49 Gifts For Surfers

1. Skate Board

This skateboard is made for beginners and pros alike. It has a 7-layer maple deck, which makes it extremely durable and safe to use by people of all ages and skill levels. The double kicktail design allows for full control over your movements as you learn how to skateboard.

2. Sand Free Beach Towel

Microfiber is incredibly smooth and soft, making it perfect for an luxury beach towel. The sand free feature makes this the perfect beach mat for your favorite sunbathing spot. This micro-fiber beach mat has two sides; a printed side to show off your style and a solid side that keeps you clean.

3. Beach Beaded Bracelet

Made from 100% organic heishi, or Edwardsia truncatula wood, these bracelets are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Natural materials have no effect on the body’s natural healing process like metal does so they will not cause any harm to your skin! The tropical beach vibe of this bracelet set is the perfect style for summer.

4. Keychain

Love the beach and surfing? This keychain is a fun reminder of both! It comes in a velvet jewelry pouch, so it’s ready for gifting.

5. Cool Wave Water Bottle

Cool Wave is the coolest wave of all! Cool Wave water bottles are fun, cool, and safe for kids. They come in a variety of designs and are made from bpa-free materials.

6. Keychain Multi Tool

This keychain multi-tool is the ultimate gift for that surfer in your life who loves the beach and gadgets. Featuring a screwdriver, bottle opener, keyring light, four different types of screws (FIN-X), a wrench to tighten or release the fin system on single fin boxes and balance fins on surfboards, and two extra tourney-approved Phillips screws.

7. 3D Printed Rocking Surfing Santa Claus

A fun and unique gift for the beach lover is this surfing Santa Claus figurine that’s also a night light! Switch it on to see him rock into formation with his waves crashing behind him. His feet are equipped with long-lasting LED lights, making it a great addition to your nautical or Christmas décor!

8. Wetsuit Changing Mat  | Waterproof Dry Bag

Wetsuit Changing Mat If you are a surfer, then this waterproof changing mat is a must-have! It can be used as both a waterproof dry bag and wet suit protection mat. The non-slip backing keeps the mat in place while you change, preventing any damage to your bedroom or bathroom floor.

9. Portable Beach Towel  | Color:Camping/Beach/Gym Bag

Portable Beach Towel If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a couple that loves to be outdoors then this beach towel is a great option. The super- absorbent microfiber material makes it very versatile and can be used as a bath mat, a jacket or blanket on the ground, or as an extra layer when wrapping up at the beach.

10. Microfiber Beach Towel

These microfiber beach towels are lightweight and pack down small. They make great gifts for travel as they dry almost instantly after getting wet. Great for camping, boating, hiking, cycling, yoga class or just cleaning the car. The towels are super absorbent yet dries quickly so you don’t get mold from sitting in a damp towel all day!

11. Microfiber Towel

Lightweight and quick-drying microfiber makes an ideal travel towel. The large 48” X 24” size is perfect for drying off after a rain shower or a long swim, wrapping it around your neck for a warm dry seat on the beach, or as a general purpose cleaning cloth in the garage or workshop.

12. Beach Bracelets

These cute bracelets are made of stainless steel, have a strong clasp and come in 21 different designs. The perfect gift for your best friend who loves the beach as much as you do!

13. Necklace

This necklace is a great conversation piece. Everyone will want to know where you got it and for what occasion it was gifted to you! It comes in an elegant box which makes this the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

14. Surf Board Serving Platter

Made of natural bamboo, this board is both beautiful and practical. Ideal for serving cheese, crackers, or fruit salad, it makes a unique gift as well as a great addition to any kitchen.

15. Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Anti-chafing products aren’t just for athletes – they can really help achy areas after a full day of wear! Apply before you get dressed, on thighs, neck, arms, and anywhere skin is rubbed.

16. Wave Runner

Designed by a pro surfer, and built to last. This toy was developed using the same technology as our elite sponsor’s boards. We tested prototypes in waves all over the world and finally got one that could take a beating and still perform well enough to be named 2011’s best toy by Child Magazine.

17. Beach Sand Brush

2 in 1 cleaning tool,cleans sand off your board and also the bottom of your feet! The longer bristles are ideal for getting into hard to reach places like between toes. Great beach accessory whether you’re at the lake,ocean or just at the sandbox!

