57 Gifts For Stroke Patient

1. Hand Grip Exercise Ball

A hand exerciser ball is a great gift idea for someone who sits at a desk all day and doesn’t take proper care of their hands. This blood circulation device will help them to strengthen their grip, improve mobility in their fingers, and really get down to the nitty-gritty with some deep tissue myofascial release.

2. I Am The Storm Stroke Keychain

Awareness keychains are a great way to spread awareness and help those affected by a stroke. Each awareness keychain comes in a high quality velvet jewelry pouch and is ready for gift giving. Any question please feel free to contact us.

3. Grip Strengthener

This is a great tool for anyone looking to increase their grip strength. This gadget will monitor how long you can squeeze a given object in various positions, and it will even keep track of the data so that you can look back and see how much your grip has improved over time.

4. 13-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Relish’s dementia-friendly jigsaw puzzles are some of the best we’ve seen. Not only do they have a pleasing image to look at, but they also have large pieces and difficult angles that aren’t present in other brands. Since the artwork has been hand selected by Relish, it is guaranteed to be beautiful and engaging.

5. Pillow Case

Caring for someone you love who is going through cancer can be incredibly stressful. Help them relax and de-stress with one of these super cute gifts! The gift pack comes with a throw blanket, eye mask, tote bag, and socks all in an aubergine color so they will match your loved one’s livingroom or hospital room decor!

6. Deluxe Shoulder And Hip Kit

This durable, yet comfortable kit is designed to help ease the recovery process after a hip replacement or knee surgery. The 5-piece kit includes 4 assistive tools and 1 educational booklet that will support these important daily tasks.

7. Get Well Soon Activity & Puzzle Book

A get-well gift book filled with puzzles, jokes, and trivia for men to keep them busy and amused while they recuperate. The perfect gift to lift their spirits after a long illness or injury!

8. Hand, Finger and Arm Strengthener

This handy strengthening kit includes an adjustable grip strength trainer, finger strengthener, finger stretcher, and exercise ring to add more diversity to your forearm exerciser. These are great for anyone who wants to improve their hand strength and flexibility.

9. 100 puzzles for rehab

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, whether you’re alone or waiting for something. They can also be used as an aid to memory and brain exercise programs. This book contains over 100 different kinds of puzzles, from easy to difficult. There are pages and pages of coloring activities too!

10. Adaptive Utensils

This is a great gift for the loved one that needs assist with eating but cannot use traditional utensils. The four piece set includes a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon all equipped with an easy-grip handle and stands so they are easier to manage.

11. Beach Day Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is a fun activity to do together. It’s an easy puzzle that challenges your memory but still engages your mind and entertains you. The 48 pieces are large enough to be clearly visible but not so large that they require another pair of hands to hold them in place while you slide the piece into its proper place.

12. Games for Stroke Patients

Games can be a great way to help patients with memory issues, but most games are designed for young people. This book combines fun puzzles with reminders of different languages and dialects, math problems, logic questions and more. The pictures in the puzzles are printed large so that they can be read easily by older eyes.

13. Walking Aids

L.E.D STEP is committed to developing products that make life easier for people with mobility issues. People who have spent their lives being confined to a wheelchair or bed can regain some of their independence through the use of walking aids like these transfer belts. The wide, padded straps make it comfortable to wear, and there are multiple handles if you need help getting in or out of the belt.

14. Auto-Walker

The handle provides users with stability and balance when standing or sitting from the car; compatible with most vehicles, the grab bar fits parallel to your car when inserted into a U-shaped door striker or latch; no modifications required. This is a great assist cane for anyone who has difficulty walking and/or balance issues.

15. Hand Splint

Helping to maintain strength and comfort in your hand after a stroke. It has multiple adjustable straps for an accurate, comfortable fit and will keep your hand in place, while gently stretching your phalanges without restricting blood flow to the fingers.

16. Compassion Blanket

This super-soft, 60″x60″ blankie will bring comfort and ease to a cancer patient during their healing process. It is hypoallergenic, made of microfiber so people with sensitive skin or allergies can use it., Made from the highest quality fleece and wool-like Sherpa, these premium blankets are incredibly soft and comfortable while remaining wrinkle-free., Each blanket is unique due to the custom blended fabric used in its creation. The border design offers an elegant style without being stuffy or fussy.

17. 399 Brain Games

Exercise your brain with this fun collection of trivia questions, puzzles, and word games specially designed to keep your brain young and healthy. The activities are divided into six categories targeting the key cognitive functions of memory, attention, multitasking ability, executive functioning (self-control), processing speed, and long-term retention.

18. Picture Book of Birds

This book is a gentle way to introduce your loved one to the joys of reading. It has minimal text, so it’s easy for them to read but still satisfies their interest in birds. Each page showcases a different bird, and the pages are filled with beautiful photographs that any bird lover will enjoy.

19. The Picture Book of Trains

“This is a 40-page, 6″ x 9″ softcover that’s comfortable to hold and easy to tuck into a bag. It’s also optimized for reading on Kindle.

