53 Gifts For Stoners

1. Smell Proof Bag

This 4 in 1 kit has everything you need to train your dog not to soil the seat or Carrier. It comes with a carbon-lined smelly bag, a grinder for training sessions, an odor-absorbing rolling tray and two metal doob tubes for eliminative training.

2. Weed Box

Dare to be different with this hotboxing stoner gift bundle. This bundle includes the entire base game, Dares, Conspiracies, Cypress Hill, TV Shows, Drugs, Movies and Munchies expansion (1 of each). The perfect party games for adults who love marijuana!

3. Mixology Set

The Frolk bartending tool set is the ideal gift for any home bartender. It includes every tool you need to mix up delicious cocktails, including a crystal mixing glass, cocktail glasses rimmer, 304 stainless steel muddler, and spoon. Also included are jigger and bar towel for easy cleanup.

4. Golden Gate Grinders

Designed to grind up your favorite herbs into a fluffy consistency that reaches every corner of your vaping chamber, this four-piece herb grinder from Golden Gate Vapes is an ultra-portable and convenient way to get the job done. The kit includes a pollen catcher to prevent sticky messes, a scraper to dig out those stubborn bits stuck in the mesh, as well as two 2.5-inch ceramic rods – one flat and one round – with super sharp black diamonds for extra grinding power.

5. Scented Candle Gift Set

Six hand-poured, natural soy candle scents that are soft, clean and relaxing. Choose from the Cherry Blossom, Mountain Pine Tree, Tropical Ocean, Wild Bluebell Geranium & Basil or Gentleman. These make a great spa gift for mom to give herself a treat!

6. Rockin’ Sock Monkey

A multi-tool is a great Christmas gift for a guy. It can be used to fix things, open things, build things, and is just about the most EDC (Everyday Carry) tool you can have. This one has 12 different tools including a bottle opener and a carabiner clip which makes it versatile enough to fit your needs.

7. Decorations

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? You came home, close the door and as soon as you turn around, BAM! Negative energy hits you full in the face. Some people claim that if you put a picture of someone who has been mean to you in your home or office then that person will be sucked into your life and become unhappy. Well guess what sage burns off negativity… Sage is used in Native American traditions to cleanse homes, altars and sacred sites of negative energies. The burning of natural botanicals such as this creates a pleasing fragrance that grounds one back into reality.

8. Smell Proof Box

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to have an cigar accessory. The box includes a stainless steel rolling tray, UV-Cured glass jar (100 milliliters), four-piece metal grinder with magnetic lid, odorless resealable bags, charcoal bag, combination lock, and removable accessories pouch.

9. Poker and Tamper

A good poker tool should have several features, including a secure end cap to prevent the tool from being accidentally deployed, an easy-to’ use finger loop for one-handed deployment, and a secure lock so that kids can’t accidentally pop it open. This lighter case has all those features!

10. Ganjaland Board Game

Get ready for an epic adventure with Ganjaland, the 420-themed novelty board game. In this fun game, you and your friends will explore a magical world of fun, adventure, friendship and good vibes.

11. DIY Potpourri

This candle eliminates odors and creates a pleasant scent environment. The burn time is 60 hours. Made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients, it is free from substances that may harm your family or home when you are not around.

12. Stoner Gal Coffee Mug

Have an awesome girlfriend who loves coffee? This “stoner gal” coffee mug is a fun gift! Over-sized and quirky, it will be her go-to mug for holding hot drinks while she works or hangs out with friends.

13. Looking Glass Coffee Mug

It’s time to let your hair down and have some fun! This pretty mug will make a great gift for that coffee-loving friend in your life! It has a pink marble design on the front with gold detailing which makes it both elegant and eye-catching.

14. Stoner Girl Weed Bowl Imbiber Coffee Mug

Everyone needs a cute coffee mug to bring life to their morning brew, and this cup is perfect for anyone who loves weed! It holds 11oz of your favorite blend and comes in several colors.

15. Roast and Toast Coffee Mug

Does your partner love coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate? Or maybe they just like to drink stuff out of mugs? Then this “toast” coffee mug is the perfect gift! It holds around 11oz of any beverage of their choosing, and it comes in a rainbow of colors so they can always have a hot cup ready for drinks.

16. Rose Teddy Bear

Looking for gift ideas for a mom that loves to receive gifts, but hates shopping? Looking for unique items that are not available in department stores or chain retailers? This mommy bear is made with hundreds of real roses and measures 10 inches. It’s handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines and comes inside a clear gift box so it can be given as a present or kept as a keepsake.

17. Smell Proof Grinder

Pack your grinder, stash your goodies in the jar, and go on sweet adventures! This tree of life stash box has a nifty locking mechanism that keeps both the grinder and the smell away. No more hunting for that one tiny key. The Tree of Life Stash Box is made from high-quality materials with a vintage feel. If your loved one enjoys smoking weed then this will make an excellent gift.