18. Wetsuit Hanger

This seriously solves the problem of having a hanger that keeps falling down! The shoulder area extends to accommodate different widths of wetsuits. With just the push of a button, it folds in so you can easily insert your hanger without stretching the neckline area. Made of stainless steel and polypropylene.

19. Board Shaper Activity Set

This surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board from Totally Bamboo is a cute and functional addition to any household. Made of sustainable Moso bamboo, the board measures 14-1/2″x6″and 5/8″ thick. The included hanging hole and tie also allow it to double wonderfully as wall décor.

20. I Have a Board Meeting Coffee Mug

Help their coffee get to the right place with our hilarious “I have a board meeting” mug. This 11oz white ceramic mug has a large, easy to grasp C-handle and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

21. Beach Towel

The perfect gift for the beach lover in your life. A picnic at the beach, a day at the lake or just hanging out at home will be so much more comfortable with this super absorbent microfiber beach towel. It can be worn as a cloak or used as a blanket. No one will ever know you are also using it as a changing table cloth and bath mat! The large 34×54-inches makes it easy to wrap up in and carry while still having plenty of room to dry off after swimming or getting wet on the sand.

22. Surfboard Keychain

It’s time to hit the waves, sand, or snow! This stainless steel keychain is a fun accessory for beach bumming and makes a great stocking stuffer.

23. Wakesurfsurf Shaper

This gadget is a must-have for any surfer who wants the best waves possible. By creating turbulence on the opposite side of the wave, this device creates twice the amount of surface area that standard surfboards get. In other words, if you want big waves, use this board instead of your everyday board!

24. Wall Art

This modern art piece is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your living room, home office, or guest bedroom. Featuring 500 of the world’s most iconic paintings, this stunning wall art provides an artistic yet functional look for any space.

25. Leather Toiletry Bag

Functional interior pockets, a large zippered pocket, and two snap-fastened square pockets make this the perfect leather toiletry bag. This comes in handy when you’re traveling as it can be used as a handbag or gym bag.

26. Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set

If the birthday boy loves to have a cocktail at the beach, this stainless steel flask gift set is perfect. The set includes a round flask with “Surf’s Up” engraved on it, two shot glasses, and a funnel so nobody gets left behind!

27. Hooded Robe

If you or your little one are into the beach life, then this hooded poncho is a must-have! Made of lightweight and breathable microfiber fabric, it can keep you dry and comfortable while having access to your pockets for sand toys.

28. Lego Sunshine Surfer Van

What’s a beach bum to do when the surf's up? Bring the surfboard, of course! This Lego set has everything you need for an epic day at the beach – including a roof rack for storing the included surfboard. Also includes a fold-down sun bed, table and barbecue.

29. Instant Pot

A good travel bag to keep your surfboards safe while you’re out and about is essential for any surfer. This grip-less, top-loading backpack has an insulated cooler chest pocket to store wet suits or other cool items, as well as a waterproof sleeve for each board that can be customized with their names.

30. Tourmaline World Map

This dynamic world map is the perfect wall art to mark that special moment in your life – the day you finally got around to visiting that cool place you’ve always wanted to see. The tourmaline (or “soldier stone”) is a legendary gemstone with many beautiful properties, including the fact that it stimulates telepathic and empathic abilities. Put two together, and it makes for an interesting gift–a beautiful memento of where you’ve been on your journey so far.

31. Surf Travel Kit

It’s the simple things in life that often make the biggest difference. Like when you’re about to head out for a day on the ocean, it’s nice to know you have all your essentials organized in one neat travel kit. No hassle, no mess, and no scrambling around in the dark for 20 minutes to find your wax or sunscreen…Instead, everything is neatly tucked away in its own space, neatly organized in a handy and stylish canvas roll-up that fits easily in the glovebox of your car. Leave the digging for wax and sunscreen to newbies – get more time in the ocean, and more happy vibes!

32. Wax & Oil Kit

Great for the surfer in your life who loves to be prepared. This wax and oil kit will have him well-oiled and waxed for his next surf trip. Everything he needs is included, including a tube of organic sunblock, handmade chai tea lip balm (with an SPF of 15!), as well as a bottle opener and keychain tool.

