51 Gifts For Soccer Players

1. Soccer Night Light

This soccer-themed night light is both fun and functional! The night light includes 16 different colors that change with the flick of a switch, making it easy to adjust to your desired level of illumination. If you’re looking for a unique gift that provides a bit of sport-inspired fun while also being useful in the bedroom this night light is one of the best we’ve seen!

2. Smart Pro Personal Speed Radar

One of the pioneers of speed radar technology with hands-free operation and accuracy. Unlike most other speed guns, it can be used by a single person. Unique hands-free operation design makes it the premier speed radar in its class. From now on, you are your own coach – use this device to improve your game!

3. Soccer Ball Night Light

Soccer fans of all ages will get a kick out of this fun little night light! It has 16 different color changing LED lights, making it one of the coolest soccer gifts around!

4. 3D Illusion Soccer Lamp

What a fun gift for any soccer lover or kid that struggles to fall asleep! With 8 light colors and 6.5 feet of long cable, this 3D illusion soccer lamp is the perfect accessory for your child’s bedroom. Also, it can be used as nightlight in living room, bathroom or hallway.

5. Glow-In The Dark Tetherball

This official size glow-in-the-dark tetherball is sure to get everybody’s attention, even in the dark! It makes a great gift for that friend who loves to play video games and need some new ways to stay active. This ball can be used indoors or out, day or night.

6. Rechargeable Air Soccer

Soccer is a great sport that can be played by kids as young as three. The Sillbird hover soccer ball set of 2, rechargeable air power football with LED starlight and soft foam bumper makes the game even more fun for your child. It’s equipped with a USB charging cable, so there’s no need to replace the battery all the time.

7. Wall Art

What’s life without goals? This wall decor is the perfect reminder to keep pushing for the goals you set on and off the field. Soccer players, coaches, parents, or fans will love this as a home décor piece or gift. Made of solid wood, etched with team names and logos.

8. I Love Soccer Sweatshirt

A funny gift that is sure to get a smile from any soccer player or fan of the beautiful game. This poly/cotton blend sweatshirt has a printed neckline and sleeves with “I love _____________” in multiple languages.

9. Stainless Steel Initial and Birthstone Soccer Necklace

This stainless steel necklace is a beautiful gift for the soccer player in your life! Choose from three different types of stainless steel, four different types of precious metals, and multiple stone colors to create a unique look just for this girl. A birthstone is set in each letter depending on if you want an individual piece or all 4 letters represented by a gemstone.

10. Keychain

Soccer players love keychains. This keychain makes a great gift for Mom or keep it for yourself. It is perfect for keeping keys, Identification, and anything else you’d like to attach it to close at hand.

11. Self-Balancing Scooter

Self-balancing scooters are fun to ride, and this one can make a hover noise! The best gift for a nine-year-old who is interested in soccer. It’s easy to operate, even if you’re not familiar with tech toys.

12. Light Up Basketball

Finally, a sport where you don’t have to worry about the lights being out. This basketball is glow-in-the dark and has 2 LED lights for up to 30 hours of evening play!

13. Glow-In The Dark Soccer Ball

Soccer players, rejoice! Now you can play in the dark. No more need to bring a flashlight. Two bright LED lights provide illumination for up to 30 hours without any additional batteries. This is the perfect gift for that teenager who loves playing soccer after-hours.

14. Soccer Bag

The Stadium II backpack is adidas’s latest soccer bag that features an updated design allowing you to zip away your regulation size soccer ball into the main pocket or wear on the outside of the bag in an expandable mesh pocket. The bottom of the bag is made with water-resistant material to keep your stuff safe from the field or gym floor. There is a front zippered pocket to keep your dirty cleats or sneakers separated, and a tricot-lined soft pocket for valuables.

15. Lunch Bag

This Baseball or Softball-themed zipper cooler bag is perfect to keep drinks and snacks cool. It’s excellent whether you’re off to practice, a picnic, lunch, tailgating, a day at the ballpark, or simply want to have the coolest lunch box at school or work. Know a special sports fan? This makes a great gift any time of year.

16. Soccer Hair Ties

These hair ties come in a set of eight and are an ideal accessory for any soccer player. You can use them as a hair tie, or you can wear two or three together as a bracelet. They come in several colors so they will match any outfit you have!

17. Soccer Player Figurine

Celebrate the “I do” with an adorable figurine of a kneeling groom. This resin stone tabletop piece makes a great gift topper for a dining room table, living room coffee table, or entry way shelf.