18. Stash Jar

This combination stash box pack comes with everything you need to store your marijuana. The stash jar holds 2.75 pounds, and the inside is lined with a natural bamboo charcoal filter that helps remove smells and stains from your bud. The grinder has fifty diamond-shaped blades for maximum surface area, and it can be easily removed from the box and carried in your pocket while smoking so you have both hands free.

19. Banana Nut Bread Candle

If you are looking as for a small gift to get somebody, this banana nut bread candle makes a great little gag gift. But if you like the smell of bananas and hazelnuts burning, then this candle is for you! Offering up to 40 hours of burn time, it’s perfect as an every day home fragrance or that special something added while baking in the kitchen of your best friend who has everything.

20. Ashtray with Lid

This adorable ashtray is the perfect gift for that friend who loves smoking but hates having ashes all over the place. This poly resin ashtray has a lid so you can put out your cigarette without worrying about an ash falling into your drink. The cute little turtle design on this one makes it another great addition to that home bar!

21. Vape Cave Gift Box

There is no better gift for the foodies in your life! The CraveBox Care Package is a curated assortment of 45 delicious treats and snacks, including peanut butter crackers, Cheez-Its, Fun Dip Sweet Tarts, Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola bars, Laffy Taffy, Fruit Snacks by Kirkland Chewy, Pirate’s Booty chocolate bar/candy, and more. These items make an impression with their presentation but also their taste—you’ll be glad you made this a part of their monthly supply!

22. Weed Pack Card Game

This card game for stoners is the perfect gift if you’ve ever been told to “shut up and take my money.” With this set, you get 30 original cards written by a real pothead about all things weed.

23. High Ball Glass

This thing is a work of art. It’s an oversized novelty glass with a hollow center that houses over 1,000 LED lights. The glass acts as a vessel for the music you play and the colors you dance by. You can also program it to do all sorts of other cool tricks like make your drinks glow or spin around while lighting up the entire room!

24. Whiskey Glass Set

A set of two whiskey glasses makes the perfect 12th-anniversary gift, whether for him or her to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Made with the quality lead-free glass, these modern whiskey tumblers sparkle beautifully in the light and are elegant enough to serve cocktails in as well as old-fashioned ice cold scotch.

25. Hand Stamped Ashtray

This hand stamped metal ashtray is a great smoking gift for those who enjoy their weed and like things that look good on their coffee table. This jade green annealed zinc alloy ashtray weighs about 7 oz. and measures 6 inches in diameter.

26. 3D Printed Full Moon Lamp

There is nothing more romantic than sharing a night light with your loved one. This full moon lamp is the perfect gift to give anyone that loves astronomy or just needs illumination in a dark room! The 3D printing technology used to create this realistic moon lamp makes it seem as if you are holding the real thing!

27. Silver Beads and Silk Cord

This bracelet is made of a mix of sterling silver, red glass, and charoite beads that when put together form different messages. The silk cord can be personalized with the initials of the loved one. This unique gift will be worn with pride.

28. Ocean Wave Night Light

A night light for your bedside table that projects an ocean wave image onto the ceiling! This neat little device can be controlled with a remote control, or you can use its built-in touch sensors. It comes with three different projections (seafoam, blue, and green ocean waves) and six color changing modes.

29. Funny Novelty Socks

These funny novelty socks will make your husband, boyfriend, grandpa, dad, or anyone on his feet in his family smile! These are a super thin sock that is machine washable and breathable. They come in several colors so you can be sure to get him one that will match his outfit!

30. CoolSculpting Gift Set

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that freezes fat cells, causing them to die off. This process can take up to six months and reduces the amount of fat you need to consume in order to lose weight. The gift set comes with 4 x their best selling cool sculpting sheets that are reusable, washable, and comfortable for long-term use.

31. Mug

How cool is this coffee mug?! It’s a single-wall ceramic mug, holds 11oz of your favorite beverage, and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

32. Chicken Pot Pie T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of chicken pot pie, then this funny t-shirt is for you! This hilarious shirt makes a great gift for that stoner in your life who loves his weed and his chicken pot pie. If you love funny shirts like we do, then this one is sure to be a winner!

33. “I’m a Pothead, Get it?” T-Shirt

Does your sister love coffee or weed as much as you do? Then this funny t-shirt is the gift for her! Whether she wears it to school, around the house, or anywhere in between, she’ll be laughing at this funny shirt every time she does.

34. Puff Puff Pass

This “puff puff pass” is a card game that will help you pass the time while smoking weed. The game was designed by and for stoners, so it has lots of funny 420-related topics like “How Many Times Can You Say ‘Bob Marley Is God’ in a Sentence?” There are 109 cards in all.

