51 Gifts For Sushi Lovers

1. Novelty Sticky Notes

These funny sticky notes come in three different sushi rolls. Each roll includes a humorously packaged gag notepad that will add a smile to the face of any sushi lover who opens it up. These beautifully packaged sushi note pads make great gifts for Birthdays and special occasions.

2. Cheese Board

Turn your next gathering into a cheese-tasting party with this bamboo cheese board. Featuring four knives, two forks, and two spoons, along with an elegant slate label holder engraved with the cheeses in the fridge, it’s perfect for serving up some snacks that will get people talking.

3. Sushi Socks

These sushi-loving socks are the perfect way to make fun at your lunchtime meal. Pair these with a dank beanie for some serious trolling material.

4. Funny Pizza Sushi Socks

These funny socks are a fun gag gift for men and women. Everyone will know it’s not really food but they’ll still think it looks delicious. These socks come in two pairs so you can order a set for him, and a set for her!

5. Funny Sushi Socks

If you can read this, put your feet up and relax. These hilarious sushi socks are the perfect gift for that sushi-loving woman in your life! Comes in two colors, fits women shoe size 4 to 9, and comes packed in an adorable box.

6. Funny Sushi Socks

These hilarious sushi socks are a fun gag gift for anyone who loves sushi. Each pair comes in its own zippered plastic bag, so the surprise will be preserved after opening!

7. Funny Sushi Socks

Cool socks always make a good Christmas gift and these are no exception. Made of cotton, the funny sayings on the socks like “If You Can Read This, Eat Me” or “Do Not Fold Over. The Shoes Are Uncomfortable.” That kind of thing!

8. If You Can Read This Bring Me Bacon Tea Sushi Coffee Taco Donuts Pizza Reading Book

This funny socks bring a smile to your face and make you the life of the party. They come in a pack of 1 pair so you can gift them to someone or keep them for yourself.

9. Sushi Socks

If you can read this, put your feet up and enjoy some sushi while wearing these hilarious socks. If someone asks you what those say, tell them it’s a secret. These are the coolest socks you’ll ever have as they come in multiple colors and designs from beloved brands like DC Crazy Cosmetics and Hooters Yummy Food! Make sure to check out our menus for all the delicious foods we have emblazoned on these socks!

10. Whisky Glass Set

There is no better gift for a man than the ability to make delicious cocktails. The ideal gift for cocktail connoisseurs, this set has it all – shaker, muddler, strainer, jigger, and even a book full of recipes! Create signature drinks from your favorite mixology bars with our expertly selected bar tools.

11. Sushi Making Kit

If you can make oatmeal, you can make sushi. This easy to use kit includes everything necessary to recreate authentic tasting Japanese cuisine at home including eight different types of rice, vinegar, and a citrusy soy sauce called wasabi paste. Create your own combination by mixing and matching the eight included molds.

12. Sushi Making Kit

Sushi is a favorite food of mine to eat. My husband is not too fond of it but I love it. I had been wanting to learn how to make sushi at home but did not want to pay $50+ for an all-inclusive kit. When I saw this sushi making kit I knew my husband would like it since he does not have to help me learn how to use it!

13. Cute Cat Mugs

These cute cat mugs are made of ceramic and have a cute saying on them – “meow me, I’m a good boy”. They are sure to be loved as a gift for cat lovers and coffee lovers alike!

14. Happy Sushi T-Shirt

Why not celebrate the end of your dieting with a fun, colorful shirt celebrating all you’ve avoided? This funny sushi shirt is 100% cotton and available in men’s and women’s cuts.

15. Funny Sushi Socks

If you can read this, then bring me some sushi! If not, then these socks will have to do. Cute sushi socks for women or men – whatever the sign of your zodiac – are a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary gift or just because you care about someone and want them to feel loved and appreciated.

16. Bazooka Sushi Making Kit

Imagine a world where sushi was invented by machines. It might as well be our world, because we’re living in it. This is the future of sushi. A future where you don’t need to know how to make traditional sushi; just slap some filling between two pieces of seaweed and call it a day — or night! Includes everything you need to make your own delicious rolls: 2xBamboo mats, 1x Bazooka roller,2xtemaki rollers,1xrice mold,4pairs of chopsticks,4chopstick holders,1​r​ice paddle , 1 rice spreader , 4 sauce dishes  and more.