20. Adult Coloring Book

Does your loved one have memory issues and you’d like to help them but you don’t know what to do? This book is a great way to provide stimulation and keep their minds active. The activities are not only fun but also engage the mind in ways that might prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s from developing further.

21. Doctors’ Unholy Stories

A book of supernatural medical stories? Yes, please! From near-death experiences and apparitions to miracles and prophecies, this compilation of anecdotes from real doctors is sure to entertain while imparting a valuable spiritual lesson.

22. Living Room Sitter

The bed ladder allows those with spinal injuries, lower extremity weakness and limited range of motion to sit up in a chair. It supports up to 300 pounds and can be used by someone who is pregnant or has back problems.

23. Book of Memory

This is a fun book with memory exercises for adults that will help you to improve your short-term and long-term memory. There are puzzles, games, and activities designed to target both types of memory. This is a great gift idea for anyone looking to increase their brain power.

24. Fingerboard with Sling

A fingerboard protects the tendons and ligaments in your fingers by transferring the force from your hand to the board. This results in a longer lifespan for your fingerboard, which gives you more time playing! This fingerboard with sling is an affordable, yet effective remedy for preventing tennis elbow and keeping your hands strong.

25. Shoulder Brace

For the DIY-er, this shoulder support will help ease pain and provide relief for those that suffer from a sore, tight or worn out rotator cuff. This part of the human body is often neglected yet it’s extremely crucial when it comes to any sort of repetitive movement.

26. Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle Book

A picture puzzle book that will help stimulate a person’s mental capabilities after a stroke. The engaging puzzles are recommended by doctors, speech, cognitive and behavioral therapists for stroke recuperation. It’s an excellent gift for anyone living with or caring for someone who has had a stroke.

27. Memory Game

This wooden game was designed for developing kid’s motor skills and for adults to fight boring time. It can improve children ability of thinking and memory ability, and also good toy for elderly seniors in boring time. This is a super fun way to help them pass the time! endgame art offers this wooden memory game as well as other unique puzzles that will keep any puzzler entertained.

28. Coogam Tangram Puzzle

The traditional Chinese toy, the ‘tangram puzzle’ is one of the most well-known toys in the world. Made popular by British mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, it combines two of humankind’s greatest loves— geometry and patience. This wooden version is handcrafted in India from locally grown wood using artisan techniques passed down through generations. A great gift for anyone with an interest in mathematics or puzzles!

29. Sneaker

Keep those feet happy and healthy with the Afterburn. Memory Foam cushions your step and a shock-absorbing midsole design helps you feel the ground under your feet like nothing else can. This is the type of retro shoe that will be just as comfortable in 10 years as it was on day one.

30. Hand Exerciser  |  Pinterest

Hand Exerciser This hand exerciser is more than just a stress reliever. It’s a hand strengthener, rehabilitation tool, and conditioning tool all in one. The 3 tension settings allow users to customize the intensity of the grip for their own comfort level while also exercising each finger individually.

31. Hand Grip Strengthener

This finger spasticity trainer offers a fun, interactive way to strengthen hand muscles. By using the device in place of a ball, users can work on their fine motor skills while having fun! This is an inexpensive therapy option that is highly effective for those with limited hand mobility due to injury or neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy.

32. Adult Bibs

These adult bibs are made from a durable, waterproof material that will protect your loved one’s clothing while they are eating. There is a large front pocket that can hold their utensils and a small back pocket for napkins. The six bibs come in three different colors to match any outfit and help the senior look good no matter what they are wearing!

33. Cryotherapy Ball

With its two-in-one design, this cryotherapy tool can be used as a roller or as a ball to help relieve foot and ankle pain. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves winter sports!

34. The Thrive Cycle

The best gift for a health-conscious person on your list is exercise! This mini pedaling machine is an ideal way to increase circulation and relieve stress while at the office or sitting at home. It’s also great for toning those arm and leg muscles which can become weak from inactivity.

35. Stress Relief Balls

These cute little stress balls have great sayings on them! Every stress ball has a motivational quote. They make a great gift for anyone who could use some extra motivation when squeezing the stress ball.

36. Gait Belt

For those that need assistance walking, safely assist patients or loved ones while reducing the risk of caregiver injury during a hospital stay. Prevent falls during physical therapy, ambulation, or patient transfers. Also helps with breathing and eating when restricted in bed or chair. Soft Velcro closure around the waist ensures a secure fit and prevents slippage even over rough terrain. Comes with carrying handles for moving from one location to another. This is a great item at an affordable price!

37. Call Us Helpers

This is a great way for a caregiver to be able to reach their loved one when they can’t get to them. The system uses two-way radio technology, so the caregiver can talk directly to their loved one, wherever they are, even if they can’t make it downstairs.

38. Electric Hand Massager

This finger massager offers a unique vibration mode that helps to treat finger post-stroke syndrome. The device comes with 36 vibration massage points along the fingers and thumb, which provide much-needed relief to tight, sore muscles. The comfortable wrist rest supports the hand and fingers while they are in use.