35. Ganja Dice

A stoner’s dream gift box containing a grinder, airtight jar, and rolling tray for smoking weed all in one place. The best way to keep track of your marijuana possessions!

36. Knife Sharpener

For anyone who loves the outdoors, a multi-tool is essential. This one has 14 tools and will be with you in case of an emergency. The stainless steel construction makes it lightweight but extremely durable.

37. Sun and Moon Tapestry

This is a fun tapestry that would look great in any room of the house. It’s made from 100% polyester fabric, measures 59 inches by 78.7 inches, and ties at one end with a Cord-Buckle closure system to avoid it coming loose during use.

38. Smoking Gnome Garden Statue

Does your dad love their garden? What about a little smoking gnome statue to decorate it? This little 8.5″ statue is painted with an outdoor finish for that true, weather-resistant look any outdoor enthusiast would be proud to display!

39. Coffee Mug

This 11 ounce ceramic mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Your designs will be printed on the front and back of the mug, as well as on the inside of the lid.

40. Welcome Sign

This 5.5”x12” wood hanging welcome sign will look cute with your wreath, or your other front porch decor. It reads “Welcome-ish, Depends Who You Are, and How Long You Stay”.

41. I Love You More Than Weed Keychain

This adorable keychain makes such a cute and funny gift! The stainless steel disk measures 30mm in size, and comes on a 1 inch keyring. If you have any questions please contact us.

42. Chocolate Covered Pretzels Make-Up Bag

These marijuana-themed gift bags are perfect for a friend who loves edible gifts or just likes to have fun! Your friend will love that there is a piece of chocolate covered pretzel in each bag.

43. Jewelry Caddy

The perfect accessory for the minimalist. Organize, protect, and display your belongings in style with this small wooden box that can fit up to 5 of your favorite items like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces or even a watch! A magnetic top cover securely attaches to any RAW metal rolling tray.

44. Prayer Candle

This 8 inch tall rapper candle is sure to be a showstopper. This unique candle makes an excellent gift for that fan of rappers who appreciates a clever piece of merch as well as a beautiful candle holder.

45. Glow-In The Dark Unicorn Soft Blanket

A glow-in-the-dark unicorn blanket is the best gift for a little girl who loves animals and nightlights. She will love that this mini flashlight blanket can be used for anything from relaxing after a long day to studying in bed. It makes an adorable birthday gift as well.

46. Copper Picture Hanging Lights

The warm glow of a copper picture frame makes for an elegant and modern décor. You can easily transform your living room, bedroom, or study into a more stylish and cosy environment with these lovely copper picture hanging lights. The three sizes are available so you can choose the best one depending on the size of your walls!

47. Weed Socks

Comedy, meet cotton. These funny novelty socks are sure to create a smile (and possibly a little laughter) on anyone’s face who sees them. Made from high-quality cotton, they’re soft and comfortable, and the distinct Doobie style logo adds the perfect touch of humor to any casual outfit.

48. Stoner Things Coloring Book

There are just certain times of the day where you need something to put your feet up and relax. Whether you’re a stoner trying to de-stress or simply in need of some down time, this coloring book is the perfect gift!

49. Cocktail Mixology Wall Art

A well-selected piece of art can be the focal point of your space, telling a story about you, and inspiring conversation, motivation, and creativity. Each design we offer is meticulously curated and created by various artists from around the world to provide diverse options for every decorating style. From urban to rural, each inspired print will add the uniqueness your space needs to take it from unremarkable to riveting.

50. Marijuana Leaf Makeup Bag

This bag is perfect for that friend who has everything! It’s made of a material that is incredibly sturdy and can hold all of her makeup essentials with ease. Not to mention, it’s super cute and will undoubtedly make her friends jealous.

51. Stash Box

Rolling Lighter, USB Keychain lighter, grinder, and rolling tray in one! This stash box is an all-in-one complete solution to having your stash with you wherever you go. You no longer need to worry about forgetting your keys or locking yourself out of your car when high because we’ve got your stoner needs covered. A keychain that fits everything and more importantly, keeps it safe!

52. Bamboo Box Set

Traveling with your stash is a pain. T his solves that problem and more. It’s a portable toiletry kit in a compact box, including multiple uses for different kinds of cannabis. Keep it locked up out of sight to avoid detection, then use the metal tray to grind, seal, or vaporize your weed before you go. The baggies can hold everything from edibles to concentrates and even dry herbs! This set has it all – make sure to add this stoner gift to their collection!

53. Who Can Do It?

Who can do it? No, really. 250 action cards challenge players to perform crazy stunts like taking the worst selfie or reading their last text in the sexiest voice. A fun and easy way to get your friends together!