17. Sushi Socks

Is a set of sushi socks really the best gift for someone that loves to eat out? These colorful mix of rice, fish, and seaweed patterned socks are offered in three sizes and two patterns.

18. Rainbow Sushi Socks

Sushi is delicious, but not always appropriate. Show your support for the two things sushi and socks have in common with these comfy socks! These men’s or women’s lightweight cotton socks come in a pack of five pairs, each featuring a different type of fish from the popular maki (roll) menu. The perfect gift for sushi lovers – unless they already have ten boxes of these rainbow socks.

19. Rainbow Sushi Socks

Brighten up his day with these vibrant socks! Go ahead, he’s dying to know what sushi is wrapped in those tasty cucumber slices. These are a great birthday gift for the sushi-loving boy in your life.

20. Sushi Socks

If you love sushi, then these tamago (egg) and cucumber socks are the perfect gift for your favorite sushi chef. Made from 80% cotton, these socks will keep feet warm while showing off their pride in their favorite Japanese food.

21. Cute Sushi Socks

Make sure they know you’re a sushi master with these comfy and colorful sushi socks. Perfect as a gift for that sushi-loving boy in your life or an addition to your collection!

22. Novelty Socks

These funny socks make a great gag gift for that husband of yours who loves beer. The socks come in five designs, including sushi, pizza, tacos, and more.

23. Funny Chicken Sushi Socks

What a delightful surprise these socks will be when opened on Christmas morning! These funny socks are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. One size fits most adults and kids.

24. Cute Cat Ceramic Sauce Dish

Cats love to snack, and so do their little humans. Keep those Feline Fatigue Pads happy and full with this side sauce bowl that’s shaped like a heart for maximum kitty comfort! It holds up to 2 ounces of food and is dishwasher safe.

25. Cat Teapot

Why does the milk sit on top of the tea instead of in the cup? Because it’s a cat. This ceramic teapot and matching cups are 100% unbreakable, microwave safe, and made from eco-friendly materials.

26. Sushi Ornaments

Kurt Adler is a well-known artist and designer whose unique style transcends many different media, including fine art, graphic design, photography and film. These ornaments fit the traditional holiday season of Thanksgiving but are just as appropriate for Christmas.

27. Sushi Bookmark Cards

A fun gift for sushi lovers and punny people alike, this 12-pack of assorted novelty sushi bookmarks makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday present. Featuring designs like “Two Times Blush” and “Lettuce Wrap Your Face,” these will help them avoid lettuce stained foreheads while they eat their heart out.

28. Avocado Saver

For those avocado lovers who like to prepare their fruit, this gadget has it all! The three-in-one tool pits, slices and scoop avocados safely and effectively. It features a comfortable non-slip grip and a blade that easily cuts avocados to their core without being sharp to the touch.

29. Sushi Fridge Magnets

These fun sushi fridge magnets are a great way to spruce up the fridge with some much-needed color. They’re also quite the conversation piece–will your friends be as entertained as we were by this quirky gift idea? The answer is yes, they will!

30. Purrfect Pusheen

You like playing games with your cat, right? Well, this one is for the whole family! It’s a fun dice game that will get you and your friends together to do activities from cooking together to going on walks.

31. Mona Lisa Smile Socks

These funny socks are sure to get you extra drinks at the bar. Made of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex they are a comfortable 10 inches long and 7 1/2 wide.

32. DIY Sushi Kit

It’s a fact of life that when you go out to eat, you have to wait for your meal. Making sushi at home allows the chef to spend more time with their loved ones and not have to worry about waiting for their meal. This sushi-making kit makes 12 pieces of nigiri sushi – 4 hearts (lobster), 3 triangles (tuna), 2 squares (salmon) and 1 round (scallop). It also includes non-stick cooking sheets, wooden chopsticks, and a spatula.

33. Taco Bell Socks

What’s better than getting free socks from Taco Bell? Getting five pairs of socks in the mail, that’s what! These funny socks come in a box with two pairs each of the following designs: Bacon Egg Donut, Pizza, and Hot Sauce. Just put them on before heading out for your next meal and let people know you got them at Taco Bell.

34. Sushi-Making Kit

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could make sushi!” then this is the gift for you. This sushi-making kit provides everything that beginner and pro alike need in order to create their own masterpieces. Included are a paddle, mat, bazooka, slicer avocado and more.