39. Hand exerciser

Get stronger hands and wrists with this exercise device that will help improve circulation. It can be used for rehabilitation after carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, or injuries. The different tension levels allow you to determine how difficult the level is working your fingers. It comes in four models – a beginner model through a professional model – each one designed to strengthen the user’s grip.

40. Stroke Book

This puzzle word game can be used as a language therapy tool for stroke survivors. The object is to rebuild memory and logic skills by finding the correct word to fill in the empty squares. This will help with cognitive function, visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. It’s an excellent way to stimulate a recovering person’s mind!

41. Reusable Waterproof Bib

A waterproof bib will help contain any food that happens to fall onto the dresser or bed while eating. A convenient pocket at the bottom of the bib catches any food that falls out of reach. The neck closure is adjustable so it can fit almost anyone.

42. Car Caddie

The Stander car aid device helps drivers who have trouble standing from their vehicle due to a limited range of motion, or those who need assistance getting into their car because of arthritis or a disability. The adjustable handle height and non-slip padded grip handles make it easy for anyone to use.

43. Wooden Tangram Puzzle

This is a great gift for the old school puzzle lover – it’s a classic wooden tangram puzzle that will keep them busy for hours. It comes with an 11-piece colored russian blocks of different shape blocks, and an overall size of 6.3 x 7.1 inches. Made of 100% natural wood with non-toxic water-based paints, all pieces have been sanded smooth and come ready to hang on the wall as a poster.

44. Leg Pillow

A leg pillow can be used to elevate the legs during sleep which will help to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and support ligaments and muscles. This elevating leg pillow is made of microfiber material which makes it comfortable and hypoallergenic.

45. Caregiver Support Blanket

If you’re looking for something to help a loved one get around and stay active, then this caregiver support blanket might be just what they need. The blanket is designed with pockets that hold a backboard in place so the person being assisted can safely land on their back rather than jolting or falling onto their beds. Also, the side handles make it easier for someone to be lifted into a sitting position and placed onto the ground without having to rely solely on another person helping them.

46. Anti-Slip Grip Socks

These socks are designed to keep you from falling while doing yoga, Pilates, barre or even walking in the hospital. The socks use traction dots to reduce the risk of falls and provide greater stability and balance.

47. Easy-Open Mug

This mug makes drinking a cup of coffee or hot chocolate much easier for someone who has limited strength or dexterity. TheEasy-Open mug is constructed of durable, shatterproof polycarbonate material and features an easy-open lever on the side that allows anyone to easily access their drink.

48. Spa Set

Get the spa treatment at home with Burts Bees Hand Repair Gift Set which includes 3 favorites that pamper dry hands. Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream softens cuticles and nourishes nails, Almond and Milk Hand Cream hydrates skin, and Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream hydrates dry hands with luxurious botanical butters. Plus, a pair of cotton gloves is included to hold in these moisture rich products.

49. Rocker Knife Set

A set of adaptive kitchen utensils for adults with a non-weighted design to support those with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, or arthritis. Also includes a fork, spoon and knife.

50. Therapy Set

A therapy set that offers so much for your hands is a great gift idea. Especially if they have arthritis in the joint and are having trouble doing activities of daily living (eating, washing, etc.). The therapeutic putty, exercise eggs, hand gripper, and finger stretcher all work on different muscle groups to help improve overall strength and flexibility.

51. Fidget Putty

Stress is a part of life. We all experience it to some degree or another, but for those who are highly stressed, the effects on physical and mental health can be profound. Reducing stress can have a huge impact on your life – both good and bad – so learning how to do that through relaxation techniques is key. This fidget putty makes a great desk toy because it provides some fun physical activity while also helping you to focus and de-stress.

52. Recovery Cushion

These cushions are designed to protect a person’s heel from ulcers, pressure sores, and heel injuries. They help with recovery after an injury or surgery as well. The polyester fiberfill is hypoallergenic and comfortable against the skin. Since they are washable they will make housekeeping much easier for caregivers as well.

53. Picture Book

This is a book of pictures with no text. It’s an easy read and will provide great mental stimulation for someone living with dementia. The pictures are calming, which can be important as memory loss progresses. As we wish well for our parents, grandparents, and loved ones, sometimes just a small gift can create the biggest of smiles.

54. Puzzle Book

This book is an excellent way to exercise the brain and aid in memory after a stroke. It is a fun game that can be played by two people, or one can work on it alone if necessary. This will help with everyday tasks such as writing, spelling, and grammar.

55. Fleece Healing Thoughts Blanket

Many people believe that a good nights sleep is not possible with cancer pain and this can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. This blanket will help to get the whole family off to a positive start in the morning. The soft fleece fabric will make everyone feel loved and supported, no matter what time it is on the other side of the world.

56. Palm Massager

Help her relax! This palm-shaped massager is great for anyone looking for a pick me up or just needing to relieve stress. The roller ball end can be used on the head, face, neck, back, and more.

57. One Day At A Time Thumb Stone

These sweet thumb stones are a great gift for anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety. The stone is engraved with the words “one day at a time”, which references the fact that we can control our anxiety only one day at a time.