18. Soccer Ball Keychain

This little soccer ball keychain is adorable and a great way to show support for your favorite team! It makes a cute stocking stuffer or birthday gift. The closure is a double ring so it fits keys up to 5 inches in length.

19. Stick deodorizer

A must-have for any athlete, this glove deodorizer stops shoes from smelling. Simply open the packet, insert one end of the stick into each glove and leave it there for at least an hour. The aluminum‑oxide granules neutralize harmful bacteria that can cause nasty shoe odor.

20. Football Shirts

This is a great gift for that soccer-loving kid in your life who is also very into football. The ball has a TPU cover to increase durability and reflect the fervor of fans around the world as Europe’s top teams battle for the ultimate club accolade.

21. Illusion 3D Lamp

This is a great night light and gives off a nice illusion of depth. If you’re into that kind of thing, then this is the lamp for you! Also, it can serve as an interesting conversation piece if your friends come over.

22. Customized Gatorade Bottle

Hydration is important, especially during endurance sports. Fill this water bottle with Gatorade and add water to create a customized Gatorade drink for when you are on the go. With over 1,000 possible combinations of flavors and colors, you can mix up your hydration routine no matter what your activity!

23. I’d Rather Be Watching Soccer Novelty Socks  | B07D6J3T5L

I’d Rather Be Watching Soccer Novelty Socks Soccer fans and players rejoice! These hilarious novelty socks are here to make you laugh, then get you motivated to win that game. If your dad is a soccer player or loves being out with the family this gift can’t be missed!

24. Agility Ladder

This is a fun way for your child to practice their agility, speed, and coordination. The use of this will greatly increase the amount of time your kid can spend running around outside which means they’ll be happier and therefore more productive members of society!

25. Smart Soccer Trainer

With a host of statistics, the Puma chic football trainer lets you record your on-pitch performance and monitor key training aspects. The tech behind it all is made by world leading sports data company Opta Sportsdata – the same people who supply world-class athletes with their inefficiencies!

26. Soccer Bag

This backpack is not just a bag, it’s a tactical assault vehicle! The front ball compartment is perfect for carrying a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, or football while the main compartment has room for all of your football gear. Features 3 robust zippers and an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum comfort.

27. Soccer Ball Tote Bag

This tote has several pockets, making it great for carrying soccer gear, a water bottle, snacks, and more. Also makes an adorable back to school bag!

28. Soccer Jewelry

This charm necklace is perfect for any soccer player, coach, or fan. The pendant reads “She Believed She Could So She Did” and features a dainty collar and tag that reads “soccer players” on one side and “teams & coaches” on the other. The included 16 inch Rolo chain makes this necklace versatile enough to wear with everything from jeans to a mini-dress!

29. Soccer Ball Night Light

If you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your room without doing any damage to your eyes, then this soccer ball 3D night light is the ticket! Place it on your bedside table or desk and experience an optical illusion that will fool your mind into thinking it’s daytime.

30. Western Star Tetherball

A good old fashion game of tetherball never goes out of style, and with this set you get a ball, rope, stakes, and sandbags. It’s great for team play or just throwing around for fun. A must-have toy for outdoor lovers!

31. Soccer Hair Ties

Soccer is a game that’s as much mental as it is physical. One thing that helps keep the team focused is good organization of their hair. With these ties, you can keep everyone’s hair out of their face and secure while they run around on the field!

32. Brush Stroke Soccer Ball

Show off your artistic side with the adidas Starlancer Club soccer ball. It’s machine-stitched, so the design will last for years and won’t come loose unlike some of the other balls on this list.

33. Basketball Book

A book of blank pages is a book of blank pages, right? Not if you’re an angry basketball coach. Give that crazy dad in your life a place to unleash his pent-up fury and get out all those feelings with this 100-page notebook that can be used as a journal, notebook, or compositionbook!

34. Personalized Batman Batgirl Water Bottle

Personalized gifts are always a great option for an anniversary. This customized water bottle makes a great gift and is one of the coolest bottles on our list! The bottle holds 32oz and comes with a straw, so it can double as a cup if needed. It features your family name or team name in Gotham lettering to keep things officially DC Comics!

35. I Love Soccer T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special 15-year old girl who loves to play soccer, then this is the perfect gift! Your teenage girl will love wearing this t-shirt and showing off her support for the team she loves.

