a sweet voice began to sound in my throat, I was destined for music for life, and I fell in love with it. Even if there are bitter and sour, I will insist on the completion of music dream because I know that is the melody of my life. This inspirational bracelet is made of stainless steel and expands wire bangle bracelets.

31. Foam Earplugs

It’s always a good idea to have some ear plugs on hand, in case you need to prevent hearing damage while sleeping. These foam ear plugs are made of super soft non-toxic PU foam (latex free and pvc-free). The slow rebound effect makes them comfortable to wear all night. Pair these with a great sleep mask for the best multi use product!

32. Gaming Headset

This USB microphone is a great gift idea for that gamer who needs to record videos or give live commentary using a headset. It’s Plug and Play, so there are no drivers to install. The gaming headset with built-in mike allows for clear, in-game communication at a push of the mute button.

33. Talking Watch

This waterproof watch is equipped with an integrated microphone and allows you to amplify your voice so that others can hear what you are saying. The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 1200mAh, which provides up to 8 hours of continuous use.

34. Monaural Pop filter

Pop filters are used to reduce popping sounds when you speak into a microphone. They’re also used for singing, and they can really smooth out the tone of your voice. This set has a pop filter and shock mount so you get great sound no matter what!

35. Harry Styles Poster

From the ‘Harry Styles’ series, this black and white 8×10 photo art print features one of the most iconic photos from One Direction’s meteoric rise to stardom. This is a great piece to add to your rock memorabilia or music poster collection!

36. Heart Ring

Love is in the air, so celebrate it with a heart-shaped ruby ring. This beautiful 1-carat round red gemstone can be set in white gold or rose gold and accentuates any outfit.

37. Songmaster Vegan Journal

Songmasters is a songwriting journal by songwriter Gabriel Gilbert. It’s for people who want to improve their writing skills and create great songs. The DIY music community needs more options like this! Also, this journal comes in several colors so you can feel inspired and motivated no matter which color you choose!

38. Stainless Steel Microphone Pendant

This microphone pendant is a great gift for anyone who loves to perform. The stainless steel construction ensures that it will not tarnish or change color, making this a great keepsake piece.

39. Beethoven Inscribed Ballpoint Pen

This Ludwig van Beethoven collectible quote pen is both elegant and inspirational. Engraved with Beethoven’s signature and his famous quote, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy,” this pen is a worthy addition to any pen collection, and makes a suitable gift for all types of musicians and music teachers, including violinists, pianists, and opera singers. Use this pen for music graduation commemoration or an appreciation ceremony. The replaceable G2 “Parker-type” ballpoint cartridge can be refilled as necessary providing an alternative to disposable ballpoint pens. This luxury ballpoint pen weighs 30 grams and measures 5.5 inches long making it great for travel  and ideal for the busy classical musician or teacher on the go!

40. BeltBox Vocal Dampener

This is a great gift for a vocalist. It’s easy to use and can reduce volume up to 30dB while you sing, practice an instrument, or do voice-overs.

41. Body Measure Tape

This body measuring tape will measure any body part. Using this measure tape body fitness goals are trackable and attainable. This is a great gift for a personal trainer to help them keep records of their workouts and clients.

42. Leather Scissors

Made of stainless steel with a heavy duty plastic handle, these leather scissors will last forever and cut anything. If you’re serious about your sewing, then these are the leather scissors for you!

43. Neewer 2-Pack USB LED Video Light

Great for video chatting, this neewer 2-pack tabletop pro light features adjustable brightness from 10% to 100%, soft white lighting with color temperature of 5600k, and a 10,000 lumen output. Connect the lights directly to a power source via a USB cable or use the 5V/2A wall charger that comes with it. A great gift idea for any aspiring YouTuber!

44. Sewing Machine Musical Box

This is a fun gift for a child who loves music and technology! It’s shaped like an old-timey sewing machine, and it plays the tune “将軍" or “Heavenly Host.”

45. Sewing Machine Earrings

Never seen grandma wear earrings before? These are the coolest 80-year-old granny earrings! She can’t go anywhere without people asking her about them so make sure you purchase a pair for her birthday or anniversary gift giving.

46. Singing Christmas Ornament

What’s better than one bearded hipster singing into a metal found object? How about SEVEN! This unique, handmade ornament features seven different microphones, and each is singing a different holiday classic. There’s the ukulele, the banjo, the tin can even an auto-tune Christmas carol!

47. Key Chain

Music is a universal language that holds the incredible power to evoke special memories and lift spirits. The words are a great way to express the love of music. It makes an ideal gift for guitar players. Perfect gift for musicians – any beginner or pro! A unique piece of fashion accessory that you can attach at the zipper of your backpack, laptop case, lunchbox, etc.

48. Songwriter's Journal

This journal for songwriters is a great gift idea for those who love to write songs. The journal has lined pages where the writer can record their lyrics, as well as staffed pages where they can compose the melody of their song. There are also fretboard diagrams to help the writer play the guitar and pen holders so they can add in notes while playing.