33. Surfer Coffee Mug

This whimsical coffee mug will impress your caffeine-habit drinking friends! It makes an excellent gift for that coffee connoisseur in your life who loves the beach and Pinterest. This mug is made from stoneware clay, so it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.

34. Sun Cube Robe

The sun can be brutal on the skin, and a good hat can make all the difference when you’re out in the sun for hours on end. This sun hat comes equipped with a built-in stole that offers additional shade, protection from wind, and moisture. It has a hidden hood to protect your neck and ears, as well as adjustable strings at each side of the brim to custom fit it to your face. The best part? It folds up into its own pocket when you’re done with it!

35. Hooded Towel

This is one of the best gifts for a surfer or water lover. This hooded towel will make wetsuit changing much easier and more private in the wetsuit changing room. Also, it keeps your suit from wrinkles! Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The print is also easy to remove if you don’t want it anymore.

36. Towel Set

Do you and your spouse fight over who gets to use the bathroom during a camping trip? Are toilets uncomfortable for everyone? Have you been looking for a more eco-friendly way to go about using the restroom? Do you want a smaller carbon footprint from your travels? This microfiber travel towel is just what the doctor ordered!

37. Surfing Wall Sign

A cute surfing wall plaque that’s also a sign. It reads “Surfboards are for guys, girls go to the beach!” A great gift to decorate a surf-loving bff’s wall or library.

38. Beach Towel

Take a trip to the beach with this velour beach towel. The 30 x 60 inch size makes it large enough to dry your entire vehicle or person, and the back of the towel is absorbent while the front has an embroidered peace sign design.

39. Vintage Tapestry

Get a little piece of the beach in your home with this 60″ x 40″ polyester tapestry from Ambesonne. Featuring gorgeous ocean waves and sky, it’s sure to be the coolest thing hanging up in your dorm room!

40. Magnetic Repellent Band

Designed to be a hands-free solution for boys who don’t like wearing jewelry, this stainless steel band works by using the power of magnets to repel fish and other marine life. Since there is no contact hardware it is safe for swimmers and ideal for surfers, divers, or anyone in the water.

41. Beach Cruiser Board Rack

With a nostalgic look and feel, this wall rack is both beautiful and functional. Display your favorite board in style with this beach cruiser board rack! This mount fits most boards up to 50 inches long, so whether you’re hanging a longboard, shortboard or even a kiteboard this rack will work great.

42. Pierside Lifeguard Beach Sun Hat

If you can swim, then this is the hat for you. A 100% raffia straw lifeguard hat with an adjustable strap and a funky Hawaiian print.

43. Sunblock Sandal

Stop ruining your wetsuit. Changing out of your wetsuit on the concrete shorts the life. Take care of your suit and get the COR Surf changing mat. This is a super tough waterproof changing mat or wet bag is perfect for changing out of your wetsuit and leaving in your car. Can be washed down – Water tight and won’t leak if damp wetsuit is left inside.

44. Surf Bundle

It’s a surfer’s paradise! This bundle includes everything you need to hit the waves, from a waterproof changing mat that instantly turns into a bag, to wax for your board.

45. Keychain

The happiness that comes in the waves is a perfect gift for surfers. Check out this minimalist keychain made of stainless steel and writing on it “happiness comes in waves” with beautiful heart design. It’s an excellent present idea for mom, sister or girlfriend who loves to be active and spend time near the sea or pool.

46. Magnetic Repellent Shirt

Sharkbanz are the first and only magnetic repellent for humans. They use proven science, published research, and testing to ensure their effectiveness against shark attacks. The technology is based on proven science but has never been tested in a real-world situation.

47. Tides Table Clock

The tide table clock isn’t a new invention; however, the tool now comes with an easy-to-use tide table so you can quickly reference the tides in your area. This is a great gift for anyone who lives on or near a coast. The best gifts are the ones that can be used every day!

48. Surf Board Wall Art

These original vintage metal tin signs are always a hit for gift-giving and home decorating. This is tinplate material poster, so the painting appears to have the effect of rustic aging. It is printed up, moistened, then dry coated with an additional coating for good detail and longer lasting finish.

49. Hollister Jake Cologne

This 3.4 ounce bottle of cologne is from the Hollister collection, inspired by the California lifestyle. The bottle features a gold cap and label, reminiscent of an old-fashioned medicine dropper bottle. Not only does this smell good but it looks good too!