35. Sushi Go! Card Game

Pass the sushi! In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you’ll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!

36. I Love You Because Sushi  | Gift for Mom | Father’s Day Gifts

I Love You Because Sushi A simple yet cute gift for the sushi-loving couple. This wooden sign will look great on their wall and remind them of your love every time they pull it out to eat!

37. Sushi and Maki Making Kit

If you want to get your chef boyfriend or husband a cooking gift, this sushi-making kit might be the best gift you can give them! In addition to teaching him how to make sushi, the set comes with everything he needs right down to the wasabiso.

38. Sushi Making Kit

Do you and the family love sushi but sometimes life gets in the way of having a real meal together? This sushi-making kit will have you making your own sushi every time. With this one fun activity, your family can take a moment to relax and enjoy some traditional Japanese food together.

39. Sushi Making Kit

Love food but don’t love to cook? Want to impress your friends and family with a delicious meal but lack the skills? This sushi-making kit will have you creating gorgeous maki rolls in no time at all. There are ten different kits, each containing the correct ingredients for making a specific type of sushi.

40. Artisan Sushi Making Kit

Delamu is a company that makes beautiful, functional things. They make this bamboo sushi making kit that helps you make your favorite Japanese food–sushi! Included in the box are two Bamboo sushi rolling mats, five pairs of chopsticks, one paddle for stirring the rice mixture while it cooks, and an eBook with instructions to help get you started. The best gift for beginners or pros who want to up their game.

41. Wine Tote Bag

Does she enjoy wine on the weekends? Give her this adorable wine bag set. It comes with two stainless steel stemless wine glasses, a soft cotton lining, and extra padding to ensure your bottles don’t break.

42. Hungry Shark Platter

The Hungry Shark franchise has taken sushi platters to a whole new level with their hand-painted ceramic food serving tray. With an ocean of soy sauce and chopsticks, this is the best way to serve up some finger food! It makes for an awesome 21st birthday presents for a young guy who loves throwing parties or just needs something to do while you clean.

43. Magnets

These cute little cat magnets make the perfect gift for a feline friend or family member. They are super adorable and punny, so you can’t go wrong with these! Your sister will love that you remembered to get her a birthday present, especially since she has more than one cat!

44. Sushi Notebook

This trendy Sushi College Ruled Composition Notebook is perfect for all those who love food, sushi and healthy eating. It would be a great addition to your school/college books for taking notes in class, journal writing, food planner, essays, creative writing, travel notebook, wedding planner or any other purpose you can think of.

45. KW Sushi Making Kit

With this sushi-making kit, you’ll have all of the tools and ingredients necessary to make your own gourmet sushi at home. The only thing you need to add is some good Japanese food (or rice) to fill the belly!

46. Serving Board and Dip Cups

These beautiful pinch bowls can be used for sauce, soy sauce, wasabi, oil, chili, salad dressing, hotpot sauce, butter, vinegar, nuts, fruits – the list goes on. They are great for serving sushi or charcuterie at your next party. The dipping bowls are made of ceramic and would also make a lovely gift for a couple that loves hosting parties or taking meals to friends and family members.

47. Mugshot Coffee Mugs

These coffee mugs are a great way to give thanks for the special people in your life. Featuring a cute saying on the front and an inspirational message on the back, these coffee mugs make excellent gifts.

48. Water Bottle

As a mother of three I know how important it is to stay hydrated. I created the Infusion water bottle line because I refuse to give my kids big plastic bottles and sippy cups. This bottle is stainless steel, BPA-free, and features an easy-sip spout that stops short of the kids’ lips so they don’t suck on it like a straw causing choking concerns.

49. Mom’s Coffee Mug

It’s time to up the cool factor on that tired old mason jar collection. These mugs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including this beautiful plum blossoming design. Not only is this mug stylish, it also turns your coffee into vibrant hues every time you add hot water!

50. Battle Mug

A mug with a challenge? Yes, please! The battle begins as soon as you pull this funny coffee mug out of the box. Challenge your spouse to a game of wits every morning while your tea is brewing. If he or she can guess what you are thinking (and whether or not you’re armed), then they might win this battle!

51. Funny Socks

These socks come in several designs, including food and cute animals. They’re made of 80% cotton and 20% elastic mesh, so they fit comfortably and won’t get stretched out over time.