36. Sportybella Adjustable Bracelet

Soccer players will love showing off their sports team spirit together by wearing these Sportybella soccer charm bracelets to all their games. Buy one for each teammate! Great for either Soccer players, teams, coaches or moms.

37. Sneaker Balls

These shoe balls are the perfect gift for that fashion-forward teen girl in your life! With the ability to suck up all kinds of stinky shoes, including gym shoes, this is one of those gadgets that everyone needs in their home.

38. You’re Braver Than You Believe Charm

This cute little keychain is the perfect gift for any soccer player or fan. Spread and show your pride for the beautiful game with this inspirational charm. Made of alloy, it’s a lightweight piece that shows off her love for the sport in a fun way!

39. Soccer Bracelet

Soccer players and fans alike will love this infinity adjustable soccer bracelet. The cool metal design means it’s a great accessory for any occasion. Wear it while watching the World Cup, to games with friends or even when you’re just kicking back watching the sport you love on TV!

40. 2021 Keychain

A fun keychain to mark the special year. This soccer-themed graduation gift is available in gold, white, and red options.

41. Soccer Jewelry

This adorable little soccer ball charm is the perfect gift for any athlete or sports lover. This lightweight and durable stainless steel keychain will make your keys easier to find in a jumble of other jewelry accessories.

42. Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

Soccer players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These soccer bath bombs make a perfect gift for soccer players, coaches, enthusiasts, league members, and even gifts for teams you play against. Give a full set of 3 or take advantage of our individually wrapped bath bombs to DIY them at home!

43. Stress Ball

Stress reliever toys for adults in the form of a stress ball make the list again. A good fidget toy is a must have gadget for every job applicant to have. This one is made of a soft, squishy material and can be used for stress relief or as a fidget spinner.

44. Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee

The Nike Legend Tee is a best-selling athletic shirt for a reason! This comfortable moisture-wicking shirt has performance features that are sure to impress. Premium Dri-FIT fabrication will pull perspiration away from your body to keep you dry, while flat seams keep you irritation-free as you move. This lightweight training shirt is great to wear during any activity, and is a must-have for your athletic wardrobe.

45. Soccer Hair Ties

These elastics do a great job at keeping your hair out of your face without damaging or breaking your hair, like some elastics tend to do. They even look great on your wrist, and are a cute accessory on or off the soccer field! These elastics also make the perfect gift for your soccer friends, teammates, coaches or even opponents. 8 Elastics – With 2 of Each Color/Design – Each Elastic is 5″ in Circumference.

46. Messi 5 Soccer Ball

This is the official match soccer ball of FC Barcelona and makes a great gift for any fan of the club or of Messi himself. The ball has been designed to have similar performance to a $150 professional soccer ball and comes in sizes 4, 5, and 6.

47. Inspirational Soccer Wristbands

Pack of 6 inspirational soccer wristbands that feature motivational sports quotes. Give these as a coach gift, team awards, or incentive for players. Also great for gym class, sports teams, school programs, clinics and youth sports events. These stylish wristbands are useful as coaching tools and supplies, for teambuilding exercises and teaching character development in the classroom.

48. Match Attax Card Game

One of the most popular soccer gifts is here! Become a part of the world’s biggest club football competition with this sensational all-new 2020/21 UEFA Champions League official Trading card game from Topps. Load up your virtual collection with tons of top stars and legends, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Christian Pulisic, Neymar, Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski and more!

49. Soccer Dog Tag Necklaces

This pack of 12 soccer-themed dog tag necklaces includes 4 unique designs with motivational sports quotes about perseverance, determination, confidence, and hard work. These dogtag pendants are conveniently packaged in bulk so that you can easily give them away to soccer players, team members, family members, fans, and enthusiasts. This universal unisex necklace is the perfect gift for any young athlete looking to further their career or just start playing!

50. Soccer Hair Ties

These trendy hair ties come in 8 different colors to match your every outfit. They are comfortable to wear and hold your hair back while you work out. Also, they don’t leave a nasty knot behind after you take them out!

51. Dream Team Playing Cards

This family card game captures the lighter side of the Beautiful Game, from the players on the field to the fans in the stands. The game objective is simple: Earn a gold medal by being the first person to empty your hand. Play continues until all players empty their hands. When the round is finished, players switch to their seat they’ve just earned-the winner is promoted to Gold Medal Seat while loser gets relegated to Ball Boy/Girl seat.